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The Carvengers have been betrayed and launch an all-out assault on the Rampist!

Join the guys of Smosh Games as they play through Grand Theft Auto V online. Each week a new adventure, each week more mayhem!

Wes Johnson @Wes_IRL
David Moss @LaserCorn
Joshua Ovenshire @TheJovenshire
AmRa Ricketts @FLitz
Matt Sohinki @Sohinki
Mari Takahashi @atomicmari

Directed by: Matt Raub
Produced by Alex Hluch & Matt Raub
Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
Smosh Games Creative Director: Matt Raub
Lead Producer: Alex Hluch
First Assistant Director: Tanner Risner
Second Assistant Director: Andy Garwig
Associate Producer: Rebecca Doyle
Production Designer: Tayler Nicholson
Director of Photography: Nick Giomuso
Sound: Greg Jones
Technical Director: Tim Baker
DIT/Media Management: Tim Baker
Post-Production Supervisor: Brett Noborikawa
Editor: Doug Yablun
Editor: Kyle Herman
Assistant Editor: Lee Wilson

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Просмотров: 312639
Длительность: 17:29
Комментарии: 904

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Автор Darren Hush ( назад)
Joven,sohinki and mari vs Wes,lazercorn and fllits

Автор Isky M ( назад)
12:13 why in the background there's a creepy looking face??

Автор Giovanni Portella ( назад)
Mari looks like ihascupquake in this episode

Автор RJ James ( назад)
I love that Mari switches sides as soon as she notices that Sohinki's yacht is all glowing and shit. Mari is easily convinced to betray her friends and I love it.

Автор WeboKonAroz ( назад)
Pierre is the single greatest addition to the team. His accent has me rolling XD

Автор GamingWithDia ( назад)
hi joven and ram

Автор The Challengers ( назад)
Guys need some ideas for youtube channel

Автор HardCourGamers ( назад)
The Davy Jones locker joke is from spongebob

Автор Austin Robertson ( назад)
10:47 what is this song i want 2 know

Автор Liam Gers ( назад)
What is that song Flitz was 🎤 a parody of at 10:46?

Автор The Awesome Gamer ( назад)
The rampist was my favorite

Автор 21j21 ( назад)

Автор VvAgreeingDuke Hermosilla ( назад)
Business man: I get 200,000 a year
Smosh: I just get money for playing video games

Автор Wolf Girl ( назад)
Hey smosh I just want to say thank u for making a 11 year old laugh during a bad time or a bad life even I shouldn't watch ur vids but idc what people say I'm still watching. U make me believe that God can heal my aunt by smiles and laughters again I oh u a lot thank u again 😊

Автор dan riioz ( назад)
You should do a collab with the Vanoss Crew 👌🏻

Автор Kristopher Gerhart ( назад)

Автор Andrew Smith ( назад)
Sohinki look Like t bag from prison break

Автор DrakoDragonis ( назад)
Haven't been on in a while..Wes, I'm not sure whether I'm glad or sad to see you've changed into an Anime character >.=.<

Автор I Love Memes ( назад)
50% of comments:

[Get off yo lazy ass] Where is Maricraft

Other 50%:

Car puns. Carvil War

Автор ProvableCow ( назад)
When does maricraft comeback ?

Автор Dante Cincotta ( назад)

Автор Dillon Brandon ( назад)
mari, le chien means "the dog"

Автор herp derp ( назад)
It would be a lot cooler if you could destroy boats

Автор Glass of Juice ( назад)
carvil war

Автор Noah Goes Nuts 2 ( назад)
"Technology is not a power!" -Flitz

Tell that to Iron Man

Автор An American ( назад)
I can't stop laughing

Автор mysteriousgamer ( назад)
sohinki sounds sick.

Автор Jacob Aronow ( назад)
2:40 what the heck was that

Автор Thommo ( назад)
I wonder if I can cargobob the plane Joven - 2017

Автор Ian Master ( назад)
Make more of dis please?

Автор Isaac Johnson ( назад)

Автор Mikbiter15 ( назад)
Carvengers Civil War

Автор Brandon. M. Wint ( назад)
Pierre La Pierre is a HERO!!!

Автор elizabete 101 ( назад)
what hapend to maricraft???

Автор LG Plays ( назад)
The Rampist could be the leader of the Legion of Vroom

Автор Captain Pugwash ( назад)
One side is full of ramps, and the other is full of gadgets... i wonder who will win....

Автор Travis Gardner ( назад)
17:09 don't you mean a civil wheel :)

Автор Matthew Ward ( назад)
Could You Do That My Trigger Part 3

Автор Kyrk Salado ( назад)
please do minecraft saw

Автор Logan Howlett ( назад)
Carvengers: Age of Pierre

Автор Chocolate ThunderBear ( назад)
I'm with Turbro, Blaquaman, and Hoppy McF*ckboy...

Автор PotatoBoy ( назад)
sohinki face at 15:59

Автор Shadow Lord ( назад)
This needs to be an actual movie

Автор CrossGames ( назад)
Since when is Lasercorn on the heroes' side

Автор Mystical Bunny ( назад)
What are sohikis headphones in this episode

Автор I'm Just A Phan ( назад)
Y'alls next episode should be called Suicide Squad: Civil War

Автор Anakin Skywalker ( назад)
Where is maricraft?

Автор Jonathan Coyne ( назад)
So apparently I have watched every gts episode at least once... I regret nothing.

Автор Jeremy Hayes ( назад)
What happened to the band of Brothers that were the Carvengets? What have they devolved to? Saddening

Автор PANWOLFGOD ( назад)
Rampist sounds like a Canadian in South Park

Автор Tacos For Life! ( назад)
no way when I was seeing this I was seeing civil war

Автор Javier Ramirez ( назад)
im always wondering y wes dies his hair

Автор Ravender Dragon ( назад)
I just realized sohinki looks kinda like the guy in gta IV

Автор TeamJNJ ( назад)
But I think I need Sohin's "Buh buh buhhh" at the end for my message tone cause it's perfect aight?

Автор Filthy Vladimir ( назад)
Stop the hair dye please

Автор Angelo Pacpaco ( назад)
sorry wrong spelling

Автор ofmayakashi ( назад)
that was possibly the best thing i've ever seen... i'm not even joking

Автор Tyler Corwin ( назад)
You guys should do a Grand Theft Smosh rap

Автор DownFeast GT ( назад)
Who loves Mari?#MariDaBest

Автор David Naumovski ( назад)
11: 36 Something to laugh about!!Trust me!

Автор David Naumovski ( назад)
So The Carvengers are going to have a Civil War!!COOL!!!
Turbro,Blaquaman and Hoppy Mcfuckboy are going to win for sure!IF they play their cars right.

Автор TGSPORTS9 ( назад)
After Carvengers you should do more trigger words

Автор Alicea Noah ( назад)
do another trigger word please!!!!!!!!

Автор JP Doucette ( назад)
whats the song that is playing at the start? ive been wondering for many ages please and thank you

Автор Julie Kavanagh ( назад)
It seems SoHin has discovered what I only realized after 5 years of learning French: the letter r sounds fucked up when spoken with the accent.

Автор King Dragon ( назад)
#DustyPyramidRampist!! The cArvengers must be...deleted. Go team T.O.I.W.A.P.T.S.H. DELETE, DELETE, DELETE THE CARVENGERS!!

Автор Ajoni Webb ( назад)
#cilvil war

Автор Angelo Pacpaco ( назад)
the side of blackquaman,turbro and happy MCF**k boy

Автор Primarina and the Diancies ( назад)
Sohinki, Mari, and Joven= Nohr
Wes, Lasercorn, and Flitz= Hoshido

Автор Ivan Reyes ( назад)
Mari is totally harley quin and sohinki is totally joker😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Alex Ray ( назад)
they're 4 episodes in and they are already fighting

Автор I am emo but in a Gerard Way ( назад)
I choose Wes flitz and Laser

Автор The Guy With Hands ( назад)
This channel is garbage

Автор jade johnson ( назад)
Sohinki is a Technopath

Автор Beth Phillips ( назад)
He should have put defence on

Автор amrith Krishnakumar ( назад)
what happened to maricraft

Автор Auke1993 ( назад)
I love Pierre!

Автор Jorge Garcia ( назад)
OH, look. Joven and mari are being completely useless. I'm shocked. Also, a Frenchman who refuses to fight? Surprising...

Автор Chance Simeon ( назад)
shoud have uses reveal player

Автор Supercook49 ( назад)
Oh and Sohinki you're a fucking pussy and I hope u burn in hell

Автор Zaneh Mahmoud ( назад)
But pier could kill all of them and they can't find him

Автор Dyamond Hilliard ( назад)
I'm In Love With Wes And His Hair😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😚😚😚😚😙😙😙

Автор Super Barbatos ( назад)
2 more episode

Автор Delta ( назад)
Mari can move on a wheelchair with the tail

Автор JETPACKGUY 37 ( назад)

Автор Dwagin ( назад)
This channel fucking sucks ass and you upload content nobody wants to even see.........................

Автор Bevis Butthead ( назад)

Автор assface626 ( назад)
that moment when you realize mari did a kamikaze attack

Автор Michael Smith ( назад)
Lasercorn's one liners are absolutely fantastic 👏🏻 kudos my man

Автор Jo Kendrick ( назад)
Can sohinki always talk like Pier

Автор Mr Kayhan ( назад)
save them from the cult

Автор Saba Iftikhar ( назад)
Hoppy is the best 😂

Автор Ryan du Preez ( назад)

Автор Scott Konetski ( назад)
Pierre la Pierre 🇫🇷

Автор Bree Bibble ( назад)
Wes will probably join Pierre if they have cookies and cake.....

Автор Astoria Davis ( назад)
Ahhhhhhhhh I want maricraft back

Автор Regina Garcia ( назад)
Beat that French son of a donkey

Автор Supercook49 ( назад)
It would be cool if you could actually sink the yacht

Автор Rogue Knight ( назад)
Special vid idea Tour Jovens car's back like the tailgate (I can't Remember the name of it)

Автор Caleb Budden ( назад)
I always thought that it was spelled "Red Rampus"

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