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  • iMercvriii YT
    iMercvriii YT 44 seconds ago +1

    It’s brave of you to turn on the comments. I am honestly proud of her you guys. Just because that happened doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. It’s called a mistake she’s a human and she shouldn’t have to walk in public and be judged or something by the news and society. But that’s the world and she is always going to get judged for the mistake, but guess what people have done worse but it doesn’t mean we’re bad people, it’s just being human.

  • isabella
    isabella 3 minutes ago

    I'm not trying to be rude, I just want some perspective - To those who genuinely support her, why? I'm actually curious

  • Mazzie Mills
    Mazzie Mills 5 minutes ago


  • John Dizon
    John Dizon 8 minutes ago

    Shut up and go away!

  • SALT
    SALT 9 minutes ago

    Hope you can buy your way out of this one !! Trash

  • Camila Mercado
    Camila Mercado 12 minutes ago

    Y’all you guys need to chill!!!! How is she supposed to “apologize” if she’s not allowed to talk about it??? She did the best she could in this video.

  • Tere Almaguer
    Tere Almaguer 16 minutes ago +1

    Stop the hate! Everyone makes mistakes and who are you to judge her ily Olivia

  • SagePerception
    SagePerception 17 minutes ago

    Translation = I miss the attention and can't live without it.

  • kirablue1
    kirablue1 22 minutes ago

    Wow you guys....everyone, EVERYONE makes mistakes and poor choices! I am so grateful that mine have not been public, aren’t you? I support you Olivia!❤️

  • moe Rocca
    moe Rocca 24 minutes ago

    Heard she killed Epstein

  • Kaylee Smith
    Kaylee Smith 25 minutes ago

    tbh we do not know maybe her mom made her do that i feel bad for her

  • SophieKaye1
    SophieKaye1 27 minutes ago

    welcome back, don't let the haters stop you :)

  • Arlorian Sloane
    Arlorian Sloane 29 minutes ago

    Who is this bitch? Why is this in my recommended...

  • You Have A Good Point
    You Have A Good Point 30 minutes ago

    Where’s all your bling?

  • richzeman
    richzeman 32 minutes ago

    Two points that are missed:
    1) She cannot "talk about it legally" is not correct. Her lawyer advised her not to talk about it. Big difference.
    2) It IS legal for rich people to give donations at the front door of a university and hope that it helps to get your kid in. It is illegal to bribe low level employees to bypass the system.

  • Cameron Rice
    Cameron Rice 34 minutes ago

    Why aren’t you in prison too? Also, why are you making a video if you’re not ‘legally allowed to speak on anything’.
    There’s no point in you ‘coming back’ to RUclip.
    At least you’ve realized that there’s ‘no point’ in you making videos any longer. Why don’t you just focus on getting the degree your mom is prison for.

  • Missygirl
    Missygirl 39 minutes ago

    Apart from this scandal, she definitely seemed to have the perfect life. A beautiful skinny rich white girl with rich parents, loving boyfriend , who could go to expensive university just for "partying". Come one! Her parents aren't going to jail any time soon . Even if she may not get into school, it may not be a big deal to her since she's already rich, she doesn't need to. If nothing else works out, she can always become a gold digger or find some mooch who may use her. She's probably traveling around the world, still enjoying her life by the looks of her insta stories,while all of us are still salty. (No I'm not on her side, this is all sarcasm obviously)

  • Nadine
    Nadine 40 minutes ago

    Imagine being so narcissistic and self-centered😱

  • babyshark
    babyshark 40 minutes ago

    Oj Simpson killed his wife and hasnt been arrested yet her mom gets 30 years?? Makes no sense

  • Cheyenne Abbott
    Cheyenne Abbott 40 minutes ago

    I feel like the only resin she decided to come back now is because she’s not allowed to talk about what’s happen from a legal stand point therefore allowing her to just move on with her Chanel. If she actual cared about her actions she would’ve come back when she could talk about her mistakes and own up to them. Then move on

  • Kyle w
    Kyle w 41 minute ago


  • Nadine
    Nadine 42 minutes ago

    I hope y’all ain’t dumb enough to buy that shit 😂

  • diniferrer
    diniferrer 42 minutes ago

    Don't come back. Hit the books.

  • diniferrer
    diniferrer 42 minutes ago

    Beauty fades; stupid stays.

  • David Akins
    David Akins 44 minutes ago

    You new when taking pictures of rowing you was lying

  • Emma C
    Emma C 45 minutes ago

    This clearly took a lot of courage and then all you guys are just being rude. like could any of you who where once her supporters make a video after that happened to you... no I don’t think so. So literally at least just be respectful and keep the comments to your self it can’t be that hard.

  • Adel Theslave
    Adel Theslave 46 minutes ago

    Say what ever you want

  • A
    A 50 minutes ago

    What as piece of shit

  • A
    A 50 minutes ago

    You should being going to jail with your mom and dad. Youre the definition of entitlement. Glad you lost your businesses

  • Hannah Lowe
    Hannah Lowe 52 minutes ago

    Come back we miss you ❤️ there is always parts of people's life we all don't need to know.

  • sw1tched
    sw1tched 53 minutes ago

    Her mom is still hotter

  • Mal Ibu
    Mal Ibu 54 minutes ago +1


  • Anna Hell
    Anna Hell 58 minutes ago +1

    “Or if we stuck around for 9 months patiently awaiting” bitch you ain’t that important

  • The Buzzie Team
    The Buzzie Team Hour ago +1

    The dislikes are just haters that came that were never here in the first place. Keep it going! Brave for coming back.

  • Dave Dehart
    Dave Dehart Hour ago +3

    Must be nice to be so high on the social chain that shame and embarrassment can't even reach you.

  • Scarlett Evans
    Scarlett Evans Hour ago +2

    No, there wasn’t a point in coming back until you were actually gonna make a real apology video, and don’t give us “it’s the best I could do” yeah right. A heartfelt apology is the best you could do, not this. No matter what you do, you won’t have the respect you once had and honestly, you don’t deserve it until you truly realize and apologize for what you did wrong. People that worked hard all their lives didn’t get into the school of their dreams and you and your sister did instead. I hoped you felt sorry for the people you hurt and betrayed but now I see the real you, and honestly all you ever cared about was numbers, money and fame. Shame

  • Channing Frick
    Channing Frick Hour ago

    we love you, stay strong and please try to ignore the negative comments

  • Claudia Parada
    Claudia Parada Hour ago +1

    When you remember the $500,000 her parents paid to pretend she was in the rowing team was TAX DEDUCTIBLE...smh

  • Jon Tindall
    Jon Tindall Hour ago

    The fact your parents had to bribe and steal a spot for you to get into college proves just how fucking dumb they knew you were. So dumb, you weren't smart enough to not try this shit again.

  • Ur Girls husband
    Ur Girls husband Hour ago

    There is more dislikes than likes 😤 she does not deserve this

  • Iffy
    Iffy Hour ago

    I really missed her tbh...She shouldn’t be blamed for the sins of her parents!

  • Daniela Wall
    Daniela Wall Hour ago

    People that are commenting negative should mind there own business. She wants to come back let her, everyone has made mistakes. What if the one bad thing you did was all people could talk about for months or years? You live you learn this is the least of her worries in life. Move on, she’s trying to move on despite what is going on in her life. I commend her for coming back, it must have been hard but she loves what she does. Help her move. ❤️🙏

  • Emily Kate
    Emily Kate Hour ago +4

    If you’re legally not allowed to speak on this, what are you actually doing rn?

  • Marlene G.
    Marlene G. Hour ago +1

    I’m only here for the comments 😂😂

  • richzeman
    richzeman Hour ago +4

    I will boycott any advertiser that is on your videos.

    • Lisa L
      Lisa L Hour ago +1

      I second that!

  • georgia •
    georgia • Hour ago +2

    aren’t they going to jail what

  • Aieshoo 1234
    Aieshoo 1234 Hour ago

    Am I the only one who feels somewhat sorry for her? Yes her parents did wrong, but a lot of rich people are bribing their kids into college. Why is Olivia being put as the poster child for bribing yourself into college? How come we don’t hold all the other rich people doing this stuff accountable? Lots of rich families make “donations” and have been doing this for years and no one bats an eye.

    • richzeman
      richzeman 38 minutes ago

      It is legal to give donations at the front door of a university and hope that it helps to get your kid in. It is illegal to bribe low level employees to bypass the system.

    • biggyunit
      biggyunit Hour ago +1

      Aieshoo 1234
      If the allegations are true. She participated in the fraud of her getting into USC. She knew what her parents were doing and even posed on rowing machines to help get in to USC. That is one of the main reasons why people are pissed off with her. It comes off as a rich entitlement.

  • Ana Beltran
    Ana Beltran Hour ago

    Let's give her a break! Come on guys! I for one am very excited for her next upload.
    Video suggestion: How to pack up your dorm room when you have been kicked out for cheating?
    But in all Honesty, she is a very talented RUclip personality, and I hope she truly learns from this experience and becomes a better human.

  • Kimberly Brown
    Kimberly Brown Hour ago

    How was the row team?.... LOL!!!!! 😂😅You & your family should be ashamed of yourselves; all of you!

  • Eric
    Eric Hour ago

    So what did she do?

  • big boo
    big boo Hour ago

    This comment section has been a total shit storm these last few says , and I'm mother nature regulating you positive commenters on the error of your ways

  • SammyBaffaMakeup
    SammyBaffaMakeup 2 hours ago +2

    noone feels sorry for you

  • Corey Arnett
    Corey Arnett 2 hours ago +1

    I can't for the life of me figure out why the comments are on. If this is some smart ass lawyer's idea it failed miserably. Who would have said to her, "You know what? Now is a perfect time to make a video and see how the public responds." It is pretty clear. This is just going to add more time to her parent's sentence. People are pissed off. Just shows everyone what most of us think about the whole situation. Get off RUclip and get an education on your own merits and EARN a living.

  • OddPenguin
    OddPenguin 2 hours ago

    Fk u

  • Carissa L
    Carissa L 2 hours ago +1

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but was she so brick stupid that she couldn't fill out college apps on her own? People have to do a bunch of those on their own. On top of maintaining decent grades. On top of extracurriculars. 🙄

  • Jasper NSFW
    Jasper NSFW 2 hours ago

    Why does she look like she’s 35 😱

  • crissynicolee
    crissynicolee 2 hours ago

    I don’t get why people are so obsessed with apologies it’s like so many people just want to have envy and jealousy towards eachother like get over shit and worry about how you living in your life 😂😂 dam so pathetic but girl you do you !!!

  • Justin Carey
    Justin Carey 2 hours ago +1

    Just so everyone knows, she made $35,000 off this 2 minute video. Look at the world we've created.

  • sophiamarie101
    sophiamarie101 2 hours ago

    u didn’t even address anything lol

  • inquisitor
    inquisitor 2 hours ago

    The worst part of this entire story will be when her dad is lying on that steel cot in a cold dark cell at night staring at the ceiling while sobbing "Why me?". Then Bubba, Jefro, Tyrone and three other hard pipin' homies enter his cell for a little tea and crumpets as they flip his bony ass over and run that train on his anus until it eventually looks like a blown out bicycle tire. And they will be visiting him two times a week for a couple of years while he bites the pillow. Guy is going to have a serious case of chronic cum farts.