Conor McGregor Looks Bigger than Sergey Kovalev?

  • Опубликовано: 18 мар 2017
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  • Пенька Печенег
    Пенька Печенег 11 месяцев назад

    ковалев ему стул принес и по губам читается а садись)))умора)))

  • jay gonzales
    jay gonzales Год назад

    come really! McGregor is on bottom roll lol. kovalev is a beast

  • fleekydeez f
    fleekydeez f Год назад +1

    kovalev would knock out mcgregor.

  • FervenC
    FervenC Год назад

    they talkin bout how much they hate rich and talented black athletes

  • travis producciones
    travis producciones Год назад

    Mcgregor has big head, and big jaws...It´s true.

  • Long Name Long Name
    Long Name Long Name Год назад

    hahha connor is joker

    • bigconan
      bigconan Год назад +4

      Conor is a 2 division world champion.

  • James G
    James G Год назад +3

    ohhh mcgregor is bigger than Floyd
    . he still going to get fucked up..

    • Tim Wattley
      Tim Wattley Год назад

      DJT MAGA He's really not maybe 1 inch taller weight probably the same when Floyd got out of jail he was 160 and solid 160 in boxing destroys 185-205 in mma

  • goturback
    goturback Год назад +1

    Conor dodging those uppercuts

  • Larrypint
    Larrypint Год назад

    Mcgregor is walking around 170, kovalev around 190

  • LoneWolf6
    LoneWolf6 Год назад +6

    Not bigger at all, he's wearing a suit with a thick coat over it.

    • Bruce FUCKIN vane!
      Bruce FUCKIN vane! Год назад

      WolfTickets and opponents of always been bigger than Floyd