Top 10 Differences Between the The Walking Dead Comic and TV Show

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What are the differences between the walking dead tv show and the comic book? How much does the TV show change? There are lots of new and original characters in the tv series, and a lot of the best and worst moments from the comic don't happen on screen. With all the changes made in the tv show, it was hard to nail down just 10, so join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the biggest changes between the Walking Dead show and comics.

00:46 #10. The CDC Ending of Season One
01:26 #9. Sophia’s Fate
02:01 #8. Tyreese’s Death
02:34 #7. Lori’s Death
03:11 #6. Hershel’s Farm
03:46 #5. Rick and Michonne Instead of Rick and Andrea
04:21 #4. Abraham’s Death
04:59 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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Автор Shaun Doss ( назад)
6:12 haha snot

Автор MrDman21 ( назад)
What was the difference in #10?

Автор Allen Bowlds ( назад)
not many may have picked up on this but... Morgan in the show may have already encountered the whisperers... actually, he may have encounters them in the show before they even show up in the comics

Автор Conswer ( назад)
When the doctor let them go from the cdc he uttered the line "the day will come when you won't be" after Rick thanks them for letting them go, the name of episode when Negan kills you know who is called "the day will come when you won't be" this title was not referring to you know who but Rick he was regretting that "he lead "them"to "this"

Автор xfinity modzz ( назад)
1:25 "The day will come when you when you won't be" wasn't that season 7 episode 1 name? Am i crazy or not?

Автор MARVELous Kat ( назад)
Denise's death was the worst for me. The fact that she didn't even know and kept talking just bothers me so much. I'm so glad they gave Abraham an alternate, and WAY more honorable, death.

Автор Hank Moody ( назад)
I miss Bob Stookey

Автор Hank Moody ( назад)
I like that Michonne & Rick are banging each other

Автор A Nobody ( назад)
The walking dead has become zombie game of thrones

Автор JDWanko ( назад)
What about Tera? Or the Governor's fate?

Автор Jae_Chan-yt .___. ( назад)

Автор Bazooka GameZ ( назад)

Автор Chowklit Cake ( назад)
"The day will come when you won't be"

Автор Alis Prospero ( назад)
Am I the only one that hates Daryl?

Автор Pip Smith ( назад)
Daryl dies and we'll finish mojo!

Автор Todd zombie87 ( назад)
So this is basically "Top 10 Reasons Why The Walking Dead Comic is Better Than The TV Show"

Автор Young_ Reezy ( назад)
am i the only one who doesnt give a fu*k about the comic books

Автор Mark Boyes ( назад)
Mediums :-(

Автор Oliver Sacco ( назад)
all 10 should be the show sucks

Автор SamiJay 5000 ( назад)
lets not forget the loving relationship between michonne and the governor in the comics 😆

Автор Shadowfeather Frowncrest ( назад)
Fuck Daryl, man. If Carol dies we riot.

Автор Violant Mantis ( назад)
Abraham was my favorite character I cried when he died

Автор GarrettDa Panda ( назад)
Practically what I would say is every character that showed late in show showed very early in the comics 😂

Автор Evert Vredeveld ( назад)
The Walking Dead 💖

Автор Audrius Uzkuraitis ( назад)
Number one difference: comics are actually getting better and better with time.

Автор skankhunt 42 ( назад)
darryl was created after the actor wanted to be merle

Автор Phobia ( назад)
"No matter how you die you will return as a zombie". What if you die lava lol

Автор Blue Rocks ( назад)
One question you have the 10 million play button

Автор Leonardo Rinaldi ( назад)
Still waiting for daryls deaath, it will be awesome :3
And for the haters, daryl is based on dwight, like, 90%(daryl was never man enough to have a wife, so...), xoxo

Автор VIRUS OUTBREAK ( назад)

Автор panslavic ( назад)
disgusting race mixing with negroes

Автор Flare on ( назад)
Daryl and merle

Автор Nalonracky _ ( назад)
Dale's fate should have been at least in the honourable mentions.

Автор CaleoGaming ( назад)
Thank you for including the snotbubble. Amazing. XD

Автор John Fadimiroye ( назад)
I didn't watch this vid but I just wanna say you sick watchmojo for that thumbnail
I don't know what it means and I'm still on season 6 but thanks

Автор Oswaldo Lopez ( назад)
A change they should have done is for Glenn not too die

Автор Gary Watzittoyaa ( назад)
rick and michonne still seems like a forced relationship, and idk i feel it had to do with him losing a hand to her

Автор EVeLL ( назад)
So..something about TWD. Recently I began reading the comic, and it is WAY better than the lame ass TV show! It has a whole lot more interesting story line, characters (who seem a hell more tougher than in TV series), and some explicit scenes which are..entertaining to watch n' read. The point I'm trying to make is that most comic book ideas have not been used in a TV show (excluding Rick's arm decapitation, I'm totally fine without it), and with recent updates about removing the gore which is important for this kind of genre, doesn't make it any better! However I don't really want to have this show to be turned into a gore porn, but not as pussy ass show as well! I don't even want to begin arguing about the CGI as it pointless to do so, but everyone knows that it IS shallow. The show had a license and a FULL potential just to copy the comic, or even improve many aspects of it. However they chose to go with a less wiser decision. I still like some of the characters in the show that have appeared through out the period it was launched, and some narrow changes as well. As for a conclusion, I recommend everybody reading the comic book rather than watching the series. I'm only expressing my opinion about it, and not forcing anyone to quit watching the show.

Автор the gecko ( назад)
I just realised
the Dr in the CDC says the day will come when you won't be
and that's the name of season 7 ep 1

Автор Daisy Comer ( назад)
I agree with u

Автор Neopolitan Vampire ( назад)
Michonne gives Tyrese a blowyjoey while he's still in a relationship with Carol. "Aah... Don't worry about dat cracker bitch!"

Автор FantasyElk ( назад)
Came to point out the spoiler in the thumbnail but idk why I would assume WatchMojo.com would have any artistic integrity to even care

Автор Zach Gillingham ( назад)
"The day will come when you won't be" that just clicked in my mind from the title of episode 1 season 7

Автор the jplays38 ( назад)
sub to me

Автор Pastel Cookie ( назад)
I Love this show. I've just always wondered how it ends

Автор Shaggy Rogers ( назад)
the list didn't even say the difference on #10? only what happened in the show lol?

Автор louie mongcal ( назад)
Abraham's final words Suck.My.NUTS!!!

Автор Jamie Matthews ( назад)
Andrea could've become so much better if she was still alive, especially since they're somewhat following the comics now. I'm glad the person that killed her off got fired because of it.

Автор dominique p ( назад)
All this made me realize was that it's not as great as the first few seasons lol
Don't get me wrong I love it but the first season are better for sure

Автор CosmicFlare *Super Mario* ( назад)
Ppl need to stfu saying... "we're gonna riot if this person dies", I think most ppl don't know that TWD is all fake

Автор Bridget hammond ( назад)
I think all of these changes were for the best. I loved how they shaped the show and made it so much better.

The CDC was a great addition to the story. I love the fact they showed a slice of what the government was doing during the outbreak. And how much hope they showed in the beginning.

Sophie's death was for the better. In the comics Carol was weird and way too codependent and weak. That was a hugeeeee beginning for the development of Carol has a character.

I love that Lori died the way she did instead of how she did in the comics. It was more heartbreaking and the acting was amazing. And I'm glad Judith was alive because it gives a sense of hope.

Also loved the change between Rick and Michonne. I never liked Andrea. In the show or the comics.

Daryl was an amazing addition. To the show and I think he was a better version of Dwight.

Автор Digby_05 Sub ( назад)
because Lori fell on her

Автор Digby_05 Sub ( назад)
actually Lori was shot and Judith was smothered to death.

Автор werewolf914 ( назад)
Carol in the books just wanted to fuck everyone, Carol in the show doesn't want to fuck anyone. That's the difference.

Автор TheAwkwardGamers YT ( назад)
Glenn still has the saddest death sense

Glenn Rhee

Автор Austin Gonzales ( назад)
This video makes me disgusted about carols comic character

Автор S4LTYS34L ( назад)
6:13 dat snot bubble

Автор Phantom /:\ ( назад)
If Daryl dies we riot!!

Автор Identity Withheld ( назад)
The biggest difference between the comic book and the show is Andrea and that's it because in the comic:
1) She was younger and smarter
2) She was loyal to the group
3) She wasn't on the insufferable levels of awful
4) She had GUTS, something TV Andrea completely lacked thus made her a target for discussion

There's also Dwight because in the comic he was much cooler and a little more badass, while in the show the creators seems like they want us to hate his skinny, weak ass for all they've got.

Автор NCN Ned ( назад)
Number 1 is the reason why I prefer the comic. There is too much fan service in the TV show.

Автор Nicolae216 ( назад)

Автор Bunnie Sunshine ( назад)

Автор BDG navyfever ( назад)
shane was still pyshco in the books

Автор Palace Plays ( назад)
The writer of the comics Kirkman has said that taking off Ricks hand in the comics was the biggest mistake he ever made.

Автор EL Cucuy ( назад)
Carol's cry makes me cringe when sofia comes out the barn

Автор Phylyp Dečuk ( назад)
Andrea is still alive in the comic.... Not for too long, lel.

Автор WizStorm ( назад)
The thumbnail though

Автор Jc Vids ( назад)
Like for Daryl Dixon

Автор twd_is_awesome ( назад)
I don't think one is better than the other. I think sometimes the show does certain things from the comic, better. And I also think the comic does things better sometimes

Автор Darksyde_Shadow777 ( назад)
The Day Will Come When You Wont Be...

Автор Tyrone Jackson ( назад)

Автор MattrickBT ( назад)
I want Daryl to die. Fuck him. Him dying would be best for the show as those who will want to riot will want vengeance and get more involved. His character is shit now anyways. "I are angry so I are going to march off go fight a war alone and...my god, I got someone I care about hurt/killed...so next time I have the chance to march off alone all angry to fight a one man war I'll think one and just get more people hurt/killed, and then I'll whine about how it's my fault, but I won't change and keep doing the same stupid shit but I've got a cool motorcycle, right?"

Автор Bin nur da um zu kommentieren ( назад)
Darryl is da best

Автор Mrhyimbob ( назад)
I'd riot if Daryl died for sure

Автор MrCroWarrior ( назад)
yeah Andrea actually got bit in the last issue of the comic so she won't be long

Автор Horacio Serrano Leon ( назад)
Te most important diference currently is that the comic does not suck

Автор Joey Deguelle ( назад)
As much as I love The Walking Dead, it's true that the show tends to feel slow and even dumb thanks to all the boring filler, this season alone they killed four characters that wanted to fight. I know they are building up to the "All Out War" arc but that doesn't excuse that like 50% of the last seasons was nothing but filler that sometimes was so stupid that it made me wonder if the characters are even willing to live.

I'm pretty sure that if they were to kill both Daryl and Negan, I'd probably stop watching the series because those would be the last characters that always are a joy to watch.

Автор HulK TopF ( назад)
season one was the Best. the rest was shit.

Автор NO_F3AR_777 ( назад)
keep saying if Daryl dies we riot. you're basically daring Kirkman and Gimple to kill him. eventually it'll happen.

Автор Racoon Theif ( назад)
Haven't watched yet I'm guessing Daryl is number 1.

Автор BIGGAV1 79 ( назад)
I'm confused with the first entry. If I remember correctly, the group did not learn that everyone was infected until after Shane was killed and came back. And also it wasn't clear on #10 how it happened in the book. Is it that the entire visit to the CDC was not in the book?

Автор Onizuma13 ( назад)
Honestly surprised they haven't added Daryl to the comic yet...

Автор Heather H ( назад)
Comic book Carol, TV Lori and TV Andrea were annoying. Comic Lori was okay, Comic Andrea is great and TV Carol is badass! Hated Carl at the beginning of the show but now he's one of my favorite characters. I have ALWAYS loved Daryl!

Автор B.A.K Hang ( назад)
the snot bubble lol XD

Автор Ripa moramee ( назад)
Rick and Michone is disgusting.

Автор Lito Man ( назад)
6:12 Rick Noise :3

Автор Bella Rose ( назад)
Beths death ruined the walking dead for me tbh

Автор KingKayden21 ( назад)
Really spoiler in thumbnail

Автор Ethan Robison ( назад)
Dont you just love how they dont even have enough time to say "Warning" before you see Glenn's head getting bashed in .

Автор WemzeKai Gaming ( назад)
What if you made a walking dead show vs the video game

Автор Hector Jiminez ( назад)
Dear Watchmojo the subscription reminder is just plain greedy! Not a good look, ppl will sub at this point if they want, & like me they won't if they Don't want!

Автор Sam Garcia ( назад)
I really wish Daryl wasn't #1

Автор Ki!! 4 ( назад)
Currently in the comic book series Carol and Morgan are dead, Andrea and Sophia are still alive
Currently in the tv series Andrea and Sophia are dead, Carol and Morgan are still alive

Автор GG Films ( назад)
Screw Rick Go Negan!!

Автор Ben White ( назад)
ok but this video never actually mentions what the difference is for number one, it only explains what happens in the show...

Автор gmawelder ( назад)
Spoiler alert (if you are up to date, there are no spoilers).

Автор gmawelder ( назад)
Rick and Andrea would have been way better then rick and michone.

Автор Zelda Aclone ( назад)
Thank God they made Carol a fucking badass in the show. She's become one of my favorite characters.

Автор Destroy Zombies ( назад)
Did anyone else see the huge snot bubble sticking out of Rick's nose at 6:12? 😂😂

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