The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • This isn’t just a computer bug. It’s a scandal.
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    Two Boeing airplanes have fallen out of the air and crashed in the past six months. On the surface, this is a technical failure. But the real story is about a company's desire to beat their rival.
    Read about Boeing's efforts to get the 737 Max reinstated for flight here: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out
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  • Horatio Moonraker

    The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice.

    I heard you the first time,

  • Fire alarm 8
    Fire alarm 8 4 hours ago

    And yet boeing still does not want to take full responsibility.....

  • Ice Cube
    Ice Cube 5 hours ago

    Don't buy American products

  • L Henderson
    L Henderson 7 hours ago

    so sad

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen 10 hours ago

    Boeing's upper management should be made to pay for their crimes against Humanity with their own lives.

  • Miles Morales
    Miles Morales 11 hours ago

    Lives, mums, dads, teenagers, children, babies, elderly, PEOPLES LIVES < business competition for the sake of being better than a competitor everywhere despite their optimum markets being different

  • Devika Majumder
    Devika Majumder 15 hours ago

    i never wanna fly a b737 at ALL

  • asdsdjf asdjxajiosdqw
    asdsdjf asdjxajiosdqw 15 hours ago +2

    If these ever take off again, it will only be in the US. No way European regulators will let this disgusting mistake fly again. As opposed to the Yanks, our regulators and watchdogs are not in the pocket of the very people they need to hold to account.

  • Laura Bongaardt
    Laura Bongaardt 18 hours ago

    They wouldn't have sent the aircraft out if they didn't think it was ready. Even if for no other reason than that crashes are bad for business. Problem was they were wrong and the FAA apparently didn't catch it either. I'm confident the ensuing lawsuits and loss of money will ensure they will reassess their methods.

  • Juve Zhang
    Juve Zhang 19 hours ago

    Even 737 max changes name who want to test flight with new MCAS? No one wants to be the passenger anymore? should be totally abandoned,never be operated again.grounded forever.

  • DaBriars
    DaBriars Day ago

    Than you for uploading and explaining MCAS

  • Danny
    Danny Day ago

    MCAS designed and build by apple needs constant updates that change nothing

  • Fung Chi Leung
    Fung Chi Leung Day ago

    Too sad and too bad ! It should never happen ! Thanks for sharing !

  • Lord Zuko
    Lord Zuko Day ago

    How did Boeing manage to escape unscathed? I havent seen any news that says boeing is getting punished for this. Correct me if I am wrong.

    • Lord Zuko
      Lord Zuko 16 hours ago +1

      Laura Bongaardt glad to hear that. It is extremely disgusting to see hundreds of people dying so that someone can fill his pockets.
      Boeing needs to pay for this, dearly.

    • Laura Bongaardt
      Laura Bongaardt 18 hours ago +1

      O, there are plenty of lawsuits. I've read somewhere it's over 100. Just type Google. They're going to pay dearly for this. Should be a good lesson for carelessness and greed.

  • Michael Hope
    Michael Hope Day ago +1

    MCAS : May Crash Any Second

  • Rudolf Goldenbaum
    Rudolf Goldenbaum Day ago +1

    Because Joseph Joestar was on both flights

  • Logan Speight
    Logan Speight Day ago

    Who woulda thought cutting corners on an aircraft would end in disaster?
    Oh wait

  • sgtcrab1
    sgtcrab1 Day ago

    No Chinese engineers!

  • Psycho Killer
    Psycho Killer Day ago

    How aircraft safety design evolves: a field of coffins at a time.

  • maxer qusai
    maxer qusai Day ago

    Airbus: im the safest plane in the world
    Boeing: hold my 737 max
    also Boeing: ah s**t

  • bejin vijin
    bejin vijin Day ago

    Air bus is a good saife flight

  • bejin vijin
    bejin vijin Day ago

    Don't travel boeing 737 max

  • martin crespo
    martin crespo Day ago

    Profits before people...nothing new here

  • r Negoro
    r Negoro Day ago +1

    Okay so why dont they increase the height of the plane instead to make room for the engine ? The fix isnt that amazing honestly.

  • Splatterson Gamer


  • rocketomega11
    rocketomega11 Day ago

    It is made in USA

  • Nouman Hossain
    Nouman Hossain 2 days ago

    Boeing has to take responsibilities for both the crashes

  • Elliott E
    Elliott E 2 days ago

    An unbalanced software .... sensors... Dont these people learn anything from past crashes ??

  • Muhudin Ahmed
    Muhudin Ahmed 2 days ago +2

    I don't convince the software but better to remove mcas.
    The pilot should have the control of the plane.

  • Tconcept 2001
    Tconcept 2001 2 days ago

    It is sheer folley to keep producing an aircraft with known (and unknown) faults. If the max needs hardware changes (which I suspect it might, given that we are fast approaching September and the "software fix" updates have gone very quiet), boeing would have alot of work to do retro fitting all the parked up planes. It may not even be financially viable or physically possible to re-engineer the max, what would boeing do then? It's a little late to start designing a new plane. Would they approach Airbus and build the Neo under licence in a new era of "collaboration"?

  • DanaGaming
    DanaGaming 2 days ago

    Lets do the math oh how capitalist thinks, keep in mind that this is in no way shape or form factual, this is just satire.
    AirPlane sells at 121milj dollars, with ofc discount, so lets round up the plain cost to 100milj for sake of ease.
    Manufacturing costs should be around 50% of the price so we end up of profit of 50milj per plane
    Development costs lets say 5000milj or 5bilj.
    Plane sold +350 unites
    50milj * 350 = 17500milj or 17,5bilj of profits
    17,5bilj - 5bilj = 12,5bilj in profits
    victims 350, each family gaining +800k which will be 280milj in loses
    Airplane being grounded on airports estimated cost 6bilj in total to various companies (local newspaper count).
    12,5bilj - 280milj - 6bilj = 6,22bilj in profits
    So after all the s**t storm Boeing made a killing, pun intended.

  • Big bio QQ
    Big bio QQ 2 days ago

    Mcas: may I dive

  • Vikalp Paul
    Vikalp Paul 2 days ago

    So now the business, the money is more important than human lives. Shame on you Boeing. Just to compete with your rival, you rolled out an unstable technology that resulted in tremendous human loss. Disgusting!!

  • Manuel Bencomo
    Manuel Bencomo 2 days ago

    They need to be in prison for life


    Yeah when i heard the news of lion air (because i live in jakarta) i thought it was good and its show crash to the sea and thats why i fear of lion air when using Boeing

  • John White
    John White 2 days ago +1

    panorama BBC (best broadcaster in the world!) did a great documentary on this but I don't live UK so I can't upload it ? anyone able to do that ?

    • pedroSilesia
      pedroSilesia Day ago

      you called BBC the best broadcaster in the world? You are clearly mentally ill.

  • ibrahim sher
    ibrahim sher 2 days ago

    Their attempt to saving money has ended up costing them alot more money (and peoples lives)

  • António Margalho
    António Margalho 3 days ago

    An app, basically ... they used an app. This is not a RC plane, these are lives ... hundreds of lives. Let's just see if anyone at all goes to jail.

  • Rj Billiones
    Rj Billiones 3 days ago

    Just like made in china product cheap but no last longer

  • RubCuber
    RubCuber 3 days ago +2

    Wow, I never thought I flew on a plane that caused so many deaths :O

  • Dark Friday
    Dark Friday 3 days ago

    Its on the interweb! It has to be 100% correct!!!!

  • Salvatore Toto
    Salvatore Toto 3 days ago

    Me no flying in the max. Nooooo way jose

  • Sigit kusmaryanto
    Sigit kusmaryanto 3 days ago +7

    Boeing is called Boeing because every time you fly it boings

  • ThreePhaseHigh
    ThreePhaseHigh 3 days ago

    The plane flies like a dream Ethiopian pilots just don’t get enough training never happened to our American train pilot. Our pilot training is second to none.

    • ThreePhaseHigh
      ThreePhaseHigh 17 hours ago

      Well that’s because of the government and politics plus all those pilots that don’t get trained here.

    • Observer 33210
      Observer 33210 18 hours ago

      @ThreePhaseHigh If the crashes were purely due to bad piloting, why has the Max been grounded for more than 5 months now? You had better tell the international regulators to unground the plane immediately!

    • ThreePhaseHigh
      ThreePhaseHigh Day ago

      Observer 33210 Only a poorly trained pilot. Flip one switch and you have full control

    • Observer 33210
      Observer 33210 Day ago

      Sure, it flies like a dream until it starts to nosedive, and nosedive, and nosedive!

    • ThreePhaseHigh
      ThreePhaseHigh 2 days ago

      Scott Irvine Only to say I am a pilot and the thing flies like a dream. Still everyone’s entitled to their opinion thanks for the reply.

  • Gerard Gallagher
    Gerard Gallagher 3 days ago +23

    How about a $1 switch in cockpit, MCAS OFF!

    • ヤサ*
      ヤサ* Day ago +5

      You can turn it off. Boeing just chose not to tell the pilots they could.

  • thera plane
    thera plane 3 days ago

    Boeing 👎 Airbus 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • thera plane
    thera plane 3 days ago


  • Joey VanOstrand
    Joey VanOstrand 3 days ago

    Can't feed your people? Certainly can't fly a plane.

  • akimmbo
    akimmbo 3 days ago

    These major carriers operate on such slim margins, even subbing out a lot of their flights to smaller airlines with poor maintenance records, hey, it all boils down to might $$. The lives lost are considered collateral damage, The end game is to keep the planes in the air with the minimum of cost or investment in upkeep. I used to fly everywhere, now, I haven't flown in years and years. I'll drive, thank you. Sure it takes longer...first you have to simplify your life so that you don't 'need' to be anywhere so fast. No one is as important as they think. ;-)

  • jemuel martis
    jemuel martis 3 days ago

    So my question is, u won't be flying a boeing right. The airliner has both of them... when the airbus break down and they put in a boeing..... what will be your next move? Oh jeah u won't fly them again right? Just stay home or buy some wings stupidoss

  • Larry S
    Larry S 3 days ago

    Nobody went to prison over this.

  • Mariusz Fidzinski
    Mariusz Fidzinski 3 days ago +1

    1:00 - not loose, but simply not to earn... fwhat are you talking about?

  • Matt DiSandro
    Matt DiSandro 3 days ago

    You cant trust any companies once they too big your just a $ sign

  • Prasad A
    Prasad A 3 days ago

    Which plane does the CEO of Boeing fly.

  • Nokomako
    Nokomako 3 days ago +1


  • 8 of 11 assimilted
    8 of 11 assimilted 3 days ago

    i know one thing, whatever Vox says, believe the opposite and you won't be far wrong. on ANYTHING

    • Emile K
      Emile K 3 days ago +1

      well in that case, Enjoy Your Flight!!

  • Daniel Moolman
    Daniel Moolman 4 days ago +7

    I just realised. if you are watching this on a computer and laptop, you have better equipment than many 737 max pilots got when training.

  • Daniel Moolman
    Daniel Moolman 4 days ago

    This isn't the first time Boeing has had legal troubles. A year ago Boeing attempted to put a 300% tariff on a new Canadian plane to stop it from competing with them. After Airbus intervened, they removed it, but it's still bad how they attempted to destroy their company for their own benefit.

  • Omkar Khalipe
    Omkar Khalipe 4 days ago

    Good to see Boeing taking precautions now... But I as a customer also take a precaution, I just make sure before every flight booking, that it's not a boeing... always travel by airbus

  • dizzy fox
    dizzy fox 4 days ago

    Dude this guys my bestfriends dad died on this plane accident in Ethiopia it destroyed her life they were in debt and there house was about to be taken

  • Daniel Omni
    Daniel Omni 4 days ago

    That was not an explanation. The interaction of trim and stabilizer was not explained. MCAS has over-adjusted the stabilizer. Even after disabling MCAS, the pilots could no longer manually trim back. The air resistance was too strong.

  • Your Buddy
    Your Buddy 4 days ago

    In case of cabin depressurization, our new CO mask will drop automatically.

  • Srikanth Tirumala
    Srikanth Tirumala 4 days ago

    The best explanation given. Boeing has played with the lives of innocent people in their greed for Business and must be punished. Also it's a grave lapse from the FAA

  • DeepDownDerp - Quality Entertainment!

    When you have a plane that the engineers don't want to make and the pilots don't want to fly, you shouldn't be mass producing it.

  • The Meds Channel
    The Meds Channel 5 days ago

    Why did the pilots get trained on a iPad

  • SvT
    SvT 5 days ago

    If my memory serves me correctly, Boeing has a history of producing faulty planes. I vaguely remember the empennage of one of the models would not allow the plane to descend due to a faulty design.

  • primalfury2011
    primalfury2011 5 days ago

    what bigger engine was put into it ?

  • Timetryp
    Timetryp 5 days ago

    This is costing Boeing hundreds of millions. No one will ever trust this plane now.

  • Jeremy K
    Jeremy K 5 days ago

    This is about right for how American companies do business as they don't care about lives. Not only Boeing just look at American cars like how Ford decided to pay out death claims instead of fixing a $2 problem on the Pinto or how GM hid the ignition switch issue! American way of doing business

  • Avinash Prabhu
    Avinash Prabhu 5 days ago

    I hope this is a lesson for all those companies around the world make better products and you will earn money automatically and make products to earn money you loose everything..... Passion is important not success...

  • Martin Juul Andersen

    Its because of Trump....

  • Olympia
    Olympia 5 days ago +1

    At first, i love the 737 Max. But because of this, i like the new A320neo. Boeing wants to beat Airbus, but best selling doesn’t mean that its safe.

  • geronimo
    geronimo 6 days ago

    BOEING should be in trial for this.

  • phayke
    phayke 6 days ago

    this is america

  • ivan tan
    ivan tan 6 days ago

    Real reason is greed.