Will It Butter? Taste Test

  • Опубликовано: 16 июл 2018
  • Can we believe it's now butter? Or are these new butter options better off unchurned? GMM #1354
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  • It's Thinzy
    It's Thinzy День назад +3163

    will it stop my heart

  • Steven Mayer
    Steven Mayer 49 минут назад


  • IK Music
    IK Music 51 минуту назад

    I'm the best singer you havent heard off...

    YOU TUBE - YOU ASK WHY, I SAY WHY NOT 52 минуты назад +1

    Butter taste so good.

  • Tubby Custard
    Tubby Custard 52 минуты назад

    How bout will it moisturize

  • The Amazing Oppo
    The Amazing Oppo 54 минуты назад

    You put m&ms in pop corn not starbursts

  • InsanityWhiskers
    InsanityWhiskers 55 минут назад

    Yes, it will butter.

  • Dominic Oliver
    Dominic Oliver 55 минут назад

    U guys need to do a nasty food jenga

  • Llama Gamer
    Llama Gamer 58 минут назад


  • Jalyn Sanchez
    Jalyn Sanchez 58 минут назад +1

    you my friends have a death wish

  • Stikbot Central
    Stikbot Central 59 минут назад

    I need a pound of the Bushes Baked Beans butter in my life now. Do you deliver?

  • Johnny Frost
    Johnny Frost Час назад

    #asongforwhen you loose your phone

  • Anthony
    Anthony Час назад

    Gay wads!

  • S-FL
    S-FL Час назад

    Call this scammer and give him hell : 18553747444

  • Bww Irving
    Bww Irving Час назад +1

    Why does it seem this channel is slowly *-Declining-* 😂😂😂

  • Sofea Richie
    Sofea Richie Час назад

    Name a better combo than Rhett and Link
    I know you didn’t get it boi cause they are the best 💖

  • alexa james
    alexa james Час назад

    i love you guys I watched all of your vids

  • Ryan Morrison
    Ryan Morrison Час назад

    You 'butter not' eat this if you want a healthy heart.

  • Jim Jimmy
    Jim Jimmy Час назад

    Rhett, I love you for how terrible that bit about living with a family of birds was hahaha

  • Adyn Telligman
    Adyn Telligman Час назад

    thank you guys so much for doing a will it video this are my favorite

  • ariel tsaint
    ariel tsaint Час назад

    Will it ice cream on cone plz

  • fetus deletus
    fetus deletus Час назад

    Cinnamon butter from Texas Roadhouse

  • DiiegoGarciia Gamer
    DiiegoGarciia Gamer Час назад

    Suban a su canal en español

  • Sedrice Ragsdale
    Sedrice Ragsdale Час назад

    Wait did you know that clearly canadian is back??!?

  • Nuclear Future
    Nuclear Future Час назад

    *Will it fit* ? Starring Stevie and Jen ;3

  • Andrew Schaub
    Andrew Schaub Час назад

    I’m just looking at all trending things today

  • jonesisabella857
    jonesisabella857 Час назад

    I️ ate a lot of brownies before I️ watched this. It’s not sitting well.

  • Christopher Uren
    Christopher Uren Час назад

    You need to make a vid about will it milk

  • Josh Wilkinson
    Josh Wilkinson Час назад

    Ain’t nothing wrong with beans and cornbread.

  • Ananya Jain
    Ananya Jain Час назад +1

    I miss the time when link used to spit things out, now he takes anything in!

  • Kashanti Chanel
    Kashanti Chanel Час назад

    Check out this app 👉 sweatco.in/i/kashanti701829 ... It pays for walking

  • Honey Badger
    Honey Badger Час назад

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Morgan Revelle
    Morgan Revelle Час назад

    I should have known better than to watch this when I'm already sick.

  • Akstudios
    Akstudios Час назад


  • THE ZOOM TV 24
    THE ZOOM TV 24 Час назад

    Congratulation ... you are now on trend number on ...........................this guy is the number one singer ruclip.com/video/EcMhJNWUCqo/видео.html&t=125s

  • Jamminpb Ryuxzero
    Jamminpb Ryuxzero Час назад

    E X O T I C B U T T E R S

  • total power time 2234456
    total power time 2234456 Час назад

    EXOTIC BUTTER!!!!.....its a five nights at freddys joke

  • Marcus Cheng
    Marcus Cheng Час назад

    13th trending in Canada :)

  • OriginalDib
    OriginalDib Час назад

    “Will it butter”??? WTF kind of statement is that?

  • Seth Winzer
    Seth Winzer Час назад

    Need a link to Rhett's shirt 👕

  • FlamingAtheist
    FlamingAtheist Час назад


  • Willie Green
    Willie Green Час назад


  • Steve Middaugh
    Steve Middaugh Час назад

    I think my arteries were clogging up just by watching this video.

  • Emily Durland
    Emily Durland Час назад

    Will it chia pet

  • Richard Hanney
    Richard Hanney Час назад

    What you made is pâté. Not butter.

  • Projekt Sweezy
    Projekt Sweezy Час назад

    Lol I love your “will it” series ❤️🔥

  • ToxicMidnight
    ToxicMidnight Час назад

    The butter from Texas Roadhouse is the best

  • Gadriah Said
    Gadriah Said Час назад +1

    The trending to sure loves GMM!?

  • BlazingGamer AWSOME
    BlazingGamer AWSOME Час назад


  • Joseph Dominguez
    Joseph Dominguez Час назад

    will it twinkie? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Maggie Head
    Maggie Head Час назад

    a missed opportunity to call it “Butter Beans”

  • CGMaUp
    CGMaUp 2 часа назад

    6:00 Link's apprehensive rhyme literally made me lol 😆😆

  • CGMaUp
    CGMaUp 2 часа назад

    Congrats on being #1 on trending!!!!!

  • CGMaUp
    CGMaUp 2 часа назад

    will it stop my heart

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    Iqbal Hossain 2 часа назад

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  • Old Things
    Old Things 2 часа назад

    will it pants???

  • Mythical Beast Mason
    Mythical Beast Mason 2 часа назад

    Will it waffle cone

  • Nonie
    Nonie 2 часа назад


  • Jerome T
    Jerome T 2 часа назад

    You guys should really create a show on how to do this stuff that passes as a "YES", so we can make it at home. That starburst butter looks awesome!

  • riptorn
    riptorn 2 часа назад

    the face

  • Isaac Lowe
    Isaac Lowe 2 часа назад

    Baked Beans the magical fruit
    The more you eat the more you toot
    The more you fart, the better you feel
    So have baked beans with every meal

  • Brooke M
    Brooke M 2 часа назад +1

    Can what Rhett said be a movie title?
    “Beyond the utters” 😂

  • This is James not me
    This is James not me 2 часа назад +1

    I can’t believe it’s not butter!

    • Nour Xe
      Nour Xe Час назад

      This is James not me وباسقعنلمدغؤف

  • Olivia Murtha
    Olivia Murtha 2 часа назад

    Im watching this video with my little sister and she says “Those guys are so brave for trying those things. Id be barfing.” 😂😂😂

  • Jason Yang
    Jason Yang 2 часа назад

    U can eat crayons

  • John Basher
    John Basher 2 часа назад

    Which butter is best for the skin? My wife is looking for something to treat her acne.

  • Garrett Saul
    Garrett Saul 2 часа назад

    Why didn't they do blood

  • jung is shook
    jung is shook 2 часа назад +1

    *number 3 trending here guys!*

  • Brian Baty
    Brian Baty 2 часа назад

    I would love to see Big Daws on good mythical morning

  • wheezynoob
    wheezynoob 2 часа назад

    Tell me the truth, you only like them because it's butter

  • mohamed محمد
    mohamed محمد 2 часа назад +1

    انقذو العراق
    مرحبا أيها العالم
    هناك شعب يقوم بثورة الآن، في شوارع العراق
    Hello world, there are people making revolution now, in Iraq!
    Show your support for right of Iraqi people to protest Peacefully!

  • Borderlands808
    Borderlands808 2 часа назад

    Can farts butter? I think fart butter would be a good seller.

  • Dogerz
    Dogerz 2 часа назад +1

    Uh oh, Link is holding a knife again!

  • Jeremiah Rylee
    Jeremiah Rylee 2 часа назад

    No bacon butter?????????

  • Explosive Shadow
    Explosive Shadow 2 часа назад +1

    Will it candle?

  • Nightingale •
    Nightingale • 2 часа назад +2

    Next Video: Will It Lube? 😋

  • Ashley Hickmott
    Ashley Hickmott 2 часа назад

    Basically just butter everything apart from any animal guts.

  • BriAsia Glenn
    BriAsia Glenn 2 часа назад

    Cinnamon butter

  • Myles Slocumb
    Myles Slocumb 2 часа назад

    Will it cheesecake

  • Romeo Ben
    Romeo Ben 2 часа назад

    Khhhop khhhop

  • Jackson Warren
    Jackson Warren 2 часа назад


  • Cockatielweek
    Cockatielweek 2 часа назад

    It started off good and I thaught huh for the first time every single one isn’t disgusting and then the crayons came and I’m just like here it comes

  • The Arbiter
    The Arbiter 2 часа назад

    number 2 on trending whaaaa

  • Burrito Lion
    Burrito Lion 2 часа назад

    Check out my tutorials pls

  • DrakoDragonis
    DrakoDragonis 2 часа назад

    It's a crustacean, Rhett, not an insect ;)

  • YhungBoii 21
    YhungBoii 21 2 часа назад

    Never thought a video on butter would be 1# on trending,but then again,a video of a guy doing a skit by himself was #1 on trending.

  • Nic Peters
    Nic Peters 3 часа назад

    when they got to the cow guts i was eating a sandwich and it made me puke of the thought

  • Crisperz
    Crisperz 3 часа назад

    I think they're out of ideas

    MUSIC AND SOUNDS FOR YOU 3 часа назад


  • Rebekah Lohse
    Rebekah Lohse 3 часа назад

    Will it spaghetti? Have the noodles and for the sauce, yall make it whatever! Like noodles with pigs blood sauce?!

  • Hebstrixia
    Hebstrixia 3 часа назад

    I like starbursts, except for the orange flavored ones, I really dislike orange flavored candy of any kind and the popcorn butter looked like it might have had a lot of orange starbursts mixed in it. It's hard to tell though, because the red and pink colored ones could have mixed with the yellowish butter and created those orange streaks...So I think I might like it, but I'd be wary of it before I knew what percent of orange starburst they'd used.

  • PrincessRiners
    PrincessRiners 3 часа назад +3

    this butter be good

  • camilo emp
    camilo emp 3 часа назад

    Link looks like gutz

  • Mike The Believer
    Mike The Believer 3 часа назад

    your crazy will it butter go.nationalfreelancemarketing.com/freelance-secrets-v1

  • fahrenheit sounds
    fahrenheit sounds 3 часа назад +12

    This video was butter than I thought it would be

  • Radio Killed Music
    Radio Killed Music 3 часа назад +4

    Will it butter taste good!

  • Destin Pagan
    Destin Pagan 3 часа назад

    Or like

  • Itamar Eden
    Itamar Eden 3 часа назад

    In the dictionary under "Bliss",there is a picture of Link after eating the "Butterburst".

  • Destin Pagan
    Destin Pagan 3 часа назад

    Reply if you noticed