Android VS iPhone

  • Just a little silly video about android users and iphone users. I don't have a preference and I think both phones are fine, this was just a cartoon for fun :)
    (and no, I have an iPhone)
    No offense to anyone who likes androids or iPhones.. I personally don't care lol.
    Thanks For Watching!

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  • Cheetoh Studios
    Cheetoh Studios  Year ago +11876

    This cartoon isn't meant to bash either iPhone or Android, or anyone that uses either phone. As a matter of fact this cartoon was originally made just to roast my friend who always bragged about his Android. I actually really like both, but I have an iPhone because it was a gift from my parents lol

    • toastAHHH
      toastAHHH 4 hours ago

      How are you going to roast ur friend about his android when this is in favour of the android saying it’s better that Apple (oh and btw you can’t hack iPhones androids are actually able to be hacked)

    • Some animator named JOEL
      Some animator named JOEL 10 hours ago

      Was that on flipaclip?

    • SuperGamerE3000
      SuperGamerE3000 5 days ago

      Cheetoh Studios lol same

    • the best name ever
      the best name ever 9 days ago

      I am here just because I want to comment before the comment hits 500 comments

    • shalyar khalel
      shalyar khalel 12 days ago

      Lol bullsh1t you just bombed iPhone

  • ASDF Fan
    ASDF Fan Hour ago

    Real life: “Everyone has an iPhone 12!”

    This video: “Android has like, wireless charging”, and “Everyone likes Android!”

    • ASDF Fan
      ASDF Fan 56 minutes ago

      I’ve heard somewhere that later on, iPhones are gonna have wireless charging like the Apple Watch, and Android.

  • Cybrielle khloe Salonga


  • Zombie gamer150
    Zombie gamer150 4 hours ago

    Me in class: android
    Everyone else: Iphone
    A week later: Broken Iphones
    I was legit almost the only one with a phone 3 people had one left but there were a few androids still there
    Oh yea btw dont spread hate over this

  • Unboling Yt
    Unboling Yt 5 hours ago

    ios 👎👎👎android👍👍👍

  • Unboling Yt
    Unboling Yt 5 hours ago


  • hlm6471
    hlm6471 5 hours ago

    Iphone:*says crap about samsung*
    Samsung*says crap about iphone*

    Nokia:kids these days right google
    Google:yea kids these days

  • Joshua Miller
    Joshua Miller 7 hours ago

    Literally all of these arguments are invalid now except for the emulators lol

  • WxvyWxrld ·
    WxvyWxrld · 9 hours ago

    I wish I had a iPhone but I'm still grateful

  • Jønred
    Jønred 11 hours ago +1

    *me watching while using my Iphone*

  • Emu Potato
    Emu Potato 13 hours ago

    Well we know whos side cheetoh's on

  • Hrvoje Tonkovac
    Hrvoje Tonkovac 22 hours ago

    They are both the same thing idk why dumbasses always fight

  • fungus onbutter
    fungus onbutter 22 hours ago

    oh hey I remember you

  • om 140601
    om 140601 Day ago +1

    Imagine this when smartphones goes extinct in future

  • Honk Honk
    Honk Honk Day ago

    - more flexible
    -Linux Based making it incredible for developers
    -Custom launchers for any UI you want, even making it loadable for IOS ui
    -Google assistant
    -More Apps
    -Compatible on any phone on any price range and even compatible on desktop computers, making my gaming PC a more powerfull phone than half yall brokeasses
    -Infinite features due to third party involvement

    -Easy use.

  • Soaring Unicorn Kite

    Apple could make TicTacs and Android could make an MRI and people would still by the TicTacs.

    *on my way to buy my new TicTac*

  • mateusz bemowski

    Android sucks
    In true iphones have wireless charging
    And they have better photos and iphones have more storage
    And they have big battery capacity

  • •Avocado• P!nk
    •Avocado• P!nk Day ago +1

    IPhone is the best

  • snake in top hat
    snake in top hat 2 days ago

    The roles should be reversed i only get this crap from iphone users

  • PrintHelloWorld!
    PrintHelloWorld! 2 days ago


  • The Judge
    The Judge 2 days ago +1

    I would get one...

    If I had the money :(

  • Random Topics
    Random Topics 2 days ago

    Androids also charge waaaaaaaaaay faster.
    (I actually have both of the phones so dont say that I never used an iPhone. )

  • Darkcoreplaya
    Darkcoreplaya 2 days ago

    I dont really care about the phone,All i want it to do is run games at 1080p and charges fast and does not lag.Android best for gaming,iphone better for social media.

  • Godred The Lord
    Godred The Lord 2 days ago

    Bruh it's the opposite Android users don't flex

  • Felicia Țîntaru
    Felicia Țîntaru 2 days ago

    It's not iPhone and Android -.- its its iOS and Android

  • AR Universe
    AR Universe 2 days ago +1

    Go apple

  • Darkz GD
    Darkz GD 2 days ago


    XXXTENTACION Rip 3 days ago

    Non of this is true only the bus part

  • giantmax_boost233
    giantmax_boost233 3 days ago

    In my opinion I really like Android.

  • Corndogsarelol 21 3D

    Android u can just restart ur phone on android
    Apple If u get Roblox it goes to 10% easaily
    But I’m choosing apple android sucks

  • hans guevarra
    hans guevarra 3 days ago

    Some androids have wired charging like my tablet im using to watch

  • TheGloveCompany 12
    TheGloveCompany 12 3 days ago +1

    It’s usually the other way around for me😂,some asshole always bragging bout his iPhone in class

  • StarKirby Gaming
    StarKirby Gaming 3 days ago

    "Android has wireless charging"
    iPhone X and XI (10 and 11): *are u sur about dat?*

    • TKØ Armando
      TKØ Armando 2 days ago

      Apple always copies Samsung.Its nothing new

  • Ava Tarantino
    Ava Tarantino 3 days ago

    Be patient for it to turn on

  • M138 JAMES
    M138 JAMES 3 days ago

    Thats right anroid is cool

  • Piotr Halasa
    Piotr Halasa 3 days ago

    Android its no a phone

  • cortum animates figures

    You know what I love androids because you can cheat and hack games but iPhone are good graphics by Android so I vote for android

  • Ruth Baltazar
    Ruth Baltazar 4 days ago

    Hahaha poor apple

  • Different walker2524

    2:25 did anyone realize that the iPhone X have a home button lol

  • brynn ashley
    brynn ashley 4 days ago +1

    I have a stylo 5 and love it so much! It has a pen, it's durable and not breakable, it has great battery life, good picture quality, tons of storage, and it was a great price. It's just as good as the XR but $800 cheaper lol. Some people complain about Androids but they only look at the sucky older models, iPhone has old models, too.😛🤗

  • kurt tolledo
    kurt tolledo 4 days ago

    i compared my life when i had an android phone with ipad
    android is better!
    Btw,who sells chargers in 7 eleven

  • G.C.X
    G.C.X 4 days ago

    Omfg my g iPhone is better

    • Sgt Corgi
      Sgt Corgi 4 days ago

      Look at the pinned comment u dunce

  • Ralph !noa
    Ralph !noa 4 days ago

    I really don’t give a damn lol

  • DISGame
    DISGame 4 days ago

    Why no one talks about Nokia ?

  • Ralsei
    Ralsei 4 days ago +1

    Samsung:I am the best
    Apple:My charger is ded
    Xiaomi:hey Ima be an old samsung copy

  • Turtle Pieces
    Turtle Pieces 4 days ago

    It’s funny how the wireless charging joke was outdated two months after this video came out

  • Jojo__flips Obisanya

    2020 iPhone is better

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda 4 days ago

    My adriod powers of by its self so you know who I'm with


  • Mobisome GT
    Mobisome GT 4 days ago +1

    Na-Na Android’s whole thing is about the screen breaks super fast bruh iPhone is more durable

  • Adrian SpejsonPL
    Adrian SpejsonPL 4 days ago +1

    Would YOU shut up with YOUR IPHONE

  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne 5 days ago +1

    well android is copying some new features of iphone lol

  • Kirill
    Kirill 5 days ago

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  • Mayo Dee
    Mayo Dee 5 days ago

    Android bruh

  • Jason Learakos
    Jason Learakos 5 days ago +1

    I only like Android because they have a
    G R E E N
    R O B O T

  • Blizzardheart 12
    Blizzardheart 12 5 days ago

    To be honest I’m fine with both types. Android has better charging but iPhone works smoother

  • Kotencja Movies
    Kotencja Movies 5 days ago +1

    Cheetoh something say it shouldn't offense anyone but the android user sounds dumber

    • fAzE_cATfiSh
      fAzE_cATfiSh 4 days ago

      He sounds smarter but more annoying

  • NyanDoge
    NyanDoge 6 days ago

    I have an Ipad but I use an Android phone...

  • Hi this is me just doing random gaming stuff

    I think this video was made on a android

  • Chayo Baldes
    Chayo Baldes 6 days ago +1

    ok so i have an android, AND LOOSE F###### CONNECTION EVERY TIME

  • Jadin Griff
    Jadin Griff 6 days ago

    2:59 why isn’t he taking his phone back and running away?!

  • asdeathstalksus
    asdeathstalksus 7 days ago

    anyone know of a back door to verizons oem unlocking? I've tried the key it gives you in adb but nothing

  • Sonnor14
    Sonnor14 7 days ago +1

    So, I had an android, and it was terrible. I got an iPhone, and the battery life was better and it had better storage.. so.........

    • Kotencja Movies
      Kotencja Movies 5 days ago

      S19 lite to be more accurate

    • Kotencja Movies
      Kotencja Movies 5 days ago

      I had an iphone 6s but it's my alt phone my main phone is Samsung s19 now

  • iOS Support
    iOS Support 7 days ago


  • Adrian Jadresic
    Adrian Jadresic 7 days ago

    I have an Android and I'm watching this on my Android

    ZAKK THE WOLF 7 days ago

    This is me. I hate iphone

    • Daniel P
      Daniel P 3 days ago +1

      yeah iphone sucks. so glad I switched to samsung

    • Xx killem xx
      Xx killem xx 4 days ago +1

      ZAKK THE WOLF 🖥 📱 💻 better

  • luciano dabot
    luciano dabot 7 days ago +1

    Iphone is way better than android tho

  • Charles Rillera III
    Charles Rillera III 7 days ago

    Which side are you on?
    Android:These comments suck and beg for likes
    iPhone:These comments suck and beg for likes

  • A cat Disguised as a rabbit

    I hate apple devices
    Iam watching this on my ipad

  • • Cooxie Girl •
    • Cooxie Girl • 8 days ago +20

    Popular teens like: Iphone
    Normal teens like: Android

  • SiR GriNdeR
    SiR GriNdeR 8 days ago

    Android users watching from their pixelated displays

  • We The North
    We The North 8 days ago


    This video was sponsored by android

  • Rylie Herman
    Rylie Herman 8 days ago

    I had an Android, and when I switched to IPhone it was so much better and it worked way better, the storage was better and so was the video quality! In my opinion, androids are worse

  • Shreya Yeeet
    Shreya Yeeet 8 days ago +1

    Bruh compare the iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

  • Michael Nelson
    Michael Nelson 8 days ago

    Samsung gang

  • Michael Nelson
    Michael Nelson 8 days ago

    Apple users: *gets offended *
    Galaxy users: *hi how can I assist you do you need a screen protector oh, wait you already need replaced hahahaha*

  • Behind the science
    Behind the science 9 days ago

    iPhone also has wireless charging

  • akash nepak
    akash nepak 9 days ago

    Biased only thing the guys fuckin argues is that Android have a wireless charging

  • Roland Pridgen
    Roland Pridgen 9 days ago

    0:53 uuuuhhh, why are you raping your iPhone?

  • RandomTuber420
    RandomTuber420 9 days ago

    Screw apple n android, the Nokia 3310 is legendary

  • puffy
    puffy 9 days ago