Top 10 Differences Between the The Walking Dead Comic and TV Show

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What are the differences between the walking dead tv show and the comic book? How much does the TV show change? There are lots of new and original characters in the tv series, and a lot of the best and worst moments from the comic don't happen on screen. With all the changes made in the tv show, it was hard to nail down just 10, so join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the biggest changes between the Walking Dead show and comics.

00:46 #10. The CDC Ending of Season One
01:26 #9. Sophia’s Fate
02:01 #8. Tyreese’s Death
02:34 #7. Lori’s Death
03:11 #6. Hershel’s Farm
03:46 #5. Rick and Michonne Instead of Rick and Andrea
04:21 #4. Abraham’s Death
04:59 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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Автор Capt. Badger ( назад)
How was Judith dying not even honorable mention

Автор Capt. Badger ( назад)
Well Andrea won't be around much longer

Автор Abe Lincoln ( назад)
I wish the show would focus more on Negan, he's one of its most fascinating characters. If he dies, I'll probably stop watching the show.

Автор ARACHNIDGUY 16 ( назад)
Daryl Dixon favorite character if he dies we riot

Автор Alejandro Santos ( назад)
Magazines Magazine's

Автор NaMe Of A pErSoN ( назад)
Typo in title

Автор Vakama HD ( назад)
1.26 Goosebumps

Автор Isaac Hardaway ( назад)
Loris main point of parenting was asking some other person to watch him for a minute.

Автор George Vigreux ( назад)
what was the difference with the CDC?

Автор Evan W ( назад)
Andrew Lincoln did a good job at crying on 7.01, he even had a snot bubble

Автор Neo Smith ( назад)
You forgot Morgans back story and that Machoine was a slut when she showed up at the prison. Oh and how Glen and Maggie meant, oh and terminus never existed in the comic, oh and never mind. One more thing, I hate Carol -- she should have died like in the comic.

Автор Ser Arthur dayne ( назад)
Comic is better.

Автор Shahab Saeed ( назад)
A day will come when you won't be.. Now what does remind me of 🤑🤑

Автор NightLock ( назад)
Woah.... didn't know Jenner said "the day will come when you wont be"! SEASON 7 TEASER EXTREMELY EARLY (jk)

Автор Joe Mathis ( назад)
let's be honest here, no one was upset when Lori died

Автор Game Hawk ( назад)
and subsequently the man murdered the sweet sweet buttery sounding word subsequently, mmmmm to mm astablish mmmmm his expertise mmmmm in the English language mmmmm oh GOD! SUBSEQUENT

Автор KordanIm ( назад)
Walking bebt

Автор sTmykal42 ( назад)
Both Dale and Shane were handled differently in the comics. As a comic reader, Dale's death at the end of season 2 was a pretty big deviation from the books.

Автор Owen Grady ( назад)
What was the comic difference in #10

Автор Da Vid ( назад)
Why do you talk so fast? It's annoying, sorry.

Автор Aiden Dyche ( назад)
vids cool

Автор Eric Zabel ( назад)
The #1 difference really is that the graphic novels are awesome and the TV show sucks...

Автор Dani Walsh ( назад)
I wouldn't care if Daryl died. In fact, I'd kind of like it.

Автор Kirambit ( назад)
If Daryl dies we riot!!!

Автор mdimarov ( назад)
rick was married to maggie in the show

Автор Visual Aids ( назад)
Fuck watchmojo

Автор Skulldetta ( назад)
MY GUY T-Dog wasn't around in the comics either.

Автор YankeeHazard1991 ( назад)
beth was in the comics just not a character with any lines. Im suprised noone mentioned that Everyone is alot younger than they are on the show. Carl is like 8 when the comica start and like 12 or 13 when they fight negan. Rick is like 24, 25 and lori is like 22. What about the fact that Dale and Andrea were a couple at on point and that dale loses his leg. The govenor gets his arm and eye taken out by michonne and they never take survivor from woodbury to the prison with them.

Автор Cindy Young ( назад)
I feel like I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like Daryl.

Автор HerbFlowers ( назад)
the walking dead fucking sucks now

Автор Sean T ( назад)
Thank god rick didn't love Andrea, that bitch was annoying🙄

Автор biperfuture ( назад)
Honestly, the TV show choices are better imo, that is a thing I can't say about most adaptations (if any)

Автор Johnathan Korkie ( назад)
i don't like daryl

Автор Dylan Dean ( назад)
man, watching these clips of past seasons of TWD really illustrate how bad the show has gotten... make TWD great again

Автор Fredinator ( назад)
I only read the comics. It is lit

Автор Joshua Talbott ( назад)
Ben and billy vs Lizzey and Mika, Car kills him instead of carol killing her

Автор zoom ( назад)
I really want Daryl to die

Автор Kenwesrem ( назад)
Ew, carol.

Автор Joseph Stakel Jr. ( назад)
What's scarier than walkers? Salty comic fan boys

Автор maria ologeanu ( назад)
i cant believe they kept carol in after season 2. i didnt know they killed her in the comic. wish they had done that on tv. fucking hate carol. she is so boring and just plain annoying

Автор Odd Freaks ( назад)
Is it bad that I still like Negan because he's so evil? And he's got style?

Автор Spirit Wraith ( назад)
Yup I'm reading the comic

Автор XalypsoGeometryDash _ ( назад)
puts "mature content warning" as abraham's face gets smashed

Автор themexicandulce ( назад)
i like the show better than the comic, i don't think i would be happy with judith dying.

Автор Diablo Mask ( назад)
About no.10, what's the fucking difference between that and the comic?!

Автор JeeOhDee ( назад)
Shane was still nuts in the comic, he just got killed by Carl in like the first issue

Автор Sammy Sanchez ( назад)
If Daryl dies then their cash cow is out the window. How many people watch the walking dead just because of him?

Автор Yo Mamas House ( назад)
I've glanced at the comic a few times. Its good but I do prefer the TV show. For the longest time I didn't even know it was based off a comic. Still some of these differences are surprising.

Автор Balls873576 ( назад)
All these differences and a Carl is still alive in the show. Kill that fucker already!!!

Автор jose Suclupe ( назад)
dang Rick's sounds like a little kid when he cries

Автор MutantMarvel _UK ( назад)
At 1:25 he says "the day will come when you won't be" which is also the exact title of Season 7 episode 1

Автор Who like Llamas! ( назад)
I was crying so much when tyreese died I Couldn't stop

Автор Who like Llamas! ( назад)

Автор alan bray ( назад)
Well Andrea is alive for now. But you'll have to read the latest issue of the comic book to discover her fate. And I believe Michonne will befall the same fate that Andrea has received in the comic book.

Автор Panzer Viking ( назад)
Kill off Darryl michone and take Ricks hand already. Neagan will rule the new world

Автор Jeff Walker ( назад)
I gave up with TWD part way through season five - passed it's sell by date. Bit like Lost, now they just fill it with any only shit to keep the money coming in.

Автор XAVDABRAV ( назад)
I predicted that Daryl would by number 1

Автор Shaun Doss ( назад)
6:12 haha snot

Автор MrDman21 ( назад)
What was the difference in #10?

Автор Allen Bowlds ( назад)
not many may have picked up on this but... Morgan in the show may have already encountered the whisperers... actually, he may have encounters them in the show before they even show up in the comics

Автор Conswer ( назад)
When the doctor let them go from the cdc he uttered the line "the day will come when you won't be" after Rick thanks them for letting them go, the name of episode when Negan kills you know who is called "the day will come when you won't be" this title was not referring to you know who but Rick he was regretting that "he lead "them"to "this"

Автор xfinity modzz ( назад)
1:25 "The day will come when you when you won't be" wasn't that season 7 episode 1 name? Am i crazy or not?

Автор MARVELous Kat ( назад)
Denise's death was the worst for me. The fact that she didn't even know and kept talking just bothers me so much. I'm so glad they gave Abraham an alternate, and WAY more honorable, death.

Автор Hank Moody ( назад)
I miss Bob Stookey

Автор Hank Moody ( назад)
I like that Michonne & Rick are banging each other

Автор A Nobody ( назад)
The walking dead has become zombie game of thrones

Автор JDWanko ( назад)
What about Tera? Or the Governor's fate?

Автор Jae_Chan-yt .___. ( назад)

Автор Carturtle 11 ( назад)

Автор Chowklit Cake ( назад)
"The day will come when you won't be"

Автор Alis Prospero ( назад)
Am I the only one that hates Daryl?

Автор Pip Smith ( назад)
Daryl dies and we'll finish mojo!

Автор Todd zombie87 ( назад)
So this is basically "Top 10 Reasons Why The Walking Dead Comic is Better Than The TV Show"

Автор Young_ Reezy ( назад)
am i the only one who doesnt give a fu*k about the comic books

Автор Mark Boyes ( назад)
Mediums :-(

Автор Oliver Sacco ( назад)
all 10 should be the show sucks

Автор SamiJay 5000 ( назад)
lets not forget the loving relationship between michonne and the governor in the comics 😆

Автор Shadowfeather Frowncrest ( назад)
Fuck Daryl, man. If Carol dies we riot.

Автор Violant Mantis ( назад)
Abraham was my favorite character I cried when he died

Автор GarrettDa Panda ( назад)
Practically what I would say is every character that showed late in show showed very early in the comics 😂

Автор Evert Vredeveld ( назад)
The Walking Dead 💖

Автор Audrius Uzkuraitis ( назад)
Number one difference: comics are actually getting better and better with time.

Автор skankhunt 42 ( назад)
darryl was created after the actor wanted to be merle

Автор Blue Rocks ( назад)
One question you have the 10 million play button

Автор Leonardo Rinaldi ( назад)
Still waiting for daryls deaath, it will be awesome :3
And for the haters, daryl is based on dwight, like, 90%(daryl was never man enough to have a wife, so...), xoxo

Автор VIRUS OUTBREAK ( назад)

Автор panslavic ( назад)
disgusting race mixing with negroes

Автор Flare on ( назад)
Daryl and merle

Автор Nalonracky _ ( назад)
Dale's fate should have been at least in the honourable mentions.

Автор CaleoGaming ( назад)
Thank you for including the snotbubble. Amazing. XD

Автор John Fadimiroye ( назад)
I didn't watch this vid but I just wanna say you sick watchmojo for that thumbnail
I don't know what it means and I'm still on season 6 but thanks

Автор Oswaldo Lopez ( назад)
A change they should have done is for Glenn not too die

Автор Gary Watzittoyaa ( назад)
rick and michonne still seems like a forced relationship, and idk i feel it had to do with him losing a hand to her

Автор EVeLL ( назад)
So..something about TWD. Recently I began reading the comic, and it is WAY better than the lame ass TV show! It has a whole lot more interesting story line, characters (who seem a hell more tougher than in TV series), and some explicit scenes which are..entertaining to watch n' read. The point I'm trying to make is that most comic book ideas have not been used in a TV show (excluding Rick's arm decapitation, I'm totally fine without it), and with recent updates about removing the gore which is important for this kind of genre, doesn't make it any better! However I don't really want to have this show to be turned into a gore porn, but not as pussy ass show as well! I don't even want to begin arguing about the CGI as it pointless to do so, but everyone knows that it IS shallow. The show had a license and a FULL potential just to copy the comic, or even improve many aspects of it. However they chose to go with a less wiser decision. I still like some of the characters in the show that have appeared through out the period it was launched, and some narrow changes as well. As for a conclusion, I recommend everybody reading the comic book rather than watching the series. I'm only expressing my opinion about it, and not forcing anyone to quit watching the show.

Автор the gecko ( назад)
I just realised
the Dr in the CDC says the day will come when you won't be
and that's the name of season 7 ep 1

Автор Daisy Comer ( назад)
I agree with u

Автор Neopolitan Vampire ( назад)
Michonne gives Tyrese a blowyjoey while he's still in a relationship with Carol. "Aah... Don't worry about dat cracker bitch!"

Автор FantasyElk ( назад)
Came to point out the spoiler in the thumbnail but idk why I would assume WatchMojo.com would have any artistic integrity to even care

Автор Zach Gillingham ( назад)
"The day will come when you won't be" that just clicked in my mind from the title of episode 1 season 7

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