Birdy - People Help the People (Lyrics)

Hey guys, I was disappointed to see no one had covered a Lyrics version of this song. So, Here it is. Hope you enjoy!!

Note : Disclaimer no copyright infringement intended this video it was for people to learn the lyrics.

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Автор Annabelle Rose ( назад)
i'm not here to offend anybody, first of all. i just don't think she's singing the word god in a religious manner.. i believe she's saying "god knows" as in the phrase

Автор Monique Struelens ( назад)
heb ik in het koor gezongen op school

Автор Rony Star ( назад)
"If I had a brain, I'd be cold as a stone and rich as the fool who turned all those good hearts away"
Those are most beautiful lyrics I have ever heard❤

Автор Bleachland ( назад)
listening to on red nose day. people help the people <3

Автор maximus ( назад)
quel bugs

Автор Fatima 2003 ( назад)
J'ai tellement aimé cette chanson ! Tant d'émotion dieu est toujours à nos côtés 🔐🌹

Автор Craig Deeley ( назад)
gives me hope that change can still come from my childrens generation,.

Автор Jonn Utten ( назад)
I love this song!!! There is nothing, I didn't like♥♡♥
It's my favourite song♥♥♥
The song is soooooo good and♥♡♥
I have been hearing this song every day since the last week!
Sorry for my Englisch because I am a German;-)

Автор Sarina Schmidt ( назад)
i love thuis nuber

Автор Vu An ( назад)

Автор Αθηνά Αδαμιδη ( назад)
for my ex

Автор Roberta C ( назад)

Автор Saskia Krohmann ( назад)
Ein Wunder schönes Lied ♡♡

Автор Destiny 101 channel ( назад)

Автор Julka Krawczyk ( назад)
Najlepsza piosenka ever, wywołuje wspomnienia dyskoteki i pierwszego przytulania. NMega głos i brzmienie. Kocham tą piosenkę <3 :)

Автор Kimberley Roy ( назад)
I really miss her song, she was amazing! 💓😭

Автор Martha Kyr ( назад)
+1 if you watch this in 2017

Автор Emma Sanders ( назад)
ik dacht meteen aan mijn vriendje

Автор ndu hau ( назад)
I did a cover of this song !:)

Автор Mr Baarnesy ( назад)
Chicago Fire brought me here

Автор Natalie Lake ( назад)
so much meaning

Автор ΚΑΤΕΡΙΝΑ ΜΟΥΣΚΑ ( назад)

Автор Jazmin Morrall ( назад)
I feel sorry for the people that died from some "human being" who drove down Bourke street in Melbourne and he had a innocent lady in the car and she jumped out ti save her life he hit 2 innocent adults and a poor baby
He hit the bloody pram
He hurt 20 other people
He was believed to be involved in a stabbing
What is wrong with our society
Why don't people think or have consideration this makes me hurt
Innocent people dying from shooting from people who need help from terrorism
What has our world come to ?
Thankyou for the people who stop to help I makes me believe that there is some people in the world that are caring and would do anything to help
Seriously our world needs help and fast

Автор viki pso ( назад)
If you were HUMAN you will help the people with all of your heart..

Автор Miss_ Kristi ( назад)
I love this song so much😍😘

Автор Cara McKelvey ( назад)
it's so calm😛😁

Автор Alexandra Van Veerdegem ( назад)
This is literally my fav song 😍😍

Автор dolce angelo rossi ( назад)
very beatiful

Автор Marwa Sa ' ie ( назад)
beautiful 😭👌

Автор Denise Folli ( назад)
So deep!

Автор Philosophical ( назад)
You don't have kindness because someone wrote a law about it but because you were born with it in your heart.

Автор Lara Marie Schmidt ( назад)
i love the song

Автор marty Lo Dico ( назад)

Автор Gaia Felter ( назад)
This song gives me the creeps, omggg

Автор Pitt Stütti ( назад)
du hast eine schöne stimme♥♡♡♡♥

Автор Alisha Purewal ( назад)
This is such a good song

Автор Miss Just12 ( назад)
bei den Lied fang ich gleich wieder an zu heulen. Es ist einfach sooooo schön. :);)

Автор вʟαcκ шıɔσш [ανεпɢεяƨ] ( назад)
Es ist einfach so unglaublich schön und ergreifend. Ich könnte jedes mal zu weinen anfangen♡

Автор Léna margaux ( назад)
Trop génial merci j'ai adoré !!!!

Автор ALA SI ( назад)

Автор Hrvoje Baricevic ( назад)
ty <3

Автор Andrez LaMerguez ( назад)
i love you birdy

Автор BlueIceWinter1114 ( назад)
Pray for Aleppo

Автор Eeva Matilda ( назад)
This song is very nice! I love this song❤️ Miklu sings very well this song👍🏻

Автор Jack Roberts ( назад)
this life is going to condition us. because we play endless games with one another and if you arent playing the game then your going to be played. i have always chosen to keep a transpant and open heart, however it hasnt got me very far.

Автор Chloe Wach ( назад)
this song is so beautiful...

Автор anastasia Tetradze ( назад)

Автор Eve Apple ( назад)
Having a break down? Listen to this song.

Автор Giulia Petricca ( назад)

Автор MNJGaGa ( назад)
"only if people would genuinely help other people & Animals, world be so much better place to live"

Автор Midnight The Werewolf ( назад)
When your love of life of 3 years leaves you

Автор prue cannell ( назад)
great song

Автор jairo abraham N.P ( назад)
muy bueno c:

Автор Breanna Maria ( назад)
I really like this song!

Автор im not crazy ( назад)
i sang this at a funeral once and it caused 18 people to cry.

Автор im not crazy ( назад)
i like to think as this as "people. help the people."
so instead of people helping other people, it's a cry for help, asking God to help the other people who are less fortunate as some of us.

it's weird though because i'm an atheist. (please don't hate me)

Автор comedy and chill tv ( назад)
help me guys http://www.gofundme.com/2yrcmec

Автор Sophia Rose ( назад)
IM NOT CRYING! No really! No. no


Автор Polaris Boloria ( назад)
tykkää jos tulit Miklun videon kautta

Автор Ferdinand Aniella ( назад)

Автор agathe pouliquen ( назад)
this song makes me think about dramione, I don't know why but this song feets to this type of fanfiction.

Автор Itkunapero •3• ( назад)
Love this song❤️

Автор Plasma Gear ( назад)
so damn sweet.

Автор Josafat Raman ( назад)
Who is crying?

Автор palace wolf ( назад)
this song is great makes me feel amazing true talent

Автор Amal TV ( назад)
i think she said .. oh save them , not , save me

Автор Míška ( назад)
Je suis charlie🙏

Автор Larisa Iuliana Nitica ( назад)
This song is very very beatiful!!!

Автор Angry Egg ( назад)
Years ago I used to love this song but I forgot about it. The other day, I walked past someone humming it in the halls at school. Thank you humming person 💕💕💕💕

Автор Aurore Steffgenn ( назад)
Je l'as joue au piano 💞💞

Автор pinkfluffyunicorn pinkfluffyunicorn ( назад)

Автор Jeannet rasmussen ( назад)
You did not deserve to drown in the coldness of water and in the coldness of human indifference.

Автор M Chaudhry ( назад)
how do you do that

Автор Glória Maria ( назад)
I love the letter of this music, make me do kind things and it make towant to be better with the world, the nature the people, help the people is nessesary! REmember me that we're humans not animals we've got hearts and feelings and no one can run over this.

Автор Satah Müller ( назад)
Und dumm

Автор Satah Müller ( назад)
ich bin hässlich

Автор Satah Müller ( назад)

Автор Raghad .alamri ( назад)
some of lyrics are wrong !!

Автор oigres orepec ( назад)
hermosas canciones Pence que ya no se hacian .. Mucho Amor y sentimiento..

Автор shawmila af ( назад)
pray for every fangirl who is too young to date their idol.

Автор Karinka Love MSP ( назад)
so good

Автор JustcallmeRockStar:P ( назад)
so much love for this song <3

Автор Rika ( назад)
what does she mean with if she had a brain she'd be cold as a stone and rich as the fool that turned all those good hearts away?

Автор brian t . ( назад)

Автор Cristián Sepúlveda ( назад)
Thanks for share with us, very very beautiful song

Автор SKILLS HAVE EYES ( назад)
Tell me.... is that just a dream?

Автор Léa Rahmani ( назад)
Pray for France, my country 😔 and Pray for all the world 😥💗🙏

Автор Team FreeWill ( назад)
We are one. We might speak different languages, have different views and beliefs, have so many things to call ourselves different, our heats beat as one. People help the people.

Автор M Mntk ( назад)
excellent song... unfortunately it's people hurt the people...

Автор Eline Janssens ( назад)

Автор Myriam VronskyJoachim ( назад)
Pray for all the victims of terror attack in our world.

Автор Psycho Fujoshi 00001 ( назад)
i love this song

Автор Fryni Patarla ( назад)
very good👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Автор Isabel Qamar ( назад)
Please it's true help the people

Автор Melody Pond ( назад)

Автор Nathalie Cuello De Lancer ( назад)
beautful song, so touching <3

Автор MemeQueen Arya ( назад)
RIP my nigga harambe... you will be missed fr 😤😤👌🔥👀💯😭😭

Автор Wattpad Kullanıcısı ( назад)
Succesful song. Congratulations

Автор Wattpad Kullanıcısı ( назад)
Very good song.

Автор Fátima ( назад)
Es tan hermosa la letra!😋

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