Bang Bang Maxwell’s Supercapacitor | In Depth

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
  • On today's episode of "In Depth" Zac & Jesse discuss Tesla's new potential acquisition of Maxwell Technologies and what that could mean for Tesla going forward! Thank you to Ross Tessien for his contributions to this episode!!!
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  • Chad MacDonald
    Chad MacDonald 6 hours ago

    I did my dad leased them their building in San Diego !

  • Jairus Swint
    Jairus Swint 9 hours ago


  • Mixardry
    Mixardry 15 hours ago

    PHANTOM Charge

  • Daniel Bankhead
    Daniel Bankhead 16 hours ago

    Hypercharging (in line with Musk's Hyperloop)!!

  • jhongm
    jhongm Day ago

    Flash charge!

  • Wayne Eaton
    Wayne Eaton Day ago

    Gigawatt shot!

  • Chuck Berrington


  • Charles White
    Charles White 2 days ago

    call em MAXCAPs!

  • Arthur Renner
    Arthur Renner 3 days ago


  • nigel fletcher
    nigel fletcher 3 days ago

    Model ASTEL

  • nigel fletcher
    nigel fletcher 3 days ago

    Model TESAL

  • nigel fletcher
    nigel fletcher 3 days ago

    Model SETLA

  • nigel fletcher
    nigel fletcher 3 days ago

    Models SETAL TALES

  • nigel fletcher
    nigel fletcher 3 days ago

    Model LATES

  • nigel fletcher
    nigel fletcher 3 days ago


  • nigel fletcher
    nigel fletcher 3 days ago

    Model AlSET

  • nigel fletcher
    nigel fletcher 3 days ago

    Model SLATE

  • nigel fletcher
    nigel fletcher 3 days ago

    FASTBATT charging station

  • jaysbrain
    jaysbrain 4 days ago

    Hot zap charge for hot laps at the race track.

  • skeleton crew
    skeleton crew 4 days ago

    Flux Capacitor.

  • sempertard
    sempertard 4 days ago

    "Buss-a-Cap" in yo ass

  • jerrell haynes
    jerrell haynes 4 days ago

    Weight is the big factor,light caps& complete charge& discharge ,with low heat numerous times,no fires with dry chemicals.

  • Steve Brooks
    Steve Brooks 4 days ago

    at 2:57
    300 does not seem to be 21% greater than 247... close? So how did the 21% happen...
    Just wondering....

    • Benjamin S
      Benjamin S 3 days ago

      300/247 = 1.2146. Seems correct to me

  • Leonard Mihalich
    Leonard Mihalich 4 days ago

    All this battery/capacitor stuff is moot...look up and the MHD SunCell.

    • Henry M
      Henry M 3 days ago

      Don't be too sure...

  • Das Boot
    Das Boot 4 days ago

    I'm an oil tycoon and I don't like the show.

  • ashton lipscomb
    ashton lipscomb 4 days ago


  • Fry
    Fry 4 days ago +1

    The next Tesla models will be named Model B, Model I, Model T, Model C and the Model H...

  • Paul
    Paul 4 days ago

    Blow Fast !

  • Zahid Latif
    Zahid Latif 5 days ago

    This my dream come true۔۔ Tesla welcomed to use hybrid battery ۔۔۔ or will۔ make tesla more thrilling

  • Quiet Patriot
    Quiet Patriot 5 days ago

    Lightening Charge

  • SynKronos
    SynKronos 5 days ago

    Super caps will very soon replace batteries. The issue has been internal insulation and so the voltage tends to be very low. Typical 1.5V per 500 farad cap. That’s 500 coulombs so capable of delivering 500 amps in one second. Multiplied by voltage gives 750 watts per second. If you then divide that by 3600 (seconds in an hour) you’ll get Kwh of around .2 for one small cell. No doubt these will be much larger.
    It’s all about to change. You have also overlooked weight. They are much lighter than batteries.

  • Chris W
    Chris W 6 days ago


    WAY TO GO 6 days ago


  • Modern Modern
    Modern Modern 6 days ago +3

    I lost a tooth, while watching you discussing 🤗🤔😡🥁

  • urf808
    urf808 6 days ago

    Doubt battery prices will go down, maybe for there infrastructure but not for public cost. They wouldn't lose that much profit. Everyone is greedy.

  • Highteckhobbies
    Highteckhobbies 6 days ago

    I wont buy a Tesla until they have easily removable batteries and supercapacitors that can also be replaced easily.

  • Fixer Upper
    Fixer Upper 6 days ago

    Get 75% electric drive trains on the road and then just put the power in the road.

  • Highteckhobbies
    Highteckhobbies 6 days ago

    When the tech advances Tesla will hoard the profit and wont pass on the savings.

  • Navin Gorasia
    Navin Gorasia 6 days ago

    Don’t forget to put solar panel on the wings because they forget to put it in their car and plane is flying above clouds plenty of sunshine

  • Jacque Bussey
    Jacque Bussey 7 days ago

    Call it GigaDump! But it would have to be said in an aggro voice with a thunder clap and echo!

    STEPHANE Jore 7 days ago

    I think the new equation will be super capacitor + dry battery and not current Pana battery. Dry batteries are supposed to be charging more quickly more like and hybrid battery+/super capacitor in conjunction with capacitor that will be even better.

  • Juan Uriarte
    Juan Uriarte 8 days ago +2

    Tesla can call it " Thunderbolt 3" supercharging😁.

  • Neil Biggs
    Neil Biggs 8 days ago +1

    Rapid Recharge Station; Zap-It: Lightening Charge Station; Quik-Charge...

  • doG -the backward goD

    The one thing I know about Maxwell is that they make CRAP household batteries.

  • M Latief
    M Latief 8 days ago


  • B Mechanic
    B Mechanic 8 days ago

    I am bill. love your Rifle. grate video, hope is coming soon. we will see?

  • Craig Nehring
    Craig Nehring 8 days ago

    Maxcap Max Cap

  • Robert Nyström
    Robert Nyström 9 days ago

    Charging your super caps while waiting for a red light? A couple of seconds at stand still to give you a substantial amount of extra range. Would though require some kind of smart tech for authentication... Blockchain?

  • David Dreyer
    David Dreyer 9 days ago

    You guys rock! You covered all bases. You were a great assistance to my understand and knowledge base.🛸

    ANOLDMASTERJUKZ 9 days ago

    It only takes a diode between the batteries and the capacitor and the motor. We worked this stuff out 45 years ago. no body wanted to put up any money back then.

  • Ricardo Horak
    Ricardo Horak 9 days ago

    Sorry, may be I had to say showing...

  • Ricardo Horak
    Ricardo Horak 9 days ago +7

    Hey guys I'm from Argentina, thank's for all the info that are you watching.
    Ahhh, I have a name for the new superchargers, it is
    Bye bye

    • Jairus Swint
      Jairus Swint 9 hours ago

      The Hypercharger is obviously gen 5+.
      It goes

  • Robert Franks
    Robert Franks 9 days ago

    Call it "Lightning Chargers"

  • sparticale1954
    sparticale1954 9 days ago


  • Shimshon Martin
    Shimshon Martin 9 days ago

    Flash charge like fast charge but flash charge

  • 98% Oz
    98% Oz 10 days ago

    Super charger = pumped hard?

  • sidzx11
    sidzx11 10 days ago

    the super charger would be called "the Flash"

  • options7377
    options7377 10 days ago +6

    Fast load extreme.
    The charging station can be called
    Cum and go 2 minute loads.

  • Guy Joseph
    Guy Joseph 10 days ago +1

    I would like to talk to anyone that will listen. I have an idea for a device that will considerably reduce the battery pack to run a Car, an SUV, a Tractor Trailer Truck or an electric airplane plane. I am very serious. The idea might be patentable. I need to meet with people interested in the subject to develop the idea. I will provide more details in further communications. I live in Atlanta, Georgia USA. Please contact me. [email protected]
    Great ideas come around often. It is people that will listen that are hard to find!!!

  • Danny Nabors
    Danny Nabors 11 days ago

    flash charger !

  • Steve Chaszar
    Steve Chaszar 11 days ago +3

    superMAX charging. Nod to Maxwell...

  • Greg Kientop
    Greg Kientop 12 days ago

    ludicrous charging

  • Mevan Ravishan
    Mevan Ravishan 12 days ago +1

    Turbocharger Lol :D

  • Evan Jones
    Evan Jones 12 days ago

    Super doopa charge

  • EP Emsley
    EP Emsley 12 days ago

    Impulse: J = Fdt

  • Ted Apelt
    Ted Apelt 12 days ago

    Lightning Charge.

  • Ahman Millener
    Ahman Millener 12 days ago


  • Paul anon
    Paul anon 12 days ago

    2019 where people with poor science knowledge attempt to explain science.
    Batteries aren't bad at sudden loads and charging they have internal resistance as current flows though them, this internal resistance at large currents causes a voltage drop. First year science stuff V=IR.
    Capacitors are shit at storing lots of energy for a long time because they store the energy as charge and not chemically.
    You will learn more from watching some crazy kids blowing up stuff in their garage than these 2 hipster clowns.

  • insAneTunA
    insAneTunA 12 days ago

    Anyone seen the video from the Fully Charged channel about the Skeleton Ultra Capacitor factory???

  • Hope4Today9 Now
    Hope4Today9 Now 12 days ago

    You call AAA and they show up in their gas driven van and charge you car with their gas driven generator.
    You are NOT going to get "more regenerative braking" you may capture more energy from "regen" however the braking will basically remain the same unless you change the resister which is used to dissipate the energy into heat.

    • Hope4Today9 Now
      Hope4Today9 Now 9 days ago

      @Kirk Summerwill what I 'm getting at is that their two different aspects ... the ability to break, and the ability to capture and reuse stored energy. Yes, you could get more saved energy with better batteries ~ you can never stop faster ie "more braking" with better batteries. It takes four time constants to charge a capacitor. Resistors have no time constant. In DC drives this is dynamic breaking and in AC drives this is pulse breaking. True Regenerative breaking pushes power back into the line ~in industry it's not a clean sin wave. So it really it's just bucking the power being supplied.

    • Kirk Summerwill
      Kirk Summerwill 10 days ago

      You really would get more regen braking power of the battery could absorb power faster...

  • Javier Hernandez
    Javier Hernandez 12 days ago +2

    God I hope this is all true, cheaper tesla, twice the battery range and life, more efficient regen, and possibly faster safe charging. It would be a dream to also have this in phones.

    • Javier Hernandez
      Javier Hernandez 9 days ago

      @TheOrganicartist I'm not talking about having capacitors in phones since they're so low capacity. I'm talking about implementing the dry cell batteries that have up to double the capacity and lifespan of normal lithium.

    • TheOrganicartist
      TheOrganicartist 9 days ago

      capacitor + battery hybrid systems are amazing for so many ideas, but mostly for systems that have large fluctuations in power draw/demand, so I don't think it would help cellphones much (because they have a rather constant power power draw). However, if super-capacitors get more capacity, a cellphone with a 36hr high use lifespan using super-capacitors would charge blazingly fast and as long as you aren't away from a power outlet for 36 hrs (remember just 1-2 minutes to charge, and that is likely a massive time over estimate, capacitor charging would likely be less than 60 seconds depending on thermal loads and safety) and THAT would be amazing and i would very much like to buy one. Another idea would be a capacitor pack for a laptop so that if users rarely use it unplugged for a long duration they would have a more convenient charge/mobile use cycle.

      I think the best use of battery + capacitor hybrid systems are for smart home power systems that would learn the household's power use cycle and monitor energy pricing real-time to know when to siphon and bank power at lowcost for future use

  • Quest For The Best Established 2020

    Sonic Charge Mode

  • Bernard Gridley
    Bernard Gridley 12 days ago

    Dry cell means the electrode is coated on the aluminum foil by laminating a "dry" paste instead of coating a liquid slurry. Liquid electrolyte still required.

    • juxt 417
      juxt 417 12 days ago

      You are correct and there are a multitude of benefits from this new process such as greater energy density, a streamlined manufacturing process, less pollution, and longer overall life of the battery.

  • Jason king
    Jason king 12 days ago

    Bye-bye oil

  • Lewis Brand
    Lewis Brand 12 days ago


  • Andrey Kuznetsov
    Andrey Kuznetsov 13 days ago +2

    Maxwell makes Ultra Capacitors, not really a super capacitor... so stands to reason it'd be called Ultracharger. Or the Fluxcharger, the Flux Capacitor is a cool name, so a Fluxcharger would make sense.

  • Clineski
    Clineski 13 days ago


  • hootis8
    hootis8 13 days ago

    Toyota? Vertically integrated?? uhhh maybe in comparison to other car companies but as far as vertical integration goes, most car companies are just about as horizontal as possible.
    Also, a super capacitor cache would be much smaller than 1kw probably

  • papparocket
    papparocket 13 days ago +1

    Commenting on the hybrid supercap/battery storage system, Maxwell's 3V/3000 Farad cell has a specific energy of 7.4 Wh/kg. Thus even a 1 kWh supercapacitor pack would weigh 135 kg or roughly 300 lbs for just the cells. Assuming a 30% pack factor, the weight in the car would be in the 390-400 lbs range. A 5 kWh supercap pack would then be 1,900 -2000 lbs. So unless the energy density of supercaps gets a lot higher, storing even 1 kWh of energy would be a pretty heavy and 5 kWh pretty much out of the question.
    However, I don't think you will need even 1 kWh of supercaps to make a big difference in acceleration and especially in regen braking. Assuming a Tesla 3 with two passengers weighs in at 4400 lbs (1996 kg) is traveling at 60 mph (26.8 m/s), the kinetic energy of the vehicle is only 718 kJ or 200 Wh. Assuming 93.6% kinetic to stored energy conversion efficiency (97% generator, 97% rectifier, 0.5% other stuff) the supercaps would need to store about 188 kW to capture all of the kinetic energy. The weight of a supercap pack to capture all of the 60-0 braking energy would only be 33 kg (72 lb).
    Of course it isn't this simple. If you want to accelerate to 60 mph with just supercap energy, then to put 200 Wh into the kinetic energy of the car you would need 200/0.936 or 213 Wh of supercaps for a weight of 83 lbs. And you are likely to want to keep your supercaps at some mid-charge state so you can at any moment stomp the "gas" or do a maximum regen recovery. Something in the 400 Wh range would likely do and add about 150 lbs to the vehicle. If, as you say, the batteries pack size could be reduced because you don't have to size it for maximum power output, there might not be a net change in the vehicle weight.

  • dave berry
    dave berry 13 days ago


  • Jack West
    Jack West 14 days ago +1

    Great observation, though you’re missing a few things about super capacitors. Super caps do heat up when rapid discharge or charge occurs. Second super caps need to have a higher voltage tolerance. When 2 caps are placed in series to get a higher voltage you lose ½ the capacitance, 3 = 1/3 capacitance and so on. So, 5 - 5000 farad caps at 2.7 volts set up in series would be 1 - 1000 farad cap at 13.5 volts. To make super caps really useful they will need to be able to handle 250 volts or more. That would be the next technology break through. That is why they are not widely used now. PEACE

  • Raymond Crompton
    Raymond Crompton 14 days ago

    "Fluxcharge" "Blastcharge" "Snapcharge" "Blinkcharge"

  • ra christ
    ra christ 14 days ago

    super caps are watt minute not watt hour.

  • Wu Li
    Wu Li 14 days ago

    This year a DARPA scientist patented the first room temperature superconductor, while another scientist created the first thermal diode, or Maxwell's Demon, that uses a supercapacitor to move heat from a cold source to a hot one without expending any energy in the process. In other words, it makes ice cubes at room temperature, without using any electricity. The room temperature superconductor that was patented, is made of relatively cheap materials and leverages nonlinear dynamics, meaning its quite possible to use the same trick on other materials. They basically send a signal around the wire that maintains its superconducting state.

    • Wu Li
      Wu Li 12 days ago

      You can find it at Nobody is really talking about it that much, with everyone holding their breath waiting for the patents to be approved and going cross-eyed the entire time. The next scientific revolution is happening right now in condensed matter physics, with or without a theory of everything.

    • Tar2185
      Tar2185 12 days ago

      Do you have a link to the article or research?

  • Ray Grant
    Ray Grant 14 days ago


  • iFazer8 AKA The Doctor

    SuperCharger with CQC
    Capacitor Quick Charge

  • Sean Safo
    Sean Safo 14 days ago

    How about spontaneous charging

  • JOnTHeMOnSoon
    JOnTHeMOnSoon 14 days ago

    "Charge X" ("Faster than a SpaceX rocket")
    "Lightning charge
    "Maxwell boost" (Make deal w Maxwell for advertising)
    "Giga charge"
    "Over boost"
    "Split charge"
    "Portal charge"
    "T charge"
    "OMG charge"
    "FFF -Fuck Fossil Fuels charge"
    "Climate plus charge"
    "Eco charge"

  • Naked soul
    Naked soul 15 days ago

    so we should buy some shares of Tesla?

  • lambecolin
    lambecolin 15 days ago

    TIME WARP or Lightning----name for supercharging

  • movax20h
    movax20h 15 days ago

    2:21 - "300 Wh/kg". Nonsense. It is about 7.4 Wh/kg. (Not much more than other brands of supercaps, which usually hover around 5-6 Wh/kg). Specific gravimeter energy density isn't the main benefit of the supercaps anyway. The main benefit is very high power density. 1kg of supercaps (which is literally TWO of these supercaps), can deliver about 18kW of power (for few seconds of course only).

    You are deeply misinformed.

    • Hapax L.
      Hapax L. 14 days ago

      Dry cell battery, not their ultracaps. Image is perhaps a bit misleading but accusing them of being misinformed is excessive.

  • movax20h
    movax20h 15 days ago

    They are probably going to be using supercapacitors in their EV charging stations, to help a bit with a load on a grid. Unlikely to be used in the vehicles itself much. Maybe a little bit, to improve the acceleration profiles and regenerative breaking.

  • movax20h
    movax20h 15 days ago +1

    Maxwell is very well known brand. They are leader of supercapcitors for last 10 years. There are few other big players (Nippon ChemiCon, Mouser, Murata, Skeleton Technologies, Cellergy, etc), but Maxwell ones are actually one of the more recognized brands in this market.

  • theboxmodder
    theboxmodder 15 days ago

    We have been using the Maxwell Capacitors in car audio competition for years. Look in to it. You'll be intrigued for sure. Especially when you see the loads off of the banks. Each bank is around 500 farad in series (6 caps).

  • Leester
    Leester 16 days ago

    Blastfast is what I do after I eat too much dairy.

  • Rolf Cooper-Moren
    Rolf Cooper-Moren 16 days ago +1

    Capacitor supercharging is almost too close to that time machine thingie. "The Flux Capacitor". Probably get sued for copyright infringement there like "Super-Flux Charging" ha ha But what about "Super-Capacitor Charging" ? No?

  • Nik Lyons
    Nik Lyons 16 days ago

    When supercap lawnmower?

  • samdee pride
    samdee pride 16 days ago +2

    Battery is the key component in Tesla..if Tesla can make their own battery then it's a good news.

  • Zita Ani
    Zita Ani 17 days ago

    Is that a solar table top??

  • Ady Day
    Ady Day 17 days ago +1

    A name Maxwell and a name Tesla within the electrical world.....homage....we need a name heavyside...and steinmetz....and of course the name WHEELER.