Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location - Part 1

  • Five Nights at Freddy's has RETURNED with a brand new Sister Location and new friends to keep you company through the night!
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Comments • 80

  • Aris Mateescu
    Aris Mateescu 10 minutes ago +1

    3:37 i cant stop watching that 😂

    ALEXANDRIA WALTHER 15 minutes ago +1

    While Mark was giving Funtime Foxy a controlled shock I started to taste *powdered* sugar and syrup run down my throat.

    *Powdered sugar and syrup*

    (It doesn't taste good)

  • { Freckle }
    { Freckle } Hour ago

    This is a comment

  • unicorn lover1
    unicorn lover1 Hour ago

    Yes William Afton disined all the animatronic's

  • Barbara Strobachovà

    Olyan jó hogy lefordította magyarra azt amit mond meg azt is amit a játék ❤️❤️

  • no u gg
    no u gg 2 hours ago +1

    Sister location

    *james Charles*

  • Monique_K
    Monique_K 2 hours ago


  • Funtime Golden Freddy
    Funtime Golden Freddy 2 hours ago +1

    (Mr.Afton was the one who Made the Sister Location Models.And on the Custom Night,if You already know,that whe You Go to Challenges on Very Hard Mode,Micheal will Appear Walking down the Streat and If You do Every Single Challenge You will see That Purple Guy was Walking down the Streat and how Much You see at one Time,You will know that I don't know if it's Mick that was Walking down the Streat....''
    Oh,and Markplier if Your Readings this,thanks.

    • Funtime Golden Freddy
      Funtime Golden Freddy Hour ago +1

      Also if You Know,When You Shock Ballora on Night 2,she will make a Sound that is Glitched that is what when You Give Her a Controled Shock.And Funtime Foxy will Say ''GREAT'' When on Night 2,when You Put the Light on her,Circus Baby on Night 2.The Controled Shock is Damaged well,what is not Good when You Shock Circus Baby 2 Times,Handunit will turn off the Power and Baby will Walk Into Ballora's Section then Funtime Foxy's Section then where You are.(Thanks for Reading)

    • Funtime Golden Freddy
      Funtime Golden Freddy 2 hours ago +1

      Your the Best 20/20/20/20 Mode.

  • Crystal Geyser
    Crystal Geyser 2 hours ago

    Mr. Afton is the first person who even thought of the animatronics

  • SynericFox
    SynericFox 2 hours ago +1

    Mark: fails the bidy bab thing
    Me: finishes and takes a break at night 3

  • motto motto
    motto motto 2 hours ago


    -Markiplier 2016

  • James Hahn
    James Hahn 3 hours ago

    Is a *_CONTROLLED SHOCK_* like the new flex seal? It fixes anything?

  • Benny The Gamer
    Benny The Gamer 4 hours ago

    what a spooky game

  • Zen
    Zen 5 hours ago

    *"Ever D*mn Time markiplier has something to say about scott"*
    The Game: Let's cut you off shall we?

  • maan Ahmed
    maan Ahmed 5 hours ago


  • maan Ahmed
    maan Ahmed 5 hours ago

    Mike Schmidt

  • Andrew Karen Smith
    Andrew Karen Smith 5 hours ago

    Remember how Mark used to call Puppet ‘the baby?’
    What if Scott named Circus Baby after that?

  • Zoe Morton
    Zoe Morton 6 hours ago

    Mr afton is the murderer from the original purple guy he killed kids

    • Foxy The Pirate
      Foxy The Pirate 5 hours ago

      Wk this was like years ago when people didn't know about Afton and the killings

  • Nia Valenzuela
    Nia Valenzuela 6 hours ago

    27:08 the first time i ever did a backflip

  • jasmine
    jasmine 7 hours ago


  • Sofia Tanjer
    Sofia Tanjer 8 hours ago

    The Fuck

  • poop poop
    poop poop 8 hours ago

    Mark: I don’t know I’m just gonna stop theorizing
    Matpat: *sits in the closet and theorizeswhen the game isn’t even released*

  • Green Tea
    Green Tea 8 hours ago

    William: She can dispense Ice-cream

    Elizabeth: Oh yeah, it's all coming together

  • foxy puppet sans Fnaf. kitten loves

    Is it just me or no because when I look back and watch these videos in this particular video at around 4:29 they say the "encourage kids to stay fit and enjoy pizza " I know it seems normal until you really look at it... It is ironic is all, I know that they mean to have a healthy balance, but I just at first never thought about universe it or really ever noticed it. But now as I am reading this I am thinking I am just being an I will probably delete this post...later.

  • Alolan Raichu Builder - Ugandan Tails

    *_Babey! Take me to the feeling!_*

  • Gd Anubis
    Gd Anubis 10 hours ago

    It seems like Scott cawton stopped making fnaf games. Lets motivate him with a controlled shock

  • Anujin Nijuna
    Anujin Nijuna 11 hours ago

    I thought the unknown voice said: "Chicken Dance, Chicken Sing" XD

  • Maddie Monroe
    Maddie Monroe 14 hours ago

    EgGS BeNiDiCt

  • Maddie Monroe
    Maddie Monroe 14 hours ago

    Mr. William Afton is purple guy

  • salmonella poisoning
    salmonella poisoning 14 hours ago

    Mr.afton is the father of 3 children and he eventually dies but he did make the sister location
    His daughter gets scooped buy baby
    His son dies by a Fredd bair thing
    His other son dies by the scooper
    his wife eventually becomes ballora I don't know how
    Mr. Afton is William Afton
    The wife is I've no idea
    The daughter's name I don't know
    The oldest son is Mike Afton
    The youngest son is Chris Afton

  • DramaLlama 695
    DramaLlama 695 17 hours ago +1

    Who else is watching in quarantine??

  • xXGacha GirlXx
    xXGacha GirlXx 18 hours ago +1

    Mr Afton=William Afton=Yes tge creator of all the animatronics (Farther of Elizabeth=Circus baby)=He is known as Spring trap
    (Mike is known as Michael Afton the oldest he is the son of Mr Afton(Male)Elizabeth Daughter of Mr Afton (Baby) is the second oldest. And lastly Chris=Character in fnaf 4 ithink...(.the one with the nightmares)Son of Mr Afton
    (Ballora=Mrs Afton=The wife of William Afton (Yes he killed her)

    The girl voice you kept hearing it Elizabeth

  • SpinX honor
    SpinX honor 18 hours ago

    OML i was whatching and it cme over my anime nd i laughed my ass off

  • -Krazy Wolf Gacha-
    -Krazy Wolf Gacha- 19 hours ago

    15:40 - 16:36
    Markiplier.exe has gone offline

    control module: *It seems Markiplier.exe is feeling- scared. Lets try a controlled shock.

    Markiplier: -still quiet

    control module: Lets try another controlled shock

  • King Cricket
    King Cricket 19 hours ago

    How did I just realize he has a standing desk? 😂

  • roselyn aniz
    roselyn aniz 19 hours ago

    Ca you wacth the fnaf movie pls i like the video if you wacth the fnaf movie

  • Gacha Starbucks Puppy
    Gacha Starbucks Puppy 20 hours ago +1

    mr afton made all of them hes the purple guy

  • Sheaplayz !
    Sheaplayz ! 20 hours ago

    When you want to play FNaF but ur Mom is all like "NOW LETS BE KID FRIENDLY HERE" and it costs money and all the money you had was stolen by ur Mom ;-;

  • EeveeLovers Gaming
    EeveeLovers Gaming 20 hours ago

    mark: getting scared and having to go through basically torcher*
    me and my rockstar foxy plush: :I

  • Spencer
    Spencer 23 hours ago +1

    2020 i’m watching

  • Planet Devin
    Planet Devin 23 hours ago +2

    In the background of the crawling through ballora faze you can here
    All I see is an empty room
    No more joy of an empty too

  • xRainzox
    xRainzox 23 hours ago +1

    Mr.Afton is Purple guy the man you play as in the mini game on FNAF 3,he is springtrap, you play as Micheal Afton his eldest son and Circus Baby is his eldest daughter and only daughter, the kid you play as on FNAF 4 the kid who got his head chomped is Chris Afton his youngest child, William Afton is the creator and murderer

  • Sarah Cicatko
    Sarah Cicatko Day ago +1

    No that thing on the voice after the man voice was baby the other animatronic was bidybats

  • Wilpzy
    Wilpzy Day ago

    look at all the views and none of them subscribe why

    XxSUPERSIMONxX Day ago

    Mom: it seems that [SON NAME] is acting up. let's fix that with a *controlled whooping.*

  • AliveNinga 1
    AliveNinga 1 Day ago

    Who else thinks that intro sounds like kakashi sensei

  • Bright Joy
    Bright Joy Day ago

    mr afton is purple guy

  • royal dragon
    royal dragon Day ago

    Me at first: ok huh this seems good
    Me 10 minuets later: *insert string of curses*

  • Jose DeJesus
    Jose DeJesus Day ago

    Mr AFton is purple guy

  • Okisastickman
    Okisastickman Day ago

    Baby I couldn’t see your name right sorry I love you😍👩🏻‍🦰👀😻😯

  • Okisastickman
    Okisastickman Day ago

    You’re not my friend baby you’ll pay for the smart flyer

  • FateHasArrived YT
    FateHasArrived YT Day ago +1

    Watching in quarantine epic

  • Okisastickman
    Okisastickman Day ago

    Is that baby I hate you multiplier

  • Okisastickman
    Okisastickman Day ago +1

    Markiplier why did you roast why did you roast Chad wild clay

  • Vynall Dash
    Vynall Dash Day ago

    I like how he held the edge of the door and closed it perfectly fine, then dragged like a maniac when he needed to close it back XD

  • Meme Guy
    Meme Guy Day ago

    Mr Afton is the person who makes the pizzerias

  • Vera Foxe
    Vera Foxe Day ago +2

    Mark: no I don't wanna crawl down the hole
    2 seconds later: let's crawl down the hole

  • 《JustBEEingAGamer 》

    mark: has questions bout mr. afton

    Me: well lemme awnser that for ya! yes he did make all the animetronics and Mr. afton full name is william afton, that man who was talking is Michael afton and baby trys to lead you bc you are her biger brother (baby is Elizabeth afton, got killed by baby, baby was designed to be a killing machine but Mr. afton didnt think it will be his own daughter) ballora is Mrs. afton (got killed by Mr. afton. Nobody knows her name I dont think) YADIYADIYADA and fnaf 4? was that wit the nightmares in a kids room? yes yes it was i think welp that was Chris afton (younger brother of Elizabeth and michael, got killed by Michael of giving fred bear a big ´´kiss´´ And then his head got bitten of fredbear) So yea :3 o and the tv show is based on The afton familys life :3 Now YEEEEEEEEEET and the vioce is elizabeth she may not see circus baby cuz it was an killing machine but she did find a way to see her but circus babys eyes wfere first blue and now green cuz elizabeths her eyes are green and she posesed the animatronic

  • •Gacha_Danielle•

    I came here from if Michael was markiplier idk how to spell it

  • Enya Konstad Karlengen

    mr. aften is purple guy/ springtrap

  • Molly the Heart breaker

    Baby is the one telling you what to do when the lights are off not that other thing

  • chris afton
    chris afton Day ago

    3am anyone?

  • chris afton
    chris afton Day ago

    “welcome,eggs benedect”

  • chubguy vlogs
    chubguy vlogs Day ago

    did anyone notice balloon boy in the Funtime auditorium? at 5:56

  • Toy Bon297
    Toy Bon297 Day ago

    Dancypants I'm fucking dead

  • Dakota fell
    Dakota fell Day ago

    how dare u shock ELIZABETH AFTON how dare you UzU

  • Dakota fell
    Dakota fell Day ago

    lol loved that part when what why do I want dance pants to be mad at me!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

  • Michael Bremer
    Michael Bremer Day ago

    You should have seen your face when you're making the two middle fingers HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • Annabelle Shultz

    Me seeing Mark not know anything about the FanF Fanbase makes me mad but also makes me laugh like when he said “mr.afton?”

  • Ninja_ Wolflegend
    Ninja_ Wolflegend Day ago +2

    24:47 me when someone tries to talk to me.

  • Meli Melon Watermelon

    Mr Afton is purple guy

  • Kadra wold
    Kadra wold Day ago

    Yes indeed, mr. Afton did design all of them. Mr. Afton, or William. I AKA THE purple guy.

  • Rae Of Life
    Rae Of Life Day ago +1

    I’m here for the lore but I’ve got really bad anxiety so I’ve got my service dog next to me to get me through this😂

  • Denisse Febus
    Denisse Febus Day ago


  • HæPPy Jēstérß
    HæPPy Jēstérß Day ago +3

    "ThIS is bABy"
    Bidybab: am I a joke to you...?

  • Gaming Nexus
    Gaming Nexus Day ago

    hey can you finish sally face

  • Official queen of Raccoons

    Wait, since their robots shouldn’t they like controlled shocks?

  • LizzyDragonwolf queen

    Have u heard the song "You Belong Here"? Its a sister Location song.

    • LizzyDragonwolf queen
      LizzyDragonwolf queen Day ago

      Eggs Benidict is actually the player singing the sister location song you belong here


    Bidybab: 18:55
    Freddie: 27:09

  • LinkGi Gamer
    LinkGi Gamer Day ago +2

    Angsty teen sounds like me doing my homework