TRAVEL DIARY: JAMAICA ❤️💚💛 | Tasha Green

I am so happy to FINALLY be bringing you my Jamaica Aftermovie! It has been a long time coming and I know it's not perfect but it makes me so happy and I hope you guys will enjoy it too! x


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Bob Marley - I Wanna Love You (Remix)


FTC: This video is not sponsored & some of the links I use are affiliate.

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Автор Kelly ( назад)
Loved this so so much!! Can tell how much time n effort has gone into this, could watch this on repeat! Xxx

Автор JoliePerspective ( назад)
Beautiful video. I loved every minute of it. #JamaicaLandWeLove

Автор Tati D ( назад)
dat booty thooo

Автор Tyf ( назад)
Loooooool that long ass

Автор Midest 88 ( назад)
can you pleas go to my channel and subscribe, it means a lot my.

Автор Sasha Semple ( назад)
I'm flying to Jamaica tomorrow and now I couldn't be more excited! x

Автор jhansyvlogs ( назад)
beautiful video!

Автор Keira Love ( назад)
Absolutely amazing Tasha 🇯🇲❤️❤️

Автор Lucia Álvarez ( назад)
it seems that is your happy place, have you thought of moving there...?

Автор fhxs ( назад)
This is so beautiful oh my god 😭

Автор Zoe Howell ( назад)
I live there, I can't believe you were in Kingston! I live 5 mins from bob Marley museum haha, props to you for actually immersing yourself in the country :)

Автор Mallory Manassa ( назад)
Absolutely beautiful :)

Автор Carlene Thomas RD ( назад)
Gorgeous editing work!

Автор Sherraine Phillips ( назад)

Автор neva chambers ( назад)
this video literally made me cry with joy it was edited so beautifully it really captured the joy you felt being here and reminded me how very beautiful my country and our people are thanks for sharing

Автор Amma Sarpong ( назад)
beautiful video!!

Автор Kat Maxwell ( назад)

Автор Alex Richie ( назад)
Beautiful video! Illustrating Jamaica at its finest 🇯🇲

Автор Ginger Chung ( назад)

Автор martablanru ( назад)
anyone has a link to the exact remix of this song?😍😍

Автор tubetilly ( назад)
Beautifully shot video 😍 hope you had an awesome, fulfilling trip! ❤️💚💛

Автор Curly Proverbz ( назад)
Tasha this was absolutely amaaaaaazing. My fav video of yours. Please continue to do travel vlogs on your main channel xox

Автор Zelda ( назад)
This is beautiful 🙌🏽 it's gonna be great to look back on this when you're older, memories to last a lifetime

Автор Marcia24769 ( назад)

Автор Pog Love ( назад)
Such a brilliant video - perfectly edited. You've really evolved since the early vlogs, absolutely love your content! Xxx

Автор Aaliyah Jennetha ( назад)
Absolutely loved this.. & wow.. Tasha the editing was amazing

Автор Ponyhunter ( назад)
DAMN TASHA! It's perfect ♥♥♥

Автор Sophie Maduenyi ( назад)
Beautiful video! 😍👌🏽

Автор Hey it's Vanessa ( назад)
This actually made me cry, I loved it. You look so damn happy

Автор Mercedes Tomaidesx ( назад)
My favourite video of yours ever! Such amazing shots and great editing. Love love love it xxxx

Автор NDIDIAMAKA ( назад)
all the feels 💛🌴

Автор MissNatural UK ( назад)
must go back to the island of my forefathers soon. Thanks for a great video. Jamaica is like no other place on earth😅

Автор Lorelle Ellis ( назад)
Beautiful 😍😍😍

Автор Curly Rena Ray ( назад)
Love this video!!!!

Автор Shel Kalicharan ( назад)
this was so beautiful

Автор curly guurl ( назад)
Nice vlog:) I have a question... my legs are really skinny can they get thicker when I do leg workouts?🙄

Автор Zoe Omozuwa ( назад)
This was so beautiful

Автор chicee123 ( назад)
This is so perfect! I'm gonna try and convince my friends to make this our next destination!! I want to eat that apple thing she had soooo bad

Автор Fay Douglas ( назад)
YAY! loved your vlogs and loved this. You captured a part of Jamaica many tourists will never see. You only get that kind of experience if you have family there I think tbh. Don't think I fully appreciated it until recently when I've seen lots of people on Instagram visit - I can definitely relate more to your experience than theirs. I now feel bad that I used to moan at my mum when we would spend weeks at my grandmas and not at a hotel.

Автор Adrienn Molnár ( назад)
So beautiful!

Автор Alicia M ( назад)
This video is so gorgeous, Tasha! You can tell a lot of hard work has gone into putting this together. Please make another of any future trips you decide to go on! 🙌🏼

Автор Adenieke Lewis ( назад)
Such a nice video to watch! I gotta go back there :)

Автор Chazmyane Alexia ( назад)
This is amazing! I love it Tasha, I want to visit Jamaica very badly. It's going to happen. But you've portrayed this very beautifully!

Автор JayTeaXOXO ( назад)
This looks so beautiful! You look so happy to!! I'm sure y'all had a great time.

Автор Angellaye ( назад)
Love it !

Oh this is soooo NICE! Makes me want to go to Jamaica so bad

Автор Quin Braithwaite ( назад)
who is this remix by!?

Автор Tailor Fitted ( назад)
Dope! I wanna go back to JA now :(

Автор Amanda ( назад)
love this!!

Автор Nicky Taylor ( назад)
GOOOOOOSEBUMPS! This was such a lush video Tasha & is making me miss the Caribbean 😍

Автор Phoebe Holder ( назад)
This is so beautiful 🌺💖

Автор Joanné Dion ( назад)
sooo good !

Автор Elle H ( назад)
This was amazing

Автор Celimene ( назад)
So much love. Very emotional and beautiful Tasha. <3. This makes me want to go to Jamaica so bad and I miss my father's home too =)

Автор MahrukhK ( назад)
Love it!

Автор emily mansell ( назад)
This is such a beautiful video, I'm so happy that you got to see your dad and meet your little brothers, it looks like you had a truly amazing time!

Автор Brittany Pope ( назад)
I am so in love with this video!! Although I followed your blogs of when were in Jamaica, this video gives the viewer a different experience. You show cared not only the beauty of the country but the people you love throughout this video. The song was on point.

Автор Camille Martin ( назад)
Wow love it!!!!

Автор babyblue5503 ( назад)
now I want to go. ✌

Автор Samantha Williams ( назад)
TASHAAAA! This video is AMAZING ... i felt such a fusion of emotions ... happy, nostalgia, thankful and joy at the same time. So much beauty from the people, land, culture and especially you and your family. I found myself smiling from beginning to end. Thanks for sharing this will us.

Автор Kat ( назад)

Автор RI CULTURE ( назад)
love it!

Автор TaraK ( назад)
It's beautiful that you picked that song to guide us through the journey of the imagery. The video has some of the people that make up your heart, and are your "loves", so the song just echoed that sentiment. It was amazing to experience in just those 3mins!

Автор Gaju ( назад)
Love it soooo much! Now I want to go to Jamaica

Автор ayannure ( назад)
Made me feel all types of ways! Loved it! ❤️❤️❤️

Автор Mia Jessica ( назад)
amazing, so beautiful and vibrant

Автор Francenid Girigorie ( назад)

Автор Ella Johnson ( назад)
I love this😻😩😻

Автор Jasmin Mortensen ( назад)
This video made me so happy. Well done Tash

Автор Nishca Smith ( назад)
So beautiful!🇯🇲

Автор Deanna Maurice ( назад)
Loved it!!!

Автор dldl ( назад)
Tasha!!! 😧😧😧 allllll the feels, what a beautiful video and now forever memories. I hope your JA family get to see this too as its magical. The edit, the natural colours of the landscape, the music, food, beauty... Bravo girl!!👌👌👌😍

Автор anbrwnn ( назад)
Definitely not crying after watching this, you captured Jamaica so well! 💛🇯🇲💚

Автор Fabiola Barrera ( назад)
That was amazing! So cool Tasha!

Автор SamanthaLove ( назад)
The footage, the editing, the music...everything was on point! This video is so f*cking beautiful! Great job, Tasha.

Автор Alisha Dandy ( назад)
Tasha this is insane! The editing is on point! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 I'm so jel you looked like you had an amazing time!!! 🌻✨✨

Автор Bonita Rochelle ( назад)
This is such a beautiful video. I can't wait to go back to Jamaica. <3

Автор Coraline Blue ( назад)
Loved this💙💙

Автор O my makeup ( назад)
I think the look on ur dads face when he hugs u is the sweetest thing ever. Sooooo cute. ❤️❤️

Автор O my makeup ( назад)
I luv this, omg. I don't think I ever seen u look so happy from inside out. I can't wait to goooooooooooo. This is just f-Ing awesome Tasha. ❤️❤️❤️❤️. Stunnnnnnnnning!!!!

Автор Miranda Eaton ( назад)
This is so beautiful Tasha❤️💛💚

Автор Kelli Kerr ( назад)
Jamaica land we love! 🇯🇲

Автор ABIGAIL GYESI ( назад)
This was just so beautiful and editing was amazing!

Автор Nessy Verduzco ( назад)
Tasha not even exaggerating when I say this is one of the few most beautiful videos I've seen. Absolutely beautiful

Автор Alexandra Martin ( назад)
Jamaica looks so beautiful. I love how you edit the video 💕💕

Автор mixedracedghanagirl B ( назад)

Автор Sphinx Beauty ( назад)
Yaaas 😍 Just perfect ! The video, u and ur relationship are perfect ! 🙏🏽 Kiss from France 😘

Автор DassahMariee ( назад)
So beautiful there! Really enjoyed this video :)

Автор Aicha ( назад)
Thanks for the trip to Jamaica Tasha. Now I can go tell my friends how amazing it was 😏. Awesome! Really!

Автор keana dunbar ( назад)
I absolutely love how close you and your dad are Tasha, this video really captured how beautiful Jamaica really is and this makes me so proud of my culture 💖💖

Автор ItsSabrina ( назад)
Loved your editing! Jamaica looks BEAUTIFUL x

Автор kiju765 ( назад)
Almost started crying when you hugged your father 😩 so cute!

Автор Roberta H ( назад)
This was so well made, I felt emosh watching some bits!

Автор Destiny Breana ( назад)
loved this!

Автор Danielle Charlotte ( назад)
Im absolutely in love with this please what was this filmed on? xx

Автор TishaMoriah ( назад)
Awwww you with your dad 💕💕💕

Автор Lovardose ( назад)
Magnifique <3

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