FAMOUS RAPPERS SHARE THE SECRET (The Only Inspirational Video You Need)

  • Published on Oct 19, 2016
  • Highly successful rappers talk about the Law of Attraction, and speaking things into existence.
    Many successful people whether they are celebrities, entrepreneurs, pro athletes, or simply anyone living their dreams usually share the same mind set and beliefs about success...
    They all maintain a positive and confident attitude about their goals, and usually believe in the "law of attraction". There are far more successful people that weren't shown in this video who believe in the law of attraction as well.
    Hopefully this video has a positive impact on you, or someone out there.
    To be successful, you do as successful people do.
    1. Have a positive and confident mental attitude about your goals
    2. Speak your desires into existence
    3. "Dream big"
    4. Work hard towards your goals
    5. Never quit
    Most people eventually give up on their dreams or don't even try because they get discouraged by the many failures, self-doubt, and laziness... that's most people.
    The background music in the end of the video produced by LEUKICK
    All content in this video is used under Fair Use
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  • Se Coya
    Se Coya 9 days ago

    Well I’ve been saying I’m going to marry Chris Brown and be successful singer , so let’s seee what’s going to happen!

  • Marti Moves
    Marti Moves 12 days ago

    Just wait my friends, everyone's saying the same thing in the comments but just wait. MARTII MOVES. (first music vid on my channel)

  • Kool Aid
    Kool Aid 16 days ago

    Sometimes i just really wanna quit bro i cant even start rap i cant rap when im recording i just choke up alot

  • Maximus Albin
    Maximus Albin 20 days ago

    3:05 isent that from lose yourself???

  • Soyelfuego Ciarotupil
    Soyelfuego Ciarotupil 27 days ago

    God rlly fucked me over I’m tired of this shit mane fuck

  • J Money
    J Money Month ago

    My dreams were so big and now hope is so little 😔

  • Logmatt
    Logmatt Month ago +2

    after washing dishes at my job i sat down and im glad .i saw this

  • YM Clayy
    YM Clayy Month ago +1

    Today is 10/09/19 I’m gone remember this comment I’m gone make it I Promise 🥵 YM Clayy - Play Ball:
    ruclip.com/video/M4gXTIRxkNA/video.html FOLLOW ME ON IG:

    • YM Clayy
      YM Clayy Month ago

      J Money I appreciate it

    • J Money
      J Money Month ago

      YM Clayy hope u make it big one day 💯💯

  • SUD Bunny
    SUD Bunny Month ago +2

    Wierdly enough...this title ain´t even clickbait ! XD

  • Justice Official
    Justice Official 2 months ago +2

    Big Sean putting me in my feelings with those wise ass words

  • Yungan James
    Yungan James 2 months ago +2

    Speaking things into existence only speaks opportunity into existence you gotta work for it aint no shortcuts

    CHUR2FLEX 2 months ago

    I will go back

  • kittykatkate Katlynn
    kittykatkate Katlynn 3 months ago

    I'm just starting to become a female rapper and a girl gamer and I decided to do this because this is something that I really wanted so what I'm saying is don't lose hope ok don't stop because the ride is just beginning and dont forget why you decided to chase after this dream don't forget ok so stay wit me it gonna be worth it

  • Malon Smith
    Malon Smith 3 months ago +3

    Garyvee said it best, ain’t no secret. The secret is hard work.

  • Mouth Music
    Mouth Music 3 months ago

    Why dislike?????😏😏

  • Sheketo Shentazu
    Sheketo Shentazu 3 months ago

    Anyone who is still rapping about their feelings, haters, girl problems, how much their life sucks and all the shit they have to overcome. My advice: stop focusing on the bullshit. Build yourself up with your words.

  • Dylan Dupray
    Dylan Dupray 4 months ago +24

    So helpful,i'm 15y old and i wanna blow up as a rapper,ima give all i got and put GOD first,y'all pray for me

      CLOUT COBAIN 17 days ago

      Dylan Dupray your not alone

    • Lil Nobady
      Lil Nobady Month ago +1

      Bradlee297 ima try that bro! Ty

    • Bradlee297
      Bradlee297 Month ago +6

      Every night when you're going to bed imagine you've already blown up and the best rapper until you fall asleep and it'll manifest

  • NFLarturo45
    NFLarturo45 6 months ago

    I just dropped 2 song's. I'm on my grind I'm giving my all I got more coming on me

    BOYMEETSDEMON 6 months ago

    i am a huge rapper

    THE ATM TAIJAEi FAMILY 7 months ago +3

    speak it (faith) but with outwork (grind)...its still dead

  • flex jonathan
    flex jonathan 7 months ago

    just want the sexiest girls ever, the baddest

  • flex jonathan
    flex jonathan 7 months ago


  • Elijah Ford
    Elijah Ford 8 months ago +1

    Imma drop my shit soon, and in 2 years imma blow up

  • Herowek
    Herowek 8 months ago +1

    I feel as tho I can be the best rapper ever from my city but im scared of what ppl think

    • Akira Maruyamam
      Akira Maruyamam 5 months ago

      fuck what other people think it doesnt effect you directly unless you let it.

      LEUKICK  8 months ago

      One thing all of the greatest or most popular rappers have in common is: They're not afraid to express themselves in front of ppl. If you wanna be the best, the first thing you need is 100% confidence in yourself. And if you're not confident, you gotta do what you need to get there

  • salmon central
    salmon central 9 months ago


  • Rap fun
    Rap fun 10 months ago +13

    Big Sean is a great guy

  • El Conquistador
    El Conquistador 10 months ago +3

    The journey makes you who you are-big sean

  • Fredobandss
    Fredobandss 11 months ago


  • SmileClub
    SmileClub Year ago

    I am 15 and trying this for 3 years nothing work and i feel like am dead inside... idk what to do...

    • SmileClub
      SmileClub Year ago +1

      @Pasqua Beats Thx dude, I appreciate that

    • Pasqua Beats
      Pasqua Beats Year ago +3

      Night.Star29 keep on working don’t ever quit you never know when it’s gonna start to take play

  • LSC /\ 13
    LSC /\ 13 Year ago +45

    You can’t speak into existence if you don’t strive to work towards what you’re speaking about. You need to give to get.

  • João Correia
    João Correia Year ago

    The name of the name end beat

  • Newman's Own
    Newman's Own Year ago +43

    Everyone will know me next year

    • MMXXX
      MMXXX 19 days ago

      you did nexter *YEAR* ?

    • Logmatt
      Logmatt Month ago

      next year?

    • SUD Bunny
      SUD Bunny Month ago

      You should give it some more time. Don´t give up !

    • LofiBoy Chill Vibes
      LofiBoy Chill Vibes 2 months ago

      I believe in u 💯

    • Kenneth Morales
      Kenneth Morales 3 months ago +1

      Matter fact, why not focus on getting to know yourself further. Don't lose yourself in hopes of being known.

  • Wavy Shon
    Wavy Shon Year ago +2

    Everyone will know me next year screenshot 🤟🏾💯

  • motto sno
    motto sno Year ago

    Same here

  • RealHipHop2019 Talk


    BAKRI MUSIC Year ago

    beautiful truth

  • Michelangelo Parker
    Michelangelo Parker Year ago +6

    bro. you literally stole this ENTIRE video from VYBO - "Rappers talk about law of attraction". make your own content fam.

      LEUKICK  Year ago

      These are NOT from one video. So don't speak lies if you're gonna try to get at me

    • Michelangelo Parker
      Michelangelo Parker Year ago

      reggie jackson my guy literally downloaded and then re-uploaded the same video from another channel.. someone's hard work.. someone took the time to search for these clips and put the list together just for it to be stolen? That shi ain't cool at all.

    • Wise Jvckson
      Wise Jvckson Year ago

      Once you understand what content being in the public domain means you’ll be able to create your reality as well! Good luck.

    • Michelangelo Parker
      Michelangelo Parker Year ago

      LEUKICK Music no bruh. You got it from ONE video. You took someone else's work and put your name on it. That shit foul as hell especial considering what the video is about.

      LEUKICK  Year ago +2

      And where did he get his clips from originally... he filmed the rappers himself? Lol
      These are just selected clips from various videos I've come across, and put them together to spread info n help people

  • Simply Kash
    Simply Kash Year ago +17

    you gotta believe in yourself people

  • Ooo2sick Savooo
    Ooo2sick Savooo Year ago

    Thx for making this

  • Ruan Mason
    Ruan Mason Year ago

    yea wht god yall pray too, smmfh...#tbg

  • Da Vid
    Da Vid Year ago +105

    you know what i feel , when i see a rapper rapping live in front of 10,000 people ... i feel like he is the only one who followed the law of attraction out of 10,000 people ... omg thats so hard

    • YM Clayy
      YM Clayy Month ago

      Today is 10/09/19 I’m gone remember this comment I’m gone make it I Promise 🥵 YM Clayy - Play Ball:
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    • Tic T
      Tic T 2 months ago +3

      @FreaackyFreeky he said that the rapper is the only one who manifested his dream out of 10.000 people

    • FreaackyFreeky
      FreaackyFreeky Year ago +15

      not everyone tries to be a rapper. hahaha calm down

    • Simply Kash
      Simply Kash Year ago

      yup. great way of looking at it

  • Ryan Sheahan
    Ryan Sheahan 2 years ago


  • JonesyBoii
    JonesyBoii 2 years ago +1

    2:10 great video but that hairs fucking ridiculous lol speak that out of existence bro

  • Krysshonda Williams
    Krysshonda Williams 2 years ago +22

    Yup... the secret... fake it till you make it.

    • Alexander Penta
      Alexander Penta 2 years ago +12

      Krysshonda Williams it isnt fake if you believe... dont let your attitude hold you back. Your greater self will thank you.

  • Todo RD
    Todo RD 2 years ago +3

    thank you i demand more

  • CodeName Red
    CodeName Red 2 years ago +10

    thank you for this

  • Gebrelle Daniel
    Gebrelle Daniel 2 years ago

    Troop. 2hundo they gone know my name. I got it I can feel it with every cell in my body. #MoneyNation

  • TheGoofystance
    TheGoofystance 3 years ago +14

    this is real

  • TheGoofystance
    TheGoofystance 3 years ago +5

    this is real 😤😤

  • Gunna Gang
    Gunna Gang 3 years ago +2

    #GunnaGang #GunnaKrash #HushGang We Up Next 😝

  • Gunna Gang
    Gunna Gang 3 years ago +3

    Real shit tho