PART 2 of McGregor Vs Mayweather Trash Talk

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  • Richard Stamos
    Richard Stamos 9 часов назад

    conor has never been knocked out Floyd can bring it

  • Ray Wil
    Ray Wil 12 часов назад

    All u numbskulls need to get a clue. You are stepping into a mans house. how the hell you gonna beat a guy in his own arena. If this was an MMA bout then Mcgregor would be the fav. Give Mayweather the credit weather you like him or not. this is a boxing bout...Conner with lose badly. Mayweather does not take fights just for the hell or it. His camp is studying Conner as well. Floyd is boxer Mcgregor is not. He may know how to but its still different getting in the ring with one of the best fighters in history...yes I said it.

  • Flower Child
    Flower Child 20 часов назад

    y'all seriously think conor will beat Floyd? wtf? in a boxing match? bro...y'all gassing ole dude up tooooooo much.

  • Bernie Poindexter
    Bernie Poindexter 21 час назад

    2 midget faggots

  • Jesus Garcia
    Jesus Garcia 22 часа назад

    Floyd is scared

  • Atl sandoval
    Atl sandoval 1 день назад

    man big fan of both

  • Toxicdeath HD
    Toxicdeath HD 1 день назад

    hmm guys who the fook is Floyd ?

  • TJ McGregor
    TJ McGregor 1 день назад

    What is wrong with the casuals in the comments? You're probably the same people who were adamant Pacquiao would "destroy" Floyd too, barely landed a glove.

  • Jake Lawhead
    Jake Lawhead 1 день назад

    mma Connor would probably win but that doesn't matter because its a boxing match so quit talking shit about floyd

  • Jake Lawhead
    Jake Lawhead 1 день назад

    you dumb bitches. It's a boxing match, floyd will fuck him up

  • Miguel Hinojosa
    Miguel Hinojosa 1 день назад

    I'm sure Mayweather put a "you have to let me win" clause in that contract

  • jesseortiz45
    jesseortiz45 1 день назад

    Mr mcdurp you are right I can not sit here and act like hes not a ok fighter precision yes, speed yes, power yes, but I still think there's better fighters than him in the ufc. I feel like everyone on here is talking about him like hes god lmao. when hes far from it a human is a human we all have weaknesses so with this fight everyone is saying is already over I don't think he will be that good at boxing

  • Omar Ramirez
    Omar Ramirez 2 дня назад

    People you have to understand something, McGregor is not a Boxing fighter, Mayweather wil destroy him.

  • Danny Herrera
    Danny Herrera 2 дня назад

    The first part of the video wasn't even Conor 😂😂😂

  • Eccentric
    Eccentric 2 дня назад

    Put Joshua-Parker; Crawford-Indongo; Wilder-Ortiz and J-Rock vs Andrade on the undercard; and I'll buy it.

  • Mehmet 1923
    Mehmet 1923 2 дня назад

    Malteser with eyeballs ahhahhahahahahhahahhahahaah

  • SAL M
    SAL M 2 дня назад


  • maximus14433
    maximus14433 3 дня назад

    as a conner fan, this fight would probably look like money vs manny. may block all fight and win doing nothing significant while conner will be gassed trying to put on a show. money will only do things on his terms. dudes a bitch. claims to be a fighter. naw b, you're a boxer. when you use more than your fists than you can claim to be a fighter.

  • maximus14433
    maximus14433 3 дня назад

    hes a malteser with eye balls lmao!!!!

  • maximus14433
    maximus14433 3 дня назад

    may sounds like a total retard.

    CANYON KILLER 3 дня назад

    you guys keeps doubting Connor man and you guys keep getting disappointed. I'm going to Vegas for this fight.

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez 3 дня назад

    these two guys are coning these fans I wouldn't pay for them to watch. its a hype

  • Silk 68
    Silk 68 3 дня назад

    How bout 60 million. Winner takes all !!!!

    DBLOCK650 DBLOCK650 3 дня назад

    For all of you guys that love MMA... understand something !!!! You not kicking in boxing ring or grabbing !!! It's all about swinging and punching that is all.... so If u think for one second that Mr Irish curse is gonna win ..... your fucking mistaken .. he's going to lose ... that's like me going to YOUR neighborhood picking a fight with u... and when the money team does WIN !!! Which he will.. I will come back and still talk smack !!! Lmfao !!!


  • Spencer Moore
    Spencer Moore 3 дня назад

    this not mma he gonna box the shit out him gonna be embarrassing

  • FrankJDM
    FrankJDM 3 дня назад

    Mayweather has always been scared shitless when it comes to fighting someone on their prime

  • Fartskin Stephenson
    Fartskin Stephenson 4 дня назад

    I give it 3 rounds....mckegger doesn't stand a chance...this is boxing.

  • Jeremy Mick
    Jeremy Mick 4 дня назад

    McGregor is going to get his ears boxed off and I am going to laugh when it happens.

    PROJECT ONE 4 дня назад

    its fake thats wasnt conor in the room

  • Marlon Brando Gotti
    Marlon Brando Gotti 4 дня назад

    McGregor is trash a lot. hahahahha.

  • ian dickinson
    ian dickinson 4 дня назад

    May weather has a fax machine wtf?

  • Art Crime
    Art Crime 4 дня назад

    there is absolute no chance mcgregor coud beat mayweather,0,none so get the fuck outa here

  • Bruce Torro
    Bruce Torro 4 дня назад

    I hate Mayweather but McGregor can't beat him in a boxing ring , kickboxing McGregor would win easy

  • Angel Romero
    Angel Romero 4 дня назад

    Mayweather might have the upper hand because it's going to be a boxing match. McGregor is more versatile but his skills will be limited.

  • Jorge Casique
    Jorge Casique 5 дней назад

    Floyd is a fucking ballerina not a boxer lame all he does is dance in the ring

  • thefives7ar
    thefives7ar 5 дней назад

    This is stupid, of course Mayweather would beat Connor in a boxing match. But if both guys had to take the gloves fully off and just have them go at each other with anything they got, I have no doubt Mcgregor would end Mayweather extremely fast and efficiently.

  • Jordan Berry
    Jordan Berry 5 дней назад

    I'd fight anyone for 35 or 50 million. You get knocked out and you wake up and your rich. Why should they allow Conor this luck?????? Fuck him he can buy Conor 100 times over. Why not give me the lucky shot? If anyone deserves a shot like this it's someone that's put in and deserves it and no one deserves it more than both Nate and Nick Diaz!!!!

  • zack burr
    zack burr 5 дней назад

    John Jones could beat Mike Tyson in his prime in boxing also. Fuck of McGregor you bitch twig

  • Chris White
    Chris White 5 дней назад

    I hope someone shoots that loud mouth ginger

  • Luke OShea
    Luke OShea 5 дней назад


  • Christian
    Christian 5 дней назад

    So if Conor beats floyd, are you saying McGregor would be one of the best boxers out of all the present fighters now? I think not he would get smoked by pretty much any top 10 boxer easy money.

    MANCHESTER CITY 5 дней назад

    we all know what these suckers are gonna say when they ultimately loose "he ran like a headless chicken". logically when u challenge a champ you basically saying i have studied you and i can deal with your way of play. you don't loose and complain about what you knew going in..mark my word thats what gonna happen.

  • Cisco Matador
    Cisco Matador 5 дней назад

    Once again only people that do not know about boxing purchase this type of fights. Professionals boxer fans know that Floyd is going to win and once again will be a boring fight, you all know why.

  • Apple Cool
    Apple Cool 6 дней назад

    "he's a malteser with eyeballs"

  • James Alexander
    James Alexander 6 дней назад

    did mayweather ever do the contract?...i know McGregor did.

  • Smegul14
    Smegul14 6 дней назад

    Personally I think Floyd would win he's quicker with the punches that's where the knockout lays and with the jabs and the head movement i don't Connors gonna get him but mainly it all depends which ring they get in.

  • Rodrigo Boleche
    Rodrigo Boleche 6 дней назад


  • Kenny Mines Jr
    Kenny Mines Jr 7 дней назад

    I don't want this weak ass fight to ever happen​.. I want them to talk trash do interviews and talk more trash. this will be the greatest Fight PROMO OF ALLLL TIMES... this is history😂😂😂😂. if Conor does ok Floyd will be his promoter.. Rocky Creed shit

  • Sgt. Lincoln Osiris
    Sgt. Lincoln Osiris 7 дней назад

    Maywhether should thank whatever God he believes in that it's gonna be boxing rules and not MMA. I've done both sports for over 15 years and they are two different animals.

  • Conor_Mcgregor
    Conor_Mcgregor 7 дней назад

    malteaser with eyeballs. har har har har I said that?

  • Ilja Khanan
    Ilja Khanan 7 дней назад

    where on youtube can i find the entire press conference you see between conor and floyd?

  • Mike
    Mike 7 дней назад

    In the octagon, McGregor would fuck Floyd up, in the boxing ring, not a snowball's chance in hell. No way in hell I'm paying for that pay per view.

  • Jursi Pesons
    Jursi Pesons 7 дней назад

    mcgregor said most people dont know shit about fighting @4:25 , well mr conor ill tell u this mayweather is the one who dont know fighting he will just jab u and run around and win by decision hahaha

  • Bryan Bower
    Bryan Bower 7 дней назад

    He signed the fookin contract... now put all ur money were ur mouth is and you sign the contract Floyd.....history in the making!!

  • glenn miller
    glenn miller 7 дней назад

    Photo shop and click baited to death that was an impersonation

  • Robert Matthews
    Robert Matthews 7 дней назад

    In a boxing match, Floyd will win. In the Octagon conor will win. It's like Schumacher asking rossi to compete in F1, or vice versa. Pointless.

  • Darren Sumner
    Darren Sumner 7 дней назад

    Connor made the mistake when he brought racism into his rant, because that's all it is, it's the oldest advertisement in the book. Mayweather isn't the type of man who's affected by psychology before a fight, McGregor's​ mouth will be closed by Mayweather's fist when the fight happens, McGregor isn't even in the same league, obviously it's all about the money because it won't be about victory for the Irish man.

  • Alex Morante
    Alex Morante 7 дней назад

    only reason why mayweather did the fight for the WWE against the Big Show was because it was fake 😂😂😂

  • Adam Jaime
    Adam Jaime 8 дней назад

    I can't wait for this fight to not meet expectations.

  • Paul Mccharmly
    Paul Mccharmly 8 дней назад

    The bit at the start isn't actually Connor

  • twatterdy8
    twatterdy8 8 дней назад

    if his not his own boss please tell what you mean

  • Jesus Lopes
    Jesus Lopes 8 дней назад

    all it takes is one solid punch on Mayweather s face and that's all she wrote

  • Myster Nobody
    Myster Nobody 8 дней назад


  • Toney fast
    Toney fast 8 дней назад

    McGregor is going to get his ass kicked

  • nichrossi
    nichrossi 9 дней назад

    I have conquered UFC he says.. lol.. he has not fought the top 5 feather and lightweight contenders yet.. was gifted direct title shots.. zero title defense.. U call it conquer.. we call it staged and fake shit..

  • Jesus Hernandez
    Jesus Hernandez 9 дней назад

    bunch of sell out garbage. I'm sure Mayweather is paying for this garbage entertainment and is gonna get a huge profit off this.

  • Darius Sherman
    Darius Sherman 9 дней назад

    Floyd your not a fighter your a pussy. Conor will beat your ass even with your boxing rules.

  • ThePraisedOne 18
    ThePraisedOne 18 10 дней назад

    I'm not a big Mayweather fan, BUT
    There were sooooo many fighter saying they'll beat May, but never did. So, McGregor is a UFC fighter, May has never went up against that.

    I hope this fight happens.

  • Game Beast
    Game Beast 10 дней назад

    Conor will shred Floyd

  • Omar
    Omar 10 дней назад

    There is no way McGregor will catch Mayweather. He will run for 12 rounds, trow a few punches and win by points. People don't fall for this.

  • jason davenport
    jason davenport 11 дней назад

    Conor could not beat floyd if he was blind folded.and thats the end of it.'In boxing'

  • lloyd clayton
    lloyd clayton 11 дней назад

    so whos lying

  • johnny fever
    johnny fever 11 дней назад

    this fucking irish twat is gonna get his ass fucked,its the only way to shut his fucking big soda bread eating irish pee hole

  • BuHzaRRo
    BuHzaRRo 11 дней назад

    will it happen??

  • Fane Valento
    Fane Valento 12 дней назад

    I really think people underestimate mayweather.. he is lightning and Gregor isn't. BUT, hand to hand mayweather wins and will always win. All out no rules, we would have to see

  • CPTZK11
    CPTZK11 12 дней назад

    hes a malteser with eyeballs LOL IM SLEEP

  • pat sabala
    pat sabala 12 дней назад

    Mayweather is a cunt

  • Alonzo Osuna Gomez
    Alonzo Osuna Gomez 12 дней назад

    i wouldnt pay for anything floyd is in all he do is run and duck swing one time

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 13 дней назад

    We need to set a Give-a-Little page to get this fight to happen. Make it the first crowd-sourced fight purse.

  • Tony Muziano
    Tony Muziano 13 дней назад

    fuck the chicken conor mc chicken and floyd both hate both of them conor is fucking over rated he got got tapout by nick diaz nick diaz so shut the fuck off conor u pussy you got chocked the fuck out like chicken by diaz plus he is too chicken to fight khabib Khabib Nurmagomedo cause his boyfirend fat fuck corrupt dana white doesn't want his chicken mcgregor to loose khabib easily beat conor like chicken and become the ufc champion but fat fuck dana white didn't make it happend cause he knows really well there is no fucking way he can beat khabib fuck ufc its becoming more corroupt and scripted like wwe

  • RealTruths
    RealTruths 13 дней назад

    A malteser with eye balls haha

  • N RA
    N RA 13 дней назад

    even if floyd wins under boxing rules he still losesbecause in mma he would be done in the first round and mma is real combatcompared to boxing.... facts are facts...

  • B. Natural
    B. Natural 13 дней назад

    The bottom line is......... Flyod is making him rich not the other way around!!!!! Mayweather is UNDEFEATED!!!!! Go black man Go!" Float like a butterfly sting like a bee,.. rumble young man rumble".

  • mainguy29
    mainguy29 14 дней назад

    Lmao Connor doesn't stand a chance lmaoooooo. Heck his sparring with average dudes boxing, he gets spanked lmaoo

  • Shang Tsung
    Shang Tsung 14 дней назад

    If it was boxing Floyd would win by decision. It it was MMa fight Mcregor would stop him.

  • EntrerPrime
    EntrerPrime 14 дней назад

    Floyd is so scared. Connor is a real fighter and could demolish him anytime in something approaching a real fight.

  • Betho Vhen
    Betho Vhen 14 дней назад

    such a pussy floyd when he gets on the octagon then he can say hes a real fighter

  • Dann Vasco
    Dann Vasco 14 дней назад

    😂floyd, just hug... and run away...
    you got this, youre the best at it...
    hug and run away...
    hug and run away... who cares if its a boring fight, you already made the money... connor is a bad ass fighter but again all the favor is at your side... hes out of hes element, all you gotta do is put in a couple of punches, hug and run away... at the first sign of an exchange you clinch and run away... until connor gets exhausted, even the judges be at your favor...

  • emer Nob
    emer Nob 15 дней назад

    floyd is not a figther not a warrior .he is a runner and scared to lose! people in world to see is loserrrr......conor is a warrior good figther MMA home of warrior!!.

  • Akash Alex Raily
    Akash Alex Raily 15 дней назад

    dont challenge boxer because boxing is a real fight ... did u ever saw? that someone fight in mma style on street ?

  • Jay-R Geronimo
    Jay-R Geronimo 15 дней назад

    mayweather is gay sucking dick of mcgregor...

  • tug life
    tug life 15 дней назад

    man.. these dudes just need to agree that winner takes all!

  • Erwin Matic
    Erwin Matic 15 дней назад

    This is happening. They've set out the bait and the fish are biting.

  • Jimmy J
    Jimmy J 15 дней назад

    I love to watch Connor McGregor and I think that Floyd Mayweather is a pussy with No Heart... but Floyd's defense, footwork, hand speed and experience at evading power punches will be too much for Connor to overcome. Floyd will run, dance and jab his way to a boring win on a Unanimous decision just like he did to Manny Pacquiao...   or even worse for Connor , Floyd will land so many punches he cuts Connor's face so badly the Doctor stops the fight and Floyd wins on a Technical Knock Out.

    DUMBTRENDS 16 дней назад

    boxing? mcgregor got no chance. he just want the money contracted, greedy fuck, why not sign for 50 mil? this is like 10 times your net worth. he knows he will lose and wants more money for it.

  • M3rd3r Rip
    M3rd3r Rip 16 дней назад

    In the octagon Floyd would be like " why are you kicking there's no kicking where I'm from

  • Antonio Cervi
    Antonio Cervi 17 дней назад

    mac gregor inly stands 30 seconds in front of mayweather