How To Quickly Get a Six Pack

Today I show you how to quickly get six pack abs. This incredibly fast six pack building technique will completely transform you in just 20 days. Always wanted a six pack but struggled to get one? Not anymore! This video will show you everything there is to know about obtaining six pack abs and keeping them for good. You'll be surprised at just how quick & easy it is - Best part is you don't need a gym membership! You can do everything you need to in the comfort of your own home. This method works for both men & women - So what are you waiting for?!? Get training!

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Автор Robbie Rotten ( назад)
It must me an honor to work with this guy

Автор GAMING NATION ( назад)
I don't know why but I got depressed

Автор ET ( назад)
lol 8million views

Автор Evan's GIF ( назад)
I feel this is the only useful video this guy has ever made.

Автор Mayed Othman ( назад)
i dont know how to-do jump ropes

Автор H.R.B Sadaf ( назад)
pls subscribe me help me

Автор Yaoihands 69 ( назад)
So, how to basic is a parrot. I FUCKING KNEW IT!!!

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Автор James Beattie ( назад)

Автор James Beattie ( назад)
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Автор James Beattie ( назад)
I'm a girl girl

Автор ian manuel rundau ( назад)
I hope he gets well

Автор James Beattie ( назад)

Автор Jiho Matsumoto ( назад)
Its borderline gey

Автор Dat Boi ( назад)
I feel skinnier already

Автор Camico Ali ( назад)
freakin lies no help at all

Автор Alvin De La Rosa ( назад)
0:32 my mom behavior

Автор Alvin De La Rosa ( назад)
0:01 me all the days

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Автор etc with mateen cric ( назад)
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R.I.P fatness 2016 2016

Автор KN TYNU ( назад)
Nice Video

Автор KN TYNU ( назад)
Nice Video

Автор KN TYNU ( назад)

Автор Igor TGM ( назад)
yea to get a six pack then go tape a manequin to yourself

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Автор John Nathaniel ( назад)

Автор John Nathaniel ( назад)
He eat too many

Автор mister ( назад)
whys he look like a fat post malone

Автор Troy DX ( назад)
Now this is a quality vid on how to get a six pack

Автор Die Birne ( назад)
Good tutorial helped me.

Автор ZZ'Lord ( назад)
well suprisingly this video mad me start a diet.

Автор VUTO GT ( назад)
How to not use youtube ad revenue...

Автор DuncanGamedNL ( назад)

Автор dat boi ( назад)
You say this is the most efficient way to get a six pack, yet there is an eight pack in the thumbnail. Fucking clickbaiting cunt.

Автор xXToxic FuryXx ( назад)

Автор Boahancook ? ( назад)
ewwwwww not cool man

Автор Alpha wolf ( назад)
Ugh this was gonna be like a legit transformation video

Автор Allie Smith ( назад)
is that SSSniperwolf bf

Автор Boe Shire ( назад)
Instructions unclear, I now run the indian goverment.

Автор Irene Lui ( назад)
That is cheting

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Автор Jadawada123 ( назад)
get that abs dude what an motivational video 😂 just joking

Автор COOL HOME BOYS ( назад)
can you please make a video of how to get the iPhone 8 early. how do you do that

Автор Gabriel Macias ( назад)

Автор Ferrite ( назад)
that 8.3 million views are just desperate people who want to lose fat and gives up almost instantly and has never heard of how to basic fuck all you lazy asses get on your feet and go on a fucking diet you cows

Автор sasuke0982 ( назад)
lmao how to basic never fails to make us laugh

Автор JAM PERIAL ( назад)
I fell on the chair, when I saw him pooping and taking a shower

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Автор The Joker ( назад)

Автор n0ob5 kU8ez ( назад)
to be honest I don't like Coles, Woolworths is better

Автор Zecroy ROBLOX ( назад)
8k Men with man boobs disliked this video

Автор Zecroy ROBLOX ( назад)
The abs on the thumbnail was a 8-pack

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Who new basic was a bird

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Автор TheLazyGuy 23 ( назад)
1 like = 1 prayer for the eggs

Автор Isabela Marie Gonzales ( назад)
The montage and the motivational music through!!

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so insensitive, children in africa could have eaten that fat guy

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I find this 6 pack abs guide “suza great plan” (Google it) really excessive. To shed your weight and make your belly six-pack it`s very useful book I think. Right after 10 days of following the guide, I lost excess weight as much as Three pounds. It`s very useful to me, I`ve got 6 pack abs following this guide detail by detail. I myself highly recommend the book.

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Автор WarDragon72345 ( назад)
Definitely Australian.

Автор Helios ( назад)
I know im late but, is that actually him?? Face reveal???

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is this some kind of sexual thing

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1:26 happy hour

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the fat dude is not how to basic

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Автор Pilgrim AJ ( назад)
Im actually more surprised how much he can eat than HOWTOBASIC's videos

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Автор Mr. Schienenzeppelin ( назад)
0:00 Your average American

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for some aparent reason the first part made me a little sad

Автор ldypj ( назад)
is that a real chair

Автор Jørdan Brewer ( назад)
let us have a moment of silence for the people who clicked on this video that didn't know what HowToBasic actually is like and were completely trolled

Автор SMASHER 1 ( назад)
at 0:55 i lmfao xD

Автор Sky DaBeast ( назад)

Автор Holographic Unicornpoop ( назад)
no joke The ad before this video was about weight loss

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because that's the logo of his channel

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tell that guy good job for him👍💖

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on april fools u should do a legitimate how to video

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1:25 ....oh dear

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I bet each time he sucks he belly a bit

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howtobasic is exposed 😂😂

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can u do a face reveal

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i swear he got diabetes just from those scenes

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What's the song un the minute 0:53 please

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chad your body is so sexy

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8k people usually don't watch how to basic

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0:00 - 0:31 me everyday

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0:02 Oh, hi Chad.

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chad fupa loss 2017

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How did he not have a stroke?

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