25 Dead MCU Characters More Important Than Thanos

  • Published on May 17, 2019
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    In comic books, characters are never really dead, and that has been much of the case in the movies they’re based on. Today however, we’re looking at the characters whose deaths had a meaningful impact. We’re looking at the deaths that shaped the Marvel heroes we love.
    Spoilers for every MCU movie to follow!
    A look at Ultron’s death and how it solidified Vision as both an Avenger and a human being. The Ancient One’s death was the final lesson in Steven Strange’s journey toward true humility, and a great element of his solo film. The sacrifice that put Scarlet Witch on the Avengers, and started Hawkeye on his dark road to Endgame. The death of Wakanda’s king sets his son T’Challa on a dangerous path of revenge and provided a lot of exciting storytelling elements for the movie. The murder of T’Challa’s uncle by his father forever changes the new king’s perception of his home country. Killmonger’s ideas, though executed violently, cause T’Challa to rethink his entire worldview. Groot (the first) and his final sacrifice cemented the Guardians of the Galaxy as a true family. Nebula killing her former self in defense of Gamora shows how far she’s come since we first met her in 2014. The traumatic death of Peter Quill’s mother keeps him from fully accepting the love of other people.
    Star-Lord refuses all the power in the world in exchange for a family who truly loves him. Learn how all these deaths have helped shaped the MCU, moved plots forward, and completely changed the course of these movies.
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  • Oscar Li
    Oscar Li 8 days ago

    what about vision, iron man, and black widow

  • Mr. Goombs
    Mr. Goombs 9 days ago

    um... Tony

  • PSNG
    PSNG 10 days ago

    hela is not dead cause when surtur was about to kill her there was a green portal same as the portal hela came trough to get to thor and loki

  • TheFortnitePlayer 123
    TheFortnitePlayer 123 17 days ago

    No one knows that from the first Avenger infinity war film you kould know Tony Stark will die when Thanos seid Tony Stark your one of the people with the corse of knowledge then Tony Stark seid my only course its you and then i knew he will die

  • matt boii
    matt boii 18 days ago

    Iron man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MRBANNANAMAN 18 days ago

    Iron man in endgame

  • Gallardo Maria
    Gallardo Maria 18 days ago

    I feel like we needed quick silver in infinity war to quickly take the gauntlet away but ok

  • Ethereal Dancer
    Ethereal Dancer 18 days ago +3

    "25 Dead MCU Characters More Important Than Thanos"
    Number 24: *thanos*

  • Monika Czynsz
    Monika Czynsz 19 days ago

    You must iron man

  • J Train
    J Train 19 days ago

    Iron man black widow

  • Nathaniel Cordero
    Nathaniel Cordero 20 days ago

    You forgot iron man

  • Lil Frye
    Lil Frye 20 days ago

    He forgot iron man

  • Jenni Venzor
    Jenni Venzor 20 days ago

    I don t feel so good

  • Jenni Venzor
    Jenni Venzor 20 days ago

    I don t feel so good

  • Gabriel Doboyou
    Gabriel Doboyou 20 days ago +1

    How about Gamora, Black Widow or IRON MAN!!!

  • Beck Cooper
    Beck Cooper 20 days ago

    Cough cough Stan lee cough cough

  • M10 Original
    M10 Original 20 days ago

    Next SR video: “How Black Widows peanut butter and jelly sandwich is more powerful than Captain Marvel”

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    M10 Original 20 days ago

    Next SR video: “why Peter Griffin wasn’t in Endgame”

  • M10 Original
    M10 Original 20 days ago

    “25 dead mcu characters that are more important than Thanos”
    Screenrant: number 24 : Thanos

  • Alan Piceno
    Alan Piceno 21 day ago

    8:15 she not old look at her eyes

  • Julija Jurksta
    Julija Jurksta 21 day ago

    Number one: Loki loki loki

  • Lea Lea
    Lea Lea 21 day ago

    What about Spider-Man & his uncle?

  • Mr Plaza
    Mr Plaza 21 day ago

    Black widow

  • Memeso
    Memeso 21 day ago


  • Añorà MinMin
    Añorà MinMin 21 day ago

    Chris looks so good at 6:25

  • Next Ski
    Next Ski 22 days ago

    Ant mans orange slices

  • Bill Hi
    Bill Hi 22 days ago +1

    Iron man did not even watch the video don’t need to

  • andrewvancleve
    andrewvancleve 22 days ago


  • BlackHole Void
    BlackHole Void 22 days ago


  • Jeanette Bohigas
    Jeanette Bohigas 22 days ago

    You missed black widow

  • Chluke 50
    Chluke 50 22 days ago

    Why is Thanos in there

  • Ian Shufflebothamffccvfgfgg

    Black widow

  • Sanford Isitolo
    Sanford Isitolo 22 days ago

    So Black Widows sacrifice meant nothing at all. Thanos wouldnt have died if it wasnt for Black Widow and many others. I think the list needs improving.

  • Emil Skytte
    Emil Skytte 22 days ago

    Iron man

  • Fresh kids Who game
    Fresh kids Who game 22 days ago

    Iron man

  • Sister Spilled.
    Sister Spilled. 22 days ago +1

    *thanos was important?*

  • Sky_Denver
    Sky_Denver 22 days ago

    One of the 50% that died is this title and #24

  • Toula Barry
    Toula Barry 22 days ago +2

    Da one who upset all everybody who watch endgame knows dat it is black widow and Iron Man

  • Hussain almaliky
    Hussain almaliky 23 days ago

    You forgot Iron Man

  • Samuel Kwon
    Samuel Kwon 23 days ago

    The thumnail spoils it

  • Thea Sizemore
    Thea Sizemore 23 days ago

    Black widow

  • Tobias Copsy
    Tobias Copsy 23 days ago

    Black widow

  • tea spiller
    tea spiller 23 days ago

    black widow is very important to all the characters too or else they wouldn’t of gathered all of the infinity stones.

  • Elizabeth Strohl
    Elizabeth Strohl 23 days ago

    1.Stan Lee 😭😭😭

  • Jojo Carmona
    Jojo Carmona 24 days ago

    Yondu might be good at engame or infinity war

  • E Frisch
    E Frisch 24 days ago

    Bruh it says other than thanos

  • Den Ties
    Den Ties 24 days ago

    Wher is iron man

  • Rabia Gulfam
    Rabia Gulfam 24 days ago

    ok theres 2 more black widow & iron man they effected everyone mostly tony

  • Stephen Nguru
    Stephen Nguru 25 days ago

    Iron man.

  • Obi Okoli
    Obi Okoli 25 days ago

    The only reason why Yundo died because he’s to op for the battle of Wakanda ( infinity war)

  • the All in one channel
    the All in one channel 25 days ago +1

    You missed Tony from endgame after the snap

  • PippaDraak
    PippaDraak 25 days ago

    hmmmmmm, maybe TONY STARK

  • Cdnomega
    Cdnomega 25 days ago

    Stan lee..

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 25 days ago

    First of all number one should have been @#$&ing Ironman and second black widow then colson man

  • Ilona Holcomb
    Ilona Holcomb 25 days ago +1

    Umumum How do gods die 😶

  • Juice Gamer
    Juice Gamer 26 days ago

    Iron man

  • ayman sayed
    ayman sayed 26 days ago

    Iron man

  • My Second Channel
    My Second Channel 26 days ago

    The most important dead character: America's A$$

  • Jay Vincent Esquierdo
    Jay Vincent Esquierdo 26 days ago

    Is the ancient one is quill's mother

  • iwu 1117
    iwu 1117 27 days ago

    Let me guess, Tony's parents are invovled, because without them, i am iron man won't happen

  • L&O vlogs #unicorn
    L&O vlogs #unicorn 27 days ago +8

    Wow literally puts Thanos in number 24 great job screen rant

  • Carlos Arias
    Carlos Arias 27 days ago

    what about iron man

  • portia Shipway
    portia Shipway 27 days ago

    What about black widow

  • foxy 6789
    foxy 6789 27 days ago

    You missed 2 super hero ntacha , iron man in avenger endgame tyes because I watch the movie

  • Cesar Mercedes Acevedo

    Endgame natasha romanoff and tony stark

  • Gacha Cole
    Gacha Cole 27 days ago

    iron man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eli Mize
    Eli Mize 28 days ago

    Black widow

  • LJ Tin
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  • Proskillz IV
    Proskillz IV 28 days ago

    I disliked this because Thanos is not important.

  • Brady Cerveny
    Brady Cerveny 28 days ago +1

    25 dead mcu characters more important than my big toe

  • Sam Tavill
    Sam Tavill 28 days ago

    Star lords mom looks like the sorcerer supreme

  • Unicorn Gacha Playz
    Unicorn Gacha Playz 28 days ago

    *Can I say “thank you” if Hawkeye became Ronan*
    *can we can we?*
    *also I like how Peggy gave word for cap to follow*

  • Ugonna Adaeze
    Ugonna Adaeze 29 days ago


  • Stephanie,Steven, and StanLee


  • Pravi Biju
    Pravi Biju 29 days ago

    You seriously missed on Tony and Natasha??silly

  • Kaden Arcovio
    Kaden Arcovio 29 days ago


  • Odd2’s Out
    Odd2’s Out 29 days ago

    Number 26: iron man and how it effected spiderman

  • gunjun patil
    gunjun patil 29 days ago

    Iron man

  • Bill Casey
    Bill Casey 29 days ago +2

    - Iron Man
    - Black Widow
    - 2018 Gamora
    - Ant-Thony
    - Mar-Vell
    - Crossbones

  • NexuS
    NexuS 29 days ago +1

    25 Dead MCU Characters more important than Thanos
    *All Dead Superheroes And villains that are really important to Die*

  • Dylan Cienfuegos
    Dylan Cienfuegos 29 days ago


  • Ashtyn Mace
    Ashtyn Mace 29 days ago

    You missed iron Man

  • Patrick Keller
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  • Frederick Teufel
    Frederick Teufel 29 days ago

    Iron man in avengers endgame

  • ConTEM08
    ConTEM08 29 days ago

    There was one...

    • ConTEM08
      ConTEM08 29 days ago

      *Cough* Tony *Cough*

  • Levi Madden
    Levi Madden 29 days ago

    WHERES TONY AND NAT?????????

  • Mr Yeet
    Mr Yeet 29 days ago

    You missed iron man

  • happy mation
    happy mation Month ago

    thier creater R.I.P stan lee

  • THE LEGO DUDE!!!!!!!!!! 99

    I guess it's kinda bad that Peggy Carter died because in the comics she became captain America at one point.

  • Giselle Garrett
    Giselle Garrett Month ago

    Legit every character is more important than thanos

  • Aboodi Alhasirachi
    Aboodi Alhasirachi Month ago

    Hahahah so funny

  • Jackson DINGERS
    Jackson DINGERS Month ago


  • Jackson DINGERS
    Jackson DINGERS Month ago

    nice job spoling for people who havent seen these movies >:(

  • Koen Thone
    Koen Thone Month ago

    0:33 the titel gives the end of engame

  • CRMarcos
    CRMarcos Month ago

    Uncle Ben

  • Scott Lawrence
    Scott Lawrence Month ago

    Iron man

  • Ramez Rafik
    Ramez Rafik Month ago

    Bald of you to forget Antman’s Taco

  • Ivander Jonathan
    Ivander Jonathan Month ago

    It is more 1000000000000% important it is on every marvel movie it issssss stan lee

  • Greg Jenkins
    Greg Jenkins Month ago +8

    All those characters who died I have one message for them
    We love you 3000

    • It'sCady
      It'sCady 13 days ago

      Even Ego? Thanos? Even the old, evil Nebula? Whiplash? Iron Monger?

  • Bot Btw
    Bot Btw Month ago

    You missed iron man in avengers endgame