• Published on Feb 9, 2017
  • Explore autosomal recessive trait and X-linked recessive trait tracking in pedigrees with the Amoeba Sisters! Matching handout available here: See table of contents by expanding details! 👇
    Table of Contents:
    Introducing Symbols/Numbering in Pedigree 0:40
    Meaning of Shading in Shapes 1:19
    Introducing Pedigree Tracking Autosomal Recessive Trait 2:44
    Working with Pedigree Tracking Autosomal Recessive Trait 4:07
    X-Linked Pedigree 6:45
    What is Meant by "Half-Shading" Shapes in Pedigree? 9:01
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  • Amoeba Sisters
    Amoeba Sisters  11 months ago +90

    We like to address clarifications or corrections in our videos in the pinned comments. Pinky accidentally said "coefficients" at 2:10 when she should have said "exponents." These are exponents as shown in how the sex-linked trait was written at that time stamp. We greatly appreciate the individual who let us know this was in the video! :D

      PRAVEEN KUMAR 17 days ago

      Can u help me out understanding how to decide which trait is recessive - free or attached ear lobe from two pedigree

    • Mandalorian Funko Pops
      Mandalorian Funko Pops Month ago +1

      Thank you amoeba sisters! I had pedigree science homework and needed some help, but couldn't find other videos. Thanks for the tips!

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    Zouraiz Khan 2 months ago

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