• Published on Sep 30, 2019
  • We're back with another episode of FOOTBALL VS!!
    Also, shoutout to Just Dustin who has also made a wall of rubber bands, you can check out his vid here, its sick!
    TWITTER: KieranBrown
    So today I did a football soccer goal experiment to see if we could smash a football and make it stick to a duct tape goal, this is how we got on!
    What should we do next??
    Kieran Brown.
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  • Zebi Lol
    Zebi Lol 4 hours ago


  • karim hssein
    karim hssein 5 hours ago

    Does anyone find this lame content?

  • Tyler Branco
    Tyler Branco 18 hours ago

    He is faking his vids

  • Jodie Sinclair
    Jodie Sinclair 22 hours ago +1

    You have some tiny legs

  • Mr Spaniel7
    Mr Spaniel7 3 days ago

    Do football vs ice

  • Lokesh Bhavsar
    Lokesh Bhavsar 3 days ago +1

    Hey why do u make videos they are so boaring not only this one but also all

  • Elliott Gordon
    Elliott Gordon 3 days ago


  • Elliott Gordon
    Elliott Gordon 3 days ago

    Do u have a cat

  • Dan 58603
    Dan 58603 4 days ago

    Mate I thought that was Bullet proof glas

  • RealBloxer UT
    RealBloxer UT 4 days ago

    doesn't he realise that wouldn't the glass break?

  • Evan Kurz
    Evan Kurz 5 days ago +1

    Lol it snapped the frame

  • Erik Kennedy
    Erik Kennedy 5 days ago

    NEIGHBOUR: Do I smell burning footballs?
    KIERAN: . . .

    • TGDS
      TGDS 2 days ago

      Erik Kennedy neighbours must be annoyed with him he keeps kicking the ball in there yard

  • Komang Parsini
    Komang Parsini 5 days ago

    *Dari INDONESIA mana suaranya*

    Mau tanya seberapa banyak dari indonesia

  • echo
    echo 7 days ago

    How did he get the ball in the fire

  • M Kingsley
    M Kingsley 8 days ago

    Booty Smack! 4:54

  • Margaret Wanjiru
    Margaret Wanjiru 9 days ago

    Fifa you should not use net just use rubber bands

  • Josh Forster
    Josh Forster 9 days ago

    You are so goodddddddd haha haha haha

  • Josh Forster
    Josh Forster 9 days ago

    Yodvsg sbb BC Vacaville bsbsbshy bdybbdtbddgw was the way you got me brains for me haha is a great game and I will get them to come out with him haha is a great

  • Ted Devlin
    Ted Devlin 11 days ago


  • Liam Oltean
    Liam Oltean 12 days ago

    What is the song at the end called

  • How it works
    How it works 13 days ago +1

    Thank God the burnt ball was adidas

  • How it works
    How it works 13 days ago +1

    You should’ve featured Roberto Carlos

  • How it works
    How it works 13 days ago

    You should’ve featured Roberto Carlos

  • How it works
    How it works 13 days ago

    You should’ve featured Roberto Carlos

  • How it works
    How it works 13 days ago

    You should’ve featured Roberto carlos

  • AplJ
    AplJ 13 days ago

    Жулик не воруй у evoneon украл

  • Rahul Jamatia
    Rahul Jamatia 14 days ago

    Dislike for burning football....👎

  • Luke Leach
    Luke Leach 14 days ago

    Kieran love your vids mate and you do so much in each video you really should try and stretch it to 10 mins

  • Enzo Muguerza
    Enzo Muguerza 15 days ago

    Soy el único en español

  • OBITO Uchiiha
    OBITO Uchiiha 16 days ago

    No body
    The camera man : ooooo 😂

  • Brandon Melendez
    Brandon Melendez 17 days ago

    What is the song at the end ?

  • White Eagle
    White Eagle 17 days ago

    You should bring Cristiano Ronaldo to break that glass
    C. Ronaldo try : 2

  • Garren Green
    Garren Green 17 days ago

    It’s soccer in America

  • Renee Shields
    Renee Shields 17 days ago

    The camera man said christ 3 times

  • Devin Acosta
    Devin Acosta 18 days ago

    Me goes to park me sees this oooooooofffffff

  • Sam Maki
    Sam Maki 18 days ago


  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 19 days ago +1

    Football breaks marble Football breaks Wood board Football breaks window Football: i can do anything. Rubber band: hold my rubber

  • BennySavage - Tom Hillman

    Its not safe to burn footballs man

  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams 19 days ago

    hey you should join team trees

  • Mr. Fuzzy
    Mr. Fuzzy 19 days ago +9

    How many times did the camera man say Christ


  • Giancarlo Flores
    Giancarlo Flores 20 days ago

    More people are talking about the glass window and are totally forgetting he’s purposely kicking the football into the fire bin 😂

  • HJKX
    HJKX 21 day ago

    Try this with a ring, pour lighter fluid at it and shoot through that

  • Debbiebabe69
    Debbiebabe69 21 day ago

    Try one of those air floater thingies...... filled with helium.

  • Harris Hassan
    Harris Hassan 21 day ago

    First was on 2:21

  • SandShr1gh 27
    SandShr1gh 27 21 day ago

    Ur neighbors must hate u

  • Jan Hülsmann
    Jan Hülsmann 21 day ago

    Hier ist der Deutsche Kommentar den du gesucht hast

    Die Prankbros hätten das Viedeo auf 10 Minuten gestreckt😂

  • Deaf Patata
    Deaf Patata 22 days ago +3

    the amount of times the cameraman said christ like wtf

  • Berlyn magbanua
    Berlyn magbanua 22 days ago

    You jumped

  • Sam Hatswell
    Sam Hatswell 23 days ago +1

    Film w miniminter

  • DON DZ
    DON DZ 23 days ago +3

    4:20 how to make campfire soo easily

  • a7madtii
    a7madtii 23 days ago

    imagine looking out the window and see this 2:11

  • giafiordi
    giafiordi 24 days ago

    Do you have a lot of money to waste. LOL :-D

  • Mohammad Husseiny
    Mohammad Husseiny 24 days ago

    4:14 this is called physics

  • Jessie Choy
    Jessie Choy 25 days ago

    I would just put my back into the rubber bands and do a slingshot

  • bean mcbean
    bean mcbean 26 days ago

    You could have made this video ten mins so easily

  • Olisa Nweze
    Olisa Nweze 26 days ago

    Can you do football vs males private part 🙂

  • Rafiul Haque
    Rafiul Haque 26 days ago

    is this a window advertisement

  • khalid charayan parambu

    keiran your home's backyard is
    very beutifull👍👍😍😍

  • Matt Wilcks
    Matt Wilcks 26 days ago

    Your neighbours must love you haha

  • Ayush Deshmukh
    Ayush Deshmukh 26 days ago

    There is a cat in the bottom left corner at 0:54