The Haunting of Loey Lane

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • The guys make another house call- this time there may be more than spirits waiting for them.
    Thanks so much to Loey Lane for inviting us- watch her here: and follow her: @loeybug
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  • BuzzFeed Unsolved Network
    BuzzFeed Unsolved Network  23 days ago +7985

    Make sure to leave your questions for our Post Mortem episode down below!

    • Sheng Loong Tan
      Sheng Loong Tan 7 hours ago

      @Людмила Шестакова what I think, I mean no disrespect but her dad died couple years back, hallucinations, anxiety, sleep paralysis, possibly major depression with psychotic symptoms

    • Sofia Hernandez
      Sofia Hernandez 9 days ago

      Um.. in 18:11 in the video I don’t know if it’s just me but it looks like there is a ghost face or it could just be the light reflection or something I just wanted to point that out tell me what you think.

    • Cintia Horvath
      Cintia Horvath 9 days ago

      BuzzFeed Unsolved Network 22:28 is that your shadow in the background or not?

    • Psycho Paul's Life
      Psycho Paul's Life 18 days ago

      Two part question. Do you think that someone has the capability to manifest energy into their own world? Would you be willing to have subscribers to join you on these investigations? #postmortem

    • Joe on a boat
      Joe on a boat 18 days ago

      BuzzFeed Unsolved Network 👌🏻

  • -.- Uchiha
    -.- Uchiha 16 minutes ago

    Shane is literally my spirit animal.

  • lauren ferreira
    lauren ferreira 21 minute ago

    19:46 I LOST IT 😂😂😂😂

  • Daisy _.3
    Daisy _.3 23 minutes ago +1

    25:57 HERE I HEAR "VOCÊ ESTÁ BIEN?? " Its a mix of Portuguese and Spanish, which mean "are you OK??" geeezzz I got the chillll there

  • Avonna Niegelsen
    Avonna Niegelsen 59 minutes ago

    anyone notice how shane looks like shaggy in this video

  • Idada Kuyinto
    Idada Kuyinto Hour ago

    Come on Son, you have GOT to stop with the antagonizing disrespectful tone, even you Ryan. Think about it would you want to do what an a-hole ask you to do especially in a space you think of as yours?
    Notice how Loey got responses because she was not being disrespectful. Just sayin'
    Loved the impromptu dance lesson it was afiarable.

  • Paige Vidler
    Paige Vidler Hour ago

    my life is complete, loey and buzzfeed unsolved 🤩🤩

  • Amber Tilby
    Amber Tilby Hour ago

    24:14 me and my bestfriend

  • ruben Bella
    ruben Bella Hour ago

    When you purchase a ouija board you are welcoming in all type of spirits especially when you use it as decoration. Btw you never wasn’t to have a welcome sign on your front door or any door because you are welcoming things as well

  • stax stax
    stax stax Hour ago

    at 26:00 i think it was a spanish radio station saying ta bien

  • kristinab
    kristinab Hour ago

    they should do a control experiment where they use the flashlight and the ghost box (I forgot what it's called lol) in a place that isn't 'haunted' like the Buzzfeed office or in a random park, or just not say anything to the demon in the supposedly haunted place and see what happens

  • leeiceman1
    leeiceman1 Hour ago

    This girls taken a lid off more than a pickle jar...

  • iimxlodyii
    iimxlodyii Hour ago

    Stop and 22:34 you’ll see someone in the windowwwww😮😮😮😮😮😮

  • Evil Chihuahua
    Evil Chihuahua 2 hours ago

    Is it just me or does it sound like that thing that the ghosts/demons speak through is tuning in to a radio station
    Like if you hear it too🤷‍♂️

  • Duo Arma
    Duo Arma 2 hours ago


  • Eden Corona
    Eden Corona 2 hours ago


  • Tracy Rhodes
    Tracy Rhodes 2 hours ago

    Ok----- Shane is TOO much! He talks too much! He doesnt take investigations seriously. Get rid of him if you're really wanting to go further!! 😡😠🤬🙄🤦

  • Z G H
    Z G H 3 hours ago +1

    one of the shittiest videos i’ve ever seen ever. and i love loey

  • Artemus Rapada
    Artemus Rapada 3 hours ago +1

    Shane is wearing shaggys outfit

  • Samantha Kilgour
    Samantha Kilgour 3 hours ago

    No one:
    Ryan: “End quote.”

  • _ dxpressed _
    _ dxpressed _ 3 hours ago

    22:30 for some reason Ryan's shadow scared the sh*t out of me

  • Sera Nope
    Sera Nope 3 hours ago

    sooo that's it? you just left the poor girl there after stirring up her haunted place??

  • Love is what is
    Love is what is 3 hours ago

    Wtf? Is that really how you ended this episode?

  • Dalton Kozzy
    Dalton Kozzy 3 hours ago

    I love that the girl is just freaking out and Shane and Ryan r just doing fortnite dances

  • Macca
    Macca 3 hours ago

    she says she smells like a BBQ.. if she has a neighbor like me.. its not UNCOMMON to get baked and cook bacon at 2-4am xD

  • D34TH 800
    D34TH 800 4 hours ago

    Shane and Ryan are the only good things about buzzfeed

  • joanna freedom
    joanna freedom 4 hours ago

    She's in CA? Ya there's demons everywhere there. I mean Nancy Pelosi, Newsome her nephew, Schifty Schiff and Feinstein. Clinton coven and cannibal club. CA is full of luciferians summoning demons.

  • Blaire Lizabelle
    Blaire Lizabelle 4 hours ago +1

    Gotta love Shane demanding the ghosts while dressed as Shaggy

  • Shaunte Spence
    Shaunte Spence 4 hours ago +1

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that Shane is dressed like shaggy

  • Týr ᛏ
    Týr ᛏ 4 hours ago

    we did she decide you guys should come
    get a priest up there quickly

  • Insanity
    Insanity 4 hours ago

    25:58 I think it said "can she come in"

  • Tabitha McVay
    Tabitha McVay 4 hours ago

    And quote

  • Chicken
    Chicken 4 hours ago +2

    when shane went in there alone i was worried for him

  • TeA SIs
    TeA SIs 4 hours ago


  • KpOp TrASh
    KpOp TrASh 4 hours ago

    I heard something at 7:24 - 7:27 I heard “home” or “no”

  • mark o' reilly
    mark o' reilly 4 hours ago

    Hmm, retitle; "the sleep disorder of Loey Lane?"

  • 501st SEAL
    501st SEAL 5 hours ago

    Shane: Imma send you BACK TO HELL!!! Don’t know how but saying it will make it happen 🤣

  • Marine Bean
    Marine Bean 5 hours ago

    25:57 sounds like French
    (Something) bien

  • Alexis Gordon
    Alexis Gordon 5 hours ago +1

    Shane: "what does that mean.. you guys have inside jokes?"
    Loey: "yeah we bonded"

  • Marlee Gammage
    Marlee Gammage 5 hours ago

    Shane like doesn’t care 😂😂 he’s just joking the entire time

  • ᴍɪɴ sᴜɢᴀ ɢᴇɴɪᴜsTM

    When Shane is in the room
    Demon: *mom come pick me up im scared*

  • Quintin Cilliers
    Quintin Cilliers 5 hours ago

    Ugh, disappointing episode. RUclip personality wanting some attention and views. "Minus 5 stars" :D

  • Anna Larose
    Anna Larose 5 hours ago

    22:54 is that you 3 seconds before that you see a quick movement nt caused by the camera
    :( Playing with fire :(

  • Karolina Gillum
    Karolina Gillum 5 hours ago

    cool radio lol

  • Lady.Whatever
    Lady.Whatever 5 hours ago

    I haven't watched Unsolved in a while and I gotta say, I see some character development in Ryan lmao the only one who didn't change is Shane lmao

  • Jeons_princess Wav.
    Jeons_princess Wav. 6 hours ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how stunning she is 🥺

  • Amber Lee
    Amber Lee 6 hours ago

    Kinda disrespectful ngl

  • Marjorie Rench
    Marjorie Rench 6 hours ago

    The doorbell set my dog off😂

  • boynatey44
    boynatey44 7 hours ago

    Rumbling in the bathroom.... then a flood. You got plumbing issues

  • bluesapphireymca
    bluesapphireymca 7 hours ago

    I thought the come in sounded like "You want us to come in?"

  • GuNjAn StArK
    GuNjAn StArK 7 hours ago

    Shane is 100% a half Deamon half Angel

  • Jean Carr
    Jean Carr 7 hours ago +4

    Shane: *sad voice* “you guys have inside jokes?”
    Loey: “we bonded.”

  • alvin ernest
    alvin ernest 9 hours ago +2

    26:00 it said in a lady voice " do you want us to come in" like she heard in her dream. CREEPY

  • Your favorite neighborhood drug dealer

    Ryan has gotten braver throughout the years but in this episode he’s just straight up gangsta towards these “ghost” & or “demons”. Shane is still the most gangsta tho #Shaniac

  • Sidney Oliveira
    Sidney Oliveira 10 hours ago

    "Im sending you BaCk to hell"
    Killed me for real🤣

  • ItsMarlyOfficial
    ItsMarlyOfficial 10 hours ago

    "Hope you like hell you loser"
    Oh my gosh I freaking love Shane.

  • e v e r y t h i n g s t a y s t h e s a m e

    This is pretty off topic but like loey is so pretty, like prettayyyy 💖

  • Yes! i'm disgusting!
    Yes! i'm disgusting! 11 hours ago

    I can tell the demon is face palming right now😂😂😂 i cant stop laughing!!!! 😂😂😂

  • Akshay kotian
    Akshay kotian 11 hours ago

    This is for skeptics :

  • ACupOfTaeWithSugaAndSomeKookies

    Shanes too brave for his own good.