The Man Who Cheated Millionaire - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

  • Published on Nov 17, 2017
  • Charles Ingram and his accomplices sneakily find a way to cheat his answers on the show, winning him the final prize.
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  • Fulcrum m
    Fulcrum m Hour ago


  • Antony Grubisa
    Antony Grubisa 12 hours ago

    This guys acting lol. I think he’s cringing at the fact he has to change his answer so much.
    “I really do think it Craig David”
    *1 second later*
    “I’m going to guess, A1”

  • Styx
    Styx 14 hours ago

    Anybody else catch this took place a couple of days before 9/11

  • Kosta Kosta
    Kosta Kosta 14 hours ago

    Hopefully they take his money away

  • Nexus PartyHobber
    Nexus PartyHobber 15 hours ago

    At 4:13 he prolly shitted his pants 🤣🤣

  • LØ HA5S4N
    LØ HA5S4N 17 hours ago

    When he said give me the 500,000 reviept I thought he knew lol

  • Melancholy Chill
    Melancholy Chill 18 hours ago

    There are a lot of unique sounds you'd be surprised your body can make that are way less suspicious than coughing. For instance low pitch grunts can be made that are hard to hear unless you are listening to them carefully or a high pitched whistling (By inhaling air one way) if done softly enough is almost impossible to be detected visually or harder to pick up on audibly. Just saying.

  • Gwyneth Berg
    Gwyneth Berg 21 hour ago

    that million question was sooooo easy

  • Cyber Cloud
    Cyber Cloud Day ago

    So if we cheat in millionaire ,that a crime.but when government stole a billion from us that a politician

  • Raymond Bian
    Raymond Bian Day ago

    *I just flipped the switch; COUGH COUGH*
    I think it is googol

  • john cena
    john cena Day ago

    Man:alexa what is the answer at the end

  • Doktor ALLES
    Doktor ALLES Day ago

    The million pound question was that easy lol.

  • Twin Gaming
    Twin Gaming Day ago

    Shouldn’t the friend just do it

  • Logan Saunders
    Logan Saunders Day ago

    wow 2 days before 9/11

  • LØ HA5S4N
    LØ HA5S4N Day ago

    The guy coughing should’ve done the show
    These guys r dumb lol

    • STEVE Wood
      STEVE Wood 17 hours ago

      +LØ HA5S4N not very far about question 6 he wasn't very clever

    • LØ HA5S4N
      LØ HA5S4N 17 hours ago

      STEVE Wood how far did he make it?

    • STEVE Wood
      STEVE Wood 18 hours ago

      He did

  • Gage Benford
    Gage Benford Day ago +4

    This happened on September 9, 2001
    9,11 happened o September 11, 2001

  • Kieran Savage
    Kieran Savage Day ago

    The only one I knew was the million pound question

  • chandra Burchette
    chandra Burchette Day ago +1

    Did anybody else notice that this was 2 days before 9/11

    • STEVE Wood
      STEVE Wood 18 hours ago

      Only every single comment

  • EthanPlayzYT
    EthanPlayzYT Day ago

    2 days before 9-11

  • Rick Wojciechowski


  • George
    George 2 days ago +1

    That’s such an easy million dollar question? 😂

  • Crasous
    Crasous 2 days ago

    #1 COUGH
    #2 COUGH

  • WombleBeastGamesSage

    He's actually a television actor.

  • Tarry B
    Tarry B 2 days ago

    He sounds like a animaniace

  • R Star
    R Star 2 days ago +5

    Dang. I knew the answer to the million dollar question:(

  • tijmen131
    tijmen131 2 days ago

    Doing that much effort to win something by cheating deserves to be rewarded honestly

  • Creative Thinks
    Creative Thinks 2 days ago

    It would be funny if someone actually had a real cough 😂😂

  • Boomy Eryk
    Boomy Eryk 2 days ago

    I want to see his face when they get to know that he was cheating

  • Mark Lowe
    Mark Lowe 2 days ago

    What scumbags

  • Roman Arana
    Roman Arana 2 days ago

    Could of changed it with a sneeze towards the end

  • SonicPlush Adventures
    SonicPlush Adventures 2 days ago +8

    Rip he got checked out after cheating and so hes probably mad he’s gonna quit everything.

  • Viral Trends
    Viral Trends 2 days ago

    This guy probably caused 9/11 because 2 days later he got caught.

  • careem rios
    careem rios 2 days ago

    This shit happened two days before 911

  • Itz Ash
    Itz Ash 2 days ago +12

    Legend has it the guy is still coughing to this day

  • AllOrEverything History

    2 days before 9/11...he was a vet...oh god. ILLUMINATI ALERT.

  • Lil Arnie playz
    Lil Arnie playz 2 days ago

    Bru the last question was so easy

  • Aydan O'Connor
    Aydan O'Connor 2 days ago

    September 9th, 2001. Missed that by a couple days.

  • PilotNibba
    PilotNibba 2 days ago

    What if he was just getting lucky with his answers all along and the coughs were just coincidental

  • Reya M.
    Reya M. 2 days ago

    Someone plz reply cause I’m curious. How did his wife know which one was right?

  • Blaz Blue
    Blaz Blue 2 days ago +1

    if number 15 was a million dollar question

    WHy does this show exist?

  • TheWill2Create ?
    TheWill2Create ? 2 days ago +7

    Rumour has it that they are still coughing to this day

  • Excaternoah1
    Excaternoah1 2 days ago

    i love how he just rips 500,000 dollars

  • Kryshna Miller
    Kryshna Miller 2 days ago

    Dang, that was 2 days before 9/11.......

  • justkissmenigga plz
    justkissmenigga plz 2 days ago

    Two days before 9/11

  • YoutubeBoy 695
    YoutubeBoy 695 2 days ago

    How does he not know who Craig David is

  • Yoappian
    Yoappian 2 days ago


  • The Conservative Dude

    I actually knew the google question😂😂
    I like numbers
    I know million, billion, trillion, quadrillion, quintillion, sextillion, septillion, octillion, nonillion, decillion, unodecillson, all the way to vigatillion then comes douvigatillian then the rest all the way to...
    Yeah I don’t know any more than that
    Other than google, googolplex, googalplexian, and Gramph’s number.
    Like I said, I like numbers

  • Torchic The Great
    Torchic The Great 2 days ago

    That one boi who swallow his drink wrong: *i think it’s time to introduce myse- COUGH*

  • Dunker Hall
    Dunker Hall 2 days ago +1

    I hate to be this guy but I can’t ignore that this was 2 days before 9/11.

  • Muhsin Kirandish
    Muhsin Kirandish 3 days ago +1


  • Paradx_HK
    Paradx_HK 3 days ago

    *Wait isn't it weird that only HIM that coughed and not ANYONE else...*

  • BlooD Fate
    BlooD Fate 3 days ago

    Couple days before 9/11

  • Ashish Thakkar
    Ashish Thakkar 3 days ago

    American always copy India now they copy Indian show KBC copy cat

  • R3B3L thediamndbanana9

    There was an attempt
    And there was a failure
    1 like is on RIP for that man

  • Sam W2
    Sam W2 3 days ago

    This was so cringe

  • jorge dawson
    jorge dawson 3 days ago +1

    Plot twist that guy was just sick

  • The Roblox Master
    The Roblox Master 3 days ago

    I didn’t see him on google... *sneeze*

  • aneet singh
    aneet singh 3 days ago

    Who else already knew the answer was googol

  • Name Me
    Name Me 3 days ago +1

    Why didint the wife just play

  • legendary Dog Gaming

    Lol that is what that fricker gets

  • The MoUsE JeRrY
    The MoUsE JeRrY 3 days ago

    If there was no coughing this guy would fail on question one

  • Donald trump
    Donald trump 3 days ago

    Why didn't she just go on the show herself

  • Fanfiction Streams
    Fanfiction Streams 3 days ago

    2 days before 9/11

  • 5000 subscribers with no Videos

    How do you not know what a googol is you dumbass

  • OOF Le-Velle597
    OOF Le-Velle597 3 days ago

    the episode shown was made 2 days before 9/11 attacks

  • Adoracion Villafane
    Adoracion Villafane 3 days ago +1

    People plz sub to my channel i am new to making vids i am a little cringey but i will stop so please help my channel get a chance for life plz

  • ItsGachaMariahYT -Gachaverse And Gaming

    Cheaters these days...

  • U NED SUM MILK7 :p
    U NED SUM MILK7 :p 3 days ago +1

    *Suddenly everyone starts coughing*

  • blog2483
    blog2483 3 days ago +1

    that is bad what he did

  • Jaden Guerrero
    Jaden Guerrero 3 days ago

    He tried to cheat....hahaha

  • Wumply
    Wumply 3 days ago +98

    What is 2+2 for a million dollars
    Answer choices 4,5,6,7
    Guy : I dont thinks it's 4
    Cough: iam going with 4

  • The royale gamer M
    The royale gamer M 3 days ago


  • Danny Richards
    Danny Richards 3 days ago


  • Meaghan Hanlon
    Meaghan Hanlon 3 days ago

    He’s not a very good actor

  • ArachnoSlayer
    ArachnoSlayer 3 days ago +1

    This was 2 days before 9/11.

  • SupremeNB
    SupremeNB 3 days ago

    Yooo this happened 2 days before 9/11

  • The Guy
    The Guy 3 days ago


  • yash budwal
    yash budwal 3 days ago

    Okay so if a guy gets to close to the end they start investigating him

  • Jack Young
    Jack Young 3 days ago

    His acting is awful

  • HipHop Lova
    HipHop Lova 3 days ago


  • Aleksi Rasmus
    Aleksi Rasmus 4 days ago


  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez 4 days ago

    Proof that this man caused 9/11 to happen. No one cheats who wants to be a millionaire without repercussions

  • Gabe Kieler
    Gabe Kieler 4 days ago


  • P-Series
    P-Series 4 days ago +1

    He was so mad at the host so he got his revenge by hijacking a plane 2 days later.

  • Dire Fox
    Dire Fox 4 days ago

    If you already noticed but the date that says on the 2nd scene it says 9th of September 2001 and 9/11 happened at 11 September 2001 9/11 happened 2 days after this

  • XxxQuickScopeXxx
    XxxQuickScopeXxx 4 days ago

    Bruh this is 2 days before 911 god bless all the lives lost on that tragic day

    • Danny Richards
      Danny Richards 3 days ago

      I was there that bad day. I was 14 yrs old and blocks from the scene.

  • A. Gervalla
    A. Gervalla 4 days ago

    How did he cheated? I dont understand, can anyone explain it pls?

  • GamingSalt
    GamingSalt 4 days ago

    The heck?! I’m so freaking young and I even know what googol is...

  • depressed boi
    depressed boi 4 days ago +192

    “Never heard of a googol”
    *i just flipped the switch flip flip*
    “I’m gonna go with googol”

    • MrJeffery
      MrJeffery 2 days ago +1

      Should’ve stopped cheating at like 50 grand and he probably wouldn’t have been caught

    • Jamie Is Here
      Jamie Is Here 2 days ago

      Haha lol

  • Red Formula
    Red Formula 4 days ago

    this guy doesn't know what a googol is, and somehow a 9-year-old knows what a googol and googolplex are.

  • Antoine Cassang
    Antoine Cassang 4 days ago

    This was 2 days before 9/11

  • Ark -S
    Ark -S 4 days ago

    Should have let him kept it and checked for this type of cheating next time

  • I have Ligma Help
    I have Ligma Help 4 days ago

    Bro, I could've gotten away with that no problem. That guy sucked at acting.

  • Sub _Tresting
    Sub _Tresting 4 days ago

    2 days later


  • avocado Hyper
    avocado Hyper 4 days ago

    but i think i got it!!!!!!! every time the anser is right dose the two people cough...can you tell me if thats right plz

  • avocado Hyper
    avocado Hyper 4 days ago

    what ...i didn't get it!!! can some one explain plz

  • MLG Buoy
    MLG Buoy 4 days ago

    2 days later, an airplane flew through the World Trade Centre

  • Noah Seiter
    Noah Seiter 4 days ago

    How is this against the rules, isn't is actually strategic if its not in a contract agreement?

  • James Bass
    James Bass 4 days ago +1

    Ya cause y'all are poor as fuck

  • RandomDude 11
    RandomDude 11 4 days ago

    Anyone see the date?