King, Wine, Poison and Prisoners Riddle | Very Hard

  • Опубликовано: 26 фев 2017
  • King, Wine, Poison and Prisoners Riddle | Very Hard. This is one of the hardest riddles Iqs created. Prison Riddle. This riddle is specially for the adults buts kids can try as well. Subscribe to BrainCool for more funny riddles, easy riddles, brain teasing riddles and riddles for kids. 90% people fail to answer these riddles. Can you Try These Riddles
    Thumbs Up for for providing public domain images that i used in the riddles

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  • ilia entela
    ilia entela 2 месяца назад

    Hardest ride ever

  • Luca Maci
    Luca Maci 4 месяца назад

    I've solved it in a different way which i prefer more, but i'm lazy and anyway noone is gonna read this :/
    If anyone is interested let me know, i think you'll like this solution.

  • My Thinking About Science and Maths
    My Thinking About Science and Maths 6 месяцев назад +1

    Tell why this trick worked

  • EvaChan Yanling
    EvaChan Yanling 11 месяцев назад

    It was barrel 18 got poisoned

  • Disha Bhattacharya
    Disha Bhattacharya 11 месяцев назад +1

    Direct answer:- Don't give us a headache!!! Just throw them all and buy new barrels of wine! You are a king! You have lots of money!! I just wasted my time on here!!! Anyway other riddles you uploaded are good.

  • kawaillgirl roblox and more
    kawaillgirl roblox and more Год назад

    What is the music

  • Johaylon
    Johaylon Год назад

    Didnt watch the solution. Solution number one, if the barrerls take exactly 3 days to kill, then i would take 2 prisoners and drink from 15 wine barrels each every hour untill all 30 are done. Write down the hours and name the barrels. You got your poisoned barrel thanks to the hours.
    If that isnt what you wanted there is a 2nd solution,on the first day, give barrel 1,2,3,4,5,6 to prisoner 1; 7,8,9,0,11,12 to prisoner 2; 13,14,15,16,17,18 to prisoner 3; 19,20,21,22,23,24 to prisoner 4 and 25,26,27,28,29,30 to prisoner 5.
    On the second day, give barrel number 1,7,13,19,25 to prisoner 1; 2,8,14,20,26 to prisoner 2; 3,9,15,21,27 to prisoner 3; 4,10,16,22,28 to prisoner 4 and 5,11,17,23,29 to prisoner 5. Dont give barrels number 6,12,18,24,30 to anybody.
    Now, if prisoner 1 dies the first day and 2 dies the 2nd day, its barrel 2.
    If prisoner 4 fies the first day and 3 dies the 2nd day, its barrel 21. If only prisoner 3 dies and noone dies 2nd day, its 18. And so on.
    Note that the experiment will end by the 4th day's morning. Just in time for the feast.

    • Johaylon
      Johaylon Год назад

      The solution is even better... incredible.

  • Yoshi
    Yoshi Год назад

    Made by albert einstein

  • PeopleTechnologyTricks
    PeopleTechnologyTricks Год назад

    I thhought the same as you but at this age they didnt had clocks that were si accurate as today and those numbers invented years later for the purpose of programming computers

  • Rachel Hunter
    Rachel Hunter Год назад

    I can usually manage riddles okay, but once you start using maths (beyond the basics, I mean); my mind is totally screwed, LOL. Maths was always my worst subject at school, apart from PE. I have no problems with English as a subject, though... 😅

  • HeWhoChooses
    HeWhoChooses Год назад

    For those who don't want the complicated explanation, make all 5 drink from each wine barrel. Then in three days when some of them die, find the barrel that the ones that died all drank from. Or, capture the poisoner and torture him. Or throw the wine out and buy some new wine. I mean he's a king for pete's sake, you mean to tell me that he can't but more wine?

  • HeWhoChooses
    HeWhoChooses Год назад

    Use rats. The poison would kill them much quicker. Probably within an hour. And there were plenty of rats during the time period that this riddle would have occurred in.

  • Urla
    Urla Год назад

    Sush anjay

  • Maddie vs Lacey
    Maddie vs Lacey Год назад

    I thought they drank 1, waited three days with the barrel next to them. If they was dead in three days with a barrel next to them, that one was POISONED.

  • MaidOfBoarDome
    MaidOfBoarDome Год назад

    The solution was unnecessarily complicated. A better way to think about it would be to label the prisoners ABCDE. Barrel 1 is sampled by A only, 2 by B only, 3 by C only ... Barrel 6 is sampled by A and B, 7 is sampled by A and C, and so on.
    If you want to be somewhat humane, have no one sample one of the barrels, so that if no one dies, it's that barrel that's poisoned :)

  • John Brownfield
    John Brownfield Год назад

    Welp I got fucking wrecked on this one. Pretty sure even mathematicians wouldn't be like " Oh that's easy! Just use binary math!! Simple."

  • Joseph Clauson
    Joseph Clauson Год назад

    there is a much simpler way!!!! just give them the different barrels of wine at different times of the day. mark them as such and in three days time the prisoner will die at the exact time in which they drank it allowing them to find out which one was poisined

  • Sunetra S
    Sunetra S Год назад

    OOO HELP ME.???????????

  • Lunar Gamer
    Lunar Gamer Год назад

    Don think they had Bianary in midevil times

  • Rhythmal/Rhytho
    Rhythmal/Rhytho Год назад

    Me: Just buy new wine you idiot, you are a King.

  • Azazel
    Azazel Год назад

    sediments up in mixed poisoned barrel .

  • Hedgehog coyotecage
    Hedgehog coyotecage Год назад


  • pink unicorn
    pink unicorn Год назад

    I feel like I'm in school doing complex math equations given by Mrs. IKnowItAll

  • Wolf Stylez
    Wolf Stylez Год назад

    Like swiper fox said

  • Wolf Stylez
    Wolf Stylez Год назад

    Have them drink a ton and since a drop kills in three days a ton should kill instantly

  • ashley mings
    ashley mings Год назад

    I didn't understand a thing

  • Candric Cheng
    Candric Cheng Год назад +1

    just wonder if one or two prisoners have liver cancer and died not coz of the poison but coz that he / they drink too many wines that their doctor wont suggest, and confusing the true poisoned barrel with an innocent one.

  • future Gaming
    future Gaming Год назад

    really hard

  • anu hora
    anu hora Год назад

    3:05 ya...*WE KNOW BINARY IN THE 13 CENTURY*

  • Christopher McCauley
    Christopher McCauley Год назад

    I had to pause it for a few minutes before it finally clicked...

    54 6f 20 6a 75 73 74 20 75 73 65 20 62 69 6e 61 72 79 2e

  • RyuuzakiXIII
    RyuuzakiXIII Год назад

    The video made it look more complicated than it was. Instead of identifying a barrell with a prisoner, you identify it with a specific subset of the prisoners, which lays way more possibilities. At the end of the three days you see which subset of prisoners dies, and here you have the revelation of the black sheep. This is not math just logic, and how some error detecting codes actually work in computers.

  • Michael BA77
    Michael BA77 Год назад +3

    or cancel the feast :D

  • Marlen Cuchillo
    Marlen Cuchillo Год назад

    you can wait till the 3 day then drink it

  • CoopDog 101
    CoopDog 101 Год назад +3

    I Have a better solution.
    Separate each prisoner with 6 barrels.When that one dies give two to two people and one to three people. If someone dies that had one barrel, you know which barrel it is. If it is someone with two barrels, give those two barrels to a prisoner that did survive and see which one dies. You then know which barrel is poisoned and the party will be great 👍🏻

  • Phil Kal
    Phil Kal Год назад

    If we make each prisoner drink 6 barrels but 1 but have a cup one hour after the previous one. For example prisoner 1 drinks at 14:00 barrel 13 and at 15:00 drinks barrel 14 and etc. After 3 days dies at 14:00. So it was barrel 13. I would like to ask if this is a wrong answer.

  • Crispiest crouton
    Crispiest crouton Год назад

    in America human drink from barrel
    in Soviet Russia barrel drink from human

  • Mary Sleepysea
    Mary Sleepysea Год назад

    there are five prisoners, one dies from testing the wine, so this information is false

  • Melfa Sianipar
    Melfa Sianipar Год назад

    i subcribe

  • Tapses Gaming
    Tapses Gaming Год назад

    2:47 wait , it says he poison drums not barrels wth

  • Sabrinna nananana
    Sabrinna nananana Год назад +2

    Can't you let other 25 birds drink it? They won't know anything....shh!

  • KdM _
    KdM _ Год назад

    Binary didn't exist when medival kings were around.... Disliked

  • Sertefa
    Sertefa Год назад

    yesss I'm a genius u cross the tests so that you can understand which is the poisoned barrel by the death of those who both tried it

  • Anti-Thot Administration
    Anti-Thot Administration Год назад

    my answer was since there are only five prisoners each prisoner takes a sip from six barrels at different time5 mins apart\and the riddle said they would die in EXACTLY 3 days meaning in 72 hours.So if prisoner one drank barrel no6 at 5:00 and he died at 5:00 3 days later barrel six is poisoned. or if prisoner 4 drank barrel no20 at 6:00 then died at 6 three days later then barrel 20 is poisoned and that was my solution.

  • Gloria Rangel
    Gloria Rangel Год назад

    i didnt like the math part

  • Jack Oliver
    Jack Oliver Год назад

    Today my friend David lost his ID. Now we just call him Dav... 😂😂

  • Junren Li
    Junren Li Год назад

    2/3 :)

  • KairoReact
    KairoReact Год назад

    it is very simple:
    The Test/Tasting should be conducted on the 3rd Day.
    Besides on the 3rd day the Poison is already Fatal and even just a Tiny Portion of the Wine would be enough to KILL a man (as stated of the situation).
    The 5 Prisoners will be given 6 Barrels Each.
    Each Barrel should be tasted one by one by the prisoner (of their given Barrels).
    Then right away they will know which barrel was mixed with poison.
    so there's still 29 Barrels will be used in the Feast and 1 Prisoner will be dead.

  • Nate Kovo
    Nate Kovo Год назад

    did anyone figure out the riddle as they described it.And did anyone understand there crazy solution

  • Paulinka G
    Paulinka G Год назад +1

    You could get the prisoners to take 1 sip of every piece of wine and get the king to watch it and after 3 days get to see who dies then get the alive prisoners to take a sip of the wine the dead prisoners then if any prisoners are alive still get them to try the ones that the alive prisoners tried yesterday then throw out the barrel which is poisoned because you can get the other prisoner to tell you which one is poisoned

  • Miguel Morice
    Miguel Morice Год назад

    I'm 11 and I'm supposed to know this shit

  • XZAVideosFun exist
    XZAVideosFun exist Год назад

    the prisonser added Poison too the wine for the king

  • Raihan Iftekhar
    Raihan Iftekhar Год назад

    throw them like water and buy new wine

  • Queen Isabelle
    Queen Isabelle Год назад +1

    Too much math. Help me!!!! 😫

  • Makenna Lynch
    Makenna Lynch Год назад


  • Smid 429
    Smid 429 Год назад

    each inmate tests 6 if one of them dies you know poison is in one of those.with the immates left test foue wines if one dies we know whe*e is the poison, if no one dies test 2 ba**els one dies and you know whe*e is the poison.(the lette* next to "e" not wo*king)

  • Pilgrim AJ
    Pilgrim AJ Год назад

    Um...throw them out and buy wine from a neighboring country?

  • Tatar Boy
    Tatar Boy Год назад

    Got correct

  • Patchy Padilla
    Patchy Padilla Год назад

    maybe they should give each prison one cup of wine each barrel. 1 drop can kill you in 3 days so, maybe the prison who takes a poisonous wine will die immediately😂✌✌✌

  • karthick raju
    karthick raju Год назад

    Ther's no Riddle better than this!!!!!!!!! Nobody in this world can answer this unless they know it previously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GR8888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • X hard rocker
    X hard rocker Год назад

    absolutely amazing riddle, love it

  • ρrø gσd
    ρrø gσd Год назад +1

    well it was very easy question anyone should know this question

  • Jack Sandbladh
    Jack Sandbladh Год назад

    um ok The wine question its an eayser way


    we would ask just one prisoner to drink one drop each day daily...suppose he dies on 5 january then previous 3 days that is 2 january.The bottle that he drank on 2 jan contains the poison

  • John Randomness
    John Randomness Год назад

    My method was almost identical, but formulated differently. There are 32 possible subsets of the five prisoners. Ten pairs, ten triples, five singles, five foursomes, one empty set, and the complete set. Assign ten barrels to the ten pairs, ten more barrels to the ten triples, five barrels to the five singles, four barrels to four of the foursomes, and one barrel to the empty set. Again, which combo dies determines the poisoned barrel.

  • EmeraldGaming
    EmeraldGaming Год назад

    GEEZ I came for a little brain trick and fun!!!! My brain hurts q-q T-T

  • Minecraft 101
    Minecraft 101 Год назад

    I didn't understand any of this and found a much simpler solution. You could get 25 more people to have some and remember who had which one. Then see who's dead

  • GD RixtyIsMyCity
    GD RixtyIsMyCity Год назад

    at the start he clearly poisoned barrel 6 or 7

  • satan Yt
    satan Yt Год назад

    how dare tou bring math in this

  • RoZaurus?
    RoZaurus? Год назад


  • Texasred63
    Texasred63 Год назад +1

    To easy, He is the King, just order his people to bring him more wine, duh.

  • Element Gaming
    Element Gaming Год назад


  • Eugene Augusta Wijaya
    Eugene Augusta Wijaya Год назад

    why not just test all 6 and if one died take those barrels and ask the prisoners 4 of them to test any 4/6 of them thwres a high chance a person dies so u take that barrel away

  • The Arkham Knight
    The Arkham Knight Год назад

    It doesnt say that the guards caught the traitor that doesnt mean that the guards said they didnt caught the traitor means they did catch him the king could ask the traitor that which barrel is poisoned if he doesnt tell him then they should torcher him and then make him speak like if you understand the idea

    • ourWorld Lucy
      ourWorld Lucy Год назад

      If they didn't catch him, he ran away! How would they question him??

  • Scorpion The Netherrealm Spectere

    OMG just make the guy drink a Lil bit of each barrel and then get enough wine to refill stop trying to make this hard

    • ourWorld Lucy
      ourWorld Lucy Год назад

      If they could do that, this riddle would not exist...

  • SouthBeastGaming FTW
    SouthBeastGaming FTW Год назад +2

    Would it be exact second intervals? If so, you could do it like this.
    Assign 6 barrels to 5 prisoners
    Drink the first one at 12 o'clock afternoon
    Drink the second one at 12:01, etc.
    Three days later, examine the prisoners.
    If prisoner #1 died at 12:03, it would be barrel number #3

  • Alice Li
    Alice Li Год назад

    one drum what

  • Karen Lepcha
    Karen Lepcha Год назад

    I counted it !!It was 30😷😷😷

  • Mike
    Mike Год назад

    That English

  • The Hacker Group
    The Hacker Group Год назад

    There's just one problem with this riddle: you realize this in a week.

    ATAUR RAHMAN Год назад

    I saw all this riddles in eg mines

  • jungSHOOKt
    jungSHOOKt Год назад


  • Srinivasan Sivakumar
    Srinivasan Sivakumar Год назад +5

    Im pretty sure binary method didnt exist then

  • Ethopian Scientist
    Ethopian Scientist Год назад

    or just let one drink 6 each and when one dies the rest will drink from the 5 remaining if 1 dies then we know which one is poisoned if none dies the we know to one remainder is poisoned .

    • Marinel Ramos
      Marinel Ramos Год назад

      ourWorld Lucy i agree

    • ourWorld Lucy
      ourWorld Lucy Год назад +1

      That doesn't help, if one drinks from 6 how can you check the other 24?! Remember it takes 3 days to kill them

  • ExtremeGamer992
    ExtremeGamer992 Год назад

    But if it was the medieval times, computers did not exist so that means binary did not exist

  • Amedeo
    Amedeo Год назад +11

    I thought of something else. Here's my theory: In the story, it's said that the poison needs EXACTLY 3 days to kill the person who took it. I would have given to each prisoner 6 barrels, as the total of barrels is 30 and the prisoners are 5, just how the story says. I would have labelled the prisoners with numbers from 1 to 5 and the barrels with numbers from 1 to 30, again, just how the story says. BUT i would have put the prisoners to drink from just one barrel every hour and everytime from a different barrel than the one they drank before. AND I WOULD HAVE KEPT EVIDENCE OF WHO DRANK FROM WHICH BARREL AT WHAT HOUR! If the poison has effect after EXACTLY three days, then, when one of the prisoners dies, I would just have to count back EXACTLY 72 hours and see from what barrel did the prisoner drink from. The secret to this theory is that the story says that they would die EXACTLY after 3 days. So I took advantage of this detail and put that pause of 1 hour between the drinks of the prisoners, so that I could count back 72 hours when one of the prisoners died and see what barrel he has drank from.

  • saurabh kushwaha
    saurabh kushwaha Год назад


  • Autistic Fier
    Autistic Fier Год назад

    Can the king drink water instead? Water is the best man just drink water

  • Dave Law
    Dave Law Год назад

    I think this is a much more logical, easier to follow answer (less mathy):
    1) Label all prisoners from 1-5
    2) Split up the barrels into 5 groups of 6, and label the barrels 1-6 for each group.
    3) Have the prisoner drink from the same barrel as their number. Ie prisoner 1 will drink from the 6 barrels labelled 1, prisoner 2 will drink from the 6 barrels labelled 2 etc. No one will drink from the barrel labelled 6 since there are only 5 prisoners.
    4) On the next day have each prisoner drink an entire group of barrels. So lets just label each group of 6 barrels A through E. So prisoner 1 will drink all 6 barrels from group A, prisoner 2 will drink from all 6 barrels from group B etc.
    5) Now we wait till the 3rd day and see who dies. If prisoner 1 dies, you know that 1 of the 5 barrels labelled 1 is poisoned. If NO ONE dies, you know that one of the 5 barrels labelled 6 must be poisoned since no one drank 6.
    6) Now we wait till the 4th day. We wait to see which prisoner dies. If, say, prisoner 3 dies then we know the poisoned barrel is from group C. And from the previous day we already know which numbered barrel it is.
    This answer assumes we are allowed to use the 4th day (assume the prisoner dies at the start of the 4th day, before the feast).

  • DaTheorizer
    DaTheorizer Год назад

    My answer


  • blackmail boi
    blackmail boi Год назад +5

    Solution: WE NEED MORE PRISONERS!!!!

  • Rabiya Darvesh Darvesh
    Rabiya Darvesh Darvesh Год назад

    This is sooo confusing i cant understand anything

  • dragonslayer015
    dragonslayer015 Год назад

    The solution is confusing. I thought since they die in exactly 3 days you could have the prisoners try the wine in different orders. Then you narrow down the wine in the order of which the prisoners died.

  • JustACasualLoser
    JustACasualLoser Год назад

    Aaaahhh god my eyes ! ALL THE TYPOS

  • jajo ban
    jajo ban Год назад

    better they can give the wine to the person who mixed the poison in it

  • grassroots
    grassroots Год назад

    for the poisoning one, didnt one prisoner already die?

  • roblox gamertv
    roblox gamertv Год назад


  • Shree Vivek Compusoft
    Shree Vivek Compusoft Год назад

    do the same thing tell the prisoners to drink from every barrel then wait so suppose barrel NO.5 was poisoned then the prisoner who will drink from it will die instantly and we will know that 5 was poisoned

    • Shree Vivek Compusoft
      Shree Vivek Compusoft Год назад

      Borat Sagdiyev you understand it wrong we would do it like he said each prisoner have 6 barrels to drink tell them to drink one barrel and wait for some time so suppose 5 no. was poisoned no1 prisoner would die instantly after that 5 is poisioned

    • Borat Sagdiyev
      Borat Sagdiyev Год назад

      If every prisoner dies and all of them drank every barrel, how would you know what barrel was poisoned?

  • Ruttun Ciara
    Ruttun Ciara Год назад

    In all its not good to test poison wine on prisoners.😣😢

    • Tojger
      Tojger Год назад

      Ruttun Ciara They were to be excecuted anyways.
      Hanging guilotine poison whatever they all die.

  • Neelu Sharma
    Neelu Sharma Год назад +3

    This is the best riddle I have ever seen

  • alan serjuse
    alan serjuse Год назад

    the technique was cool.. but prob is that it's possible only up to 32 barrels.. what if there were 33 barrels? you will then need 6 prisoners.. still, it was a nice one.. u should make more videos👌👍👍