DJI RONIN-S! In Use, 1st look & Footage! New Details!

  • Published on May 10, 2018
  • WIN a Mavic Air Fly More Kit:
    DJI RONIN-S - $699!
    PRE PRODUCTION UNIT! This is a REPOST with additional commentary added at the end after we had a briefing with a product specialist at DJI (wish we would have had this yesterday before we shot this video).
    So some corrections and info. IT IS heavy, but worth it for what it is and what it offers.
    We also learned a technique on holding it which made it easier to hold for longer periods, we also learned it will be come in at under $800. We also found out more info on how to easily calibrate it with a button press (which we were not told originally).
    SO BOTTOM LINE, I AM Ordering one! In fact, I tried to see if I could get an order in with DJI NOW but no go of course. I hope this ships soon, as I have never experienced a gimbal of this build quality. As my son told DJI this morning, it is like a work of art!
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  • Steve Huff
    Steve Huff  Year ago +2

    Price is $699! This is a great buy my friends. Pre Order Below if you like, starts shipping in a week or two EXCLUSIVELY from B&H

    • topdazzle
      topdazzle Year ago

      I think when you are using it, you are meant to fold up the feet and use it 2-handed with the feet as a handle extension. This should help with the weight.

    • Alex Bartole
      Alex Bartole Year ago

      just ordered mine!

  • القائد النعمان

    You can try ( the Arm or Shoulder Sling ) I think it will help

  • PERFECT 10
    PERFECT 10 Year ago

    What Song did u use starting at 4:48? Really cool footage. Also ordered a Ronin-S.

  • Creative Films
    Creative Films Year ago

    Too Much Weight..Pass.

  • Billy Mc Wayne Bareng

    you just need a lot of exercise dude to have muscle that can handle that gimbal lol

  • Mike Kojoori
    Mike Kojoori Year ago

    If DJI could produce a harness which transfers the weight to one's hips. Essentially, Large backpacks do this already. I have a ThinkTank Harness system that I might be able to repurpose.

  • Vamsi Chandra Vendra

    Amazing Review, Quick Question.. Is there going to be an object tracking like the crane 2 app? is Active tracking means object tracking? if not, do the lock mode works like a tracking?

  • Jeffrey Marzan
    Jeffrey Marzan Year ago

    Lol. He really doesn't want one. You're just saying you want one now because there is a possibly DJI may give you one for free for reviews.

  • Allkindsofgains
    Allkindsofgains Year ago

    is there something out there lighter with similar features?

  • GustavoArceMusic
    GustavoArceMusic Year ago

    should I get a crane v2? because is light weight

  • Domagoj Kudek
    Domagoj Kudek Year ago

    Autofocus works with canon?!

    • Steve Huff
      Steve Huff  Year ago

      AF works with ANY camera, manual follow focus will not work with Sony but all others.

  • James Halterman
    James Halterman Year ago

    will they be releasing a dual handle for it?

  • Alex Bartole
    Alex Bartole Year ago

    No support for Sony with follow focus YET... did they give you any kind of indication that it was something they are working on?

  • Chris Klüpfel
    Chris Klüpfel Year ago

    So the battery lasts longer but it is limited by human condition? So what's the positive on that? Wasn't the Ronin m OK for that matter? It had a handle you could carry with both hands.

  • DTM Official
    DTM Official Year ago

    Hey there, if i may ask what type of camera and lens did you use to film your self with the ronin s, I love the quality thanks

  • Luis Freitas
    Luis Freitas Year ago

    DJI announced that there would be two versions. Should we expect a smaller version? ( cannot be bigger/Heavier!!!)

  • Kung Fu Imaging
    Kung Fu Imaging Year ago

    What single grip gimbal can accept the size of cameras this can hold are lighter than this? I’ve got the Crane 2 and it’s quite heavy as well, but I’m seriously looking at picking the Ronin S up as DJI tends to make rock solid products.
    Side note... You need to learn how to use the larger gimbal... these larger gimbals aren’t really meant to be single handheld, but often with both hands on the handle. I’m sure you know what I mean.

  • Lost Sasquatch
    Lost Sasquatch Year ago

    Burkards van in the background! ha

  • Mikearoniandcheese
    Mikearoniandcheese Year ago +2

    hurts your back? that's sad...old? I mean the booth girls at CES were holding them all day. 😂😂😂

  • Ayan's View
    Ayan's View Year ago

    Can I use it canon 6d with 24-105 lens? pls let me know.

  • Probey
    Probey Year ago

    I think its a bit to expensive, the Ronin-M cost just 200$ more

  • FrameGlow Films
    FrameGlow Films Year ago

    Will the Manfrotto pl plate be compatible for fast releasing on the Ronin S?

  • Picture Pulse
    Picture Pulse Year ago +1

    Either you are not a very good gimbal operator (maybe your not doing the ninja walk correctly, no offense so) or the pre-production model is really really bad or not balanced correctly. These drifts and micro shitters are horrible, I wouln't use that footage for any of my videos. I would not recommend to preorder any gimbal before you have a good solid comparision or review with the final product to other market leading pistol grip gimbals like the Zhiyun Crane and Moza Air.

  • Petr Krenzelok
    Petr Krenzelok Year ago

    Deciding between this and the Crane 2. Why the follow focus on Ronin-S is so far for your thumb to operate? It seems you have to release one of your hands to operate it. Not so with the Crane 2.

  • Dudi Bavu
    Dudi Bavu Year ago +1

    Price is $699

  • joe
    joe Year ago

    Can it work with a transmitter ?

  • Daniel Rolfe
    Daniel Rolfe Year ago +2

    Released a few hours ago, 699USD from B&H

  • Rieder
    Rieder Year ago

    Not yet working with Sony. But will it work eventually? Any info on that? That would be an AWESOME feature for us Sony users!

  • JaXu
    JaXu Year ago

    first sites are listing it for 1600 €

  • Leonardo Cohen
    Leonardo Cohen Year ago

    So, for the pros here, what are the alternatives to this? Something with similar quality and functionality but not so heavy??

  • Miami Wave
    Miami Wave Year ago

    I'm getting it even if I end up with one popeye arm 😁

  • DE Fiverr
    DE Fiverr Year ago

    I'll get it now that's it's under $800. Better be less than Crane 2 at $750. Also, where is Sony Condo?

  • Antony Nataf
    Antony Nataf Year ago

    footages are really not good!

  • Monoperty
    Monoperty Year ago +3

    So the price will be $799 then .....

    • Monoperty
      Monoperty Year ago +1

      Daniel Rolfe WOW! I’m pleasantly surprised. Thanks for letting me know 👍

    • Daniel Rolfe
      Daniel Rolfe Year ago +3

      Monoperty Released a few hours ago, 699USD from B&H

  • Stefan Weiland
    Stefan Weiland Year ago

    For me this is a fail due to its weight. One handed gimbals have to be small and light weight why not take the bigger M and up gimbals for more rigid shots.

  • Full Spectrum Odyssey

    Good lord man, that footage was Super Sexy Smooth!

  • Comrade Stalin
    Comrade Stalin Year ago +1

    I held the Ronin MX for half an hour without much problems and that was my first time using it lel, this should be fine

  • Anthony Ruiz
    Anthony Ruiz Year ago

    Dude u were paid to say u were buying it

  • Jerry Vanchhawng
    Jerry Vanchhawng Year ago

    the price is too high compared to. other gimbals... but the footage is pretty smooth compared to other gimbals

    • Cory Simpson
      Cory Simpson Year ago

      What other gimbal in this style has an 8lb weight capacity for less money?

  • Scott Visuals
    Scott Visuals Year ago

    Feiyu Tech A2000. Smaller, Lighter and can be mounted with dual handles or single. It handles my 5Dm4 with 16-35 f2.8 iii no problem. There is no advantage of the Ronin to the a2000. I just finished a 4 hour shoot with this gimble and it works well.

    J PALMER Year ago

    It needs some type of arm and back strap accessory. I have a Canon 1Dx Mark 2 and I can't imagine using this for a full shoot. I hope they have some great accessories for this to help arm fatigue. It's pretty cool though.

  • Morris Getman
    Morris Getman Year ago

    First edit hadn't been approved for publishing by DJI LOL)) Just kidding. Thanks for the review. Did you actually weigh the thing by any chance? And how does th FF work? Connecting to camera over WiFi?

  • Dave Katz
    Dave Katz Year ago +2

    No removable battery ??

  • Konstantin Kochubey
    Konstantin Kochubey Year ago +3

    Hi, bro!
    What are your glasses called? ))) Very cool!

  • Catre Lin
    Catre Lin Year ago +2

    What kind of equipment is under another photography a7?

    • Catre Lin
      Catre Lin Year ago

  • Peter Poulos
    Peter Poulos Year ago +4

    So I just sold my ronin-M as it couldn't handle my c200 and sigma 18-35 due to the viewfinder and other balancing issues. Do you think this will be a good replacement in terms of getting more types of shots and movement since the motors are angled?

    • aGUY
      aGUY Year ago

      Peter Poulos no, get the Ronin MX

    • Dominique Brown
      Dominique Brown Year ago

      Peter Poulos I'm wondering the same thing. I have a c200b and sigma art 35 1.4

  • Nicholas Lau
    Nicholas Lau Year ago +1

    Interesting first look.

  • Round 1 Productions
    Round 1 Productions Year ago +8

    It’s not heavy.... unless you’re use to a GoPro 😂

  • Sinister Saints
    Sinister Saints Year ago +1

    I tried to wait for this to hit the market but decided to go with the Tilta Gravity GX2 which i LOVE!!!

  • Alberto Mendoza
    Alberto Mendoza Year ago +6

    That gimbal does look massive and heavy. Sticking with my Zhiyune V2

    • RedDepo
      RedDepo Year ago +1

      Amy Curl OK, so you just linked to the DJI store.

    • Dylan
      Dylan Year ago

      Give it a try and you might be second guessing. Way way more features and advantages compared to the crane

    • RedDepo
      RedDepo Year ago

      Alberto Mendoza they should have made it carbon fiber

    • Michael Zhang
      Michael Zhang Year ago +2

      Heavier = less bouncing effect like how you get on the Zhiyun Crane

    • materac
      materac Year ago +1

      i got my crane 2. couldnt be happier :)

  • Juston Brazda
    Juston Brazda Year ago

    I’ve heard there will be 2 versions of the ronin-s. Do you have any info on that?

  • Oẓark
    Oẓark Year ago +1

    How much would you say the Ronin-S weighs? Is it significantly more than the Zhiyun Crane 2?

  • Jessie Wald Photo
    Jessie Wald Photo Year ago +5

    Ill keep my zhiyun crane plus thanks. lol

  • MuvoMedia
    MuvoMedia Year ago

    will the Autofocus work with GH5?

  • Patrick
    Patrick Year ago +2

    Too wide to gauge it

  • Roy Gregorio
    Roy Gregorio Year ago +2

    Thank you for the review. Did you mention anywhere or do you know how much it weighs? I'm wondering if it's bigger and heavier than the Zhiyun Crane 2

    • Ola Haldor Solvik Voll
      Ola Haldor Solvik Voll Year ago

      Really? Then the stores need to INFORM BETTER! I was under the impression they are use-and-discard batteries. There's *no* mention about them being re-chargeable anywhere!

    • materac
      materac Year ago

      Crane batteries? Sure they are. you can even take them out of a crane, you have a cool white charger for them. You can even plug TWO usb cables to the charger if you wat them to charge faster ;)

    • Ola Haldor Solvik Voll
      Ola Haldor Solvik Voll Year ago

      but they're not re-chargeable, are they?

    • materac
      materac Year ago

      crane 2 batteries last for 18h of shooting

    • Ola Haldor Solvik Voll
      Ola Haldor Solvik Voll Year ago

      but the downside is you need those very specific non rechargeable batteries.. no? And those batteries can't be purchased everywhere, only at specific stores or something?

  • BigDog
    BigDog Year ago

    Which gimbal do u like better, zhiyun crane 2 or dji ronin m

  • Humza Yousaf
    Humza Yousaf Year ago

    So far no plus points over crane 2

    • Cory Simpson
      Cory Simpson Year ago +1

      You can see the screen if your camera doesn't flip out. The controls seem better, especially the tilt/pan joystick. But most of all, I bet the app will be far, far better. The Z Play app doesnt work at all on the Galaxy S9. I had to use their old depreciated Assistant app just to tune the settings, but it doesn't have the time lapse features I need to use.

  • Леха Серьезный

    What wrong with the focus from camera with gimbal?

  • Jamie Perkins
    Jamie Perkins Year ago +1

    great review, I'm pretty interested in getting one of these although Im seeing your steps a lot more than I expected I would. I was really hoping it would be a bit smoother. Perhaps if the settings are changed you could get much smoother results though