• Опубликовано: 7 апр 2017
  • Josh Sigurdson breaks down the fast paced news regarding the US missile strikes on a Syrian airbase last night. Donald Trump is drinking the koolaid of the deep state he claims he's fighting. More evidence that no matter who is president, the globalist establishment is always pulling the strings.
    A couple days after Trump, Tillerson and UN ambassador Nikki Haley claimed they are not interested in overthrowing Assad...
    A couple days after a false flag attack on Syrian citizens, blamed on Assad despite no motive whatsoever.
    Soon after Hillary Clinton called for strikes on Syrian military bases, Trump teamed up with John McCain and Lindsey Graham to strike a Syrian government base with 59 tomahawk missiles. 58 touched down.
    While people are furious with Trump, there are still Trump supporters defending Trump for doing just what they themselves warned of war-hawk Hillary Clinton doing just months ago. It goes to show the religion of statism.
    There are currently Russian war ship headed towards the US destroyer which attacked the Syrian base.
    According to Russian Prime Minister Medvedev's statement,
    "The last remaining election fog has lifted. Instead of an overworked statement about a joint fight against the biggest enemy, ISIS, the islamic state, the trump
    administration proved that it will fiercely fight the legitimate syrian government, in a tough contradiction with international law and without un approval... The strikes have put the US on the verge of a military clash with Russia."
    According to Vladimir Putin,
    "Trump ordered the strikes under a far-fetched pretext. Russia's military will reduce cooperation with the US and re-enforce Assad's air defenses."
    Putin also warned of "negative consequences" for the attack.
    The global establishment wants a world war, for the monetary system and for absolute global collectivist control. Trump changed his tune entirely in the past week saying he stands not just for the US but for the world. Even Ann Coulter and Paul Joseph Watson are calling Trump out.
    We are supposed to believe that Assad was let off the hook and within a couple days decided to gas his own people and basically shoot himself in the foot.
    I was against the destabilization of Syria and the further growth of the military industrial complex under Bush and Obama. I'm not changing that just because Trump says things that sound okay every now and then. It's called consistency. I prefer no state, but I certainly don't stand for poking the Russian bear, killing children because other children were killed and starting a world war.
    This is so incredibly irresponsible and tragic. Our lives are at risk and I will call it out regardless of which puppet sits in the oval office.
    Rex Tillerson has put the idea of a no-fly zone in Syria on the table which would involve shooting down Russian planes in Syria. Precisely what Clinton ran on.
    There is no saying how fast and dangerously this can escalate. Stay tuned for more updates!

    Video edited by Josh Sigurdson
    Josh Sigurdson

    Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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Комментарии • 356

  • Ghost Outlaws
    Ghost Outlaws 11 месяцев назад

    ur stupid trump took cair of it Russia get fucked up real quick .if we go to war trump well make books of history.

    KAREN B KOOP 11 месяцев назад


    KAREN B KOOP 11 месяцев назад


  • Stuart Lee
    Stuart Lee Год назад +1

    As soon as the u.s. New that the word was out about them arming I.S.I.S they changed their names to Al nusra ect and called them moderate rebels. I mean how fucking dumb do you think we are Mr macain and all the other pedophiles in Washington. let me tell you something. civil war and revolution is coming to the u.s. and Europe. as per usual these people got too greedy and fucked it up for themselves. .

  • Jack Dudley Austin Jr.
    Jack Dudley Austin Jr. Год назад

    If Russia turns on their targeting radar system on one of our U S planes then their radar system would be destroyed immediately. Next we would have no choice but to destroy their weak missle defense system and Russia would be helpless. Putin is lying and bluffing as usual!!!

  • Jack Dudley Austin Jr.
    Jack Dudley Austin Jr. Год назад

    We need to post a no fly zone in Syria now! Fxxx Russia!!!

  • Jack Dudley Austin Jr.
    Jack Dudley Austin Jr. Год назад

    Fxxx Russia and Fxxx Lying Putin! Our pilots can take care of themselves! BRING IT ON CROOKED PIGS!!!

  • Din MS
    Din MS Год назад

    Russia dont threaten dont protest.
    Dont cry to mummy and ask why when Russia suddenly kick your ass.

  • Foh King Nee Gahr
    Foh King Nee Gahr Год назад +1

    This is all a lie. Antarctica's penguins shot down an American fighter jet last week and the US declares war on Antarctica. Right now Antarctica already took over the Mexicans and coming for the US. These penguins call them selves "Ice Is"

  • Mr. Orange
    Mr. Orange Год назад

    Does anyone like the way our country is? It rewards laziness over working class and often over middle class, people are in jail over debt by the IRS and child support while others spend their entire lives on welfare, this country fucking sucks anyway, I would never defend these laws we have or about 90% of the people we have in it.....

  • Mr. Orange
    Mr. Orange Год назад

    Maybe going to jail over contempt of court will be as good as it gets in the future!

  • Mr. Orange
    Mr. Orange Год назад

    Yeah I'll go fight and give all my money I earn to child support! Yeah right, we just need to fuck ourselves a little more and we can go bankrupt and end up in a huge war at the same time while we have more people in prison then in any other country and "us whites can keep putting up with giving billions to Israel and minorities killing us"! hopefully all will get bad soon and just maybe that will be the only way to straighten out this corrupt country......

  • Jeanmark Vallejo
    Jeanmark Vallejo Год назад

    NJ is fucked right?

  • wendy bjerring
    wendy bjerring Год назад

    press the button Russia ,there is a heaven ,leave the negs on this irradiated plane

  • Gog & Magog Killah
    Gog & Magog Killah Год назад

    Fuckin Zionist

  • Attack Helicopter Cat
    Attack Helicopter Cat Год назад

    statist fanatics will be the death of us all.

  • banshee x
    banshee x Год назад

    it's to late nothing we can do...

  • lucas wimpie
    lucas wimpie Год назад +1

    hope not problem is newworldorder freemason greetings from netherlands peace

  • Shuhrat Kessikbayev
    Shuhrat Kessikbayev Год назад

    Russia why are you threatening the U.S you literally wanted a dumbass for a president

  • Kushal Kumar
    Kushal Kumar Год назад

    . News reports say that the beginning of first ever active direct involvement of US through air strikes in Syrian airbase on 6 April 2017 against Syrian forces , has obviously meant a policy change to one followed by former US President, Barack Obama. The changed scenario , which came at a stage when Syrian forces are perceived to have used chemical weapons to suppress civilians, is being read by some to ask whether WW3 is coming . The question is found answered aptly and precisely in this Vedic astrology writer’s article - “ Astrological probable alerts for US in 2017” - submitted in September and published in December 2016 issue of While predicting that February-March and around in 2017 could bring to surface for US a kind of war or economic war upsetting policy makers and rulers alike, this advice was also given : “ Also , take more care while handling chemicals or nuclear energy” implying that take more care while handling or facing forces using chemicals or nuclear energy. In other words , in the context of related coming up scenario in February-Mach and around in 2017 for US , take more care while fighting against Assad or his mentors. The brief details brought here suggest that what was predicted by this writer for US for February-March and around in 2017 has happened or taken shape on the ground. Further , this writer had also answered the obvious question whether the changed scenario suggests coming of WW3 in 2017. While dealing with another spell of major worrisome concern for US , that is , August-September in 2017 , it was predicted : “ Some active engagement in war or cyber war looks to be arising”. So this writer has reasonable apprehension that August-September has the likely planetary potential to trigger WW3 or a widespread weather related disasters from sea like huge unprecedented storms and quakes in vulnerable regions of world plus conspiracies in power struggle to destabilize Governments , unusual racial or ethnic or communal tensions and health hazards and epidemics, painful downsizing of moral or spiritual values unless extreme love of human beings for self dominates paving way for patience and restraint between warring parties. Let it be known that these predictions are indicative of likely trends claiming neither determinism nor certainty because appropriate human effort and strategy has much weight to overawe such trends. Incidentally , readers wanting to read the article can do so by first reaching out the website of the article followed by a ticking on “ Articles Archives” and “ Heavens”.

  • Vince0311
    Vince0311 Год назад

    What I remember about the rise of the Trump is... is how quiet it was. During the waning hours of the Syrian strike, the US Military around the world was discreetly transferred back to Washington. It was a silent trip. We all knew what was about to happen, what we were about to do. Did we have any doubts? Any private, traitorous thoughts? Perhaps, but no one said a word. Not on the flight to Washington, not when the bombs came raining down, and not when we marched into Congress. Not a word

  • wheeping willow2 4U
    wheeping willow2 4U Год назад

    why anyone thought hed be any different, hes a cousin to HILLARY, hes one of THEM. The Father showed me Trump was nothing more than a DISTRACTION.

  • Linda Kloss
    Linda Kloss Год назад

    would any of you accuse abraham lincoln or his generals of killing americans indescriminately. we were in a most gruesome civil war. so please think again when accusing bashar of commiting atrocious things.
    the west's bull crap term of ''arab spring'' in any arab nation meant only one thing; ''a wahabbi salafi radical sunni take over, or a switch from secular to islamist govt/religion. bashar assad and the syrian arab army and hezbolluh are fighting;
    1. free syrian army. rag tags, mercinaries, radicals. hooligans and miscriants.
    2. isis, al queda, jabhat fetah al sham, nusra front, daesh, all armies of saudia, qatar, nato nations.
    this is what civil war is and what it was for the american civil war. if the rebels are allowed to take over, the 80 percent syrian population who support assad, will then face nato terrorists and islamist enslavement. it will be run like saudia.
    something our media never mentions. i studied syria since 2012 right after the fake arab spring erupted and terrorized the land spreading mischief. soon jihadists from all over north and northastern africa, saudia, pak., qatar, tunisia, france, all over europe backed by saud money and usa arms poured into syria.
    if i were bashar assad, and syrian arab army, and hezbolluh, i would fight for the rights of syria. the dirty war on syria must stop

  • John Doe
    John Doe Год назад

    Trump, Putin, Kim ETC.
    Put ALL of them dickheads in a fighting ring and let them fight each other! They are the ones carring out the Satanic agenda.

  • Night the Myst
    Night the Myst Год назад

    I Guess Trump called in one of his score streaks . Care package inbound

  • Nikko Zorilla
    Nikko Zorilla Год назад

    well im tired of this shit! war is not good! back to old game! RED ALERT. who wants to play?

  • Herr Nandor
    Herr Nandor Год назад

    WW3 will happen one way or another so don't make us wait any longer you satanic retards in power. This plague called humanity must be wiped out for good, sheeple deserve a slow, agonizing death like the cattle they are.

  • yahoo
    yahoo Год назад

    I don't want to fucking die yet im only 19 I'm terrified now

  • kevti 1
    kevti 1 Год назад

    well put ya on the money

  • ZEUS
    ZEUS Год назад +1

    if Russia and US uses nukes ,Earth will turn into the moon!

  • Nepramušinėk
    Nepramušinėk Год назад

    Please i don't want to die! 😣😢😭
    I didn't do anything...
    I have a famaly that i really love and i don't want to lose them! 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • Gun Guy
    Gun Guy Год назад

    You people are so funny. When people threaten you, one can take the Obama pussy way or the don't fuck with the US Trump way.

    • World Alternative Media
      World Alternative Media  Год назад

      One of the many reasons I hate Obama is because he bombed more countries than any other president. Not sure why CNN and Fox are pushing that talking point like he never bombed anyone, because it's absurd. The guy was drone bombing children left and right. I don't want to see that continue and I certainly don't want war with Russia. Anyone who wants war with Russia is an absolute moron.
      ~ Josh

  • 388 SBC
    388 SBC Год назад

    There won't be a ww3, it's gonna be about a week of constant nuclear bombing on the us, it isn't a joke, we are fucked. USA might be the next rome😔

  • FoxyGamer5 Trolling
    FoxyGamer5 Trolling Год назад

    So is this the end of the world for people that live the United States? ????!!!!!😰😟😟😰😰😱😱😱😳😳😳😵😵😵😭😭😭😔😔😔😖😖😖

    • Jay
      Jay Год назад


  • Michal Matas
    Michal Matas Год назад

    Now, US wants war then US will have a war. You are going to be beaten to the ground by World. I want it to be a just and final defeat of US the bully.

  • Michal Matas
    Michal Matas Год назад

    Trump broke hearts of millions. He is a spine less man.

  • No Names
    No Names Год назад

    In my opinion, Russia is SUPER restrained in Syria.
    They behave VERY responsibly.
    The US know that and provoke them MADLY.
    The question I have is: does Russia have to remind them of its strength in order to bring the US neocons and most importantly the Deep State to their senses?
    What does it need to do?
    Does it need for example to test a few nukes in international waters as close as possible to the US shores?
    US today CHOSE to forget that Russia is a nuclear superpower and like it or not it could wipe out the whole USA and the whole Globe for that matter with 1/3 of the nukes it has?!
    Do the US need some brutal reminder like this to WAKE THE HELL UP?
    What needs to be done to stop accelerating this sheer militaristic madness coming from the USA in the post-WW2 decades?

  • Blitz Krieg
    Blitz Krieg Год назад

    Russia is going to scramble now and try to make sure they stay an ally of the USA especially after China has made the attempt to mend current tensions. A China/USA alliance is worst case scenario for Mr. Putin.

  • Blitz Krieg
    Blitz Krieg Год назад

    Total bullshit. Putin just got punched in the mouth by the United Sates and did nothing! Instead Russia came out today and said they want no part of a military conflict with the USA.

  • pat haege
    pat haege Год назад +1

    This guy is a babbling idiot , thiink of how much wordly knowledge he could possibly have at 16...pathetic

  • sdgfsE sedgw
    sdgfsE sedgw Год назад

    Russia say 23 tomahawk landed. only.

  • michael tao
    michael tao Год назад

    Trump is a child moron.

  • Pablo Jay
    Pablo Jay Год назад

    Give it a rest FFS, are you going for the Guinness book on how many times you can be a drama Queen in 12 months? How many times are you going to ball "Russia has given the USA an ultimatum"?

    • Pablo Jay
      Pablo Jay Год назад +1

      But there isn't any news which states " Russia has just threatened the USA", so its not news its commentary you are engaging in.

    • World Alternative Media
      World Alternative Media  Год назад +1

      What are you talking about? I'm reading the news. This is news. He threatened the US. He also threatened the US back in September. This is someone one should report on.
      ~ Josh

  • Spudboy Potatoes
    Spudboy Potatoes Год назад

    The USA military needed to test the effectiveness of Syria Russian air defenses, so they needed a reason, which cam in the form of a chemical weapons attack. The attack could of come from rebels and blamed on Assad, could of been a psy-op with crises actors or something almost unthinkable, a"falls-flag".

  • Baked Lizard
    Baked Lizard Год назад


  • Pollux95630
    Pollux95630 Год назад

    If you only knew the types of crazy secret weapons our military has access to and has been developing. I guarantee Putin doesn't have similar gadgetry in his arsenal. Despite recent weakening of our military, it is still the most powerful and technologically advanced in the world. Railguns, lasers, active cloaking, etc.

  • Lord Kek
    Lord Kek Год назад

    Asad is killing his own people your are an idiot!!!

  • Alejandro Hermida
    Alejandro Hermida Год назад

    you don't know where the hell you stand kid you're confused

  • Alejandro Hermida
    Alejandro Hermida Год назад

    Josh where did you get your information hello propaganda! get your head out of your ass

  • Alejandro Hermida
    Alejandro Hermida Год назад

    Josh gold drink Hillary Clinton's urine bag

  • Alejandro Hermida
    Alejandro Hermida Год назад

    Josh get the f*** out of here you're another one that promotes fire your devil worshipping lying f***

  • Matthew Benfield
    Matthew Benfield Год назад

    Backed rebels?

  • Matthew Benfield
    Matthew Benfield Год назад

    Can u answer me did the gas attack actually happen

    • World Alternative Media
      World Alternative Media  Год назад +1

      It happened, but evidence seems to point towards US backed rebels being behind the attack.
      ~ Josh

  • The Black Magician
    The Black Magician Год назад

    False Flag attack? No Reason? ARE YOU A RETARD?!

    • The Black Magician
      The Black Magician Год назад

      Overthrowing a regime and crippling its ability to use illigal weapons are two totally different mandates! Trump can maintain the political mainstay of "not removing Assad" BUT he has to respond to public and geopolitical outrage for the gas attack. Hence the cruise missles!
      Syria has a history of barrel bombs and small scale chemical warfare in order to make gains in populated areas because its outdated Soviet machines have been turned to scrap time and again by FSA soldiers and ISIS terrorists.
      It doesn't take a genius (clearly it does) to figure out that Syrian ground forces used chemical warfare and this whole "Russia on the move!" is all to save face and look resolute ahead of the Russian elections.

    • World Alternative Media
      World Alternative Media  Год назад

      So you can give me a good reason why Tillerson and the Trump administration would say they don't want to overthrow Assad and Assad randomly decides a couple days later to gas his own people and basically commit suicide?
      ~ Josh

  • Robert Wilson
    Robert Wilson Год назад

    2:48 you talk about consistency... you consistently edit sentences together way too much

    • World Alternative Media
      World Alternative Media  Год назад +1

      It's a style of video if you haven't noticed. It's called jump-cut.
      ~ Josh

  • Zeyr0
    Zeyr0 Год назад

    If there was no nuclear weapons the USA and Russia would already be in a full scale war.

  • Caleb Carr
    Caleb Carr Год назад

    TBH, Russia would lose. Unless it goes Nuclear, then they lose first before everyone else loses.

  • Solomon Jenkins
    Solomon Jenkins Год назад

    I'm trying to find the truth and be the change here in Canada, just focusing on the house of commons right now because the footage is not in the public eye and I believe if it were, people would take more of an interest in actual politics instead of what the news says politics are. Love the channel, I am still holding out hope that Trump has a plan and that there was a good reason for this...all signs point towards another libya though...he still followed through with many promises, just not this one haha no matter which way I spin it I just can't see how this missile strike was a good move...the only silver lining is that it wasn't a very heavy strike, the airfield was up and running within 24hrs...russia is still pissed though

  • patrick brown
    patrick brown Год назад

    Only 23 of the 57 hit the Target ...airstrip running one day later get the facts Right !

  • crippling depression
    crippling depression Год назад

    umm but i'm still a teen though

  • Abdul Sakhani
    Abdul Sakhani Год назад

    Keller weskier nope! why do Assad need to gassing his own people? what motives? what did he gain from that? absolutely zero!

  • Matt Waite
    Matt Waite Год назад

    "War...War never changes..."

  • RailFanning & Stuff
    RailFanning & Stuff Год назад

    This is not going to start WW3 but it might start a tit for tat fight in the middle east I could see Russia launch air strike's against Saudi backed Sunni Muslims in Yemen to support there Iranian counterpart's but all out war is not likely.

    • Enjoy skippas.
      Enjoy skippas. Год назад +2

      Michael B Hey someone here is smart. It will actually take something far worse to trigger WW3

  • Victor Campos
    Victor Campos Год назад

    yes war is necessary let go to war

  • AGEpicony XD
    AGEpicony XD Год назад

    I hope all you Trump supporters are happy :)

  • Pierre Loubris
    Pierre Loubris Год назад

    North Korea is a danger, I do not believe that it can sustain any war action but they are prepared to do it as they know that the USA will flatten them in seconds..... we are talking about the leader being a self-centered idiot who is a psychopathic idiot who is not realistic about who he is and the consequences of his action. but Mr Trump you have top generals there and do what you need to do and take isis out permanently at the same time.

  • Pierre Loubris
    Pierre Loubris Год назад

    without malice and without prejudice
    Hi all a warning on change and change management....remember:
    -1- Mr Obama, 8 years at the helm of USA affairs
    -2- what is it that we do know that he did and worse
    -3- what don't we know that he did as in weakening the system of
    -4- law and order in the USA and
    -5- weakening the defence force and worse
    -7- weakening the way we all see the USA today!!
    -8- as much as I use to look at the USA as the greatest power for good, i must admit that under Barrack Hussein Obama of the democratic party and with all the willful transgression as to who is and was and all the birth certificate dance over 8 years and the support from so many American citizens who somehow did not know anything, were hoodwinked in the position, but always put a "good fight" because we were erroneous in our position that it was too good to be true and we did realise that as matters unfolded that Barrack was the skunk as anticipated and ....yet we had to shut up because he was legally voted in regardless of the glaring issue not finalised that were swept under the carpet.
    Now that Trump is there, amazingly enough, the democrats are fighting to say all that passed is not true or nor what you think it is, that it is again the right to lies etc... and we are to allow that....BUT NOT THIS TIME SISTER.
    Trump is the boss and a clever one and he is the man in charge, "the change agent" we have waited for and now if the Dems are in the way, they have to be pushed back in their seats and made to accept that they were erroneous on 100% regarding Barrack who is there in the background.
    When will the USA arrest Hillary and barrack and all these crooks and put them away...when?.
    it is fine to say we are in charge now but are you...? is it not the time for the congress of the republican to state that there is an emergency now and that barrack allowed for a certain situation to come about and for the elected party to remedy this.
    or not?

  • Joey
    Joey Год назад

    see you in hell boys

  • george Henry
    george Henry Год назад

    USA sucks

  • Vanya Davydov
    Vanya Davydov Год назад

    I'll believe it when I see it/

  • Joeking Nyari
    Joeking Nyari Год назад

    Bull shit Russia will not defend syria from out side countrys millitary ,other then isis

  • Coco R
    Coco R Год назад

    President Bashar Al Assad did not do this . he has no benefit or gain in killing all these people. He was gaining ground against the rebels and ISIS most of the syrian people love him .

  • realist curlyhead
    realist curlyhead Год назад

    ALL this is in the bible

  • Peter Bond
    Peter Bond Год назад

    Here we go. Let's see how arrogant the US leadership is now that Putin is ready to go head to head with the US military. So far, the US narrative is that Russia is weak and is only using minimal pressure in all these events because they are afraid. The bottom line is that ISIS is the cancer directly/indirectly supported by the CIA to be grown in Syria after Assad leaves. This make is easier to infiltrate Russia with this ISIS cancer with 20 million Russian muslims on the border. The deep state hopes to bait Russia into attacking their own cities then calling them child killers to justify bringing military forces across their border. Sound familiar yet? If this be the case, then Putin has everything to lose if he loses Syria to the US as they will continue to let ISIS thrive with their name changing and fake news media. Putin will then have to use the nuke option because we know he cannot sustain a drawn out war. Also, the US will push this to the limit because Russia is an independent energy producer capable of supplying the EU with all their energy needs. The US will not let that happen even if it means destroying all of the EU which has already started with refugee migration.

  • Spud Westhaver
    Spud Westhaver Год назад

    All the ISIS murderers have to do now is detonate some nerve gas in a village to get a major US attack on Syria and Russia.

  • Spud Westhaver
    Spud Westhaver Год назад +1

    Boycott MCDonalds, boycott Walmart, Boycott Coca cola, make them pay for this outrage. You might prevent WW3.

    • Peter Bond
      Peter Bond Год назад +1

      We should have sent those companies into the middle east enmass and made they all US consumer rather than kill them and destroy their country. Isn't that we capitalism supposed to be. That is why we know it is being run by the most evil people of this planet. There is another agenda that has no empathy for human life period.

  • Zena Fanom
    Zena Fanom Год назад

    Russia, North Korea, EMP America to the Stone Age. Preferably for a millenium.

  • Twiggy the lizard
    Twiggy the lizard Год назад +2

    Aw,fuck it. Im cleaning my rifle,no one knows when russia will invade us.

  • Slyfer
    Slyfer Год назад

    What? RT says out of 59 missiles 23 touched down while yours out of 59, 58 touched down. What's the exact number?

    • Asnawi Humaidi
      Asnawi Humaidi Год назад

      Slyfer 23 hit dude, the airbase is STILL operational even with heavy damage there are 2 jet fighters not been hit during the attack.

  • Роман Рейн
    Роман Рейн Год назад

    Россия не начинает войны,Россия их заканчивает!Всем мира и процветания!

  • Serious Moonlight
    Serious Moonlight Год назад +5

    What was Assad's motive for gasing innocent lives? There isn't one. The Russians cleaned out any and all chemical weapons. Russia stomped ISIS at Assad's request. When John McCain and Hillary Clinton says this was know it's wrong. The UN charter condemns unilatteral actions of any country to use military force (without even consulting congress) that could bring about a world war which would put millions of lives in danger. I supported Mr Trump over Hillary Clinton during the elections. I am saddened by the back peddling and flip flopping that led to a strike in Syria. The "good guys" are gone. There seems to be only a power hungry corrupt estabishment. Russia has moved 2 ships into Syrian waters that will block the American ships there. I believe the Russian Federation is correct in their condemnation of this airstrike involving 59 tomahawk cruise missile's on one of Assad's air bases. I have yet to see any evidence so who ever carried out the gas attacks on the Syrian people will do it again. Assad has no motive but the so called rebels do. It's a sad day in America. We've learned nothing from WW1 and 2.We've learned nothing from Vietnam or the disaster in Iraq so I guess we'll never learn.
    "An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it" -JFK

    • Matilda Faltyn
      Matilda Faltyn Год назад

      Harley Quinn Roy - God bless you too Harley!. It's hard to hear this and have to face that I was fooled by Obama and by Trump. The powers that be are too good at this. And now with the social media, let's them tap into how we think. It's the strangest of time we live in both a time of the greatest deception yet also the greatest exposing and awakening. It's humbling to be here at this time in human history.

    • Serious Moonlight
      Serious Moonlight Год назад

      Matilda Faltynn True. God bless you and yours, Matilda. Sometimes faith is all we have when we feel scared and helpless. There is a bigger power Mr Trump answers to. This is really a biblical scenario. Looking back, when Trump said he never felt like he needed to ask for forgiveness..that speaks volumes now. His demeanor has changed. Where is the Trump we seen at all those rally's? He's flipped on so many things I can't keep up. One thing is for sure, he isn't speaking for real Americans. He won and he doesn't care about us. Not sure if he ever did. :(

    • Matilda Faltyn
      Matilda Faltyn Год назад +1

      Harley Quinn Roy - A heard from a news source commentary that trump was saying he would leave Syria alone right up until a week ago and now this now this flip. This must have been planned all along otherwise it would not have happened so soon. It's only April for heaven's sake! No this reeks of mk ultra or a serious personal threat or he was just a great showman. I guess it's a moot point now. God help us...

    • Serious Moonlight
      Serious Moonlight Год назад

      Matilda Faltyn That's true. I remember thinking what happens if Trump is a bad idea.Even then I said it's the less of 2 evils. I was wrong. It's the same 2 evils. Your're right. My cousin is a missionary in Russia. If I had the money, I think I'd move. Perhaps Trump thought he could pull and FDR and jump into war because of our economy. Unfortunetely no one will survive this one. FDR knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor 2 weeks before it happened but done nothing because he wanted war with Japan and Germany. Disaster. I hope Mr Trump knows the people who voted for him are now turning on him.

    • Matilda Faltyn
      Matilda Faltyn Год назад

      Harley Quinn Roy - How could we have let this happen? Easy. There was no choice between him and hillary - like a choice between two executioners. I did get some tiny warning bells during the campaign like when he said for every new regulation two old ones must go. And as for who defends this it's the usual brain washed or plain lazy folk.
      I've got to quote Mr Salt in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory "I can't take much more of this".

  • Wolf Mi
    Wolf Mi Год назад

    They have to start ww3 in order to complete their new world order...

  • Stephen R McDonald
    Stephen R McDonald Год назад

    Russia will CRUSH the United States!!! Reason = "the Donald" & his MINIONS IGNORANCE & IRRESPONSIBILITY!!!

    ALLEN KREYMBORG Год назад +2


  • Empress Empress
    Empress Empress Год назад +2

    Zionist Jews in Washington DC dragging us to another WWII! Damn you Trump!!😡 Fuck this US government!! The Rothschilds Jews are behind all this!

    • Asnawi Humaidi
      Asnawi Humaidi Год назад

      Empress Empress drop the gas!!!

    • Empress Empress
      Empress Empress Год назад

      Herp Kerman Deport all Zionist Neocons to Israel. Expell them all from America!!

    • Asnawi Humaidi
      Asnawi Humaidi Год назад

      Empress Empress so... deport or pass the juice?

  • Matthew Jacobsen
    Matthew Jacobsen Год назад

    bombing someone while you eat dinner with the Chinese president LMAO that's not going to piss of North Korea at all

  • Eric Griswold
    Eric Griswold Год назад

    thanks for the news ....not so common these days keep up the good work
    v/r a new subscriber

  • Laurie Elizabeth
    Laurie Elizabeth Год назад

    Trump is the Antichrist u know 666 ...turn to Jesus with what little time you have left.. DONT WAIT! JESUS SAVE ME SAY IT and Believe.... WWW III is soon NWO wants u dead wake up!

  • Hubs Keeper
    Hubs Keeper Год назад

    shut up stupid.

  • Ty Taylor
    Ty Taylor Год назад +1

    I told you Trump was a sock-puppet... All presidents are... *sigh*

  • Armenian power
    Armenian power Год назад +5

    There is going to be World War 3 it's all been prophesied long time ago in the Holy Bible and the United States is clearly mentioned in the Holy Bible as mystery Babylon and everyone who believes in the Holy Bible and that knows the Book of Revelations knows how the story ends for mystery Babylon

    • Armenian power
      Armenian power Год назад

      Liz M. Yep that's for sure

    • Elizabeth M.
      Elizabeth M. Год назад +1

      Mekhail Kazarian
      so true but ppl will still be ignorant and say they don't believe it!

    • Armenian power
      Armenian power Год назад +1

      No it's not it's the United States listen to Pastor Steven Anderson he will break it down to you

    • ZEUS
      ZEUS Год назад

      Mekhail Kazarian babylon isnt USA its mecca check out the Bible babylon prophecy ISIS!

    • Sean Marban
      Sean Marban Год назад +2

      Mekhail Kazarian literally every conspiracy theory hasn't happened. The bible is wrong

  • Neil Degrass Tyson Is Lord
    Neil Degrass Tyson Is Lord Год назад

    well, we're fucked.

  • coolwitme1
    coolwitme1 Год назад

    Why is Russia defending this atrocity of chemical weapon use against defenseless civilians?

    • Go Hizle
      Go Hizle Год назад

      Because it has economic stakes with the Syrian government, obviously (which is also the same reason why Russia came to Assad's aid in the first place and started bombing the rebels).

  • WE WUZ VIKANGS!!! n shiet.
    WE WUZ VIKANGS!!! n shiet. Год назад

    He can't get a travel ban in place.But wanna take on Putin.Trump is a democrate

  • Hey Joji
    Hey Joji Год назад

    I supported Trump but now I did my own research before hand and with these other sources I'm out (doesn't mean I support the democrats or whatever you think opposes trump I'm not with them)

  • freedom fighter 4 the next generation

    i smell trouble the zionist are at work pro israel and who is isreal number 1 enemy is assad wow and where is proper investigation annocent till proven guilty right remember they are selected not elected smell like a hoax chemical wapon would be dumb on assad part and dont think he is that stupid trump cross the line no way to sugarcoat that its was dirty nasty stupid hothead being mislead by fakenews 🤔🤔🤔😰

  • Bogdan Bogdanov
    Bogdan Bogdanov Год назад +2

    Want a nuclear war? They will get it! Or think that the current war - to come to safari to shoot?
    As soon as the first rocket falls on the territory of Russia - the world within half an hour to turn into a lifeless Martiansan desert. Even if the central part of Russia ceases to exist, only Siberia will survive. Neither America nor Europe will not!
    I think Putin knows where the bunkers with the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bushies, McCain and old Clinton are located. First of all, ten nuclear explosions for each bunker will be destroyed to the depth of the earth to the very magma.
    Russia is not Africa. Safari will not! Nuclear missiles in Russia are enough to destroy the planet three times. Not that some fucking island with the Pindo-Goths in the White House!

  • Mark Silva
    Mark Silva Год назад

    You hit the nail on the head. What happened to defending our borders. Now we just walked into a bad tense situation, and took the forefront.

  • Ron Davis
    Ron Davis Год назад

    Both ISIS and Bashar al-Assad is lucky I'm not the president of the U.S. Why? If I were president I would use a 15 megaton nuke which as the radius of only 5 miles and drop it both ISIS and Bashar al-Assad and then let God Sort Them out PERIOD!

    • Sean Marban
      Sean Marban Год назад +4

      Ron Davis oh yea they're sooo lucky some guy in the RUclip comments isn't President cause he would fix everything 🙄 Jesus fuck dude

  • Ominous Quash
    Ominous Quash Год назад

    Trump didn't drink the koolaid Trump drank this prophecy:
    Isaiah 17 English Standard Version
    An Oracle Concerning Damascus
    17 An oracle concerning Damascus.
    Behold, Damascus will cease to be a city
    and will become a heap of ruins.