Meet Mirai Nagasu: Driven and Determined

  • Published on Oct 22, 2017
  • Mirai Nagasu is ready to tackle the 2017-18 season.
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  • ryoan Kyoto
    ryoan Kyoto Year ago


  • Thomas Sutherland
    Thomas Sutherland Year ago +1

    Love the casual Triple Axel at 0:56

  • Legend :P
    Legend :P Year ago

    I love you marianna

    • Elisabeth Heiman
      Elisabeth Heiman Year ago

      Christopher Bustos Who's Marianna? Don't you mean Mirai? (Although I don't blame you for getting it wrong since her name is Japanese. Also, it's interesting because her name in English means future. Literally the only reason I know this is because of Mirai Nikki - Future Diary in English - which is a Japanese anime. One that I would not recommend if you don't like blood or violence or cute but crazy 14 year old pink haired stalkers who is willing to kill for the one that she loves.)

  • moonamigi
    moonamigi Year ago +2

    and now shes the first female US olympian to land a triple axel at the olympics!!! way to go mirai!

  • 光光大熊
    光光大熊 Year ago

    She's Japanese but her costume is kinda like a China dress. Lol

    • TBC1987
      TBC1987 Year ago

      Elisabeth Heiman that's certainly true for other nationalities as well, interesting anecdote!

    • Elisabeth Heiman
      Elisabeth Heiman Year ago

      TBC1987 I knew that India does have diversity (and not just in terms of race, we have an Indian priest in our parish who was born and raised Catholic in a part of India where there was a mix of Hinduism, Catholicism, and quite a few other religions), but I think that most people that think that all Indians look the same don't take diversity into account.
      However, I have been guilty of having this same viewpoint with other nationalities. I used to think that all Filipinos looked the same until my family started to hang out with this family where the husband was Caucasian and the wife was Filipino. (It was a common misconception in our community that she was a mail order bride when in reality, they met each other in the Philippines and despite not liking each other at first, they eventually started dating and realized that they actually did liked each other and have been happily married ever since.) Anyways, I used to think that their children, who are obviously half Filipino from their mom's side, looked the same when it came to their three sons - they only had one daughter at the time so I can't make any comparisons there. But the more time my family spent time with their family, I realized that the brothers actually didn't look the same and had noticeable differences between the three.
      Now they have another daughter who was born in 2014 and she looks drastically different from her other siblings. Apart of inheriting her mom's black hair and dark colored eyes like the rest of her siblings, she looks like she's Caucasian given how pale she is compared to her brothers and sister. She's about as pale as I am and looking at her, you probably can't tell she's half Filipino but she is.

    • TBC1987
      TBC1987 Year ago +1

      Elisabeth Heiman its relevant because for people who think Indians look alike it's important to know that's not possible because it's a nationality with all different races.

    • TBC1987
      TBC1987 Year ago +1

      光光大熊 thanks for learning more about India. I love Japanese culture and architecture as well. People have a lot of misconceptions about India and think that all Indians look alike without knowing about the diversity of India. Here are more examples of Indian men so you know about Indias diversity: -- a darker Indian man -- a medium colored Indian man -- an average colored North Indian man

    • Elisabeth Heiman
      Elisabeth Heiman Year ago

      TBC1987 I'm sorry. How is proving that Indian is a nationality and not a race relevant?

  • Englandrose Rose
    Englandrose Rose Year ago

    Love you 😘 was

  • sanseiryu
    sanseiryu Year ago

    Those jumps! Wow! If she makes clean jumps in competition, it's the only way she can compete against the Russian girls.

  • susan kim
    susan kim Year ago +1

    I am literally so happy that you are coming to my hometown for the Olympics!
    Lots of Love and Support from Korea XD

  • S. Y.
    S. Y. Year ago +3

    Love this girl! Amazing skater and so sweet

  • Kaempfer M
    Kaempfer M Year ago +4

    And you will be going! Yay!!

  • smurfiennes blue
    smurfiennes blue Year ago +7

    I love Mirai, she skates so beautifully. Welcome back 👍👍

  • Parris Achard
    Parris Achard Year ago +7

    We want you there too Mirai!! X

  • Ioseb Dzamukashvili
    Ioseb Dzamukashvili Year ago +22

    Wow jumps she landed in this vid were pristine clean!

  • Ashley Cai
    Ashley Cai Year ago +22

    Love you Mirai! Keep working on that triple axel😏

    • Thao Nguyen
      Thao Nguyen Year ago

      She did itttt. Our girl made history