Family Guy - Brian Likes Meg's Friend

  • Published on Jul 29, 2018

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  • RiTisH M
    RiTisH M 2 days ago

    This dog is real sick

  • Fukkin Clown
    Fukkin Clown 2 days ago

    Fill free to use that seat warmer, keep that box hot... lmfao this show is so fucked up I love it

  • Alan Moreno
    Alan Moreno 4 days ago

    Brian would learn the ways of the Force if it meant he could get into someones pants.

  • ally cat
    ally cat 5 days ago

    Which episode is this??

  • JohnX
    JohnX 9 days ago +1

    Nice camera

  • Cartoon Channel
    Cartoon Channel 14 days ago

    Visit my channel for actual full episodes

  • Starr !
    Starr ! 16 days ago +3

    Did anyone notice when Brian said ants at a picnic, someone told him that joke in like later episodes(or earlier idk)and he acted as if it made no sense-

    SCOTSMAN74 17 days ago

    That was the sexiest body I ever seen and 😍😍😍😍 also my pp got hard

    • Melissa Clem
      Melissa Clem 14 days ago

      Its called an erection idiot and I'm on my mom's account on youtube

  • Zorkz HD
    Zorkz HD 18 days ago +5

    Why are there voice so high pitched?😂😂😂

    Like if you noticed

  • The Gacha Animator
    The Gacha Animator 18 days ago

    *nice try pewdiepie* lol

  • Taylor rayne Curmo
    Taylor rayne Curmo 18 days ago


  • Caiden Bradie
    Caiden Bradie 19 days ago +8

    mayweather has already won 2019 losers

    • Fly Terminatar
      Fly Terminatar 4 days ago +1

      Caiden Bradie you’re the only loser here

    • Amber_ Amour
      Amber_ Amour 5 days ago

      This was made last year before we found out the winner, no need to call any a “loser”.

  • Lorrenzo Sigala
    Lorrenzo Sigala 19 days ago +5

    Yo, that's so true. Usually the ugly nerds, are the cute ones.

  • Jesse William
    Jesse William 20 days ago


  • Lue Yang
    Lue Yang 21 day ago +2

    Haha I can't stop laughing

  • Peta Halliburton
    Peta Halliburton 22 days ago +5

    2:22 ”you need to calm down. It's 7 am.” sounds familiar

  • Sage Woods
    Sage Woods 23 days ago

    Nice try cutie pie- Stewie Griffin 2019

  • Steph Gilbert
    Steph Gilbert 26 days ago


  • Niaz 0810
    Niaz 0810 27 days ago

    Brian is being toxic

  • Geoff Winchell
    Geoff Winchell 28 days ago +2


  • Jeremy Boulerice
    Jeremy Boulerice 29 days ago

    Seat Warmer?? Box hot?? LMAO who writes this shit

  • • M B •
    • M B • 29 days ago +5

    My vote in the past was mayweather and he won but yeah that was my vote

  • Pugman
    Pugman Month ago +13

    Merryweather security will win

  • Shaflak Official
    Shaflak Official Month ago


  • Travis Stoudt
    Travis Stoudt Month ago

    God brian is such a loser and jerk nowadays he doesn’t luv Patty he just want her body

  • Seb Sebster
    Seb Sebster Month ago

    macgreorg ftw!!1

  • prinzxe saturmix crocker

    "You won't tell anyone, will you?"
    "You can tell people."

    • bridgetmubna
      bridgetmubna 18 days ago +1


    • Softu._Mocha
      Softu._Mocha 20 days ago

      crocker-ix rt Depressed girls that cut there selfs In a nutshell

  • Ryce Valenzuela
    Ryce Valenzuela Month ago


  • Cqure
    Cqure Month ago +5

    What’s the episode and season?

  • mike wasowski.mp3 sponsered by water

    I'm a little late but Mayweather

    • •makaveli•
      •makaveli• 22 days ago

      @ana v are u asian ?

    • TURBO
      TURBO Month ago +1

      ana v haha be my wife I like you already

    • ana v
      ana v Month ago +2

      dont touch my fucking nickels you potato chip whore i was going to say a little late lmao it’s been like a year but then I saw your username and omg I’m fucking wheezing

  • Chris Carter
    Chris Carter Month ago +5

    Does anyone know the name of this episode so I can watch it online

  • Yogi Saputra
    Yogi Saputra Month ago +2

    Tolong payudara dan tempik di perlihatkan

  • Tina Soundara
    Tina Soundara Month ago +2

    I didn't see the hole video but I thing none 😒

  • LordStanleyJr
    LordStanleyJr Month ago +6

    Brians voice sounds weird

  • スポーツのジュリー

    So it’s like- Meg has a nice body too though.. she just doesn’t show it.. so it’s kinda like...her and all her friends are all attractive.. but they just don’t realize it. I mean, at least their bodies at least.. is attractive 💁🏻‍♀️

    • Veikko
      Veikko 28 days ago

      @Boom Baby same

    • Boom Baby
      Boom Baby Month ago +6

      It ok, I wanna throw up too ;)

  • Cassidy Cat
    Cassidy Cat Month ago

    Umm... u a poo

  • Chloe Sullivan
    Chloe Sullivan Month ago


  • Ayham The man
    Ayham The man Month ago


  • gacha princess
    gacha princess Month ago +104

    Meg used to like Brian that's why she's jealous

  • ボーロ
    ボーロ Month ago +10


    • PeridotIsMyWaif u
      PeridotIsMyWaif u 5 days ago

      Luke Hoffman
      Did you have a stroke?

    • Luke Hoffman
      Luke Hoffman Month ago

      He nrnz have not heard

    • Luke Hoffman
      Luke Hoffman Month ago

      Isljmrgdnnc seriously funny kid I want to hear cuz you're coming up your but you was in my account and get out of my house and whoop your butt stop telling your my dumber

  • trico 1
    trico 1 Month ago +2


  • Xavi Atkinson
    Xavi Atkinson Month ago

    Paddy is ugly as fuck

  • Jxcey
    Jxcey Month ago +42

    Hop on the panda express
    *in bed*

  • Dóri 9
    Dóri 9 Month ago

    Lol and sec

  • stevrn starsinic
    stevrn starsinic Month ago

    I love family guy

  • lennard montano
    lennard montano Month ago +2

    May weather

  • StrainOP
    StrainOP Month ago

    Go subscribe to my channel

  • Your Death
    Your Death Month ago +2

    Episode ?

    PAULINE HENNESSY Month ago +2


  • Mariano Rivera
    Mariano Rivera Month ago +46

    3:32 Brian is so straight forward 😂

  • پارسا زمانی
    پارسا زمانی Month ago +30

    - How's it going?
    - Just looking forward to get that new phone.
    - What are you talking about, this isn't apple store, this is a super gay club!
    - Yeah, you're right, I leave and you get my phone, Nice try PewDiePie! Lmao I cant stop laughing 3:00

  • roblox fan
    roblox fan Month ago +94

    4:27 trying to look cool with a toyota prius

    • Luke Hoffman
      Luke Hoffman Month ago

      Who is 267-580-3924 but you know I love you in the face Phillips Exeter me

    • Luke Hoffman
      Luke Hoffman Month ago

      267 my numbers 267-580-3924 lajnnxnx. Hannah

  • S3an
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    • Indi Ari
      Indi Ari Month ago

      Stfu mayweather won u stupid ass

  • Yin-YangWolf studios 0
    Yin-YangWolf studios 0 2 months ago +4


  • Julia Bodenheimer
    Julia Bodenheimer 2 months ago +309

    “Wow it’d be real easy to bring a gun in here”😂😂

  • Tony Everett
    Tony Everett 2 months ago +5


  • Fiona O Mahony
    Fiona O Mahony 2 months ago +2

    McGregor will win

    • hola
      hola 19 days ago

      Yea dipshit

  • Ash the saiyan
    Ash the saiyan 2 months ago +19

    Ants at a picnic

  • Ash the saiyan
    Ash the saiyan 2 months ago +6

    May weather lmao

  • Ben Miraglia
    Ben Miraglia 2 months ago +12

    Maywether lost spoiler alert

    • Indi Ari
      Indi Ari Month ago

      @Kyle Vander Laan fr

    • Kyle Vander Laan
      Kyle Vander Laan Month ago +1

      Ben Miraglia what fight were you watching

    • Indi Ari
      Indi Ari 2 months ago

      @Gabby Rose gacha games ik riii

    • Indi Ari
      Indi Ari 2 months ago

      Apperently your dumb because I saw that fight and mayweather won.That fight was last year.

    • Gabby Rose gacha games
      Gabby Rose gacha games 2 months ago +2

      It was last year