Ventura County Fires - how you can help the victims!

  • As wildfires blaze across southern California many people and pets have been displaced. wants to help. We are offering a matching grant of up to $500,000 to be distributed to American Red Cross, United Way, and Ventura County Humane Society to aid in rescue and relief efforts. In the next 48 hours, any donations made to this Go Fund Me account will be doubled:
    How much should you contribute? We're asking for a maximum donation of only $1. When you donate $1, your donation will double to $2, and you join us in solidarity to help people, dogs, cats, and horses who've all lost their homes.!
    Donate at GoFundMe:

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  • anony mouse
    anony mouse Year ago

    By preventing more incidents by listening to me...

  • steve culley
    steve culley 2 years ago

    "oversized hero", you could of thought of a better way of putting it. guy puts his life on the line and you insinuate hes fat