How To Quickly Get a Six Pack

Today I show you how to quickly get six pack abs. This incredibly fast six pack building technique will completely transform you in just 20 days. Always wanted a six pack but struggled to get one? Not anymore! This video will show you everything there is to know about obtaining six pack abs and keeping them for good. You'll be surprised at just how quick & easy it is - Best part is you don't need a gym membership! You can do everything you need to in the comfort of your own home. This method works for both men & women - So what are you waiting for?!? Get training!

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Автор Robson Ramos ( назад)
queria saber o nome da musica do início do vídeo alguém sabe?

Автор Rance Kidder ( назад)
instructions unclear, penis stuck in ceiling fan

Автор Zebbly ( назад)
Is this glitch patched yet?

Автор Zezinho Santos ( назад)
meu irmão, só que muito mais feio hahaha

Автор MelanieMartinezGirl584 ( назад)
at the beginning, the man eating everything, that's practically me😂

Автор Aaron The Savior ( назад)
Is this video some kinda fucking joke nigga

Автор J Faulkner ( назад)
Haha me every day

Автор Wise Bear ( назад)
Face reveal is here

Автор KittyKat Batman ( назад)
Omg it worked tysm! My mannequin broke on day 47 though...

Автор Slenderman ( назад)
Do not speak about this.

Автор Luis Hërñàñdëž ( назад)
did he really put off some pounds?

Автор Cola and meal please, no bread ( назад)
0:08 Who eats Pringles like that?!

Автор Crypton ( назад)
People in Africa don't have food, and this guy makes this type of videos...

Автор Razinah Abu ( назад)
this guy soo lonely

Автор Luuu Acidista ( назад)

Автор Some Bannana ( назад)
has anybody pointed out that HTB recorded his freind naked XD

Автор Dragon fang ( назад)
Honastly the people why can think they can find out how to quickly get a six pack by looking it up on the internet deserve this

Автор Some Bannana ( назад)
what type of freind lets you record his pignus
........XD And also lets you record him naked in the shower

Автор IFuze HD ( назад)
this nigga a joke

Автор Ramune ( назад)
what music did he play when he was punching?

Автор JaVale McGee Fanboy69 ( назад)
Wow alot easier than i thought! Thanks for the great advice

Автор Kerry Hillis Goff ( назад)
At least we saw howtobasic

In a parrot costume...

Автор Jonathan Bias ( назад)
The beginning is what I call after school on Fridays

Автор Ashik ali ( назад)
what is thies?

Автор NOTMashie07 ( назад)
what type diabetes you got?

Автор We Are The Random Bros ( назад)
Surprisingly accurate for a HowToBasic video.

Автор Eli Call ( назад)
I always want to gag when watching these videos

Автор Cathy Nimphius ( назад)
this ones a re
al one

Автор Paul Murray ( назад)
That is an awfully small black box!

Автор AwesomeAppleAidanRBLX ( назад)
watching someone eat all of that junk food makes me sick

Автор Josselyn Rashford ( назад)
Looks like post Malone

Автор Marko Stakić ( назад)
hi chris

Автор Juju Smith-Schuster ( назад)
Vegetables don't give you muscle.. fat people trying to lose weight make the mistake of not eating meat and eating tiny bits. That's stupid because they are destroying their muscles to lose their fat. U need MEAT

Автор IRSHAD Irshu ( назад)
video ushaarayi

Автор The Deplorable ( назад)
I am pretty sure how to basic is papa franku

Автор plasma head ( назад)
well howtobasic died

Автор name your ( назад)
wtf 0:22 XD

Автор PIZARR010 ( назад)
actually thats him

Автор George Antony ( назад)
so this is the guy??

Автор Norazmin Azmin ( назад)
macan babi

Автор Alex Crosslin ( назад)
Instructions unclear, accidentally played Sonic 2 XL

Автор Ava productions ( назад)

Автор jackie.128 ( назад)
This helped so much! OMG TYSM

Автор Mikenzie Kox ( назад)
thought it was one of those body positivity modern art videos at first

Автор JD Prof ( назад)
The thumbnail is fake count the abs its not six its 8

Автор Toy Gaming ( назад)
HowToBasic The Majestic Parrot

Автор Snipes88 ( назад)
How many times have you guys seen chad's dick?

Автор Minecraft Gamer ( назад)
How many eggs do he have

Автор Elemento ( назад)
I've been living wrong my whole life

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
Is this porn?

Автор DeyrisIV ( назад)
it's he??

Автор AquaticBlazer ( назад)
I feel a sudden urge to eat cellery

Автор Michael Lundblad ( назад)
The intro is the best EVER xD 😜😝😍

Автор bubblegum queen17 ( назад)
me:Chin chin.. youre fat....and have a beard...

Автор Bendy ( назад)

Автор HubFlubz ( назад)
Who is watching 2017?

Автор Dylan Ladner ( назад)

Автор Jordan Bird ( назад)
your from idubbbz

Автор Hernan ( назад)
Melos esta loco

Автор Maribel Ocaña Helmo ( назад)
Se parece un poco a melos

Автор HEGORego ( назад)
1:27 Sex Positions

Автор Ferrari Fan something like that ( назад)
were you a parrot this hole time?

Автор Andrés Velasco ( назад)
dalas estas mal de la cabeza verdad

Автор Stubby Reason ( назад)
Is this Australian..... 0:10 I recognize that cake anywhere

Автор Boffo300 aquino ( назад)
mann diabetes shit

Автор NaiazGamer ( назад)
No mames ;v;

Автор dark knight ( назад)

Автор James Chen ( назад)

Автор Sel Perez López ( назад)
Like si viniste aquí por dalas XD y si malpensaste que se lo estaba cogiendo en el minuto 1:27 XD2

Автор MellowMuffin max ( назад)
Lol, hi Miss Piggy

Автор 4GUZ ( назад)
Best trainer ever

Автор Josef Skoien ( назад)
Where did u find a fat man

Автор Jarc Rafuga ( назад)
Melos haciendo ejercicio

Автор Derples o' Nerples ( назад)
worlds most accurate how to basic video

Автор Mason Davis ( назад)
this is fatperson abuse

Автор Readma z ( назад)

Автор Thiare. Sing! ( назад)
este canal es el de Dalas review ?? V:

Автор SSicoli ( назад)
Almost to the skinny world just work out harder fat ass

Автор Shyzan Shyni ( назад)
WTF how to basic is a bird?? 😱😱😱

Автор masteresc records ( назад)
That 8 pack on the cover of the video 😍😍😍😍😍

Автор Braelyn Burrs ( назад)
That is awesome

Автор アンチの極みドS【yomo蓬】 ( назад)

Автор Piggy Figgy ( назад)
the bulge at the mannequin is so huge

Автор TheGreatKamen ( назад)

Автор Luke Delaney ( назад)
Is that how to basic?

Автор Asriel Dreemurr ( назад)
Thanks Howtobasic, Now no one calls me a fat cunt and I can finally get a girlfriend.

Автор Lucia Jimenez ( назад)
i just got an ad for losing weight...slim fast

Автор Aeoncat lord ( назад)
Day:1 fats
Day:7 fats
Day:10 lose fats
Day:15 good keep working
Day:20 I hate my Life

Автор Bukket BOOM ( назад)
I followed these steps now I have a 12 pack

Автор Benjamin Xiong ( назад)
This is actually motivational

Автор Rene Aguilar ( назад)
Im crying 😢😱 everything is posible with the power of faith and hard work 💪

Автор jorge quiñonez ( назад)
That is gay as fuch

Автор jorge quiñonez ( назад)
That my dad

Автор I'm Paim ( назад)
im traumatized, this make me cry late this, im traumatised to stay like him, no offenses

Автор Onyeka Igwe ( назад)
This guy is literally the embodiment of diabetes

Автор Luke Marcelino ( назад)
thats him

Автор BillyBobeeh ( назад)
Im one minute in the video... and i just dont know what to say.

Автор A Smile Worth 100 Million Yen ( назад)
Where did Trivago come from?

Автор Evan Butler ( назад)
I don't know why but this video is very motivational

Автор Ammi Immad ( назад)

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