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Comments • 80

  • Yatxieliz García
    Yatxieliz García 19 hours ago

    Shane Dawson in every conspiracy video you're wearing the same shirt

  • Rainbow sprinkles 99
    Rainbow sprinkles 99 19 hours ago

    Well then I drink a lot a Mountain Dew then

  • Oxi Clean
    Oxi Clean Day ago +1

    i’ve probably ate like 20 mosquitoes. Because they keep falling into my cup of water and i can’t see them. 🤮

  • Dang it miely
    Dang it miely Day ago

    Well walt disney body is frozen because just in case siencetise find out a souloution to bring him back alive. Just one theary if you see walt disney's ghost at disney land it could be probably because he wanted to explore a place that reminded people of walt disney

  • samantha fishler

    i'M SO SO SO SO HAPPY YOU POST WOKE VIDEOS SINCE YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A LOT OF FOLLOWERS... so many would still be blind if it werent for you, some of us were lucky to see through the bullshit alone but for those who didnt yet and learned because of you is amazing!!!!

  • Kero Kaminari
    Kero Kaminari 2 days ago +1

    Fun fact: Disney is not the first person to do stop motion, it was the guy who made Betty boop

  • Nightfall
    Nightfall 2 days ago

    I remember learning about the tapeworm thing in my biology class as it was a very frequent thing which Victorian women did.
    Sometimes the tape worm can break off sections of itself so you can't fully pass it through your system.

  • Gabriela Ceja
    Gabriela Ceja 2 days ago

    Is that why Jesse name from full house is Jesse?🧐🤭

  • crazybean101_
    crazybean101_ 2 days ago

    My mum heard this and was like " ohh elvis"

  • Cade Desmarais
    Cade Desmarais 2 days ago

    Why do I continue to watch these in 2020? I can't stop

  • no_fun_mila x
    no_fun_mila x 2 days ago

    manson 😔🖤

  • Mizz Bee
    Mizz Bee 2 days ago

    shane could easily make me scared of a grape

  • CottonCandy ASMR
    CottonCandy ASMR 3 days ago

    Make more of these plz cus I am rewatxhjng these

  • Skyeminer
    Skyeminer 3 days ago

    I'm triggered...

  • gashly crumb
    gashly crumb 3 days ago

    Anyone else bored cause of corona so you’re watching Shane

  • Moira McCabe
    Moira McCabe 3 days ago

    I'm 14 and Marilyn manson is hands down my favorite musical artist. I love him and I real wanna meet him.

  • Gabriella Nelson
    Gabriella Nelson 4 days ago

    Why would a spider be scared of me and run at me like a Naruto runner

  • Gabriella Nelson
    Gabriella Nelson 4 days ago

    U must invest a lot into these videos lol

  • Gabriella Nelson
    Gabriella Nelson 4 days ago


  • Billy Bub64
    Billy Bub64 4 days ago

    *Watches myths from Disney*
    *Gets only one myth*
    But random myths about ppl I don’t know

  • Bruh
    Bruh 4 days ago

    His body is not frozen it is proven

  • Abelardo Leal
    Abelardo Leal 4 days ago

    Me in 2017: Elvis??? I didn't know who Elvis was. Oh wait 10 more years.
    Me in 2020: GUYS, 7 MORE YEARS!!!

  • texting pranks
    texting pranks 5 days ago

    I stopped and look at myplate for the first one cause I'm eating on a Mickey mouse plate-

  • Kim Namjoon
    Kim Namjoon 5 days ago +1

    Who’s watching this in 2020 because they miss these type of videos from him??

  • Mechine Caseñares
    Mechine Caseñares 5 days ago

    My dad thinks that Elvis Presley died from aids

  • Michael McNeil
    Michael McNeil 5 days ago

    Jelly from the office either was going to or did the tapeworm diet

  • Mackinzie Crump
    Mackinzie Crump 6 days ago

    Kinda ironic that Uncle Jessy from Full House, loved Elvis, and his name was Jessy

  • misfitramone
    misfitramone 6 days ago

    Better Midler accidentally back into my dad in the Disney employees lot. My dad worked at Disney when I was a kid and he was coming back from lunch parked and was walking to his office when he walked behind a car and was backed into and knocked him over. He was struggling to get up when Bette Midler jumped out of her car and asked if he was okay, my dad looked at her and said you're Bette Midler! She was like oh my God are you okay and he asked why she had such a crappy car? She said so if someone sees me driving they say oh it's Bette Midler then they see the crappy car and say no she'd have a way nicer car if that was her.

  • Just aDoggo
    Just aDoggo 6 days ago

    3:37 or maybe it was ya know a random guy

  • Maddie Colosante
    Maddie Colosante 6 days ago

    Me: A scaredy cat
    Also me: watching Shane's videos on binge

  • Richie Trashmouth Tozier

    Jesse: Elvis's twin brother
    Who else is named Jesse?
    UNCLE JESSE. And who is Uncle Jesse obsessed with? ELVIS

  • Hannah yfugufug
    Hannah yfugufug 8 days ago

    Is anyone cheking they're moths for nests ???😅

  • MyLifeAsJess
    MyLifeAsJess 8 days ago

    Its satisfying that when watching this the view count is 9,999,990

  • Amela Perry
    Amela Perry 8 days ago +1

    That's why in the beginning of disney movies there's a sparkle that makes a dome shame above the castle

  • Chriss Perez
    Chriss Perez 9 days ago +4

    I thought it was Disney myths

  • That Furry Thing
    That Furry Thing 9 days ago +1

    Walt Disney was Frozen?. Isn't the movie Frozen a Disney movie?

  • XxLegitGhxst
    XxLegitGhxst 9 days ago

    The tape worm doesn't seem as bad :) seems tasty ngl

  • GalaxyPotato
    GalaxyPotato 9 days ago

    I got a criminal warning ad befor this video 😂

  • Kayla AdysonHi
    Kayla AdysonHi 9 days ago +1

    I was watching a tik tok about Walt Disney being frozen and I said it to my friend on FaceTime and I get this video... I hate technology

  • Ey3zJr
    Ey3zJr 9 days ago

    7 years and well kno how Elvis died.

  • Tessa Brown
    Tessa Brown 9 days ago

    I asked my mom about the marilyn Manson theory and she said "I remember that I always thought it wasn't real and people who believed it were stupid"

  • Ayseala Mert
    Ayseala Mert 9 days ago

    I was eating noodles and I lost my appetite 👍🏻

  • Amy Erlanger
    Amy Erlanger 10 days ago

    The elvis thing is crazy

  • Drstrange 4214
    Drstrange 4214 11 days ago

    Ur always wereing the same shirt in these kind of intros

  • Fish Girl Sam Fish
    Fish Girl Sam Fish 11 days ago +1

    No Myths are not true you’re thinking of urban legends

  • Jacob Castro
    Jacob Castro 11 days ago

    I saw the tape worm thing in Untold stories of the E.R lmao

  • Will Manley
    Will Manley 12 days ago

    A spider once crawled on my arm had a mini heart attack

  • Kahzi
    Kahzi 13 days ago

    Why do u always where the same shirt😂

  • Aylaa's Arts
    Aylaa's Arts 13 days ago

    i was eating!!!!

  • Karina Wilkolek
    Karina Wilkolek 13 days ago

    7 years then we will know how Elvis really died

  • rylee hardesty
    rylee hardesty 14 days ago +1

    plot twist: Disney land isn’t shut down bc of the coronavirus, it’s shut down so people can unbury Walt Disney’s body from the ride and unfreeze him.

  • Martina Garcia
    Martina Garcia 17 days ago


  • Nathan Ross
    Nathan Ross 17 days ago

    for the montindow part i have to say wut if your a grel it wood no nuthing to them

  • Cool Dog
    Cool Dog 18 days ago

    Me in 2020 7 more years until we get Elvis recorders

  • Liyabear
    Liyabear 18 days ago

    What did the last three have to do with Disney...

  • Ryft Jayde
    Ryft Jayde 18 days ago


  • Ray Russell
    Ray Russell 18 days ago

    My mom was a huge fan of Marilyn manson, so I asked my mom if she remembered and she got so excited and told me all about it😂😂

  • Football Madrid
    Football Madrid 18 days ago

    Just went on the pirates of the carribean.

  • Chloe Mccorkle
    Chloe Mccorkle 19 days ago

    My mom said that people believe Walt Disney was a pedophile

  • Elvis Presley fan
    Elvis Presley fan 19 days ago

    I ❤️ Elvis Presley

  • tooswt4bs
    tooswt4bs 20 days ago

    Walt Disney is supposed to be buried at Forrest Lawn in California...same cemetery as the one the Michael Jackson is buried at

  • Tariq Jahangir
    Tariq Jahangir 20 days ago

    Elvis cant be alive right now he would be like 110 yrs old

  • Lil Dominicana
    Lil Dominicana 21 day ago

    So 7 more years till we have the truth ヘ(´o`)ヘ

  • DylanTheTrain1234
    DylanTheTrain1234 21 day ago

    I’ve had white worms and you have to shit them out ._.

  • KittyClaws Sebastian

    The tapeworm diet is crazy and absolutely gross

  • Vanessa Herrera
    Vanessa Herrera 21 day ago


  • Vanessa Herrera
    Vanessa Herrera 21 day ago


  • Julia Thompson
    Julia Thompson 23 days ago

    yes this is 3 years after this video was posted but hear me out ; when i was at Disney a nearly two years ago the pirates of the Caribbean ride was being repaired, maybe they were checking Walt Disneys body or un freezing it?

  • Corey Johnston
    Corey Johnston 24 days ago

    Why do i watch this sh💩t at night

  • Mil Berry
    Mil Berry 24 days ago +1

    Shane are you going to continue with the conspiracy theories series?

  • Suzanah Lopez
    Suzanah Lopez 25 days ago

    What dose elvis and the other singer have to do with the disney

  • Tea spill sis
    Tea spill sis 25 days ago +1

    boi i went to disney 2 weeks ago and when i heard he was buried/frozen in the pirates of the Caribbean ride, holy shit that ride creeped me out cause it was dark and i had a gut feeling about that ride

  • seles brown
    seles brown 26 days ago

    theres a tablet in Ozzy that can kill tape worms

  • Rydan Rovnak
    Rydan Rovnak 26 days ago +1

    I thot it was Disney myths and it went to a guy sucking his own dick

  • Zurcko
    Zurcko 26 days ago

    Shane voice is creepy gay

  • E r r o r
    E r r o r 26 days ago +1

    if your watching in 2020 were really close to 2027 so...... :I

  • JBL Brotherr -Electronics

    Does anyone else have 911 on dial, ready to call because you hear a lawnmower

  • O'Ryan Rucker
    O'Ryan Rucker 27 days ago +1

    My name is also oryan lolz

  • Sophie-Amber Lee-Sixx
    Sophie-Amber Lee-Sixx 28 days ago

    It's 2020 that elvis one if the autopsy is gonna be revealed in 2027 that's 7 years from now. 😲😲😲😲

  • yoo yoo
    yoo yoo 28 days ago

    It's like.... 2am