Morning Guitar Instrumental Music to Wake Up Without Coffee

Calm and positive music to wake up and start your day right.

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►The OCB (One Conscious Breath) relaxing music series helps you calm down. These music are great for relaxing, meditation, yoga, massage, learning, studying, reading, thinking, sleeping, working, dreaming, traveling, etc. Original, calming and peaceful tunes created and uploaded on YouTube every week.

Composer: Ferenc Hegedus | OCB Relax Music
Title: Boating in the Clouds
Publisher: Lynne Publishing
© 2015 All Right Reserved.

iTunes: http://apple.co/2dGBUXl
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2dNX5ui
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2dplB37
Cd Baby: http://bit.ly/2dFiLUL

It means it's just one track.This video was made for long relaxation, meditation or massage.

►If you want to license these tracks for use in your own projects, then please visit: https://goo.gl/dsbUZj

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Автор Nichalas Silva ( назад)
This song makes me relaxed

Автор Mike Blackport ( назад)
Is it beer-thirty yet?

Автор Assault gamer ( назад)
I'm not forcing anyone to be a Christian

Автор Assault gamer ( назад)
and if you can't do something ask the Lord to help you. you don't have to

Автор Assault gamer ( назад)
well... I'm hoping that all.. and I mean all.. have a good night anything that gets you stressed.. putt it out of your mind go ahead and smile meet your friends again at school if you have it don't be sad be happy. don't let anyone get you mad or sad or dipressed greet your neighbor's. don't worry about anything hug your parents when you go to school say hello to your friends and say hello to your teacher and I promise that tomorrow will be a great day I will pray for you all. :)

Автор Airene Barago ( назад)
How can I download the music?

Автор mimi zainol ( назад)
Tried a few instrumental music to kick start my morning .... but revert to OCB ... you're awesome!! Thanks ....

Автор anthony suanque ( назад)
Yes, right now l'am listening and having my coffee after going to my work. Good Morning and have a nice day.

Автор Daly Vega ( назад)
Hola hay alguien ahí

Автор tiffany bittman ( назад)
Good music. we don't take-away my coffee.

Автор xXwhitesheep111Xx minecraftroblox ( назад)

Автор Elisabeth Elaine ( назад)
Do you have tabs or sheet music available for your music? I would love to be able to play this. it's so beautiful :)

Автор Sagittarius A* ( назад)
Anyone know where I can get that mug? It's super cute!

Автор Merfe Lapurga ( назад)
This is so relaxing for me. Great sound in the morning indeed.

Автор tillybinkie ( назад)
Without coffee??!!

Автор debarshi roy ( назад)
Whats the root note for the song?

Автор prash mib ( назад)
good morning

Автор R Fritzley ( назад)

Автор Moizg Obregón ( назад)
Animal Crossing comes to my mind listening this

Автор Shanti Sambangan ( назад)
fell soft sun sine in the morning at North Bali
Shanti Natural Panorama view hotel Bar & REstaurant
Good morning good poeple.....

Автор Mohand Yaha ( назад)
good morning .

Автор Free Music ( назад)

Автор Veronika Csikós ( назад)
recalls the music of jamie winchester...

Автор Marion Fiedler Music ( назад)
This is wonderful. I wish you a good morning, too. Thanks for sharing this. It made my day.

Автор Abhishek Pathania ( назад)
Really! something Calms and Soothing...

Автор worachot masuk ( назад)
i think that music is sad :(

Автор Abrea Aida ( назад)
very soothing! make my soul happy and alive..

Автор Teresa Tuttle ( назад)
beautiful music to wake up to. thank you!

Автор PYROLORD6 ( назад)
I didn't get any sleep at all last night, so this helps take the egde of a little bit, but I need lots of coffee to function today. Great music to shower to.

Автор Beni Murdani ( назад)
good morning all.

Автор Ms. Sunshine ( назад)
I really have enjoyed this music. Love me some guitar music. Thank you for posting!

Автор Nathan Hawks ( назад)
Very nice guitar! Maybe a little less birds as you go :) But, all in all, thanks for sharing this. It is really nice and relaxing to hear.

Автор jabid khan ( назад)
Nice miet you

Автор nurmansyah oktavian ( назад)
:) nice, that's it

Автор avantika sharma ( назад)
this made my beginning fr day really awesome thnks.....
good morning all of u ....hv an awesome day

Автор Eileen Schatz ( назад)
Buenos días bendiciones

Автор Sabrina Rosa ( назад)
Good morning everyone !!

Автор chala Ibrahim ( назад)
Good morning everyone
It's 16 -March 2017 today
I hope and I wish you guys all best keep moving and doin good things no matter what ✌🏾 😎

Автор rui zhu ( назад)
maybe a piano next time will make it better

Автор The Unique Gurl ( назад)
This is amazing! Helps me a lot in the morning, thanks. Thumbs up from me.

Автор Anupsingh Pawar ( назад)
Good morning to all my dear friends

Автор Hana Farris ( назад)
Good morning everyone...

Автор Fei Tate ( назад)
Thumbs down for the muslim agenda add. No Hyatt, Muslims are not peaceful, nor misunderstood. I'm looking for peaceful music, not a pro muslim pro jihad agenda add. Ill never stay in another Hyatt again.

Автор Mike Jones ( назад)
this sounds beautiful thanks

Автор Stephen Yardley ( назад)
very soothing classical guitar. TY for your post. Blessings for you 😊

Автор Francesca Suarez ( назад)
this is absolutely beautiful! I love the guitar, I even play the guitar but this is just beautiful, I can't believe i'm listening to this. This is the best guitar i have ever heard. So spirit lifting and helpful. Thank You

Автор Galina Sheveleva ( назад)
Just thinking about this, Ain't the person that made the vid sat there calmly 3 HOURS 😮 and with no cracking vid sounds just was sitting there and playing this........Just wow u wasted 3 HOURS OF UR LIFE!!!!! #DidYouKnow? 🤔😕🆗

Автор Judey Kitten ( назад)
I never thought this wold work

Автор Péter Fazekas ( назад)
Wavetable crap

Автор Kavita Negi ( назад)
If someone could teach me the swiftness of guitar strings. :) love music!! :)

Автор Kavita Negi ( назад)
I wish I could play all day these notes

Автор zari alexxanderr-caine ( назад)

Автор 畠山時久 ( назад)

Автор Stardust Vibrations - Relaxing Music ( назад)
If you are reading this, YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL 😊 Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 😊

Автор Rosalie Anne Rosales ( назад)
its so beautiful when you wake up morning

Автор Kreasi Gitar ( назад)
Calm instrument. I like

Автор Janice Payne ( назад)
Beautiful tuneage to listen to while brewing a cup o joe.... thanks🎶

Автор Jerome Marley ( назад)
Hopeful Hope - thanks for the good wish. It's so nice to have a positive message to start the day - Peace to you.

Автор Wesley Mwafulirwa ( назад)
Getting ready to go to court while listening to this music just sets the right mood and positive attitude. Thanks for uploading this video. Good morning from Malawi, Africa!

Автор Berkana Online ( назад)
one melody in loop for 3 hours its crazy...

Автор Gato Loco ( назад)
I feel like a Mary

Автор deziree lovecraft ( назад)
with British tea is good too at night lol

Автор Richelle Macapallag ( назад)
Woke up with my boyfriend and our dog this morning. Enjoying the morning together. Enjoying the coffee with this music. So lovely.

Автор D r ( назад)
I love your songs it's make me concentrate more in my homework keep it up you can do it

Автор Ashraf Muktar ( назад)

Автор Jackatemi ( назад)
can you make more music

Автор Jackatemi ( назад)
hello jeffy

Автор Garima Gupta ( назад)
The sound of tweeting birds is a nice touch. Soothing guitar strums, as always :-)

Автор Mike McCormick ( назад)
I do prefer this to cream in my coffee

Автор Archana Kumari ( назад)
wonderful music. Thanks OCB. I salute you people for creating such a lovely music

Автор Juventusist ( назад)
Is there something similar but goes like "Morning Guitar Instrumental Music Wake Up Without Beer"?

Автор Shawntel Lang ( назад)
I just woke up from sleep paralysis this is really helping

Автор ashfa khan ( назад)

Автор ashfa khan ( назад)

Автор ashfa khan ( назад)
MMX hill climb

Автор Paola Gonzalez ( назад)
i love this soo much ever since i started waking up and showering in the morning with this music, it puts me in a great mood

Автор Samuel Rocha García ( назад)
I feel so cheated when they make a 3 hour loop of the same track. I guess I should've read the description.

Автор Sarcast ( назад)

Автор Matthew Rarig ( назад)
Is this just me or is this putting me back to sleep?!?

Автор thinkwhatsyourlife ( назад)
OK maybe a lil dumb question.. Am I listening to same track over and over again?

Автор tiritis ( назад)
I can not drink coffe. I am an hsp and i coffee gives me anxiety. So i dont understand why people needs coffee to wake up. Sounds awful. You get use to the kick of the coffee and if you dont have it your body gets lazy?

Автор elleelf13 ( назад)
Wake up without coffee??
I put this on and went to take a nap! Not quite your intention with this video but honestly, best sleep I've had in a while so thanks :D

Автор fallenSlave ( назад)
to wake without coffee lol

Автор Nestergen ( назад)
Ahhh, what a wonderful feeling :)
Thanks for sharing this with the world =]

Автор aop videos ( назад)
put me to sleep =/

Автор Adan Guns ( назад)

Автор the777 ( назад)
This is just 1 song for 3 hours. Thank you for the misleading video title.

Автор Vegan Life Change ( назад)
Good morning beautiful people! Seize the day. Have a good one!

Guitar tunes are bliss. :3

Автор ALAINA the hilarious! Magical and funny! ( назад)
I listen to mthis every morning to wake me up! love it!

Автор Bhupz Chhetri ( назад)
good morning......have a great dae...

Автор Game Slayer ( назад)
This is really calming

Автор Eugenia Vazquez ( назад)
Good morning and have nice day !!

Автор Nicole Wong Li Zhen ( назад)
Is this under any album? Please let me know!

Автор Brandon Murphy ( назад)
Great Work!

Автор VidShoe ( назад)
YOO I came here bcz it's like 8 am and I don't want to sleeeee....


Автор Jess Bay ( назад)
thats how i love life with always a brand new day. 😊

Автор ESG EyeScareGames ( назад)
hi guys im 1 sub off to 10 i just started go sub to my cuz plz he got me interested there will be more vids
my great grandma died yesterday plz

Автор Hamri Abdo ( назад)
perfect !!!!!! no comments !!!!!!!

Автор P OH ( назад)
It's the same bloody looping tune!! Aaaaahhhhh!! 25 mins and I'm done!

Автор Chavezoid ( назад)
Yaaaaaawn, OK, time to rise and shshshhzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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