PART 2 of McGregor Vs Mayweather Trash Talk

PART 2 of McGregor Vs Mayweather Trash Talk

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Автор chris nolasco ( назад)
fuck Mayweather punk bitch Hella big time cheater Mc Gregor beat this bitch up man u the best fighter bro.!

Автор Bulldogfishmaster ( назад)
Do either lose?, hundreds of millions to each lol!

Автор yaboi 21 ( назад)
lmao mcgregor bro your gonna be done homie. quit talking all this shit its just gonna make you look like a shit eating pussy bitch when you lose. ronda rousey lookin ass

Автор ef mons ( назад)
floyd was never a fighter.. he's just a boxer..

Автор lefrenchoriginal ( назад)
I like the way he talks. ..like a medieval farmer from a shit hole

Автор NUTTY NORTH 916 ( назад)
Nate won thats all i got to say tell this stupid fuck to go somewhere. and set down

Автор Fun son Dowdy ( назад)
fexxer nebulous ill beat connar my self and anyone else that wants it. Ive never lost a fight I am very fast and strong my hands are like weapons

Автор Vladimir Yemelyanov ( назад)
Mayweather got no chance. He's week puncher, hit and run style.

Автор Richard Bremer ( назад)
Conor McGregor your a bitch

Автор Jody Highroller ( назад)
So Connor can't box with nate and steals round by running. Thinks he can out box best boxer to EVER TOUCH FOOT ON PLANET EARTH LMFAO

Автор bryan Brown ( назад)
I don't even see how this is up for question. Floyd Mayweather would be the crap out of Connor, no question about it. Just look at their videos. Floyd has the speed, the accuracy, the defense, and the power. The only way McGregor would have a chance is if he was on the ground... that's if Foyd even let him get him there.

Автор SherOn Bala ( назад)
mayweather a fighter???? wtf i thought he was a boxer

Автор Redman092000 ( назад)
Both don't need the money Conner just looking to build his legacy .

Автор vibhu G ( назад)
Look at these two bitches tho

Автор Fun son Dowdy ( назад)
Mayweather will hurt that boy

Автор Jesse McIntyre ( назад)
mayweather is way too soft to be in an actual fight. He has likely never been in a street fight in his life. Boxing is not real fighting. I would break mayweather's face in a bare knuckle fight every time. Boxers are pussys.

Автор Ankit Sati ( назад)
MMA conor will destroy his world..
Boxing will be a fair match

Автор Evil D ( назад)
I'm really most interested in what style gloves they'll use if they fight.

Yo...The UFC will get 50% of Conners Purse! If this fight don't happen...its on the UFC!! 50%!!!!! Money is the Boss!!
Conner is a Worker!!!

Автор Marty McCartan ( назад)
Haha do anyone notice floyd's face when he said Conor McGregor is here

Автор Erika Flores ( назад)
i think its for publicity

Автор Mark Voltes ( назад)
Floyd you are a boxer not a fighter! Fighter my ass!

Автор Scott Williamson ( назад)
Flloyd shit him self once he saw conor face to face

Автор Lulu Adness ( назад)
It looks floyd and Connor are business partners not opponents

Автор Roman K ( назад)
Floyd is really a punk, he uses elbows and all type of shit during a fight. he's never clean and he has won by bribes, coward ass moves and currupt judges. everyone knows Manny beat his ass, no doubt about that. the Irish man will annihilate him. end of story.

Автор Maykel Iglesias ( назад)
conor te va a dar una santa paliza ke me voy a estar riendo 100 millones de veces so fantasma. si la pelea con pakiao la perdiste y lo sabes so mongol. en el tercero como muxo vas al suelo si no te tumba namas comenzar. despues de la pelea hazte videos de fantasmon anda listo, ke eres tu muy chulito. te va adar la del pulpo fantasma

Автор Jacob Wolford ( назад)
Mayweather is scared of mcgregor plain and simple Mayweather will wait for 100 million for a BOXING match, his match mcgregor would fight for free in the cage Mayweather wouldn't step in the cage with him for 500 million

Автор Scottys Boxing Club ( назад)
McGregor would get beat like Ricky Hatton did ... This dude has never been in the ring with a BOXER of Floyd's caliber. This fight would be a joke... Floyd would not loose a single round of any fight with McGregor!

Автор Michael Wiggins ( назад)
This thumbnail is hilarious 😂😢 The way Floyd pointed

Автор kashed Out006 ( назад)
put McGregor in there with Conelo first bet he don't win

Автор Jessy J ( назад)
Conor will in

Автор David Hill ( назад)
this hype shit is already getting real old, at this point I'm tired of hearing talk from both sides. Idgaf who will win anymore, I just want to see the damn fight

Автор jfs 1730. ( назад)
Malteaser with eye balls

Автор PHANTOM 860 ( назад)
that wasn't Conor McGregor stupid that was a comedian

Автор Casey Clemons ( назад)
y do people keep looking for this great white hope that doesn't exist?

Автор MonsterBaby Steve Wilson ( назад)
Connor hasn't even won all his fights in his OWN sport and yet somehow you think he has ANY chance at beating the best boxer in the world??? Are you stupid or dumb?

Автор Martin E ( назад)
To much money in this. The real fighters are out in the streets

Автор MrKyle513 ( назад)
....But that first one wasnt Conor..

Автор gryprrs1000 ( назад)
You're going to get hurt Conor!!!!!!

Автор Robin Williams ( назад)
Great white Hopefully he will win😂😂😂oh God, somebody trying to make some money off Conner,,

Автор AkaEliteBeast ( назад)
"As soon as I touched down in vegas he retired twice" lmao!!!

Автор PRODIGY1234100 ( назад)
mayweather wins on points. the only chance mcgregor has is if he roughs floyd up with some dirty shit but floyd get protected so much like in the hatton fight. Of course mayweather is worth five of ricky but still...

Автор Jaime Hitman ( назад)
I hate both but I hope Mayweather shuts Connors big mouth​ n see him cry like a bitch

Автор Keith Alston ( назад)
flyod is a business man he is not a fighter anymore....he promotes his own fights he know he will win by cards and make help of money off of. I lost all respect for flyod every since he started money team...cuz that's all it's been since then...Making money and staying undefeated so he can control his career

Автор xxHellzAngellxx ( назад)
step in the octagon Floyd. Oh, wait.. 😂

Автор Chicago City ( назад)
Everyone seems to forget the ridiculous SPEED and FOOTWORK and POWER from Mayweather. Connor is blowing smoke up everyones ass lol he reminds me of a car salesman.

Автор DJUNKNOWNxx ( назад)
unpredictable style means wild, sloppy and undisciplined....typical mma fighter smh

Автор Éire Celtic. ( назад)
Malteaser with eye balls lol

Автор GiaNt_TaLOn ( назад)
for the record this fight is in the making as we speak

Автор SuperFabiano07 ( назад)
Lol floyd is a bitch on the ring and you black ass niggas know it haha when he fought Pacman he was running like a pussy in the ring haha! I want this fight so bad coz that mother fucker thinks he is a God, burning money like shit when people in Africa need it or in Syria and all that shitty people following him are stupids people dreaming to be as rich as him and they never will haha Connor do us a favor a beat the shit out of that son of bitch.

Автор David Baxter ( назад)
Floyd is pussy, all he does is skip and run around the ring until the bell rings and fights real Champs when they get old, ie Sugar Shane.... never respected him as a champion, I miss boxing from the 80's and 90's

Автор Alhassan Aminu ( назад)
sign the contract McGregor and stop talking shit

Автор power skill ( назад)
not going to be a good fight if you can call it that it's just going to be floyd running away and hugging conor the whole fight.

Автор WARRIOR-of-LOVE 43 ( назад)
McGregor:"my hand is the size of his head"..sorry Irish boy in boxing size don't matter ask tyson he knows lol

Автор mbofication bugarin ( назад)
here's what's gonna happen if it's a boxing match mayweather wins and if it's an MMA fight conor wins end of story

Автор liul niguse ( назад)
Boxing isn't sport. It's kind of rubbish

Автор Hancho familia ( назад)
imagine how expensive the tickets will be , imagine how expensive the ppv will be.. i hope this shit happends.

Автор Jerry Lynch ( назад)
I think Gayweather is a piece of shit, but McGregor will not last even 1 round with Gayweather in a boxing match.

Автор Johann Vicencio ( назад)
when they fight there shouldnt be any rules, because both of them have a different style of fighting, so to be fair let them fight like a fight in real life without rules.... Just sayin on my own perspective.

Автор Jessie Mathiesen ( назад)
@2:24 McGregor picks his nose and then wipes it on his lips. on camera. now that's class

Автор extramedium ( назад)
I'd pay all the money in the world to beat Floyd's dumb ass.

Автор Gullah Slim ( назад)
these guys can sell a fight!

Автор Mind Maze ( назад)
He's a Malteser with eyeballs! Haha!

Автор Gchordrocker ( назад)
Floyd needs rules to protect him. Conor doesn't. End of story. What are you gonna say to that bitches???

Автор creeplocc ( назад)
Connor out for the money he no he can get paid W/L Foyle is rite he dont need the money

Автор cesar arango ( назад)
así comienzan todos hablando y hablando ....connor los acaba en el 1 round

Автор lulem400 ( назад)
I'm gettin tired of both these trash talkin fags

Автор M HASIJO ( назад)
Only a fool would pay for such a spectacle; fortunately for Mayweather and Mc Gregor there are many fools in the world.

Автор Tom George ( назад)
There is some honest surface hate there.... but underlying it all they both know they need to build this up so they can milk the most money out of this circus as possible. and thats pretty much what is going on now, they both are acting to see if can eventually turn into a dollar amount that would be stupid to pass up.

Автор Eric Edwards ( назад)
I don't care to talk about who would do what. Just take my money and fight.

Автор Silent M ( назад)
I don't like Floyd but fuck McGregor

Автор aisaaM Sánchez Morin ( назад)
si fuese real mandibulather pelearía con todo tiene miedo k le den un codazo en los dientes? no lo sé pero ya vimos a Pacquiao matar al falso campeón

Автор Jorge ( назад)
mcgregor > mayweather

Автор Abas Abas ( назад)
mayweather sucks all he talking about is money and he dosent need it he should've lost a lot of fights like with marcos maidana

Автор skorpyo33 ( назад)
Someone like mayweather always need s the money.

Автор The Two Musketeers ( назад)
McGregor is going to get his ass kicked. Mayweather kicked a lot of peoples ass. McGregor stop being a pussy and sign the contract.

Автор droppingplates87 ( назад)
Okay Mayweather. If you're so confident that you're better than him. How about you play by MMA rules and show us what you got. That way you can't dance around the ring the whole time until the clock runs out.

Автор Rachida Veenstra ( назад)
When the reporter said conor is here he was shiting in his pants

Автор Zin Khusyino ( назад)
ladies and gentleman the Zindication Project crew in Association with the midnite crew wish to ask all u guys girls respect to all. no prejudice
.do you all fights fans around the world think that Floyd mayweather Jr vs connor mcgregor will happen? please give us yr honest answer. .LOVE n peace to all!!!

Автор michael lowe ( назад)
boy you can't beat Mayweather... You are a joke! A racist FAG

Автор musicforyoufromme1 ( назад)
Floyd is a Maltesers with eye balls LMAO... Conor you legend!

Автор Johnny Tatofi ( назад)
he's gonna get humiliated by mayweathers speed

Автор Alibaba Ali ( назад)
Conor stop using flaka

Автор Nathan Rodriguez ( назад)
Mayweather is a piece Shit and a bitch

Автор El Chico ( назад)
Pussys.. Talking about money to get in the ring..bitches act like this

Автор Won Honglo ( назад)
Mayweather is so scared he is already crying.

Автор Nayan Kumar ( назад)
Conor in hunt of monkeys

Автор vincent ( назад)
fuck both of these pussies! life's better without them!

Автор bertha ramos ( назад)
he said young bruh he got more experience even thoe he is old Top Dawg

Автор General Boyd ( назад)
Sick of hearing about this. Stop trying to drum the price up with hype. Half of us will stream it for free anyway.

Автор LiL Jon lambert ( назад)
blocked bitch

Автор Sturdy ( назад)
Floyd is going to get his ass fucking slept.

Автор adrian summerville ( назад)
I hope they both lose because they are both losers to me.

Автор Leo Arreguin ( назад)
maywaether would kick ur ass u dumb Irish i wooped 3red heads in my life u r pusseys motherfuckers u lucky charm bitch go suck a dick u bitch hey connor id love to make u my 4th bitch fuck u and ur whore of a mother for making u she should have swallowed ur ass.

Автор Jason Mark ( назад)
that's why they're be 2 fights one mma one boxing money money.

Автор Nephi Kendra Anderson-taueki-tane ( назад)
Connors all shit I'd knock him out

Автор Keith Carey ( назад)
PAC kicked Floyd's ass already.

Автор Wayne Beauford ( назад)
floyd gonna beat the living shit oit this dude quick like

Автор Dennis Johnson ( назад)
fuck u pussy

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