UFC 223: Khabib Nurmagomedov Octagon Interview

  • Published on Apr 8, 2018
  • Hear from Khabib Nurmagomedov inside the Octagon after he defeated Al Iaquinta to become the UFC lightweight champion.
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Comments • 7 290

  • C Klan
    C Klan 2 days ago

    Will khabib go up a weight division like McGregor and challenge for a second title?

  • Марьям зулпукарова


  • Zodinpuia Caprio
    Zodinpuia Caprio 5 days ago

    Muslims are still living in the Old Testament

  • Muhamed Demirovic
    Muhamed Demirovic 5 days ago +1

    27-0 KING FOREVER 🔥💪

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 6 days ago

    Real gangster

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 6 days ago +1


  • 삼마패신암행어사

    Who the hell is the random boy standing there?

    • Jon Jones fan
      Jon Jones fan 2 days ago

      삼마패신암행어사 Family, friend, or a super fan.

  • Ridge runner 1
    Ridge runner 1 12 days ago

    Love this guy. Real deal. He is a true warrior.

  • Chingangbam Diplomat
    Chingangbam Diplomat 13 days ago

    give me 30 min. a little bit drink water may be conor tony 'DC' doesnt matter wtf...haha💖

  • Hamad Al Shaqsi
    Hamad Al Shaqsi 13 days ago +1

    "This is not about chicken" lmao

  • Marissa Sue
    Marissa Sue 15 days ago

    @ 3:29... And he was NOT joking!
    UFC 229: Part 2, anyone?? Khabib = BEAST MACHINE 💪🏼🦅👑 Khabib don't play!

  • Marissa Sue
    Marissa Sue 15 days ago

    @ 4:37 Bless u, Joe Rogan; bless u for not only asking for a translation, but for nicely insisting on one, too :D

  • عبدالرحمن عبدالله


  • Iyad Azbarga
    Iyad Azbarga 16 days ago

    الله اكبر

  • Doug Gunner
    Doug Gunner 16 days ago

    look at ol luke in the background

    MMA LIFE 16 days ago +2

    I love javier mandez.....he is so humble beautiful person...

    SABERMOZES MUSIC 16 days ago +1

    my hair in my neck stood up when he called AL a brooklyn gangster....

  • Хайит Турсунов

    Хабиб пушка

  • Catholic Racialist
    Catholic Racialist 17 days ago +2

    La Quinta fought better than Conor McChicken! Real gangster

  • 8 c
    8 c 18 days ago +1

    God bless you Khabib 💪

  • tibiboss
    tibiboss 19 days ago +1

    But no one was the champion, why did IAQUINTA get sad when they said AND NEWW, as if he was the champion who lost ??

    • tmoney
      tmoney 18 days ago

      He knew he had lost the fight by the end of round 3 lol he was just taking the L In good spirits.

  • Matram Mangsang
    Matram Mangsang 20 days ago

    on 2030 AKA gym will turn to ISIS Camp.. stay sharp Javier later you might be kick out of the gym lol #KhabibChamp

  • Kaka K
    Kaka K 20 days ago +2

    Al pretending like he won the fight

  • Mohd Huzaifah Salleh

    He called up DC.. funny guy

  • Demir
    Demir 23 days ago +1

    3:09 DC and Ali 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Yakuza Arbuza
    Yakuza Arbuza 24 days ago

    It’s crazy I was there

  • Myoi Mina
    Myoi Mina 25 days ago

    Maybe DC wooo 😂🤟

  • Munem Moon
    Munem Moon 25 days ago

    Best In the world-Khabib Nurmagomedhov

  • D H
    D H 26 days ago

    Ref didn't wait for the official announcement!

  • baz rashid in arabic
    baz rashid in arabic 27 days ago

    Chicken lol🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Poohzan Rai
    Poohzan Rai 27 days ago

    Loved this man❤❤

  • Amer Elayan
    Amer Elayan 29 days ago

    Al Iaquinta pretending that he thinks he is going to win
    but in his mind (omg he did not even give me one round)

  • mahmudul shibly
    mahmudul shibly 29 days ago +1

    thanks from Bangladesh

  • Mohammed Lakka
    Mohammed Lakka Month ago +1

    "He wanna fight with bus. I want to fight real gangster."

  • RedmiNote5Pro Gaming

    Does he say Name of GSP? dude you don't want none of him or defeat Tony first.

  • RedmiNote5Pro Gaming

    So nobody going to talk about Joe Rogan wearing that Cap

  • Die with honour
    Die with honour Month ago

    If someone want to fight these man,please get training with a sharks at sea.. bcoz, khabib the bear train he very well...yes..bear...

  • иαιм αмιя
    иαιм αмιя Month ago +2

    Dont you notice, he never talked about himself during the interview

  • Muzi Fudail
    Muzi Fudail Month ago +1

    Alhamdo lilah always, We all love you khabib, good luck.

  • Abdullah Umar
    Abdullah Umar Month ago +1

    Iaquinta is a gangsta

  • Trendy freak
    Trendy freak Month ago

    Khabib : I can fight with anybody Conor, Ferguson may be dc
    Dc: am I joke to you?

  • santosh Gowda
    santosh Gowda Month ago

    Fucking legend

  • Amadou.f. Jammeh
    Amadou.f. Jammeh Month ago

    0:38 can anyone hear DC say what hahaha

  • Olbap Rabocse
    Olbap Rabocse Month ago

    Love how he quotes gsp...true respect

  • Jader Shine
    Jader Shine Month ago +1

    Give Khabib some rest, little bit drink water and he kicks everyone’s ass

  • MiniZebra
    MiniZebra Month ago +1

    0.12 wtf was he joking or he actually thought he won xD

  • Mugi Fandy
    Mugi Fandy Month ago +1

    It’s like if you hate him that means you hate humanity

  • sweet
    sweet Month ago

    ребят сори но у ислама лицо какбудто он какой то долбанутый отбитый гопник

  • Syed Mustafa
    Syed Mustafa Month ago +1

    Mashallah khabib Bhai from India 0_100

  • Xavier Pegasus
    Xavier Pegasus Month ago +3

    Respect to Al. He did 5 rounds with Khabib on 1 day notice after training for a 3 round fight. Incredible heart

  • Bilawal Khawaja
    Bilawal Khawaja Month ago

    BEING HUMBLE is the new badass thing. #KhabibTime

  • Ozan Paston
    Ozan Paston Month ago


  • Zeff Constance
    Zeff Constance Month ago

    3:48 when he says i will fight even DC doesnt mtr i laughd the fucked out of me 😂😂😂😂

  • LoGic. Dude
    LoGic. Dude Month ago +1

    Fufcjydjsbcafjfuiydcucnudycjuufnfjufcnufnjf *Vladimir Putin* hxjfhdhjdhjfjfjhdnchdnhf

  • Violet rose
    Violet rose Month ago

    Connie mcrapist only fight with bus and with phone 😂😂😂

  • Fuck Leftist
    Fuck Leftist Month ago

    Al laquinta is a tank to remain 5 rounds inside octagon with khabib...

  • Lyan's Life
    Lyan's Life 2 months ago +2

    everyone's face fucked up against Khabib lol. but idk how tf Conor barely had scratches on

  • syaddham husain
    syaddham husain 2 months ago +1

    when khabib mentions DC's name it was the funniest word Dc ever heard.

  • Mohamed
    Mohamed 2 months ago +5

    Where's Conor he wants to fight with bus #27-0

  • what’s up 124
    what’s up 124 2 months ago +4

    I genuinely think Khabib should have a reach match with Connor and give tony Ferguson a title match in the same night. Let him finish Connor off again, give him 30 mins rest and some water and then let him finish tony.

  • what’s up 124
    what’s up 124 2 months ago +3

    Respect to al laquinta aswell for stepping in there with a beast and surviving 5 rounds.

  • ibo vtec
    ibo vtec 2 months ago +1

    I like habib but he’s such a virgin always taking about god smh

    I_LOVE_CHIPS 2 months ago +5

    3:30 hahaha ... give me 30 minutes and water i'll fight anyone

  • Mucahit İçen
    Mucahit İçen 2 months ago +2

    Elhamdülillah ☝️..

  • Jamie ASHCROFT
    Jamie ASHCROFT 2 months ago +5

    "Tony, Conor.. Doesn't matter... Maybe DC, doesn't matter." 😂😂😂

  • Qasim  Suleman
    Qasim Suleman 2 months ago +3

    3:08 Dc & Ali 😂😂

  • Affan Sethi
    Affan Sethi 2 months ago +2

    A quintas reaction was priceless lol

  • c D E
    c D E 2 months ago

    I remember i fought a bully, he beat my ass but u connected on a few shots. We are still friends. Real recognize real

  • khabib the eagle nurmagomedov

    U got to be love khabib

  • michele8196
    michele8196 2 months ago

    Love him

  • Matt Ball
    Matt Ball 2 months ago

    Dirtbag .

    • Mr EVIL
      Mr EVIL 2 months ago

      Dirtbag is your mom

  • shaikh afroz
    shaikh afroz 2 months ago +2

    Proud to be a khabib fan

    MUHAMMED KUTTY SALIM 2 months ago +1

    No.1 Allah

  • BxaTV
    BxaTV 2 months ago +4

    2:38 yayquinta is real brooklyn gangsta

  • thatscheese27
    thatscheese27 2 months ago

    Hears vladimir Putin "CAN YOU PLEASE TRANSLATE THAT"

  • misri khan Afridi
    misri khan Afridi 3 months ago +1

    Khabib is like a hungry lion,
    who is next.. ❤☝❤

  • michele8196
    michele8196 3 months ago

    Handsome man! Love him,

  • Sushsnna Dhshshns
    Sushsnna Dhshshns 3 months ago +1

    Putin and murderer killed more than 800thousand civilians in Grozniya

  • Sushsnna Dhshshns
    Sushsnna Dhshshns 3 months ago

    Al and Khabib the men. Mctapper stupoid

  • Sushsnna Dhshshns
    Sushsnna Dhshshns 3 months ago

    Luke and DC

  • Sushsnna Dhshshns
    Sushsnna Dhshshns 3 months ago +1

    Why dislikes?

  • Sushsnna Dhshshns
    Sushsnna Dhshshns 3 months ago

    Khabib and Al were both good love to all

  • Sushsnna Dhshshns
    Sushsnna Dhshshns 3 months ago

    Al was brilliant

  • Sushsnna Dhshshns
    Sushsnna Dhshshns 3 months ago

    Al was great

  • Sushsnna Dhshshns
    Sushsnna Dhshshns 3 months ago +2

    Al can woop Conor he fought like a man and survived on a days notice

  • Sushsnna Dhshshns
    Sushsnna Dhshshns 3 months ago

    Khabib was great as always. Al was crazy nice too. I love md the fight. Really enjoyable. Al was brilliant

  • robiul Islam
    robiul Islam 3 months ago


  • Zara S
    Zara S 3 months ago

    La quintana thought he'd won

    • Shaytan is a Loser
      Shaytan is a Loser 2 months ago

      Because it was such a big difference on the judges scorecards, he was sarcastic, just funny guy. Haha

  • moha pes de chones
    moha pes de chones 3 months ago

    Aÿ wanet fahgyt Habib and fargsouen

  • Iyad Azbarga
    Iyad Azbarga 3 months ago


  • joline sabrina
    joline sabrina 3 months ago +2

    I love how he says "undisputed "undefeated lol

  • Sani Dauda
    Sani Dauda 3 months ago +1


  • Mubashir Khan
    Mubashir Khan 3 months ago +2

    Conor want to fight with bus 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤙💯

  • dead pool
    dead pool 3 months ago

    Is that kid Noah ?

  • Alissa M
    Alissa M 3 months ago

    Any Russian here? Can anyone translate what he said? 😅

  • Dullerbat 24
    Dullerbat 24 3 months ago +1

    That bear must be saying 'thats my boy'

  • farhan bin hasan
    farhan bin hasan 3 months ago

    best octagon interview

  • Mr. 1'NDone
    Mr. 1'NDone 3 months ago +1


  • Garry Hanson
    Garry Hanson 3 months ago


  • Sardar Aayan
    Sardar Aayan 3 months ago +1

    0:17 look at dc. He really loves when buffer said andnew 😂