Bang Bang Maxwell’s Supercapacitor | In Depth

  • Published on Feb 12, 2019
  • On today's episode of "In Depth" Zac & Jesse discuss Tesla's new potential acquisition of Maxwell Technologies and what that could mean for Tesla going forward! Thank you to Ross Tessien for his contributions to this episode!!!
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  • Richard Servatius
    Richard Servatius 9 hours ago

    starting moving is where the capacitors are needed the most. i'm guessing that the capacitors only last for about 3 to 5 seconds at most -- not miles, just a few yards to get moving.
    trucks and buses can really use this feature.

  • 540 OffRoad
    540 OffRoad 17 hours ago

    If they plan on using super caps for charging they are better off using a high voltage low amperage charging system to reduce the size of the copper lowering cost and will eliminate the issues loss due to resistance you also have to account for the fact they need high efficiency transformers and then shielding to protect everything from the transformer and a new charging plug with a system to check the vehicle compatibility with the charging style

  • DurexDurpaneu2
    DurexDurpaneu2 Day ago

    Fuuuuuuuk! Only claims every where when it comes to future battery tech! Can't find anything concrete!

  • Kelvin Collins
    Kelvin Collins 8 days ago

    hyper charge

  • Mike Alvarez
    Mike Alvarez 9 days ago

    I need a 1500 mile range EV.

  • Aslam Khan
    Aslam Khan 13 days ago

    Thanks good information:: I already installed a 10000 uf 35 VDC capacitor parallel in my car 1000 cc . It works great saves car battery and gives instant power to all electrical. Thanks for your information.

  • Simon SimpleRain
    Simon SimpleRain 14 days ago

    Silver Hammer

  • Panos Triantaphillou
    Panos Triantaphillou 16 days ago

    Deceleration. Deacceleration is not a thing.

  • 10100rsn
    10100rsn 18 days ago +1

    I think Jack Rickard had it right, Tesla bought Maxwell for the use of its unique manufacturing methods and not for the capacitor technologies. Hence they won't have capacitors in cars but the battery manufacturing will be made safer and more efficient with the outcome also being slightly more efficient cells.

  • Tower MacMaolain
    Tower MacMaolain 19 days ago


  • M
    M 20 days ago

    Just a point of clarification, capacitor sizes are in Farads, not KiloWatt Hours

    • nipi tiri
      nipi tiri 11 days ago

      Well if you know the voltage then you can do the conversion to kWh
      Or you can check the ultracapacitors datasheet for the listed Wh

  • Pat Vissari
    Pat Vissari 21 day ago


  • thomasjeffersoncry
    thomasjeffersoncry 25 days ago

    Light speed charger

  • Terr Rebell
    Terr Rebell 27 days ago

    Name: SEXINESS. “ I’m gonna get some SEXINESS”

  • marathonman
    marathonman 28 days ago +1

    I think it should be called Mega Joule Technology with Mega Joule instant charger. the fact of the matter is with the Maxwell dry battery having larger capacity the Super capacitors can be incorporated into the battery pack without sacrificing range. each car i think has 4 battery packs so each top end of the battery towards the front has super caps installed, problem solved.
    as soon as the 1908 Figuera device is mainstream batteries will be obsolete.

  • gimbutas1
    gimbutas1 Month ago

    How about "ZipCharge"

  • couerl
    couerl Month ago

    Giga Sizzler. Giga for the factory and Sizzler for the old electric matchbox cars.

  • michael ansbro
    michael ansbro Month ago

    all this has been available for Tesla from the beginning.
    Now You Know
    152K subscribers

    This is just a new level of BS

  • michael ansbro
    michael ansbro Month ago

    lots of real world facts !!!!!!
    great vid

  • Rick Markgraf
    Rick Markgraf Month ago


  • Arieh Marks
    Arieh Marks Month ago

    Dont super capacitors loose their energy reserves when not in use? So let's say you accelerate in your Tesla and then put on the (regenerative) breaks. Now you've gotten back, let's say, 75% of the energy that you expended to accelerate. How does the super capacitor fill up the remaining 25%? Obviously it would come from the battery. But what if your headed on a road trip? Wouldn't the energy in the capacitor dissipate over the course of the road trip, ie, high way travel? In other words, super capacitors are "leaky" aren't they?

  • wtf really
    wtf really Month ago

  • Raymond Saint
    Raymond Saint Month ago

    November 17, Tesla finalized the aquiring Maxwell Technologies. (you can google the news story)

  • Grow 420
    Grow 420 Month ago

    Exactly supercaps are high current short duration.

  • Tony Malibu
    Tony Malibu Month ago

    Aren't Maxwell in court at the moment for patent infringement of supercapacitors belonging to an Australian company?

  • Dianne McCarthy
    Dianne McCarthy 2 months ago

    need a resistor between the scaps and battery. scaps have no resistance and if connected in parallel could damage battery or other components because it can discharge instantly.

  • Mike G
    Mike G 2 months ago

    I've heard of them, I worked there.

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case 2 months ago

    Just about everything i heard was purely speculative.... no guests, no real refrence... just bs now i know to avoid this channel

  • Ray N
    Ray N 2 months ago

    Hey Zac and Jesse. I have a question for you. Between the Supercapacitor and the Ultracapacitor battery, which one do you prefer?

  • sugarmaker67
    sugarmaker67 2 months ago

    Just wait until graphene batteries

  • Robert Galletta
    Robert Galletta 2 months ago


  • David Macdonald
    David Macdonald 2 months ago

    Dont you think some of the other car manufacturers will sellat a loss to try and sink tesla

  • Bruce Duncan
    Bruce Duncan 3 months ago +1

    Call it “Snap-Zap” charge

    MIIDNL 3 months ago

    Turbo Cap

    MIIDNL 3 months ago

    Regen Ultra

  • Gary Jones
    Gary Jones 3 months ago

    SuperCap Charging

  • Du Fung
    Du Fung 3 months ago

    You don't quite understand how supercapacitors/ultracapacitors work, you should probly also discuss their cycle life, which is massive and their ability to store power long term, which is very finite.

  • Tom Bixby
    Tom Bixby 3 months ago

    Sorry to say, The ignorance of these guys makes my head hurt. Maybe they should invest some of their RUclip proceeds on some education.

  • Mohamed Hajam
    Mohamed Hajam 3 months ago


  • Rakly 3
    Rakly 3 3 months ago +1

    Lucrative business as more EV's hit the road.
    Mobile chargers!
    Though, the weight could be difficult.

  • William’s knowledge & Truth

    I’ve heard of Maxwell hotdog stands that sell Maxwell hotdogs! :) peace and love.

  • Rufaro Kembo
    Rufaro Kembo 3 months ago

    If such is implemented it's likely that when plugged in it will
    Charge the capacitor first( a few seconds/minutes) first then start charging the battery if its still plugged in.
    Then when the charger is disconnected. If the battery is not full, the capacitor will slowly discharge most of its energy to the battery making sure to keep the amount it needs for optimal performance. Using your examples, a 5kwh capacitor will discharge 4kwhs.
    Furthermore it is likely that the 1kwh reserve will maintain itself through regenbraking only needing what would amount to micro-charging from the battery to top it up every so often as long as the vehicle is not plugged in.

  • Rufaro Kembo
    Rufaro Kembo 3 months ago

    Superchargers with bolt-lightning charging

  • hockeyjester12
    hockeyjester12 3 months ago


  • Aaron Schwarz
    Aaron Schwarz 3 months ago

    Model 4 with supercapacitor technology like my current chinese Dash Cam 4K amazon special (not heat sensitive & lasts longer than units with sealed lithium ion battery)
    Model 6 with enhance regen & supercap boosted acceleration tire roasting mode ^^
    Model Z hypercar that blows the doors off anything with an ICE engine from any vehicle class / 10 MW of peak output / 4WD / Insane + launch mode unlockable etc

  • Kon Tiki
    Kon Tiki 3 months ago

    long story short, they talk about Super Caps at 07:50. I believe you forgot to mention that Super Caps are much larger than regular batteries which is a limitation for the limited space available.

  • Aritra Patra
    Aritra Patra 3 months ago

    Bolt charging

  • Doug Stecklein
    Doug Stecklein 3 months ago

    I love hearing your conjectures. Such an exciting time for EV enthusiasts.

  • Cahaya Folder
    Cahaya Folder 3 months ago

    try to learn the liquid produces electricity in electric eels. make a new that the vehicle can fill the liquid-containing liquid at every charging station

  • iqrar hussain
    iqrar hussain 3 months ago

    Let’s think if a car is with super capacitor and its giving 10miles of range and the car manufacturer made a wireless road portion after every 9miles and when the car will cross this portion of road (wireless charging portion)it will take 1or 2 minutes and ur super capacitor will full charge and u will reach to the another portion of the road with wireless charge.

  • Sergio Portillo
    Sergio Portillo 3 months ago

    "usain bolt charger"

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo 3 months ago

    rivian and bytom, and other asians are taking over, cheaper tech, and now you have change your pre 2021 tesla batteries, will that be free?

  • John Dow
    John Dow 3 months ago

    Re supercaps charging from station @11:24, then NO, not practical at all. You've charged 1kWh cap which is 1% of the Tesla combined energy (cap + battery) and then what? You still need to charge your 100 kWh battery pack at standard speed...
    This is unless the batteries would be replaced with supercaps. If you wanted to charge it within a minute at say 10,000 Amps, you'd need "bus bars" instead of cables.

  • Shashank Kurm
    Shashank Kurm 3 months ago


  • Mark Olesen
    Mark Olesen 3 months ago

    cap snap

  • rollmeister
    rollmeister 3 months ago

    Super capacitors have a downside in that if you wire them in series, the capacitence or farad's they store goes down. E.g. two same spec capacitors in series have halve the farad capacity. They would have to wire them in parallel and raise the 2.8 or so volts using DC-DC convertor or DC-AC invertor.

  • Yeti
    Yeti 3 months ago


  • Leslie Porter
    Leslie Porter 3 months ago

    This is great news. Great technical explanations. Thanks Fellas. Great video.

  • Gf
    Gf 3 months ago

    i was under the impression skeleton has 2x the density in their supercapacitors

  • Reuben Sandwich
    Reuben Sandwich 3 months ago +1

    Name it after another electric car: Assault and Battery.