Are You Capable of Murder?

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • The Ted Bundy Tapes had us wonder what it takes to be a killer.
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  • Darky Chen EXE
    Darky Chen EXE 17 hours ago +1

    Thank you

  • Kayo The Vampire Wolf
    Kayo The Vampire Wolf 23 hours ago

    I have A LOT of suicidal and homisidle thoughts

  • 【Nobody】
    【Nobody】 Day ago

    Who is watching this after killing someone ??🥰😘😉😊

  • Vinny
    Vinny Day ago

    I'm having lots of thoughts of killing people and having suicidal thoughts. I've lost my sanity but kinda kept my intelligence. Do I many have s mental condition

  • Waba Games
    Waba Games 2 days ago +1


  • Mina30000000
    Mina30000000 3 days ago

    My resting heart rate: 45bpm

  • Fearghus Keitz
    Fearghus Keitz 3 days ago +1

    One of the main reasons murder is namely male statistically (at least in the US) is gang violence. It’s one of the main reasons men are so over-represented as murder victims too, because if a gangbanger shoots someone from a rival gang chances are both were male and as such the murder and murdered rate for men rise, and since gang violence is a large part of violent crime in America (robbery and the like are low in America compared to other countries, because criminals have to fear getting buckshot to the chest any time they dare trespass and break into someone’s house) it makes men over represented as both victims and perpetrators of crime in general.
    I do not mean for this to be an argument that men and women are the same and commit crime at the same rate, men do tend to be more physically aggressive and are more likely to commit violent crime, other than domestic abuse where the stat is about 52/48% men/women respectively.

  • Ra Mighty The 1
    Ra Mighty The 1 4 days ago

    I Love SCIENCE

  • Toxic Waste
    Toxic Waste 4 days ago

    I want to kill anyone!!

  • DerpLikeAPro
    DerpLikeAPro 4 days ago

    FBI see this video

  • Marcus Jacob Mercado

    Just a question, is it allowed to kill a killer?

  • ZDroid
    ZDroid 5 days ago

    0:55 my heart was so calm i was chillin ma dude 😂

  • Knee Grow
    Knee Grow 6 days ago

    Perfect timing

  • Jake Heider
    Jake Heider 6 days ago

    Oh not just capable

    Guilty also

  • Livia Hochschorner
    Livia Hochschorner 8 days ago

    well now I'm scared..

  • 韩儒正
    韩儒正 8 days ago

    I feels like when u really kill someone. That can be someone’s destiny.

  • Infinite Monkeys
    Infinite Monkeys 9 days ago

    Don't you think that Sundays are the most popular murder day because for the killers (and probably their victims), it's just really late Saturday night?

  • Jack,plays Productions

    Yeah, I’ll go prove it

  • Burnt chicken Nugget
    Burnt chicken Nugget 11 days ago

    Quite likely for me apart from the fact that I’m a female lmao

  • Giri Grace
    Giri Grace 11 days ago +1

    Best misleading video

  • Peepee Poopoo
    Peepee Poopoo 11 days ago

    I wish

  • Matthew Manzano
    Matthew Manzano 12 days ago +1

    “Is your heart beating faster now?”
    Uh no

    Guess I’m a murderer

  • Mrgameybean 7
    Mrgameybean 7 12 days ago

    Oh uhh for me I don’t have an emotional reaction to murder so kill some dude in front of me and I like oh I’ll continue walking.

  • Larry Cosmoc, The Brownie Man

    Yeah, and I just did something a lot of times.

  • Hamna
    Hamna 13 days ago

    Yes I killed many people before

    On a PS4 video game 😏

  • Shara Star
    Shara Star 13 days ago

    Well I killed my friend at Minecraft

  • G O D
    G O D 14 days ago

    I don't like your voice

  • the nerd shack
    the nerd shack 16 days ago

    I'd be capable. Perfectly so. I have a low resting heart rate, and i am totally non empathetic....i am seeing help though. I hope the help stops me. Therapy helps a lot

  • That Other Gamer
    That Other Gamer 18 days ago +1

    Wake up in the morning I got murder on my mind.

  • Koenma Sir
    Koenma Sir 18 days ago +1

    0:51 oh ok I feel slightly evil now

  • Evanthemsmfan
    Evanthemsmfan 19 days ago +1

    Rip me it’s sunday

  • wolf boi
    wolf boi 19 days ago +1

    Answer yes

  • Hayden Case
    Hayden Case 20 days ago +1

    What non psychopathy killers?

  • ItsLouise Videos
    ItsLouise Videos 20 days ago +1

    I’m a huge fangirl, and I have a very odd heart murmur because of Tricuspid Atresia which means part of my heart is gone......I guess I’m a murderer

  • PartiZAn18
    PartiZAn18 21 day ago

    Why did I ever subscribe to this utterly moronic leftist channel?

    • Hayden Case
      Hayden Case 20 days ago +1

      @PartiZAn18 What makes you think this channel is a leftist channel?

  • ScorpionZam
    ScorpionZam 24 days ago

    Yes. Literally everybody without physical limitations is "capable."

  • RainScat
    RainScat 24 days ago

    My heart rate was normal watching this

  • woof woof
    woof woof 24 days ago

    I want to kill a person in my family but i can't

  • My way or the highway king

    I'm too lazy to kill someone .

  • yxjgkxdwpqln
    yxjgkxdwpqln 25 days ago

    murder isn’t epic

  • MrNopeRope The IV
    MrNopeRope The IV 25 days ago

    I would be able to kill someone. But only if my life or friends/family life was in danger

  • Marcus St John
    Marcus St John 25 days ago +1

    Ants: umm you kill us everyday when we get on your food.
    People:ants you don’t count
    Ants: am I a joke to you . Ants left the chat.
    Like the comment asap science pls it’s my bday

  • Onijinn
    Onijinn 27 days ago

    This video did not help me answer the question it posed

  • QuestionBrb Trepsr's husband

    short answer, yes

  • Stumpo Bear
    Stumpo Bear 27 days ago +1

    I show signs of beck sing a murderer and a rapist/pedophile I’m 14

  • Bndr
    Bndr 28 days ago +1

    I’ve killed 3 people in 2009 while I was in India in a rural jungle and took a flight home straight the next day. I still can’t believe how unmerciful I was at that time

    • Bndr
      Bndr 28 days ago

      Thank god I quit drugs

  • OG Supreme
    OG Supreme 28 days ago +1

    I can kill someone with there own toes.........

    Don’t ask...

  • OG Supreme
    OG Supreme 28 days ago +1

    One word


  • Study Tips
    Study Tips 29 days ago

    in the 9/11 accident, I didn't help an elderly woman escape, in the result she died and I survived. Does that count as murder? I feel guilt about it but I am very cold hearthed so I dont care too much about it?

  • charless s
    charless s Month ago

    *Mentions Low Heart Rate*
    *Me: I have low heart rate*

  • Gerardo Moreno
    Gerardo Moreno Month ago

    Despite making only

  • Alex Nutman
    Alex Nutman Month ago

    I feel the woman part was a bit biased to be completely honest as we are both male and female of both human we both capable of doing the exact same gun evil things second a lot of woman get away with with murders. Mainly due to the court and also the appealfeeling sorry and the Guinness and a lot of the things that recorded as well so I don't think it was a very fair analysis with me and you'll find all the woman murders were next to the men moon as you would find actually that most of them are just as equal because you know we're both human and we both can be evil on nice and so on same of sexism but that I don't want to start a femanazi raid party over here.this is also the same with abuse and home so in fact woman have been shown to be just as abusive is mean but they get away with it due to everyone feeling sorry for them and I never gets put down which is why I mean that's why they know men's men's refuges when that's just bloody disgustingmy mother was the abusive towards me she ripped my front teeth out and she tried to murder my dad many times and the family courtshead even answered if it was a male he would have been put straight to jail but they let my mother off because they felt sorry for her because she was a motherand because of that I had to live with her for the rest of my while until I was 15 but I was heavily abused.even though the media and people don't like to acknowledge woman being bad I think people don't like to knowledge woman being bad people because there's that whole motherly feel and that woman can't do bad.

  • h e y
    h e y Month ago

    Man I don't need school. RUclip is all I need

  • Alex Mcmann 100
    Alex Mcmann 100 Month ago

    I'm a murderer

    EFIL WV Month ago +1

    Think if we gave every US prisoner omega 3. Could work.

    LRODD BeAtZ Month ago +1

    I just killed millions of kids
    Using condoms

  • Lycareki
    Lycareki Month ago

    If I was a killer I'd probably just turn myself in
    Rip to the cool serial killers but I'm different

  • Devansh Raniwala
    Devansh Raniwala Month ago +1

    Hey, can you explain why many times a spider-web like structure of lights is seen in a night time satellite imagery

  • Isaac Parimalam Isa

    With the shit that we are going through now. We are all just "one bad day away" hahahah