Kyrie Irving argues with reporter over 'flat earth' comments

  • Опубликовано: 18 фев 2017
  • Kyrie Irving got into a heated argument with a reporter during All-Star media availability over his recent comments that the Earth is flat.
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  • Matt Miller
    Matt Miller 10 минут назад

    Is a basketball flat, dumb 🌙 🦗

  • lucas majors
    lucas majors 7 часов назад

    If you believe the earth is flat don't be scared to say "Yep, damn right I said it and I believe it!" Come on man.
    Obviously he still thinks it flat or he would have said "nah, I was messing" Coward.

  • Dave Aid
    Dave Aid 12 часов назад

    That reporter sounded like an arse hole 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Dami
    Dami 22 часа назад

    People you are so stupid

  • Cunty McCuntface
    Cunty McCuntface День назад

    hes fucking retarded.

  • Marlboro Man
    Marlboro Man День назад


  • Croud_
    Croud_ День назад

    Damn i would rather ask kyrie about practice.

  • Ricardo Carmine
    Ricardo Carmine День назад

    Beliefs and reality don't go hand in hand

  • elitesniperclaw 420
    elitesniperclaw 420 День назад

    Finally some good fucking content

  • Boss2119 •
    Boss2119 • 2 дня назад

    I get it, what he meant to say was, with everything that’s going on, it’s crazy that him thinking the earth is flat can be such news is that important. It’s like the media caring that a famous star dropped their French fries and it made headlines

  • Markus Isles
    Markus Isles 2 дня назад

    What was his gwa?

  • Fluent Recordz
    Fluent Recordz 3 дня назад

    Just answer the damn question Kylie lmao he so weak for not owning up to his stance. Weak af

  • meon mineo
    meon mineo 4 дня назад

    Whatever he believes in, I can respect the way he replied to the reporters

  • Ulquiorra cifer
    Ulquiorra cifer 4 дня назад

    he can afford to be in space... if he does go to space and explain what he saw to all the flattards on earth, a mass suicide might happen :(

    POWERBOX911 4 дня назад


  • That Guy
    That Guy 4 дня назад

    It’s okay Kyrie, JR thinks the world is a Hennessy bottle

  • dlrunner
    dlrunner 5 дней назад

    What is news is that you not very smart.

  • Chris Austria
    Chris Austria 5 дней назад

    Wasted my life watching this

  • KFr3lz
    KFr3lz 5 дней назад

    The Earth is round, if it was flat there would be a end to the earth, AND THERES NO FUCKING END TO EARTH, Conversation Over. :)

  • Justin Pyle
    Justin Pyle 5 дней назад

    its actually seems as if hes insinuating that the point is that there are more important things than celebrities' personal beliefs. and he actually publicised his flat earth belief to prove his point. this should not be a priority of reporting. this is a way to divide the ignorant from the intelectual.

    G ISALL 6 дней назад

    Fear of ridicule from the ZOMBIES.

  • Clauz
    Clauz 6 дней назад

    Lol he thinks the world is flat. What a faggot

  • Chip Van Hove
    Chip Van Hove 6 дней назад

    I am a Flat Earth guy myself. Has nothing to do with a Basketball player

  • Celab Williams
    Celab Williams 6 дней назад

    lol all these pseudo intellectuals on RUclip are really triggered about Kylie Irving obviously trolling. it blows my mind how on RUclip with all these genius college degree holders or well experienced black ops military guy and all around well knowledgeable people they can't tell he's trolling.

  • Wicked Bills
    Wicked Bills 7 дней назад

    Kyrie in a relationship
    Her - did you cheat on me?
    Irving- does that affect you, if it does, does it really matter

  • IDOL Petmalu
    IDOL Petmalu 7 дней назад

    Kneel about that kyrie!! Kneel!

  • ocsjc
    ocsjc 7 дней назад

    Honestly the reporter owned him. Kyrie had no idea what to say

  • ffb.6
    ffb.6 8 дней назад

    And that is what stupidity looks like.

  • frank Diaz
    frank Diaz 8 дней назад

    So, you are entitled to your opinion, Kyrie is entitled of his. THE EARTH IS FLAT!!!

  • Marco Borja
    Marco Borja 8 дней назад

    He dumb asf

  • Cole Kuczek
    Cole Kuczek 8 дней назад

    He’s like a copy of iverson. The way he plays, the way he talks, and his attitude.
    “We out here talkin bout flat earth.”

  • Mitchell Sutton
    Mitchell Sutton 8 дней назад +1

    The world is flat

  • Ankon Ghosh
    Ankon Ghosh 9 дней назад

    I thought earth was rectangular.

  • DickNiaz26
    DickNiaz26 9 дней назад

    If some actually believes the world is flat, I mean yeah, that's pretty important to know.

  • Carlos Pinheiro
    Carlos Pinheiro 9 дней назад

    The earth is flat

  • Glenn Robards
    Glenn Robards 9 дней назад

    Nobody has ever observed a spinning globe.
    The earth's spin cannot be observed.
    It's impossible for earth to be spinning because we don't have the ramifications of said spin.
    Math dictates that part of the globe is visible at 35,000 feet, but part of a globe is NOT visible at 120,000 feet.
    It's not possible for NASA to observe a spinning globe because the spinning globe cannot be observed.
    NASA lied, the scientists lied, the government lied, the spinning globe is a lie.

  • TJBush
    TJBush 10 дней назад

    Kyrie looks like he’s about to smack that reporter silly lmao

  • Chill Out
    Chill Out 10 дней назад

    Flat earth, fucking idiot.

    • Glenn Robards
      Glenn Robards 9 дней назад

      Being gullible, is NOT proof of a spinning globe.
      Hint: The spinning globe cannot be observed because it doesn't exist.

  • MoneyMike
    MoneyMike 10 дней назад

    Everyone knows the earth is a square

  • renmer jhon razo
    renmer jhon razo 10 дней назад

    ok his Stupid.

  • Touristygull
    Touristygull 10 дней назад

    The uploader should’ve really disabled comments

  • Etlsmith 05
    Etlsmith 05 10 дней назад


  • carl rowland
    carl rowland 11 дней назад

    What a moron 😂😂

    • Glenn Robards
      Glenn Robards 9 дней назад

      People that believe what the government tells them are morons.

  • JeffSayYes
    JeffSayYes 11 дней назад

    what in the fuck

  • Shivam Patel
    Shivam Patel 11 дней назад

    If ball = life, then court = earth. Since court is flat, earth is also flat. Checkmate round earthers.

  • Help me get 9000 Subs without Videos
    Help me get 9000 Subs without Videos 11 дней назад

    Kyrie too shy to admit that he believes that the Earth is Flat. 😂😂

    • Glenn Robards
      Glenn Robards 9 дней назад

      Or too smart to jeopardize his career for brainwashed people.

  • 6string
    6string 11 дней назад

    It blows your mind how amazing the Earth is as it was created by an amazing God. But the universe is also amazing as it never ends. That is mind blowing to think the universe has no end

  • RobertMOdell
    RobertMOdell 12 дней назад +1

    The Earth is made out of earth.

  • TyroCPT
    TyroCPT 12 дней назад +3

    ay kyrie just cross the reporter up

  • dmchenr 2
    dmchenr 2 12 дней назад

    everyone in the comments section thinks that they are a comedian because they are roasting someone on his beliefs based on his logic. In his mind, there is not enough hard evidence to prove that the earth is a ball. No one in this comment section can actually disprove his beliefs without shaming or making fun of him in some way. That's the problem with receiving information by people in power of you. It's so annoying how nobody can have a normal conversation about debating each sides view point, everyone thinks they are a damn comedian when its completely counter intuitive to shame each other.

    • TheMurdrumCase
      TheMurdrumCase 11 дней назад

      dmchenr 2 From what I understand, the Van Allen Belt isn't "traditional" radiation, so the technology required was minimal (The claim i hear a lot is they would have needed "x" feet of lead lining to protect them), they didn't go through what would be considered the "Most lethal" parts of the belt, and were only exposed for a small amount of time when exposed to the more dangerous areas.

    • dmchenr 2
      dmchenr 2 11 дней назад

      Do you know what the Van Allen Radiation Belts are? If so, how do you think we got through them with technology from the 1960's? I'm just curious because it doesn't make sense to me.

    • TheMurdrumCase
      TheMurdrumCase 11 дней назад

      " Since you seem to be so keen on these types of topics, what is your opinion on the United States going to the moon?
      I believe we went. I haven't seen anything close to compelling evidence to the contrary. Mainly the same brand of conspiracy theory I expect to see when it comes to things like this.

    • dmchenr 2
      dmchenr 2 11 дней назад

      It has been interesting listening to your viewpoint on the subject. I've never really chosen a side on what I believe, I just enjoy hearing arguments from both sides. Thank you for being articulate and not using hate speech the whole time. Since you seem to be so keen on these types of topics, what is your opinion on the United States going to the moon?

    • TheMurdrumCase
      TheMurdrumCase 11 дней назад

      "The Antarctic Treaty signed in 1959 by the 12 leading scientific countries who were actively studying it isn't really a conspiracy, but I assume you get the gist."
      I understand, but it's still a dubious claim at best to assert that treaty was to obfuscate Antarctica's true shape as a ring instead of a continent. That's _absolutely_ a conspiracy, no matter how you attempt to present it. I've also seen no evidence suggesting that there is any sort of protection of the border of Antarctica, which wouldn't allow you to go directly there uninhibited. I see a lot of claims that the border is militarized, radio signaling and GPS are blocked, and there is a slew of different ways that "They" devise to confuse equipment and sailors alike into adjusting their course consistent with the global conspiracy.
      ". The overall map and layout of the continents isn't incorrect, flat earthers just believe that the map is stretched around a ball and that is why it is deemed incorrect for modern day flight patterns. People who believe the Earth is flat believe that the azimuthal equidistant projection map is the true shape of Earth."
      Which is fine, until you start ascribing different explanations _on top_ of that map. One I've never understood is, when you take that map and track a horizontal, moving sun, I don't see how it would ever act the way we observe it in reality. If you pick any circular track, overlay it on top of that map, would it _ever_ track with what we can clearly see in South America, for example?
      " This map ironically is the logo for the UN, the international organization that is tasked with promoting international cooperation and creating/maintaining international order. Putting all science and physics aside, doesn't it seem odd that their logo is something that flat earthers fundamentally agree with as the true shape of our planet?"
      No, not particularly. They never claimed it was, you did.

  • Flat Everything
    Flat Everything 12 дней назад +1

    Question Everything but reasonable and honest conclusions are a must.

  • Daddy Feli
    Daddy Feli 12 дней назад

    He’s triggered lol

  • TNL Strength-Conditioning
    TNL Strength-Conditioning 12 дней назад

    Interviewer is typical libertal all libs tards!

  • Random Kryptonian
    Random Kryptonian 12 дней назад

    Man...Im start thinking NBA players are trained like Mormons to avoid questions and giving ambiguous answers....

    • Glenn Robards
      Glenn Robards 9 дней назад

      Our rulers have a lot invested in the spinning globe lie.

  • willprogresivo
    willprogresivo 13 дней назад

    Sorry bro, but the fact that people like you make millions for playing a game while others work 50 times as hard and make 500 times less than what you make shows that the "social phenomena". Asshole.

  • Berendo Ball Bomber
    Berendo Ball Bomber 14 дней назад

    Kyrie knows, when a dumba$$ reporter is taking shots at him. This reporter tries to make it sound like his fans really care on Kyrie "Earth is flat."comment. I think this reporter is out of line. This is a dumba$$ reporter who should of never got an interview with an NBA basketball superstar.

  • Zack Duck
    Zack Duck 15 дней назад

    Hes right tho. It really doesn't matter if you think the world is flat or not, life doesn't change for your beliefs and neither does the universe. Nothing changes how you have to live if you believe one way or the other.

    • Glenn Robards
      Glenn Robards 9 дней назад

      If it didn't matter, our satanic rulers wouldn't be pushing the satanic spinning globe fairy tale.

  • I Have Boogers
    I Have Boogers 16 дней назад +3

    He's too ashamed to give an honest answer--He believes in a flat earth. He _should_ be ashamed. It's such an idiotic position to hold, and so easily refuted that Kyrie doesn't even want to get into it. Good. Just shut up and play basketball, dummy.

  • dreastyork
    dreastyork 16 дней назад

    The moron realizes that people are going to think he is stupid for thinking the earth is flat.Which he is for thinking that,the earth is clearly round.

  • Aaron Valla
    Aaron Valla 16 дней назад

    Kyrie really is just one of those pseudo-intellectuals that can put on a somewhat decent facade of intelligence. The flat-earth thing is a given; but ignoring that, the fact that he's annoyed about this and keeps repeating that there are more important things to be talking about is even further proof. They're interviewing a basketball player. Why in the world would they ask him about something like the nuclear triad, wars in the Middle-East, Brexit, etc.? What a fucking fool.

  • Cameron Fitzpatrick
    Cameron Fitzpatrick 16 дней назад

    So he says the Earth is flat then is upset that people ask him about it?
    Does it matter? Yes it does if you say something you better be able to back it up.

  • Brady Prpich
    Brady Prpich 17 дней назад


  • Charles H Geis IV
    Charles H Geis IV 17 дней назад

    Kyries a fucking idiot

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 18 дней назад

    Flat earthers get triggered so easily

  • Kelshawn Miller
    Kelshawn Miller 18 дней назад

    These reporters have to remember that Kyrie went to Duke University 💀‼️

  • Dalmanita
    Dalmanita 18 дней назад

    The earth is flat it is true. More and more people are waking up to this fact.

  • Taylor Black
    Taylor Black 18 дней назад

    It is totally flat. Did you know that the sun and the moon both rise from east to west. Yet according to Astronomy they have different movements, with the sun being fixed and the moon rotating around the Earth. Yet from our vantage point, the sun and moon act as clocks rising from the east and setting in the west every day. LOOK IT UP. Did you know that the sun and the moon appear to be the same size in the sky. Did you think it was an accident that we just happened to be in the perfect spot in the solar system to have perfect solar eclipses. THE TRUTH: They are actually the same size and the sun is not 4x farther away than the moon. The sun is very close.
    Did you know that the North Star doesn't move at all throughout the year. The North Star, called Polaris, has been in the same spot since antiquity. Moreover, all of the other stars rotate around Polaris over the course of a year making perfect circles around Polaris as if it they were all worshipping it. LOOK IT UP. There are beautiful time-lapse photos on google. I thought all of the stars moved, well this very special one doesn't. We supposedly live in a solar system, within a galaxy with all of the stars moving at millions of miles per second. There are so much more clues. In fact, another clue is that none of the stars have moved their locations since antiquity. Yes, all of the stars make the exact same rotation every year and have been doing so since antiquity. There are Mayan cities that were mapped to star constellations that exist today, showing that these stars haven't moved not one DEGREE off since the Mayan civilization. The stars in a universe as big as ours should be going in every direction, but they don't. They just don't. Look it up. Science doesn't even try to refute the fact that their universe model doesn't fit with the world we see.
    Did you know that the International Space Station shuts off their live feed at night. They never show it. NEVER. NEVER EVER!!! Why. During the daytime there are absolutely no stars in any of the ISS feeds despite having a pitch black sky behind them. When nighttime arrives, the live stream goes offline. Think of how beautiful the Earth and starry sky would look at night in space, yet they shut off the feeds. The truth is that the daytime sky doesn't have any stars. EVER. There are no stars during the daytime, only during the night. If you knew this, you would question the "universe" we live in because technically the stars are supposed to be visible all of the time day or night. When you think you see a star during the daytime, it is really a planet. The ISS doesn't show stars, trips to the moon never show stars. Only Hollywood movies shows stars during the daytime.
    RUclip has gotten rid of some very amazing flat earth videos. I would look into Eric Dubay and save as much of these videos that you can find. The earth is not what you think it is. Sorry. You've been lied to.

  • Captain Cam The Gamer
    Captain Cam The Gamer 18 дней назад +1

    Legend has it The guy is still asking if Kylie thinks the world is flat

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    • TheMurdrumCase
      TheMurdrumCase 17 дней назад

      "You're going to Ignore NASA has NO moon landing footage.
      I don't ignore it. It was the '60s though. I'm not going to harp on it for the next half a century. They fucked up.
      ":Quit trying to say some BS is something I posted. You posted That link"
      I think you're confused. I got _my_ link from the video _you_ posted. This is _your_ source, not mine.видео.html
      " The sign you are afraid of your reality not being real. Wake Up Neo...
      With your abject distrust of mainstream anything, it's hilarious seeing you continuously quote something from a Hollywood blockbuster.
      " NonKing James Versions are LIES. The scriptures are Manipulated... Your Globalist Agendas are showing..."
      Then tell that to the creators of the video _you_ linked. That's where I got that information.

    • Urban Bass Slayers Sacramento CA Bass Fishing.
      Urban Bass Slayers Sacramento CA Bass Fishing. 17 дней назад

      TheMurdrumCase NonKing James Versions are LIES. The scriptures are Manipulated... Your Globalist Agendas are showing...

    • Urban Bass Slayers Sacramento CA Bass Fishing.
      Urban Bass Slayers Sacramento CA Bass Fishing. 17 дней назад

      TheMurdrumCase You're going to Ignore NASA has NO moon landing footage. Quit trying to say some BS is something I posted. You posted That link.. Kyrie is on another level.. Stay Brainwashed. All you got is acusals and Ad Hominem Attacks. The sign you are afraid of your reality not being real. Wake Up Neo...

    • TheMurdrumCase
      TheMurdrumCase 17 дней назад

      LOL, so we're just going to ignore the fact that you just claimed your _own source_ was a lie, because it used a link to a "Non-KJV" Bible?
      Alright, we can keep on going. Just more fuel on the fire, proving that you're out to deceive.
      "Convex Earth."
      What about it?
      " Foked Tongue Double Speak. Why does the NASA logo have a Red Forked Tongue in it?"
      Is this the best evidence you have? It's a wing. Aeronautics is a huge part of NASA. Don't forget, this claim came from your video that used a non-KJV source! According to you, that means it's a lie!
      "Where are the Moon Landing Videos NASA lost?"
      The videos weren't lost, the trajectories were. Why do I know more about your conspiracy theory than you do?

  • Urban Bass Slayers Sacramento CA Bass Fishing.

    NASHA in Hebrew Means "to Deceive", "NASA". Google Bedford Level Experiment.Why does the Vatican own ALL Observatories? Why is The Heliocentric theory only as old as The Vatican? What is the Firmament? What was the tree of life? How Big was it? Google George Bush International Airport. Google Al-Biruni. Google WIKI Horizon.. Don't call names, do some research..

  • I C
    I C 19 дней назад

    Why would anyone ask a flat earth moron relevant questions?

    • Glenn Robards
      Glenn Robards 9 дней назад

      Have you ever considered that all you can observe is a flat and stationary earth?
      The spinning globe doesn't exist, so fit that into your relevant questions.

  • Joshua Christian113
    Joshua Christian113 19 дней назад +1

    The fact remains, water seeks it level, the horizon always meets at your eyes and is flat and there is no measurable curvature. The earth is flat and that’s a simple fact .

  • Urban Bass Slayers Sacramento CA Bass Fishing.

    Why is The Heliocentric theory only as old as The Vatican?

    ASMR CM 20 дней назад

    The earth “isn’t” flat 😉🤥

    ASMR CM 20 дней назад

    all the shit brains just want to use it to make fun of him. Jokes on them.

  • Astral
    Astral 20 дней назад +1

    Kyrie making a good point, it doesn’t matter what the earth is. It could be flat or round, the majority of people will claim what they think is the best answer. Idk bout you guys but I won’t beileve it until I see it

  • Steph Curry
    Steph Curry 20 дней назад

    If Earth is flat why ball is not flat you son of a bitch

  • CJ Pride
    CJ Pride 20 дней назад

    Don’t be mad cuz u said some dumb shit 😂

  • Johnny Cash
    Johnny Cash 20 дней назад


  • jesus miranda
    jesus miranda 21 день назад

    Wouldn't we feel lots of wind since we r spinning so fast ... ??

    • jesus miranda
      jesus miranda 20 дней назад

      Then wat makes the windy days ..also wat keeps the earth spinning ..??

    • jesus miranda
      jesus miranda 20 дней назад

      Oohh ... Makes sense ... I guess ... Thnxx

    • TheMurdrumCase
      TheMurdrumCase 20 дней назад

      The atmosphere moves at the same speed as the Earth's rotation. This is for the same reason you don't feel lots of wind when moving in a car with the windows up. The air in the car is moving with you.

  • TheJasongenova
    TheJasongenova 21 день назад

    He's a flatard? Then he's a fucking *RETARD*

  • Jon Nothing
    Jon Nothing 21 день назад

    RIGHT ON, KYRIE! Do any of you GIVE A FUCK about real issues? I doubt it.
    GO C'S!!!

  • WhiskyPentruFete
    WhiskyPentruFete 22 дня назад

    Well Done Kyrie Irving! Greetings from Romania! A belief is something personal but brained washed idiots cannot even understand that. It does not even matter if what someones believes is true or not, it is about the freedom to express your beliefs, as a basic freedom principle. The fact the anyone famous is attacked for expressing his beliefs outside the aggressive indoctrination should raise eye brows. Well Done Kyrie Irving!

    • TheMurdrumCase
      TheMurdrumCase 20 дней назад

      You can believe whatever you want, but if you say something controversial, expect to be called out on it. Nothing wrong with correcting someone who says something blatantly untrue.

  • Hyperion Dark
    Hyperion Dark 22 дня назад

    Why do people get so pissed off about the flat earth? Like, I get it you think it's dumb, but so what? There are a million opinions people think are dumb. Why is this one ruining your life? I mean, I know the real reason why, but I want to hear opinons. (I dont think the earth is flat btw just saying)

  • s sayed
    s sayed 22 дня назад

    He's right..hope doesn't back off..

  • Everapter
    Everapter 24 дня назад

    He’s got a point.

  • Iuliu s
    Iuliu s 24 дня назад

    the earth is flat its gods creation take it or leven it and die in indoctriantion and the iluzion that comes over your mind turn to jesus christ ,its your last chance you were warnd research the things you where educated aka indoctrinated , prove all things , prove and ask questions of what you were told in so cald education . time is short dont waste it .

  • Molhedim
    Molhedim 24 дня назад

    You know what's amazing to me? The fact that these idiots who live in a country who can make more than 1000 $ a month can actually afford to make a weather ballon with a camera of their own choosing ( so you can't bitch about fish eyes or whatever bullshit ) for less then 1000 $. So then you can see with your own eyes the curvature of the earth.

  • WilliBond0007
    WilliBond0007 24 дня назад

    I justhink it'somewhat silly to argue who is the best. Mr James is fantastic and if you think he's better than Michael Jordan, well so do I.
    They NEVER should have let Rodman join the Bulls; they were GREAT enough without him. [A STUPID/super team}
    And I don'think the PLAYERS should have allowed Durant go to the Warriors. If we want basketball to be truly competitive, there has to be someway to not allow these STUPID[super] teams to exist. I think the PLAYERS should be able to veto certain trades if you say 66% of them voting against it.
    Players [and fans] in all leagues need to startaking control of the rules and regulations. For example, I love hockey and I think that when someone seriously ________ up and hitsomeone in a disgusting way, the playershould decide on the punishment. Out for a game, out for three games, out for ten games, out for the season, out for life, etc.
    Anyway, it just _______ me off the Warriors are so damn good, as good as the Bulls were with Rodman, and if none of them are hurt ... who the hell has a chance to beathem?

  • Brian Benevides
    Brian Benevides 25 дней назад +3

    Kyrie does believe the earth is flat because he is smart and looks at the evidence....dont back off bro you are right..i got a perfect score on my SATs and i will confirm the earth is flat

    • BoUncEr
      BoUncEr 4 дня назад

      Brian Benevides are you stupid you are trying to say that we can’t see the curvature of the earth because a laser is going straight did you not think about size we are smaller that Bacteria compared to the earth to see the curvature you have to go higher

    • Lebron James
      Lebron James 8 дней назад

      so getting perfect score on your SAT in math is so related to you proving the earth is flat right? And there are other people who get prefect scores on their SAT and think that the earth is round lmao

    • TheMurdrumCase
      TheMurdrumCase 12 дней назад +1

      You mean like this laser experiment?видео.html
      "this debunks all of the science and math that you believe"
      Can't debunk math. Math is math. I'd expect someone with a "Perfect SAT score" to know this.
      Also, since you're purporting to be a math minded person, this is the equation that everyone uses to determine objects over a horizon on Earth. I assume you're familiar using it, considering that you _absolutely_ used it on the SAT to solve parallax problems.,+(R%2Bh%E2%82%80)%C2%B2+%3D+R%C2%B2+%2B+d%E2%82%81%C2%B2,+(R%2Bh%E2%82%81)%C2%B2+%3D+d%E2%82%82%C2%B2+%2B+R%C2%B2
      ho=elevation of observer
      do= distance to object
      R= Radius of Earth
      d1=observer eye-line distance to horizon
      h1=height of object obscured by horizon

    • nick Zervas
      nick Zervas 12 дней назад

      let me ask you a simple question . Do you know how day and night , winter and summer work ? the earth is not only round but it spins (u get day and night - one full spin every 24 hours ) and also goes around the sun every 365.25 days and thats how the seasons change . Thats why in summer its hotter cause earth is closer to the sun and thats why on winter its colder . That just cant happen if the earth was a actually flat .Even the fact that i can talk to you right now ( the signals are sent through sattelites ) proves how the earth is flat cause sattelites only work because earth is round ( basic physics ) .Just educate yourself pls

    • Brian Benevides
      Brian Benevides 20 дней назад

      TheMurdrumCase yes i did in the math section...and i promise you have not researched both sides like i have...just debunk one proof...look up the experiment scientists did with clearly proves there is no curvature whatsoever...ill find it for u if u need me to...this debunks all of the science and math that you believe

  • Michael Ramos
    Michael Ramos 25 дней назад

    It must be hard having millinos of fans & then you become a flat earther. You could lose a lot of fans just on this topic

  • Ben Mercer
    Ben Mercer 26 дней назад

    Kyrie has the IQ of a rock.

  • DJ ???
    DJ ??? 26 дней назад +2

    I think the earth is flat

  • Mr.Potlong
    Mr.Potlong 26 дней назад

    I am a round earther hey irvin i dont idolize you right now

  • Mubupo
    Mubupo 26 дней назад

    Some of you are some petty, pathetic excuses for human beings. You care that much what shape the earth is, really? Who cares what Kyrie believes, it's him, not you. Who is it harming. There's mass shootings, kids starving and abused and you won't give that a second look, but let a man say the earth is flat and your ears perk up.

  • Charlie Trivian
    Charlie Trivian 26 дней назад

    When you look outside in the landscape it does appear that we live in a dome world. But to think the earth is flat Kyrie is as dumb as a stomach. The Nasholes at NASA wouldn't lie to us.

  • Gianni Basso
    Gianni Basso 28 дней назад

    hey flat-earthers say gravity is only a theory, well, flat earth is also a theory.

  • Jordan Bice
    Jordan Bice 29 дней назад

    How hard is it to answer that sinple question???

  • ghostbb bentley
    ghostbb bentley 29 дней назад

    what a fucking idiot lol

  • Carl Borgman
    Carl Borgman 29 дней назад

    He thinks that the world is flat. It is obvious in the way he constructs his sentences and body language