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Автор asad riaz ( назад)
Connor friend u have one of those 50 grand rolexes and your getting gassed.How many do u think Flloyd has?u dickhead

Автор shanksy lad ( назад)
fuck him and his mink coat

Автор Martin Jönsson ( назад)
Irish Viking!

Автор Pen & Paper ( назад)
Fuck Ireland and fuck Conor McGregor. This is America.
USA Floyd Mayweather.

Автор The Viking ( назад)
Thank god he pointed out how expensive his items were, because I didn't respect him up until that point. Putting Conner in with Floyd is as silly as matching an MMA guy with an elite boxer...... oh

Автор PRO MIX ( назад)
you have done well with this channel been watching since you started. You deserve every penny you make kugan

Автор King Joe Cetti ( назад)
I love Mayweather but I'm going for Conor McGregor because he is the underdog. I'm Italian and Irish, but race never has applied to me. it would be a great victory for Conor McGregor and pay day. but he's stepping in Floyd's world. I hope it happens in late June around my son's birthday or mine the 2nd of July. can't wait to see it happen.

Автор carolina krishna ( назад)
fuck CMCGREGOR .. SHOW OFF DUM ASS.. Manny will send you straight to the grave with some natchos and your 50k Rolex .. Floyd is dam exp in boxing history .. well you really gotta big mouth which gives you publicity and that's your plan and that's what you want just publicity and money ...your fucking pussy CMCGREGOR...

Автор Jimbo Love ( назад)
Mayweather already won in the FACE OFF!

Автор Harris Khan ( назад)
Why did you stand on lord aleems car you bitch

Автор MrSwole951 ( назад)
Lol at Conor bragging about his expensive clothes, floyd was wearing a watch more expensive than his whole outfit.

Автор allen nsn ( назад)

Автор billysm8 ( назад)
has he been coached how to talk by pretty boy floyd?

Автор James Bond ( назад)
Well it's good to see someone decent on this channel rather than Silly Hoe BlowJob Saunders (Billy Joe Saunders)...

Автор navegador ( назад)
conor your fight with mayweather was just fake, you're just a little guy that wants some atention

Автор Andrea Barnes ( назад)
conor should stop piggy backing off mayweather. conor muppet.dont even try n put yourself in the same league as mayweather.

Автор Young Stunna Rich gang ( назад)
gaygregor rat stop copying floyd lifestyle scum u never be on his level

Автор linop412 ( назад)
This is why Conor is the highest paid UFC athlete. Its not only his skill, its because he has so much charisma and personality. So many of these fighters are like talking to a dodo bird. Now, on a side note.... Conor will never beat Mayweather haha. I wish he could, cause I hate Mayweather with a passion, but it just won't happen. The only way that miracle takes place is if Conor can actually catch him with a devastating left hand and get lucky. Mayweather is just way to fast for him and Conor doesn't have the condition for a 12 round boxing match. He just doesn't. Its a totally different animal.

Автор clorox bleach ( назад)

Автор Daniel Herrera ( назад)
This guy has a 95k outfit on!

GOAT haha

Автор Adam El sayed ( назад)
Defend your damn belts you irish white son of a bitch

Автор Mac Diesel ( назад)
I know Conor is going to school Floyd but I promise it will take 4 rounds and Conor is going to be fast and move like nobody's ever moved. His left will drop Floyd and I have no love for mayweather since he ripped off a waitress that took care of him and his partners at a party one night, Floyd left without tipping her which 15 percent tip on his bill was 7500 dollars. now who the hell loves Floyd now. I would rather nate and conor go into a trilogy. Fk Floyd mayweather jr.

Автор Wake N Bake ( назад)
Mcnuggets always acts like he's coked up

Автор Joseph Wisey ( назад)
What does he say at the start?

Автор Leroy Lambers ( назад)

Автор MrCraiggyT ( назад)
Conor will put Floyd to sleep. end.

Автор chingo28 ( назад)
nigga on that good fish scale huh?

Автор marcb510 ( назад)
mcfagor wants to lose to Floyd to bank millions then retire from UFC before defending a belt

Автор JasonBourne ( назад)
'you dam fookin right I hav, in a 15 a 15 loui mink, turty k, a turty k David August soot, a fifty k rolex watch with baguettes in the doil an im in an am out. see ya' conor bless

Автор dan32113 ( назад)
Mcgregor wouldn't beat most journeymen, he aint a Boxer!

Автор Pat Morrison ( назад)
I'm getting so sick of the back and forth hype...either fight or don't. Stop hyping shit for no reason. They both say the same thing 24/7 " he doesn't want a fight he keeps dodging it blah blah blah" come on mate.

Автор Ifan Cooke ( назад)
This guy is manic. Bet he's prone to nose diving lows. Hypomania

Автор Abdi Hussein ( назад)
this fuckt up irish he could talk shit but when you loss 😢😢 just don't excuse to floyd mayweather 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Red Face ( назад)
Thrilla in Mannila equivalent?

Автор Solomon Olorunleke ( назад)
Connor is a no match to Mayweather

Автор Hardy Bucks ( назад)
Coked off his head I'd say

Автор chewyy9991 ( назад)
is this the most ifl views Over a mil views all ready and its an interview with a ufc fighter..

Автор Jack Parsons ( назад)
All of you are dumb as fuck. In the ring: Floyd. In the cage: Conor. In the streets: Conor. But just the same all boxing fans that think it's superior will think it's proof when Conor can't hang in a sparring match with pillows on his hands while doing rolls and leaning forward in ways that boxers train for that don't work in real fights. I don't think Conors future loss will prove anything or matter in any way. But if I'm wrong... Conor is god and boxing is closer to it's end.

Автор Aloha Beau ( назад)
Saying Conor beats Floyd is saying Conor beats Pacquiao, Canelo, Ortiz, ect. Get the fuck outta here all you casuals. The dick riding is hard for the Great White Hype.

Автор Matthew Darnell ( назад)
he's coked up lol

Автор Seanyboy Seanyboy ( назад)
Floyd has a similar facial structure to aldo??? just saying,,,,,

Автор Anthos ( назад)
Never in my life have I seen such a braggadocios white guy lol

Автор Цискo 3a ( назад)
Conor's already getting in his head

Автор Apocalypse ( назад)
is the fight going to fucking happen or not?

Автор Kyle B ( назад)
Please don't make it so easy for this Mcgregor to get money, his mouth is the only thing getting him this fight, his skills are d level.

Автор jose soto ( назад)
Conor will get knocked out by Floyd in 8 or 9 rounds but I think the fight will be competitive in the early rounds because of Conor mental make up and heart. If everything is going bad Conor will make a fight out of it he won't let Floyd just pop shot him n play defense. But in doing that Conor opens himself n Floyd is the best counter puncher in the game n that will get Conor stopped.

Автор d mau5 ( назад)
look at the views on this video compared to the others on ifl, tells you all ya need t know bout the state of boxing

Автор Ian Hendry ( назад)
Coked out his nut 😂😂😂😂

Автор Victor Yakubu ( назад)
You my friend are no Mike Tyson you haven't even defended your title in any of the division. You will call out a retired boxer almost twice your age and that makes you the face of boxing such bs you are a con please

Автор amaru Osborne ( назад)
Connor would destroy mayweather if they had a fight

Автор funky juggles ( назад)
Conor's coked off his fkin head

Автор reon barrett ( назад)
McGregor the boss I see that

Автор Paul King ( назад)
My little sister would kick maypussy's ass.

Автор OH24 ( назад)
Conor seems like quite an actually nice guy underneath all the confidence

Автор VanMedia ( назад)
This video of an mma fighter, Conor McGregor, is the most viewed video of this boxing lmao...he runs boxing.

Автор Vik S ( назад)
Conor will shock a lot of people, but not himself and those select few who have closely followed his career and know what he is about. The bigger the challenge the bigger he rises to the occasion. As much as he talks, as big as his presence is and as much of a pop icon as he becomes, this all still pales in comparison to his actual talent and work ethic. Conor isn't there to get embarrassed and collect a paycheque, this guy is the real fucking deal.

Автор Jacks Cleaner ( назад)

Автор Shawnwilson Shawn ( назад)
This guy 28 or 38?

Автор mikemarleigh123 ( назад)
Wow a whole room full of dorks!!!

Автор Jase Turnbull ( назад)
And I hope he does get his special panties out , hipe that's all this is, cant even believe people acually think this dick could win its boxing not UFC get a grip , would be deferent if they were fighting on the floor but there not , bla bla bla

Автор Solomon Utuedor ( назад)
Floyd is a cash machine cuz some people want to see him beaten

Автор Jeff Douglas ( назад)
I can't wait to see Connor rock that cocky mother fucker .

Автор Tom Philbin ( назад)
will someone plz get this teddy boys ugly mug off the main vid stream let's put someone real up there disgusting little thug

Автор ceracen ( назад)
I don't care how good of a fighter Connor is. You have to be a real piece of shit to act like that guy.

Автор Larz Man ( назад)
both fighters are full of crap sthu

Автор SuperMoreRon ( назад)
Connor literally has the beard of a leprechaun in this video.

Автор JoeStunner ( назад)
What kind of cunt wears a £15,000 mink coat? Actually, what kind of cunt wears a mink coat? Oh yes... a Conor McGregor shaped cunt.

Автор legrate ( назад)
so will there be a fight ???

Автор Bajadre Dre ( назад)
"Everybody know what there in for.." ......you getting smashed round a ring by mayweather lol

Автор Nivek Mendez ( назад)
Fuck Floyd!!!!

Автор Smokey_777 ( назад)
warning!!! if you pay to see conor vs Floyd you are a moron!! conor will either lose and tell you to fuck off and laugh at you for making him money or fluke out a win and keep you sucking his dick and giving him your money talking about I told you so. only losers in this fight are the fans. download it or stream it from free. you work to hard to give it away on some the people are stupid and will pay fight!!

Автор Aizpismuti ( назад)
Floyd -needs rules- to have a -chance- at beating Conor. Doubt he will tho.

Автор c02615223 ( назад)

Автор Tom ( назад)
They should do a two fight deal. 1 in boxing and 1 in mma. but floyd hasnt got the balls like conor has

Автор CMLAFLAMME ( назад)
Aren't Conor fans getting sick of the bullshit yet? Blah blah I make more money, no I make more money. I don't give a fuck how much money you make and this whole Mayweather thing is a bullshit sideshow to keep Danas golden boy on top. This boxing match won't happen because Dana knows Conor would get embarrassed in straight boxing so it's all UFC hype.

If Conor wants to do more than talk PPV numbers. . Fight Nate Diaz again 1-1 to end that question, and start focusing on taking a few more title defenses against great fighters. Your record of 9-1 is impressive, but guys like Anderson, GSP, Jones, Fedor... all have a whole lot more fights under their belt. Stop fucking around and fight if you want to be considered one of the greatest.

Автор Vegan Pat ( назад)
lost a lot of respect for him for wearing that mink fur coat. Mink, which in the wild are very active animals, are raised in tiny cages, each about the length of the animal's own body. The typical mink farm is comprised of units, each with dozens of rows of individual cages with open sides that expose the animals to harsh weather. Conditions are deplorable and filthy. Farmed mink are killed by gassing, violent neck breaking or poisoning; all slow grueling deaths. hope he thinks hes a big man for endorsing this cruelty.

Автор mistagunn ( назад)
fight the bloke then...don't take the piss mate.

Автор BrandonHeat92 ( назад)
Conor will shred Floyd and there will be blood.

Автор gerryryan ( назад)
to all the people slagging Conor off over being flash with his bling let me tell you he is the only person in ireland who actually put his money where his mouth is concerning the homeless crisis in Dublin not Bono not the useless bullshitting politicians but Conor so fair fucks to him

Автор Elliot Rosenbecker ( назад)
Floyd end your career 49-0 instead of being knocked out some of THE first round. People is not going to remember Floyd like "undisputed boxer" or something. People is going to remember Floyd like THE Guy that get hes ass wooped by a MMA fighter in His last fight.

Автор Cody Borak ( назад)
if they fight with 12oz gloves connor wins but Floyd only allows 16oz cause he has no ko power.

Автор MindaugasLegend ( назад)
im afraid that this might be boring match, knowing gaywather and his fear of opponents and defensive tactics.... connor might give his stamina after 5 rounds...

Автор Adam Smith ( назад)
Conor McGregor is an absolute colossal warrior, an inspiration and a very good man. God Bless you Conor.

Автор Mike Freeman ( назад)
If Conner catches Floyd clean with that left hand it's over

Автор Riot 207 ( назад)
Everyone, if you ever wonder what someone looks like when they're high on cocaine..This is a good example.

Автор Fushion ( назад)
Ive never done coke before but i feel like conor just did a line before this interview

Автор Michael Jordan ( назад)
Look at all you had to spend& do to barely win against a dude who wasn't in the top 10 at first 😂🤣 #Yourenotthatgreatbro

Автор NYHC1000 ( назад)
What a clown!!

Автор Albert Hofmann ( назад)
needs to lay off the colombian marching powder

Автор Impulse ( назад)
After this McGregor needs to call out Jackie Chan or Jet-Li.

Автор John Utah ( назад)
conor is a true legend. Pure entertainment

Автор Neal Dutta ( назад)
This is what u do for 100 million it's not fucken about the boxing
It's all about bullshiting hard working by people to believe in some hype
It's two humans
We fight at work
Never ever do we get 100 million
What's the fuss ?

Автор David Walts ( назад)
Anybody else see the Eddie Hearn lookalike behind Mcgregor at the end?

Автор Ty Wilson ( назад)
Conor looks scared!!!!LOL like he's was hoping he wasn't going to say something about Floyd
....Conor a punk bitch!!!,💯

Автор boxinglegend2011 ( назад)
Floyd would give this guy a easy boxing lesson

Автор dilberton99 ( назад)
Floyd Mayweather most boring fighter, the only thing that is naturally fast and skillfully avoids the hits and runs away like a rabbit! Not attractive boxer, has no the power to knock out opponents etc ...

Автор Mario Chavez ( назад)
it's like Chris Brown vs solider boy. people are really this stupid thinking it will happen it's a fucking joke.

Автор babatunde rufai ( назад)
Floyd is made already. we don't do the hunger game or fame or cheap thrill publicity. we hate germs and we wear surgical gloves.we are THE MONEY TEAM.

Автор Jase Turnbull ( назад)
Fuck mgregor flyod will waist that little ginger prick, Fkn joke to think otherwise clown should have joined the circus not the box , or stay were u belong ass wipe

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