• Published on Apr 29, 2018
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    1st Pizza Video:
    Giant Bagel Bite:
    Giant Pizza Slice:
    Pesto Pizza:
    Pizza inside a Burger:
    Pizza Bags:
    We Make Dominos:
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    There's no way to visually capture our amazing discovery deep frying pizza. You'll just have to watch to find out.
    Deep Fryer:
    Cutting Board:
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  • HellthyJunkFood
    HellthyJunkFood  Year ago +1094

    Pro tip: keep frying your pizza 🍕 with layers of goodness... repeat... don’t ever stop being amazing 😘

    • Old Fashion Mommy
      Old Fashion Mommy 3 months ago

      What are the ingrediants you were showing

    • Sanaii McPherson
      Sanaii McPherson 6 months ago

      HellthyJunkFood have you ever made a giant powdered donut?

    • Will Blum
      Will Blum 7 months ago

      HellthyJunkFood rocks! 1st day watching you.

    • Samantha Hastis
      Samantha Hastis 7 months ago

      Have you guys tried pizza gyoza from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 version?

    • Just Passing Through.
      Just Passing Through. 7 months ago

      Make a apple sweet pie

  • Lilbit Dorky
    Lilbit Dorky 5 days ago

    How long has this channel existed!?? Why am I just NOW finding this channel!!! My life is officially complete.

  • Rupali Mishra
    Rupali Mishra 6 days ago

    I'm stoned

  • Thylacine The TigerWolf
    Thylacine The TigerWolf 11 days ago +1

    What could have been awesome is if the crust was stuffed with cheese..

  • Wade H.
    Wade H. 14 days ago

    So many ways to clog your arteries. So little time.😏

  • NMOM Productions
    NMOM Productions Month ago

    Pizza inside a Pizza version 2.0...... but deep fried

  • Arkyno
    Arkyno Month ago

    easy journey to heartburn x2

  • Minchangas
    Minchangas Month ago

    Lol that slice is 1/8 and the length of the slice is like 7 cm meaning its pie R squared

  • Koren Kjh
    Koren Kjh Month ago

    this is absolute genius, im so gonna make that

  • Toby dog
    Toby dog Month ago +1

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  • Xavanux
    Xavanux Month ago

    If I have to hit L 6 damn times, your ad is way too long.

  • BigEnderTroll Zockt

    Could you do schnitzel too?

  • clint boehmann
    clint boehmann 2 months ago

    He said "just the tip" 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Leo Bannana
    Leo Bannana 2 months ago

    did it rly say 30˚, 60˚ and 60˚ for a triangle at 1:03

  • Vee yahhh
    Vee yahhh 2 months ago


  • Bearry AC
    Bearry AC 2 months ago


  • Josue Sanchez
    Josue Sanchez 2 months ago

    2:14 I would say that thi is the best anime recap ever, man

  • glittermytimbers
    glittermytimbers 2 months ago

    That was deep fried and recooked and it still fit together better than Chuck-e-Cheese

  • Lucky you
    Lucky you 2 months ago

    5:39 this is the end of his family

  • cena k
    cena k 2 months ago

    Can you make Pizza but instead of dough Fried Chicken

  • Karen Tanoyo
    Karen Tanoyo 3 months ago

    My eyes got diabetes looking at this

  • GamerZero
    GamerZero 3 months ago

    Just watching this ups my cholesterol. Man, I wanna try it.

  • Trey C.
    Trey C. 3 months ago

    “I just felt like I bit into a big beautiful woman” 💀💀🤣

  • infurno the flame fox
    infurno the flame fox 3 months ago

    Omg I love pizza

  • That Subway & Bus Enthusiast

    At 1:04, Did Julia Say Aii Bet? Or I Bet?

  • Putri Joyce Irawati
    Putri Joyce Irawati 3 months ago

    I love carbs, but man this is a lot of starch .

  • Noah Small
    Noah Small 3 months ago

    That’s called a pizza crunch ,it’s pretty big in Scotland. You can get it from fish and chip shops/ chippies

  • Haleviyah Marie
    Haleviyah Marie 3 months ago

    4:35 😂😂

  • ab c
    ab c 3 months ago


  • Evite
    Evite 3 months ago

    We love this!

  • Abbie Miller
    Abbie Miller 3 months ago +2

    In Scotland, we call this a pizza crunch

  • Roger
    Roger 3 months ago

    You and your friends sound like nice people when i get older i would want friends like you guys

  • Giorgio Gazzola
    Giorgio Gazzola 3 months ago

    Who needs the Quickie Mart!

  • Paddy C
    Paddy C 4 months ago +1

    You didn't invent deep fried pizza we discovered it in Scotland way before you

  • MaKayla Talē Turner
    MaKayla Talē Turner 4 months ago


  • Mahmoud Al_shahmani
    Mahmoud Al_shahmani 4 months ago

    I watched Ready player one

  • stephanie gagne
    stephanie gagne 5 months ago

    i'm a super healthy vegetarian....but i'm up for this

  • eltiolavara9
    eltiolavara9 5 months ago

    yea this is a pretty good way to commit suicide ngl

  • Alex Pletcher
    Alex Pletcher 5 months ago

    " I feel like I just bit into a big beautiful woman "

  • E.T. Hotard
    E.T. Hotard 5 months ago

    This is sooo artery clogging, but I love it!

  • Shelby Leonard
    Shelby Leonard 5 months ago

    Yo that bitch has got a big mouth. Could fit three dicks in there at once

  • Caleb Wagner
    Caleb Wagner 5 months ago

    she’s hot

  • Black Goku
    Black Goku 6 months ago

    do it do it do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mikael allahwala
    mikael allahwala 6 months ago


  • Aubrey Garman
    Aubrey Garman 6 months ago

    Cheese burger deep fried pizza wevery thing on a. Cheese burger even pickels on 🍕 yummy do it make my Fat ass Happy try that make it pleases

  • drako meteor
    drako meteor 6 months ago +1

    5:41 it was at this moment he knew he fucked up

  • Crix Ahegao
    Crix Ahegao 6 months ago

    Fuckin Asian

  • Bryan O’Neill
    Bryan O’Neill 6 months ago

    Can we agree turkey bacon is disgusting

  • Half Rican
    Half Rican 6 months ago

    She cooks and she loves but she dates a fat Asian

  • Rebel Master
    Rebel Master 6 months ago

    U do realize this exists in scotland

  • Paige Lirette
    Paige Lirette 6 months ago

    Why does this look gross to me 😭😭

  • lil gab
    lil gab 6 months ago

    When he said just the tip

  • Shameka Claiborne
    Shameka Claiborne 6 months ago

    Would you want to make a fried pizza?

  • Jenny Penticoff
    Jenny Penticoff 6 months ago +2

    You should make southern fried chicken wrapped around a pickle

  • William Gates
    William Gates 6 months ago

    Sensor on this comment the pizza butthole seems little stretched LOL

  • Brunt Chieftain
    Brunt Chieftain 6 months ago

    My heart hurts just by looking at the title

  • Orbital Wolf
    Orbital Wolf 6 months ago

    How about stuffed crust triple deep fried.......with a lot more cheese on each layer?

  • Lucy 101101
    Lucy 101101 6 months ago +8

    Anyone from Scotland will know that that’s pizza crunch 🙄

  • Misakiqs
    Misakiqs 6 months ago

    I'd dip that into some thick ass beer cheese

  • Pinky Joshi
    Pinky Joshi 6 months ago

  • Stefan Zubal
    Stefan Zubal 6 months ago

    I need a chunky part ....

  • Leah Cabrera
    Leah Cabrera 6 months ago

    I like when u do lots of savory food

  • 0fficial Cheeto
    0fficial Cheeto 6 months ago

    My mouth is watering to try this 🤤🤤

  • Audrie Lansdell
    Audrie Lansdell 6 months ago

    Can you make clear potato chips but a giant one

  • Aidan Pena
    Aidan Pena 6 months ago

    🍕do fries inside a pizza 🍕

  • kevotnta
    kevotnta 6 months ago

    When are you guys gonna do 100 layers of pizza?!😀 Thanks for sharing💖 I'm gonna do this!

  • ian abenojar
    ian abenojar 6 months ago


  • Brandy Yolidio
    Brandy Yolidio 6 months ago

    I gained 2.5 lbs watching this, thanks a lot 😒

  • Gong Rise
    Gong Rise 6 months ago

    Deep fried pizza hot pocket!

  • Ose Aburime
    Ose Aburime 6 months ago

    diy how to get fat

  • Cess SB
    Cess SB 6 months ago

    That is glorious...

  • Joshua Paul
    Joshua Paul 6 months ago


  • Lente Krijtenburg
    Lente Krijtenburg 7 months ago

    Make a giant donut with pink glase and really big sprinkles 😍😍😍😍

  • markus rydiander
    markus rydiander 7 months ago


  • yo boy tramarcus maye
    yo boy tramarcus maye 7 months ago

    It looks nasty but good lol

  • The Mickey Squad
    The Mickey Squad 7 months ago

    JP, your gonna die from a cardiac arrest or something like that because of this channel.


  • PWNED5805
    PWNED5805 7 months ago

    They sell this everywhere in Scotland

  • NotSnarl
    NotSnarl 7 months ago +1

    Garbage content. Support people with talent.

  • Daniel Torreblanca
    Daniel Torreblanca 7 months ago


  • Anthony Griffin
    Anthony Griffin 7 months ago

    This actually looks good


    make a giant fried steak

  • Krubbe K
    Krubbe K 7 months ago

    how much diarrhea did you have?

    THE BIG SHOTS s 7 months ago


    THE CHLOBO 7 months ago

    I actually dreamt about this last night and just looked it up to see if it was a thing 😂

  • Ethan Hanlon
    Ethan Hanlon 7 months ago

    What an American thing

  • AhHHH
    AhHHH 7 months ago +1

    No no. *NO*

  • Levo GAMES
    Levo GAMES 7 months ago

    This is officially one of the most American channels out there.

  • Life with Shy
    Life with Shy 7 months ago

    Im eating pizza *rn*

    CYNTHIAPAM 7 months ago

    I want to eat it

  • XxGamerPudgiexX
    XxGamerPudgiexX 7 months ago

    After it goes into the stove it goes into your stomach 😝😂

  • Julia Tourtelotte
    Julia Tourtelotte 7 months ago

    oooooh how about pizza gyoza?! tmnt

  • Lina Iqnurdada
    Lina Iqnurdada 7 months ago


  • Story Error
    Story Error 7 months ago


  • Shenith Crey
    Shenith Crey 7 months ago

    Can I pretty please have a piece of that :O

  • Karev Rufus bautista
    Karev Rufus bautista 7 months ago

    I'm hungry now

  • Trenton Cruey
    Trenton Cruey 8 months ago

    5:20 “I felt like I just bit into a big beautiful women” 😂

  • Cobra The Gamer
    Cobra The Gamer 8 months ago

    Diabetes never looked so good

    THAT GIRL 8 months ago


  • DeathKiller 917
    DeathKiller 917 8 months ago

    Hjf: pizza places should release this
    Pizza places: ok
    *2 days later*
    Pizza places: thanks guys you made our customers fat
    HJF: um sorry

  • magdali loya
    magdali loya 8 months ago +2

    Can I please get a thumbs-up I never get one