Babies annoying cats - Funny baby & cat compilation

  • Published on Feb 26, 2015
  • Really annoying babies and poor cats :D
    BABIES annoying CATS (PART 2) -
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  • Dadu bhai Bisen
    Dadu bhai Bisen 6 days ago


  • Pat Martinez
    Pat Martinez 18 days ago

    This is why I hate babies

  • mitko hristov
    mitko hristov 24 days ago


  • PoMtL
    PoMtL Month ago

    who ever made these babies and cat fail videos are pieces of shit. cats scratch their claws embedding bacteria for protection against dogs,etc , hince the name cat scratch fever. those babies could get bacteria clawed into them getting sick. piece of shit parents
    there are videos of cats scratching babies and titled as funny! go to hell

  • Vortexx_ Elitezz
    Vortexx_ Elitezz Month ago

    i would burn these babies and PARENTS ESPECIALLY

  • Vortexx_ Elitezz
    Vortexx_ Elitezz Month ago

    0:11 no wonder he tried to eat... sorry for any offence this is a joke

  • shame on at&t unfixed downed wire

    Most of these are cute but the one with the kid smacking the cat second to last dont be surprised when the cat really bites the sh** out of the kid . Please teach your children respect for animals and seriously dont film them abusing an animal not cute or funny. Again most of these were cute.

  • Bàcsi Zoli
    Bàcsi Zoli Month ago +1

    Cat👍 baby👎

  • Pat Martinez
    Pat Martinez 2 months ago +1

    I hate babies! Poor cats!

  • Kathy Bliss
    Kathy Bliss 2 months ago

    This is just wrong...

  • Milan kumar gurung
    Milan kumar gurung 2 months ago

    Haha so funny

  • Miss Fortune
    Miss Fortune 2 months ago

    There is NOTHING funny about this, goddamn idiot...

  • Javier Lobato
    Javier Lobato 2 months ago

    Don't you worry so much. The domestic cats are not so dangerous. I, better, would not do it or would be close to the care, but these cats do not express signs of fear, hate or fight. The cats can recognize the game and the babies' friendship. When domestic cats get angry they go away. And they give punches, but they do not give scratches. Although, really, it would be careful

  • Moonsugarine
    Moonsugarine 2 months ago +1

    I wish these cats clawed their eyes out! Stupid brats, put them in the bag and throw off the bridge.

    • Glaze QwQ
      Glaze QwQ 2 months ago

      EXACTLY!! I hate I the parents are just simply letting the babies do this, and when the cat does something, they would warn the cat for no reason! The child was asking for it, and you didn't even try to stop them!

  • Anna Pichuèque
    Anna Pichuèque 2 months ago

    Pas très intelligents de laisser son enfants déranger et embêter son chats, de plus celui risque pour se défendre de blesser l'enfant! C'est un manque de respect pour les chats et d'imprudence irresponsable evers son enfant!!!!

  • Chairman Meow
    Chairman Meow 2 months ago +1

    Reported for abusive content 👎

  • TinkerKitty4444
    TinkerKitty4444 2 months ago


  • Alina Alina
    Alina Alina 2 months ago +3

    0:50 what is funny stupid parents?!😨

    • Cliche Name
      Cliche Name 2 months ago

      tbh their kid was harrassing the cat, it was scared. literally cornered by the baby, so it fought back OUTTA NOWHERE RKO

  • Anthony London
    Anthony London 2 months ago +1

    Babies annoying cats is neither funny or cute....parents take note.

  • Marco Ribeiro
    Marco Ribeiro 2 months ago

    Inos e vangelico

  • carla matos
    carla matos 2 months ago


  • StoltHD
    StoltHD 2 months ago +2

    Notthing funny about this !
    stupid irresponsible parents !
    Shouldnt been allowed to have either kids nor cats !

  • Madár Vándor
    Madár Vándor 2 months ago

    00.48 ..idiot parents....

  • Jay-Cee Rademeyer
    Jay-Cee Rademeyer 3 months ago

    perents fu.. an stupid so dumb can't take care of babies or pet tell those parents to fu.. off

  • Jay-Cee Rademeyer
    Jay-Cee Rademeyer 3 months ago

    perents fu.. an stupid so dumb can't take care of babies or pet tell those parents to fu.. off

  • Read Aloud For Kids
    Read Aloud For Kids 3 months ago

    thanks for sharing 🤗

  • Virginia Salce
    Virginia Salce 3 months ago +1

    I tell my kids to leave the cats alone, that they don't like being manhandled. Well my 6yo daughter didn't listen and picked up our cat Ann Purrkins. Granted we've had ann purrkins since she was a baby so she is well used to the kids....still, she gets annoyed. Well she scratched her pretty good on the lip. She was bleeding and crying....guess what i did to our cat?
    teach your kids to respect animals because the consequences can sometimes be fatal.

    • Virginia Salce
      Virginia Salce 3 months ago

      Mind y'all, i tell my 6yo child to stay away now imagine an uncoordinated baby.....that will def annoy the cat....keep you babies away from pets please.

  • maria vittoria traina
    maria vittoria traina 3 months ago

    E un schifo il gatto gioca con il bambino anche il cane portano malattia

  • Rayne Kraven
    Rayne Kraven 3 months ago +1

    those cats are very patient

  • Little Blue Friend with a Brown Pointy Hat

    Stupid parents laughing and taping their kids annoying cats, but if a cat responds in a logical self-defence... well, course it's the cat's fault. After all, the laughing idiots with cameras don't realize babies only want to play with the animals, but cats see it clearly...
    I did report the vid for animal cruelty. I do wonder if Google is going to do two shits about it... 🤔 In case there's a copyright violation, the tycoons are going to act in a second, of course...

  • Merry Cross Kram
    Merry Cross Kram 3 months ago

    wow so many comments obsessing over cats.... cats ain't no angels either, come on! they're predator s. they play with smaller animals all the time. they would torture us if they had the chance! I do have to say some of these cats have really soft reactions and they are cool. but mostly people, toxoplasmosis much?!

    • Merry Cross Kram
      Merry Cross Kram 2 months ago

      Chairman Meow ofcourse communist cat,,, whatever you say, mao

    • Chairman Meow
      Chairman Meow 2 months ago

      @Merry Cross Kram Typical cat hating illogical psychopath dweeb

    • Merry Cross Kram
      Merry Cross Kram 3 months ago

      Little Blue Friend with a Brown Pointy Hat you didn't get it did you, these people have toxoplasmosis, that's why they're obsessed with cats. we're animals too. I would kill you no second thought

    • Little Blue Friend with a Brown Pointy Hat
      Little Blue Friend with a Brown Pointy Hat 3 months ago +1

      Didn't your grandma teach you cats are animals? Didn't you learn about instinct in school? Haven't you heard that humans are intelligent beings? I mean, don't judge fellow humans by yourself :)

  • Florence Wautier
    Florence Wautier 3 months ago

    un chat à des griffes avec une patience avec des limites, un coup de griffe dans l’œil par accident ceci arrive en jouant avec des chiens. les parents inconscients et complètement idiots.

  • ma21l
    ma21l 3 months ago +3

    im just waiting for the cat to fury swipe one of these little sprogs

  • Camilo Ribeiro
    Camilo Ribeiro 3 months ago +1

    Cats hate babies that much

  • Maite Romà Argiles
    Maite Romà Argiles 3 months ago

    Gatos son animales con chip salvaje.Mayores muy irresponsables. Jugando puede hacer daño al nene.

  • Aquarius1011
    Aquarius1011 3 months ago

    The babies and the kitties. :-)

  • Diane Damian
    Diane Damian 3 months ago

    This video is disturbing. These are stupid, stupid parents. The cats could easily cause permanent damage to the babies face or eyes and somehow that is funny?? What is wrong with you people? You can easily teach babies and children to be respectful to the animal, but you have to start when they are young and not torture the cat in the process. These are examples of what not to do. Very upsetting.

  • heather watts
    heather watts 3 months ago +6

    And the child doesn’t understand. If goes too far then child may hate cats when grow up!...

    • Merry Cross Kram
      Merry Cross Kram 3 months ago

      heather watts oh nooooo a human not liking a cat! the greatest sin of all

  • heather watts
    heather watts 3 months ago +3

    Dogs maybe but cats are a totally different species...

    • lps Pink
      lps Pink 10 days ago

      @Brian Evans cats are all selfish. Didn't see the story on youtube about a mother cat letting herself almost starve so that her babies can live?

    • Brian Evans
      Brian Evans 3 months ago

      yeah, dogs are more social animals......cats are pretty selfish

  • heather watts
    heather watts 3 months ago

    Really annoying to watch.. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Jean-Marc Audirac
    Jean-Marc Audirac 3 months ago +2

    C' est trop mignon, c' est sûr...!
    Mais est-ce sécuritaire pour ces bébés très jeunes , en cas de coup de griffes, et très sain (parasites,...) ?

  • amparo del carmen salazar rodriguez

    Aunque no haría algo así reconozco la gran sensibilidad de los gatos al reconocer que están con un bebé y su tolerancia aumenta increíblemente

  • Fun Time
    Fun Time 3 months ago

    Who in 2019 watching this🙋‍♀️?? Cute babies😍

  • Edviza
    Edviza 3 months ago

    The comments saying "Omg the baby could be hurt" are annoying af. 1, it would be the babies fault for annoying the cat. 2, it's just as bad to record your babies taunting and generally violating the cats privacy. Also 1:26 Baby: *strange grunt* Cat: kill me pls

  • Kay Ferrari
    Kay Ferrari 3 months ago +3

    My goodness i love cats. One of the first questions i ask a person when i meet them is, "do you like cats" - If someone doesn't love cats they're at arms length. Lovely to see the cats in this video acknowledging the fact that they know what babies are. Educational and beautiful, thank you. But i do agree with one of the other comments, although i love cats i wouldn't trust them i'm afraid. Not with a baby's eyes.

  • Kay Ferrari
    Kay Ferrari 3 months ago

    Be happy / Stay happy - Start by not watching any news programs. The feeling which says, "You might be missing something important", is just an illusion - Be brave. Be good to yourself. Mute ads / turn off the news and weather immediately. Yes, the weather too. They use weather programs to complete the hypnotic trauma circle which started with the first news headline. The weather sends their message into your subconcious as you slowly return to being a sleepy repeater for them. Create your own little world - don't let sh*tbags in. The news and weather are a psyop. Shielding yourself from their news is the beginning of your awakening.
    Although, after waking up and constantly pulling myself back into the NOW i do listen to the headlines on radio 4 at 5pm with an objective mindset, so i can watch what they are planning next. I listen to the headlines usually 2 or 3 at the very most / turn the radio off and watch my thoughts. It's very freeing and an intelligent thing to do.
    When you walk around use your eyes to observe things attentively. It also helps bring on the healthy objective wakened state rather than a subconcious sleepy dreamy existence where not much will be remembered.

  • Georg Jelorg
    Georg Jelorg 3 months ago

    Ce drăguți sunt!

  • Rosalba Arellano
    Rosalba Arellano 3 months ago

    Quiero ver RUclip porque no puedo que tengo mal ayuda

  • Koosha Las Vegas
    Koosha Las Vegas 3 months ago +1


  • Eva Jansson
    Eva Jansson 3 months ago

    Idiots as parents - I feel with the cats - having to endure this.

  • Eva Jansson
    Eva Jansson 3 months ago

    This is not fun

  • Milicevic Leona
    Milicevic Leona 3 months ago

    uzas, jadna deca ovakvih roditelja

  • mini train
    mini train 4 months ago

    not safe

  • Paula Traweger
    Paula Traweger 4 months ago


  • Son Nefes
    Son Nefes 4 months ago

    I will report this video ,stupid parents omg and what about the creator of this compilation ??? U think is funny animal torture and after the kid to be bitten od disabled for life ????

  • jame bello
    jame bello 4 months ago

    so cute

  • Enny Christina Abdullah

    I DONT EVEN LIKE KIDS THAT ARE SMALL!!!!! THEY PUT THEIR MIDDLE FINGER UP AND SHOWING THEIR TONGUE! I better just love cats and other animals and mah parents!

  • Darth Sideous
    Darth Sideous 4 months ago

    At the start you can see Asians do eat cats Evan at a young age

  • Marijke Woelfel
    Marijke Woelfel 4 months ago

    Wow, it is true. You just cannot fix stupid. Laugh on. You should not be allowed kids or pets

  • Juliana Scaccianoce
    Juliana Scaccianoce 4 months ago

    You people are laughing at babies abusing the cats you all nee d to see a shrink the baby throwing the kitten is disgusting the cat should be taken away from you morons get the kid a moving toy cat

  • Abou Mbao
    Abou Mbao 4 months ago


  • A esquerda é o que ela faz pelo mundo.

    Animals can only stay close to teenagers. Of children, never. Once I got a kitten and he anointed me. His nail was 3cm. As she. it can leak a child's eye and it will go blind forever.

  • dekoracepasje
    dekoracepasje 4 months ago

    Ludzie są!!!

  • Jatin Kulal
    Jatin Kulal 4 months ago

    0:30 when MGK dissed Eminem and then he posted Killshot

  • Amir Hossein Sharifzadeh

    Idiot parents: Cats are very unpredictable, they are not dogs!!! Cats scratch faces and it's very dangerous to let babies play with them. Toxoplasmosis is a dangerous disease from cats!!!

  • Mita Kanungo
    Mita Kanungo 4 months ago

    These are not at all funny videos neither with babies nor with the cat NOT NICE

  • Wisia Empika
    Wisia Empika 4 months ago

    My IS Wiktoria, and happy .

  • Tineke Van oers
    Tineke Van oers 4 months ago

    leuk zal er zeker af en toe naar kijken als ik tijd heb

  • Tineke Van oers
    Tineke Van oers 4 months ago

    leuk om naar te kijken maar voorlopig geen tijd

  • Tineke Van oers
    Tineke Van oers 4 months ago

    helaas heb daar voorlopig geen tijd voor

  • Tineke Van oers
    Tineke Van oers 4 months ago

    nee niet nodig

  • HelenBaby
    HelenBaby 4 months ago

    This is why my parents didn't let me do this...

  • George Ts
    George Ts 4 months ago +1


  • Angel Molly-Dollar
    Angel Molly-Dollar 4 months ago +1


  • Heidi Michelle
    Heidi Michelle 4 months ago


  • Marietta Varga
    Marietta Varga 4 months ago

    These parents are idiots.

  • james milo
    james milo 4 months ago

    Kids treating animals bad instead of them being taught to love them, makes me so mad.

  • supg66
    supg66 4 months ago

    Animal abuse. Fuck these twats

  • Ariel Bianchi
    Ariel Bianchi 4 months ago

    No se entiende un pito

  • Isabel Turiel Pintado
    Isabel Turiel Pintado 4 months ago

    Cuantos buenos recuerdos. Me encanta

  • Ashok Sonune
    Ashok Sonune 4 months ago

    Nice 👌👌👌👍

  • Heinrich Bach
    Heinrich Bach 4 months ago

    Diese Dreckswänster und ihre Asozialen Eltern stellen sich auf Kosten der Tiere ins Rampenlicht.
    Mein Kater hätte dem Scheißwanst die Nase aus dem Gesicht gebissen

  • Mult Kids
    Mult Kids 4 months ago

    Very cute))))Like

  • Cuisine Maliya
    Cuisine Maliya 4 months ago

    Je vous souhaite une bonne soirée 🙋‍♀️😅😅😅🙌

  • wei gao
    wei gao 5 months ago

    I cannot let my 2 year old son see a cat, he definitely will eat that cat alive!!!!!!!!

  • Asad Zahidi
    Asad Zahidi 5 months ago +1


  • BeeBee's Funtastic Adventures

    stupid parents allowing their babies to taunt, tease the cats, putting cat's hair in the baby's mouth, it's not hygienic and definitely not cute. careless, brainless, really dumb parents...

  • dono Vila válvin
    dono Vila válvin 5 months ago

    Donde fue el castellano?

  • Heather Reddick
    Heather Reddick 5 months ago

    this is funny and you guys are funny but in a good funny kind of way

  • Ella Southportfair
    Ella Southportfair 5 months ago

    All I can say is Dumbass parents with no idea how to take care of animals....or kids

  • Manuel Master
    Manuel Master 5 months ago


  • Goja x
    Goja x 5 months ago

    Arme Katzen und so unschlaue Eltern.
    Der Katze wird am fell gezogen und in den schwanz gebissen.
    Zum Glück reagieren die meisten Katzen entspannt bzw wehren sich ohne krallen.
    So ein richtiger katzenbiss kann echt fies werden und selbst wenn es nur ein schlag mit krallen ist, ist es schmerzhaft....

  • Sonia Rosa
    Sonia Rosa 5 months ago

    Little monsters

  • Dr.Diva
    Dr.Diva 5 months ago +1

    Cat please bite these spawn! :D

  • jannattferas marrakech
    jannattferas marrakech 5 months ago

    هاني خليت لتراص باش تجي

  • Caty Katrine
    Caty Katrine 5 months ago

    Dressez vos enfants à foutre la paix aux chats .! .avant de pleurer parce qu'ils se font griffer .

  • Simon the Siamese Cat
    Simon the Siamese Cat 5 months ago +2

    Ohhh cats, you tolerant, tolerant creatures

  • Christopher Ellis
    Christopher Ellis 5 months ago

    I see a bunch of jealous dog lovers in the comments. Cats are cool 😎 so are curious infants

  • Forestar
    Forestar 5 months ago