The SCOAN LIVE Living Water Service!!! (06/05/19)

  • Published on May 6, 2019
  • Join the thousands of visitors to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) from around the globe as they prayerfully enter the anointed altar at The SCOAN to receive Living Water and a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ!
    "What you speak determines what you receive. I speak healing - I receive healing! I speak deliverance - I receive deliverance! I speak breakthrough - I receive breakthrough! I speak salvation - I receive salvation!" - T.B. Joshua

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  • Wendy Kabengele
    Wendy Kabengele 8 months ago

    Son of David have Mercy on me,and let your mercy speak for me and my family.

  • Boyd Phiri
    Boyd Phiri 8 months ago

    Glory be to God Almighty

  • Rita Oj
    Rita Oj 8 months ago

    God bless you sir more grace

  • Rita Oj
    Rita Oj 8 months ago

    Son of David have mercy on me let your mercy speak for me.

  • Rita Oj
    Rita Oj 8 months ago

    Oh lord my God locate me in your mercy and favour in every aspect of my life this.2019

  • Rita Oj
    Rita Oj 8 months ago

    I thank God for his mercy and protection upon my life you said in your word that we should seek and we will find knock and you will be given unto us.God should show me his mercy and favour in every aspect of my life this.2019

  • GM Shahid
    GM Shahid 8 months ago

    Mr. TB J please start paying a visit to Hospitals, it will be a great service to patients admitted over there. Soon either Hospital will lose their business or your shop will be shut down stand exposed.

  • Marissa M
    Marissa M 8 months ago

    Son of David have a mercy on me

  • Winnie friend
    Winnie friend 8 months ago

    By faith Lord Jesus I connect myself in this alter and I believe I'm delivered from all affliction of Satan.I'm free in Jesus mighty name Amen

  • Dizor Olisa
    Dizor Olisa 8 months ago


  • Stephina Mlauzi
    Stephina Mlauzi 8 months ago

    With faith in my heart I receive healing and deliverance , thank you Lord for the life of prophet Tb Joshua in Jesus name

  • Neema kazungu nzao Nzao neema kazungu

    MAN of god pray for me

  • YJ J
    YJ J 8 months ago

    귀한목사님 감사드려요~~^^

  • Paulus tjunda
    Paulus tjunda 8 months ago

    please I want deliverency!may the power of god work on my prayer?please I need from every one to pray for me for my Jesus name.amen!

  • Helga Roberts
    Helga Roberts 8 months ago


  • ashwini m
    ashwini m 8 months ago

    Deliverence,set free, healing, secure, blessing, power,glory,in Jesus name forever with us.amen

  • Mr Ntege Davie
    Mr Ntege Davie 8 months ago

    Distance is not a barrier Deliverece still going on in Jesus name

  • chantal DisolokA
    chantal DisolokA 8 months ago

    Oh lord locate me in your mercy and healing ,,me, bless me

  • chantal DisolokA
    chantal DisolokA 8 months ago

    Thanks,man for God

  • Alpha Modukanele
    Alpha Modukanele 8 months ago

    Thank you Jesus i am free,i am healed🙏🙏

  • Mickel Sanchez
    Mickel Sanchez 8 months ago

    I thank god emmanuel thank u thank u

  • Destiny Taji
    Destiny Taji 8 months ago +1

    Prayers can move mountains.
    SON of most high GOD ave mercy on me ,am a sinner!!

  • Brienah Czco
    Brienah Czco 8 months ago

    Dad you always tell couples with problems in the marriages that "this is marriage from God!" And when i hear this, i will always ask myself "Lord, if you are aware of marriages, "Where is my marriage from YOU such that now am 41 and no trace of marriage neither a single child" Tell me your WILL. I have waited now i have 98% given up. The urge to have a man is now completely vanishing. I always feel the man will end up cheat me and tired of disappointments. Any man wanting me now is a waste of his time. He is almost talking to a deaf ear. Deliver me, Lord! I know through Dad Prophet TB Joshua, he knows what is happening to me and my family.

  • Atia Zita
    Atia Zita 8 months ago

    My family is delivered in JESUS name 🙏🙏

  • Jay Jagz
    Jay Jagz 8 months ago +1

    Good morning, because i know nothing is impossible with my God. My belief and faith tells me distance is not a barrier and just one day things will never be the same again. As I touch the taps together with my Prophet TB Joshua all my worries are settled I pray in Jesus Name.

  • annmarie brown
    annmarie brown 8 months ago

    I got deliverance and pass out substance with blood thank be to god distance is not a barrier

  • Sunday itohan
    Sunday itohan 8 months ago

    I received my healing and my document and in Jesus mighty name amen my family is free in Jesus name amen

  • Alexander Lamotey Masopeh

    Please i am always grateful for your program and wanted to come to Nigeria but not prophet Joshua please help me out both spiritual and physical and health in Jesus Christ I believe with hope Amen may God bless you for all your work done Amen

  • Dorothy Nkemju
    Dorothy Nkemju 8 months ago

    Father God pls bless me and my family in Jesus name.

  • nkoya joseph
    nkoya joseph 8 months ago

    son of David have marcy on me...i need you jususa let your marcy speak for me in jesus name

  • Irabo Constance
    Irabo Constance 8 months ago

    Thank you Jesus 🙏

  • Frang Khitsane
    Frang Khitsane 8 months ago

    Oh holly spirit forgive me

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar 8 months ago

    lord God almighty have mercy on my family amen🙏

  • Paul Ooko
    Paul Ooko 8 months ago

    Son of David have mercy and speak for me

  • Naeem Muneer
    Naeem Muneer 8 months ago


  • Isabelle Bupe
    Isabelle Bupe 8 months ago

    Son of.David have mercy on me let your mercy speak for me Lord locate men in your favour

  • varell forbes
    varell forbes 8 months ago

    Good morning Church Emmanuel Emmanuel God is with us.Thank you my daddy in the Lord Jesus Amen Varell Forbes Canada

  • Foday Kamara
    Foday Kamara 8 months ago

    Good Good Good morning thank you holy spirit an holy ghost power the light of the world the true savior the way, the life an the truth king of the Univac forgive my sin. Son of David let my sin power broken make me your shining light ,yes I believed I am deliver thank you Christ Jesus the king for ever an ever hallelujah amen and thank you Senior general prophet T. B. Joshua yes you are the Teacher an Blessing of Jesus our lord, may his long life an Blessing from above come upon you an your ministry the arena of our liberty thank you for doing the work of the Lord Christ Jesus who you respect the holy king the lord an his prophet you will Shoaly have the reward for ever an everlasting hallelujah amen amen amen with all my heart Emmanuel yes he is with us for ever an ever thank Christ Jesus.

  • Merva England
    Merva England 8 months ago

    Man of God please deliver me from evil people who are blocking me goodness that should be in my life .Amen.

  • Praveen Tatapudi
    Praveen Tatapudi 8 months ago

    Praise the lord man of God. Let me know how can I get living water from you.

  • Phone Sayo
    Phone Sayo 8 months ago

    Man of god please pray of my marriage life

  • Akua Amankah
    Akua Amankah 8 months ago

    Son of David have mercy on me and my family..

  • Ela mangwi
    Ela mangwi 8 months ago

    Locate me in ur mercy Lord

  • Yoni Smap
    Yoni Smap 8 months ago

    Jesus heal me and have mercy on me .

  • Ben Cool
    Ben Cool 8 months ago

    dear God i receive my blessing in Jesus name Amen

  • Melka Adela
    Melka Adela 8 months ago

    Emmanuel !!!

  • vivian Clemence
    vivian Clemence 8 months ago

    Son of David have Mercy on me, Let your Mercy speak for me

  • Consolata Doreen
    Consolata Doreen 8 months ago


  • Consolata Doreen
    Consolata Doreen 8 months ago


  • Ayodeji Adeogun
    Ayodeji Adeogun 8 months ago

    I am grateful to God for saving my soul from the death.

  • Ifeoma true talk Joyce
    Ifeoma true talk Joyce 8 months ago

    Son of David have mercy on me Amen Lord Jesus locate me nd my family nd deliver us from every curse in our life Amen.

    TERESIA NG'ANG'A 8 months ago

    Man of God pray for me am in Qatar,working as a house girl,,my boss accused me FALSELY,, took me to jail,,,,tomorrow am going to court to case at 8:00am,man of God prophet TB Joshua pray for me,,,am going through difficulties

  • Lauren Jauregui
    Lauren Jauregui 8 months ago +1

    God bless ya❤

  • sylvia Teddy
    sylvia Teddy 8 months ago

    Son of David have mercy on me man of God I pray for deliverance, healing and salvation I want to come to scoan but finances have limited me .

  • Philomena Oluchi Nzeadu


  • Flomo S. Gbolumah
    Flomo S. Gbolumah 8 months ago

    Son of David, have mercy on me and my family.

  • Flomo S. Gbolumah
    Flomo S. Gbolumah 8 months ago

    Thank you Lord for your grace and Kindness for mankind.

  • Ronaldo Richard
    Ronaldo Richard 8 months ago

    My Father, Forgive thy foolishness and filthy acts, for they don't know what they are going through.

  • Dani Tarimo
    Dani Tarimo 8 months ago +1

    I receive a cup of water from hands of prophet T.b. Joshua and I drink in Jesus Christ's name

  • evelyn wanjiru
    evelyn wanjiru 8 months ago

    Amen,Lord jesus locate my family and deliver us from family curses and setbacks..i believe in the aanointing at scoan