8 Cars That Were Sales Flops!! (No One Bought Them)

  • Published on Jan 12, 2018
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  • Viral Vehicles
    Viral Vehicles  Year ago +355

    I reply to EVERY comment in the first 6 hours! :D (except trolls)

    • Smashing Vacuums
      Smashing Vacuums 2 days ago


    • Smashing Vacuums
      Smashing Vacuums 2 days ago


    • Tu Sancho
      Tu Sancho 11 days ago

      Viral Vehicles even one year later ???

    • Uncle Joe Stalin
      Uncle Joe Stalin 19 days ago

      @atish gurung Buy it! Didn't go on sale here, Aust, else might have been the first USofA vehicle to crack double-digits sales. Cool car.

    • Uncle Joe Stalin
      Uncle Joe Stalin 19 days ago

      @Steven Boswell A great car. The world just wasn't ready.

  • Amon Lord
    Amon Lord 6 hours ago

    agreed all the way exept the 500L wich is quiet popular in germany!

  • Red_drizzi
    Red_drizzi 7 hours ago

    When people say this car was made in our home soil Australia it sells
    But in America when people say that it doesn’t sell

  • Sam Elliott
    Sam Elliott Day ago

    Why would they market the VW Phaeton as an Audi A10 when it's already marketed as an Audi A8?

  • Luke Redding I
    Luke Redding I Day ago

    You spelled Aztek wrong dumbass

  • Official Xeon Steel
    Official Xeon Steel 2 days ago +1

    Would like to see a video of the horrible Yugo vehicles. That would be great! Knew a friend back in the early 90's who had a Yugo and literally everything was falling off. Inner door side panels and the 5 speed handle fell off and he had to use a wrench to shift gears!? 🤣🤣🤣

  • ItzKy
    ItzKy 2 days ago

    suzuki viatra maybe

  • MinisterC
    MinisterC 3 days ago

    The new NSX.

  • Krum Nedelchev
    Krum Nedelchev 3 days ago

    2:30 that car is actually nice

  • Luis Alberto Pinto Sanchez

    I didn’t know the Chevy SSR. I like it, looks very cool

  • trace milloy
    trace milloy 4 days ago

    The yugo

  • Neil Hays
    Neil Hays 5 days ago

    i wonder why Fiat decided to to name it the 500L

  • MUGGE52
    MUGGE52 5 days ago

    volvo 480

    BLOXICOLA 5 days ago


    What the heck with the fiat omg

  • Greg Barry
    Greg Barry 6 days ago +4

    Cadillac Cimmaron, Any Oldsmobile Diesel, PT Cruiser, Chrysler/Maseratt TC

  • gg gaming
    gg gaming 6 days ago

    Ford 6.0 leter diesel engine

  • K3V1N
    K3V1N 6 days ago

    I see Doug DeMuro’s video and guess the car!

    Pontiac Aztek

  • organboi
    organboi 6 days ago

    I always loved the Kazashi.

  • organboi
    organboi 6 days ago +3

    The SSR is hideous. That was probably a big factor.

  • Sam Principe
    Sam Principe 7 days ago +1

    I only wish that GM would hire me for their think tanks because who they have in there now isn't doing much thinking, at least that is my opinion.....Now this vehicle, the SSR...if they , General Motors wanted to really sell to their 'intended"audience, that being 18-35 bracket then they should of done this...1...get the price down...you reduce it by providing nothing power as standard equipment...if you want it you buy it like options...so power nothing for the exeption of power door locks(keyless remotes), 2... have a 2.4 litre engine as standard or you can upgrade to the LS1 corvette engine for an additional amount..(if people want that type of engine, they will pay the extra).,..3rd make standard transmission the standard equipment and allow upgrade to a automatic at a optional price tag,.,,4th and final,...the MSRP with what i just described with a standard(equiped) transmission ...The price for the SSR needs to be in the price range of not to exceed $25,000 USD plus taxes.....General Motors, you , simply can not put a nostelgic vehicle on the market with a retail of $41000 USD and expect your'target audience" to come knocking on the dealership doors to purchase it.,Its no wonder you were getting the ages of 50-65 purchasing it(they are the only ones who could afford it going for your 41,000 plus options USD).... When you are at the particular age group of 18-thru 35 in the middle to later part of the age bracket are thinking somewhat long term...getting married , buying a house and starting a family.,... the last thing on the minds of your"targeted audience": is buying a "nostelgic car"....Now if you put the price down to an affordable price then you would of at minimum trippled your sales on this beauty....Anyway, thats my 2cents !..Peace!

  • Robin Egberts
    Robin Egberts 7 days ago

    Wheres the audi a2?

  • Shane Ares
    Shane Ares 7 days ago +14

    0:54 “likely considered to be one of The ugliest cars ever made”
    Me: ...Two words: Nissan Juke

    • Olliges74
      Olliges74 Day ago

      Juke was pretty bad, but Citroen C4 Cactus in Europe takes the cake.

    • damyan gang
      damyan gang 2 days ago

      Mercedes Benz f 015

    • Meneer Noah
      Meneer Noah 5 days ago +7

      Fiat Multipla

  • Jeff Sc
    Jeff Sc 8 days ago

    Omg, this is utter bull shit. The Aztek didnt contribute to Pontiac's demise. Pontaic was discontinued along with Olds, hummer, Saturn, etc following the bankruptcy. SsR was planned as limited production. Delorean was a POS and John was a crook. Gawd cant watch anymore.

  • Android X
    Android X 9 days ago

    dodge dart

  • Rich
    Rich 9 days ago

    The AMC Pacer.

  • Terry
    Terry 10 days ago

    Pontiak aztek is one of the ugliest cars ever built ?
    Such euphemism

  • BikeStuff
    BikeStuff 10 days ago

    DeLorean never got busted, it was conspiracy to get caught laws. thats how they got fucked over

  • BikeStuff
    BikeStuff 10 days ago +1

    The Aztek is ahead of its time.

  • The Anonymous
    The Anonymous 10 days ago +2

    The V6 wasn't bad on the DMC, it's the same as the Alpine V6 Turbo

  • Barb Skrypek
    Barb Skrypek 11 days ago

    What about the Yugo?

  • hoodoo2001
    hoodoo2001 11 days ago

    My retired neighbor across the street bought one of these new to go with his 55 Chevy. I think he got the SSR for his wife. It just looked weird.

  • brian blaze
    brian blaze 11 days ago

    i saw number 1 & 2 cars that i saw in real life no joke

  • ago wa
    ago wa 11 days ago +13

    DeLorean didn't get caught with any drugs it was conspiracy to import in other words he got set up by DEA and FBI.

  • Brian Blankenship
    Brian Blankenship 12 days ago +1

    It's a shame about Suzuki though. In my experience anyways they were bullet proof vehicles.

  • lee shafer
    lee shafer 13 days ago

    he was sadly acquitted of those cocaine charges

  • Annyai Presoski
    Annyai Presoski 13 days ago

    What is up everybody? Is that what some rabbit cartoon used to say?

  • bass man
    bass man 13 days ago

    You are a Flop Viral Vehicles

  • bass man
    bass man 13 days ago

    The delorean is Not a Flop

  • Samantha
    Samantha 13 days ago

    I actually liked the Aztek and the SSR

  • erwin vb
    erwin vb 13 days ago +2

    3:00 That isn't the full story, he was found to be not guilty

  • Gregory Reese
    Gregory Reese 14 days ago

    Did you omit the Edsel just to be different? For Heaven's sake, its failure was due almost entirely to its failure to meet sales expectations (ostensibly the exact subject of this video!) expectations generated by one of the biggest pre-release marketing campaigns ever.

  • MsE Phillips
    MsE Phillips 15 days ago +2

    I like the SSR mini truck, its odd and unique, small enough for a girl like me
    I would love to have a red one.
    It reminds me of the Subaru Baja truck. Oh, how I am in love with the Subaru. I have been researching these truck since the first day they brought it out. Every time I see one, which is rear, ride down the street, my heart melt. Because I want one so badly.

  • Crispy and Spicy
    Crispy and Spicy 15 days ago

    the Chevy SSR looks like a hot wheels car. i'm surprised it flopped

  • Malvin Melendez
    Malvin Melendez 15 days ago


  • kamran102
    kamran102 15 days ago

    Most of these cars look weird or plain ugly. That is a big issue..

  • Ethos Music
    Ethos Music 15 days ago

    Spiders weaving webs in the fuel tank... ?? WHAT TF ?

  • Randall White
    Randall White 15 days ago

    I'm sure you've been asked this, but what about the briefly made Canadian Bricklin?

    • LeafyIsHere
      LeafyIsHere 15 days ago

      Yeah I’d call that more of a flop than the DMC 12

  • kurdish gamer
    kurdish gamer 15 days ago

    Plymouth prowler

  • Karina Rivera
    Karina Rivera 16 days ago

    I've always wondered why do companies come up with ugly ass cars?

  • Alex Morrison
    Alex Morrison 16 days ago

    Ssr looks sooo good

  • Derek Hutchinson
    Derek Hutchinson 16 days ago

    American cars only.

  • S Bains
    S Bains 17 days ago

    Great video
    Did you hear that at Pontiac the ceo made all of the managers drive one every day because no one else would 😂

  • pizza party man
    pizza party man 18 days ago

    I want the ssr

  • michael herron
    michael herron 18 days ago

    Deloreon is a great car :) the worst is Fiat Multipla, bloody ugly car, same as the last few VW Golf, horrible cars

  • Michael Bruchas
    Michael Bruchas 18 days ago +2

    Ahhh, the Phaeton. Try to find one used...

  • Ethan Patrick
    Ethan Patrick 18 days ago +1

    Ford ranger airbag recall

  • Graham Williams
    Graham Williams 18 days ago

    No ford etsel ok

  • Golden Retriever
    Golden Retriever 18 days ago

    I know you already mentioned Pontiac but the 2004 to 2006 GTO was quite a disaster too
    For those who don’t know it was just a rebadged Holden Monaro from Australia
    Which didn’t sit well with GTO loyalists

  • Shawn wemet
    Shawn wemet 19 days ago

    Ford 500, that was to take the place of the Taurus and after a few years it was dropped and Taurus came back. Ford Probe, Dodge Nitro

  • ivan moody
    ivan moody 19 days ago

    Figures at least half were American cars

  • Chris at stagweber (VMad)

    Triumph Stag. Only made 25,877 from 1970 to 1977 before the project died due to engine unreliability. Was a great car spoilt only by poor quality control at the factory and lack of response to the engine problems. Now that engine problems are understood and solvable it is powering ahead as one of the worlds most liked classic cars and has a very high survival rate. facebook.com/stagweber/photos/a.1097451427006478/1097451263673161/?type=1&theater

  • AngryHatter
    AngryHatter 19 days ago

    SSR was a nice chev

  • AngryHatter
    AngryHatter 19 days ago

    Aztec is a vibe.

  • Pete Cowan
    Pete Cowan 19 days ago

    How about Acura ZDX? I work in the factory that used to build the chassis components. At the height of production we used to run 30 A MONTH!!! I remember months of less than 5 sales!!! Only built them for 2 yrs...

  • Bill Cenne
    Bill Cenne 19 days ago +1

    the Aztek is one helluva lot better looking that lots and lots of cars on the road today.

    • Bill Cenne
      Bill Cenne 15 days ago

      Wrong. I saw three of them this week. They are a better looking SUV than a Scion xB, Nissan Juke, and better looking than the Toyota Prizm and Smart Fourtwo.

    • Andrew M
      Andrew M 16 days ago

      No it's not

  • OreoS.
    OreoS. 19 days ago

    Oh yeah how come I saw a Pontiac Aztec on the road nub?? 😳

    • I are ur dad
      I are ur dad 17 days ago

      Because they're not that fucking rare dumbass. Just because they flopped in sales it doesn't mean no one bought them

  • John Doe
    John Doe 20 days ago

    Cool vid

  • - Spaced Out - & - Space Bound -

    The ssr is so ugly

  • Greg
    Greg 20 days ago +4

    The SSR is a huge hit at classic car shows all over the country, and they are becoming increasingly in demand by buyers. They didn’t make that many of them, and that car is destined to be VERY collectible.

  • MT Promises
    MT Promises 20 days ago +5

    The 2002-2005 11th generation Ford Thunderbird 2 seater.

    • A Good Man
      A Good Man 9 days ago

      I remember those being motor trend car of the year, then people stopped liking them. I’d love to have one

  • Raybeez ROBERTSON
    Raybeez ROBERTSON 21 day ago +1

    The AZTEC looked like the designer fell down the steps of the temple steps HEAD-FIRST! LOL

    • Daniel Caserta
      Daniel Caserta 19 days ago

      I don't understand all the negative comments on its design. Just looks pretty normal to me.

  • waldo 256
    waldo 256 21 day ago +1

    Just so you know, VV, saying "AWV" instead of "all wheel drive" is not a time saver.

  • Aaron Webb
    Aaron Webb 21 day ago

    The Saturn ion was a pretty big flop. Which is crazy is they mad a supercharged version which was incredibly powerful

    • M Schlichtman
      M Schlichtman 21 day ago +1

      Saturn was one of GMs truly great brands.
      Employee owned, affordable, and dependable.
      GM however marketed against it and essentially ran it out of business.

  • Kayti True
    Kayti True 21 day ago +1

    I like the cev SSR I want to own 1

  • East DallasKick's
    East DallasKick's 21 day ago

    The phaeton doesn’t look ugly tf

  • OMGitsRax
    OMGitsRax 21 day ago +6

    Im from the uk and actually saw the 500L few days ago and my god what an ugly car

  • Vawer
    Vawer 22 days ago

    These 3 first cars are beautiful

    • Vawer
      Vawer 21 day ago +1

      @lostintime86 maybe

    • lostintime86
      lostintime86 22 days ago

      It's time to get your eyeglass prescription checked

  • H恵美子
    H恵美子 22 days ago +2

    I can see that Fiat being successful in Japan though.

  • Andre Outlaw
    Andre Outlaw 22 days ago +2

    I remember wanting a SSR so bad. I heard that there was a waiting list to get one so I passed and bought a Sebring convertible instead.

    • lostintime86
      lostintime86 22 days ago

      There was a time when I actually wanted a Subaru brat. Looking back I am so glad that that never came to be.

  • eaglerocks123
    eaglerocks123 22 days ago +5

    Aztec failure: Reason It's design of its hull or shell was pretty much what killed the car. Performance I heard was fairly decent. Irony: The Majority of Cross overs, hybrids and modern SUV's all share the Aztecs features Aztec had the nose and tail been cleaned up likely would have fared well.

    Chevy SS: Reason for failure. Chevy literally got greedy and shoved all the tech into what was supposed to be a car to sell to youth in the late teens to young adults but didn't remember that wages for the modern day didn't fit modern prices (still doesn't) and that maybe making models in lesser versions probably would have been more attractable. . Design wise it was fine and personally i like its retro design.
    Had Chevy made various versions from a strip down basic model and of course its premium model I bet they would have made some decent sales. Irony: Ford made the Thunderbird which also didn't do that well but learned its lesson quick and the Modern Mustangs pretty much laughed its way to the bank.

    Delorean: Reason for failure: Electrical issues in the American model due to 1st generation issues was a pain, but the primary reason was the US desire to shove a fuel regulator which literally killed the car's performance everything else the video posted is correct. The European models were decent performing cars however. The Other reason was that car companies didn't like competition, and made efforts to kill it, The founder was acquitted of the drug charges especially as it turned out it was staged to get him in trouble in the first place. He simply chose the wrong time. Irony: The Delorean refuses to die into obscurity, the Back to the Future movies and fans managed to get the Delorean to continue to be built in limited old models to now being built as new productions and all existing models don't have the performance issues anymore . Seem's the car at least had the last laugh.

    The other cars appears to be true mistakes due the Mercedes cause no one was that stupid to buy what was essentially a oversized clone of another model.

    The Suzuki cause bad design and poor choices

    The Lincoln.. Really do I need to point out the obvious???

    The last one meh..

  • Josh Cundiff
    Josh Cundiff 22 days ago +2

    The aztec was just ahead of its time re released now it would probs be a best seller

  • C O
    C O 22 days ago +2

    Totally wrong about the Aztec man. I know several people that had them and loved them

    • C O
      C O 3 days ago

      MinisterC by country? by state?

    • MinisterC
      MinisterC 3 days ago

      How can he be wrong? It's a list of sales flops, not a list of bad cars. Just cars which didn't sell... and the Aztek didn't sell.

  • Ryan Subbu
    Ryan Subbu 23 days ago

    Lincoln manufacturing pick ups? Never expected, who buys them ? Presidents?

  • PrivateVoidNoname
    PrivateVoidNoname 23 days ago +6

    I was trying to pay attention to the content but the music on the background was making me dance.

    • PrivateVoidNoname
      PrivateVoidNoname 18 days ago

      @narissa x freaking good lounge beat man hahaha tried to shazam it but no success tho wish I could know the name :think:

    • narissa x
      narissa x 19 days ago

      PrivateVoidNoname i thought i was the only one

  • Shooting Blind 77
    Shooting Blind 77 23 days ago

    I think the SSR and other old school inspired cars, could of been alot more successful. If they didn't look like plastic cartoon versions of the classic models.

  • Jacob Carbajal
    Jacob Carbajal 23 days ago


  • Mike Bastoni
    Mike Bastoni 23 days ago

    The de loran now looks really cool and I would buy 1

    • Hulver Farm
      Hulver Farm 22 days ago

      oh yes, and also the cheap Renault engine.

    • Hulver Farm
      Hulver Farm 22 days ago

      my friend has one here in the UK, awful car, I sat in the thing and at 6'3'' in the event of a crash my forehead would contact with the bulkhead that is so big as it has to support the gull wings, my friend is shorter and Michael J Fox is tiny, that is how he managed to jump in the thing in the back to the Future films. However they were great films and were a great advert for the car but production had stopped by then. MJ Fox was brilliant sorry to hear of his illness.

  • Raddaddy watanen
    Raddaddy watanen 23 days ago

    where is Smart...?

  • Steel City Show
    Steel City Show 23 days ago

    You forgot about the GT Cruiser

  • Nova Cosmos
    Nova Cosmos 24 days ago

    Cadillac Escalade EXT

  • yatty version
    yatty version 24 days ago

    Fiat uno

  • Gökçe KURT
    Gökçe KURT 24 days ago

    Fiat 500L sold like hot cakes in Europe

  • Dr Feel good
    Dr Feel good 24 days ago

    I love the ssr ! Not ugly at all

  • Barry A.
    Barry A. 24 days ago +2

    The SSR's are very cool looking..... like most mentioned had price been more reasonable they would've sold more....I saw a bright yellow one in person and it was a beaut! .... nice sounding V8 too........ dream like car imo....

  • Barry A.
    Barry A. 24 days ago


  • Jack Adams
    Jack Adams 24 days ago

    Yes because everyone hates the delorean smh

  • Mimon Barakacka
    Mimon Barakacka 24 days ago

    some of them looks like designed in a factory for mental handicapped...hahaha

  • Mister Berzins
    Mister Berzins 25 days ago

    Look at the Dodge Dart.

  • showgirls around the world a dancer family

    Pacer was the ugliest car

  • Real Dudes Party Nude
    Real Dudes Party Nude 25 days ago

    Poor Brainless, Clueless General Morons....! If they could ever stop following the Japanese in competing for the world's butt-ugliest cars, they just might turn a profit some day. What SANE individual wouldn't be embarrassed being seen in public driving this dreadful junk? If I had to so much as ride in one of these Turdsters, I'd wear a paper bag over my face.