Gotta See It: Multiple fights break out between Blue Jackets & Wild

Watch as Josh Anderson fights Chris Stewart, only to be followed a few seconds later by teammate Matt Calvert fighting Matt Dumba.

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Автор Watch DogTV ( назад)
I gotta hand it to CBJ, their not a team full of stars but are playing like they are. good for them. it just goes to prove you don't need a team full of all-stars to be a good team.

Автор TH3 REAL D3AL ( назад)

Автор Shiper11 Studios ( назад)
I was at that game

Автор Blake Waters ( назад)
CBJ won both by a mile

Автор Dan Keegan ( назад)
I love hockey now

Автор Merchaholic Musik ( назад)
This is what I like to see. No refs jumping in as well is nice.

Автор michael westin ( назад)
Damn each one of those boys were throwing ko punches

Автор RyantheMuffinMan ( назад)
Battlefield one is fun

Автор Jon Nigaavich ( назад)

Автор DesmondRC ( назад)
2 fights? When it says multiple. I was looking for a load of fights. What a waste of my time

Автор Nicolas Rebollar ( назад)
Wait the refs didn't pull them away from the start why?

Автор eastbeast95 ( назад)
Anderson can throw them Stuart is always a tough customer

Автор the dyslexic ( назад)
Stewart had him but got focused on ripping the guys helmet off to save his hands. only reason he got clocked at the end.

Автор Sean Glancey ( назад)
Wild win both fights but lose the game 😔

Автор KaneIGetACup ( назад)
why the game misconducts?

Автор Chris Fruetel ( назад)
I love all the hockey fight experts that think that the loser is the guy that falls to the ice first. not true. if we are looking at the fights alone they were pretty much draws. what happens after the fights determines the winners. the wild got frustrated and it pumped the blue jackets up more. the wild didn't have their mojo going like they should have and the BJ's played phenomenally. I'd say we lost to a very worthy opponent. if our win streak had to end I'm glad it ended this way, by a team that is genuinely good at hockey. now the BJ's just need to beat the old win streak record.

Автор MrBreese13 ( назад)
Being a hockey fight fan is like being a Trump supporter as far as the media is concerned.  You like Trump, you are a racist.  You like hockey fights, you are a mindless knuckledragger.   All these idiots in the media, who are mostly anti fighting misread by a wide margin the popularity of fighting similar to the way the mainstream media missed on the Trump victory.  Further proof that if you follow main stream media as your primary sense of news...you are a tool.

Автор Cecil Meredith ( назад)
stewart is still my favorite player. i was so happy when they signed him

Автор Snipxng ( назад)
New rivalry??

Автор THEmrMATTERS ( назад)
I can't wait for the playoffs. Both of these teams are going to choke on their own vomit, come the postseason.

Автор Loyalty1269 ( назад)
Stewart always hype before the fight. Chirping to go. I farted by the way and it indeed smelled of mothafuckin rottted beef

Автор TheDragonSmasher ( назад)

Автор Mr. Tv ( назад)
0:33 that butt slap 😂

Автор CurtCheeseburger Beltpants ( назад)
i expected like 3 or 4 fights ...

Автор eagegae Vgeagagea ( назад)
It's official. The blue jackets can't be stopped.

Автор eagegae Vgeagagea ( назад)
This fight was better than rousey vs nunes 😂😂😂

Автор AJAX BEATZ ( назад)
Oh sure they let them fight. But not McQuaid...

Автор MSGBlueshirts ( назад)
That's dumb to give them game misconducts, but that's the new NHL we have to live with

Автор Jack Wall ( назад)
hope they make it to da final it would be fun

Автор Masentaja ( назад)
everytime when stewart fights ive seen his stomach xD

Автор Alessandro Scuderi ( назад)
Kind of bullshit Stewart has try to take of his opponent's helmet cus of the visor in the middle of the fight and gets caught and dropped because of it.

Автор BarcaFC39 ( назад)
Ok not a jackets fan but man they're doing good these season.

Автор henry frisell ( назад)
Wild won tbh with the fights

Автор London Doyle ( назад)
That where 12 game-winning chicken now zero

Автор Adam Moreira ( назад)
At least Chris Stewart had more endurance in this fight than Ronda Rousey did in hers 😂

Автор AngusArt Entertainment ( назад)
Stewart got Falcon PUUUUNCHED!!!

Автор Kassidi Dick ( назад)
these two teams meet in the finals would be kinda epic

Автор wuBs world ( назад)
"It's New Years Eve!" lol fkn dummy

Автор Zack ( назад)
Two of the best fights I've seen all season so far. Love how pumped up the Blue Jackets bench was during the first fight

Автор josh mcbride ( назад)
Gotta love hockey

Автор Colton Linn ( назад)
And people want to ban fighting?
If you're one of those people... screw you!

Автор Seamus Belisle ( назад)
stewarts are like 12 sizes too big

Автор hockeycub19 ( назад)
Stewart loss that fight and. Calvert lost his

Автор 00mufffinzz00 ( назад)
what was the reason for the two game misconducts on Calvert and Dumba?

Автор TOR Hockeycards ( назад)
That was such a cool game. But which game was more exciting. Columbus vs Minnesota or Toronto vs Vancouver?

Автор The Rowe Report- NHL news channel ( назад)
nice fights!

Автор Sawyer The GREAT ( назад)

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