IBot 1.1.32 + SRO-R 1.008 How to make it work tutorial

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  • Riddo Snow
    Riddo Snow 3 года назад

    parsing character info data
    parsing character  quest data 
    parsing character  kill data
    parsing character  character data
    parsing character  item data D;
    i get dc when i try log on :c

  • ZeniTWdboGoku
    ZeniTWdboGoku 3 года назад

    iBot v1.2.3 cur.lv/5m09r

  • djtomekkk
    djtomekkk  4 года назад


  • KoreanUrDogs
    KoreanUrDogs 4 года назад

    So I heard that Joymax doesn't ban botters is this true? Please answer soon. Thanks.

  • amr mohamed
    amr mohamed 4 года назад

    where did you get the words u wrote on the hosts file from ?

  • Perithion
    Perithion 4 года назад

    women... out of the kitchen.... i hope you get raped in real life

    niot very nice is it

  • divine
    divine 4 года назад

    thats kinda harsh...

  • Calle Lewander
    Calle Lewander 5 лет назад

    I cant find a place to download Agbot... Link enyone?

  • Casper Andersen
    Casper Andersen 5 лет назад

    I have a problem with that you're doing at 1:12 it wont let me safe it :-)

  • Anthony Espinosa
    Anthony Espinosa 5 лет назад

    Can somebody please tell me whats the password for the agbot mediapatcher so i can copy it into my silkroad folder pleas :(

  • Team301
    Team301 5 лет назад


  • djtomekkk
    djtomekkk  5 лет назад

    @xXxCj61xXx I am not playing Silkroad anymore, so I don't know what they changed in the last month, and maybe it won't work, sry

  • martijn quatfass
    martijn quatfass 5 лет назад

    @djtomekkk hackshield wont work,.. it doesnt show up as an java file but as 5 files named as:b a c d.class and 1 more file called: Hackshield.class + an file called META-INF which contains MANIFIEST.MF... please help me? how do i get it into an single java file?

  • mjeetun
    mjeetun 5 лет назад


  • ninodebont
    ninodebont 5 лет назад

    if i try to launch hackshield administrator i get an error that he dnt can find silkroad.exe and if i run it normal the black screen pop up but it dont launch :S can u help me please my normall silkroad dont launch anymore too

  • Alec Stefan
    Alec Stefan 5 лет назад

    i get dc after every fucking 40 sec

  • Mattias Ahlberg
    Mattias Ahlberg 5 лет назад

    Thanks a ton mate :) This shit is so complicated but got it working now

  • EternalLaugh
    EternalLaugh 5 лет назад

    @janikler use edxSilkroadLoader 6

  • djtomekkk
    djtomekkk  5 лет назад

    @TheToomsoon I will do another video today/tomorrow

  • janikler
    janikler 5 лет назад

    When i open edxSilkroadLoader 5 an error appears: "The PK2Reader could not load c:/program files(x86)/silkroad/media.pk2 due to an error:"

  • Mustafa Gökmen
    Mustafa Gökmen 5 лет назад

    work ?

  • Mustafa Gökmen
    Mustafa Gökmen 5 лет назад

    çalışıyormu ?

  • Ryan Dixon
    Ryan Dixon 5 лет назад

    i get everything loaded, start running around to get ready to setup the bot and then i get d/ced
    Error detected on HS Data...
    Please restart HS Server and Silkroad.exe

    happens every 2 mins ish?

  • djtomekkk
    djtomekkk  5 лет назад

    @1HuMvE hey man, when does that happen, PM me in private on youtube or somewhere and explain alittle more. As I said I can always help with Team Viewer if it will not work. Or you guyz can add me on Skype = "djtomekkk1564" and we can make something work hopefully

  • djtomekkk
    djtomekkk  5 лет назад

    @zeropublix I don't know that exactly, but when I did that without having that window open, without HS I got DC all the time, and when you run Ibot it says that HS is busy or down if you close it.

  • djtomekkk
    djtomekkk  5 лет назад

    @zeropublix yes sorry, you need to add LS:5 or LS:6 at the end, so you have like this in your Target link in Shortcut properties - "D:\igre\[iBot] Public Released v1.1.32 (1)\iBot.exe" LS:5. This is in my case, you just add LS:5 or LS:6 at the end of Target link

  • 1HuMvE
    1HuMvE 5 лет назад

    When client loads i get dc :S Plz help

  • NeptunGegrillt
    NeptunGegrillt 5 лет назад

    @djtomekkk thx for response and great tutroial, but i got an other problem now.
    I open hackshield, then i start silkroad with the launcher,after that I start bot how you said.
    Now the problemis when I start the second client with the loader, evyrthing is ok until enter ID PW and then i press connect -> client crashes :(

  • zeropublix
    zeropublix 5 лет назад

    and another question. do i always have to leave the normal SRO client open?

  • zeropublix
    zeropublix 5 лет назад

    can u maybe write this stuff with adding LS:5 in the description. i dont get it at this part

  • NeptunGegrillt
    NeptunGegrillt 5 лет назад

    @NeptunGegrillt OOHHH, FORGET MY QUESTION!! :D I Didn't understand, what you said, now all is clear =)

  • djtomekkk
    djtomekkk  5 лет назад

    @NeptunGegrillt yes you need to add it, thats the whole point. You have to write " gateway.silkroad-r.joymax.com" below, without ( " ).

  • NeptunGegrillt
    NeptunGegrillt 5 лет назад

    If I open The "Hosts" in "Win32" there isn't an adress of joymax like you have, can you help me please?

  • Kreakx BH
    Kreakx BH 5 лет назад

    @djtomekkk Before all, thx for your fast answer ;), Silkroad has been completly erased, and yes i finded the loader on the "HackshieldStuff" in Agbot folder, so now it's time for to sleep, i will see this tomorrow, when i retry i will leave you my news here :)

    Have a nice dreams ;)

  • djtomekkk
    djtomekkk  5 лет назад

    @KR34KX Or try Loader from Agbot, it's somewhere in the files, and in the previouse step uninstall then delete the folder before installing it again. Yes I think r_iphs is for if you run Hackshield on different computer in your home/network, but don't know exactly. But then again, something must be wrong with media.pk2 file

  • djtomekkk
    djtomekkk  5 лет назад

    @EstComplex Hey, I updated info/description of the video, check for the link

  • djtomekkk
    djtomekkk  5 лет назад

    @KR34KX I think you should try to re-install Silkroad. Maybe you had it broken before, and now this doesn't work because of it

  • Kreakx BH
    Kreakx BH 5 лет назад

    Hi and thx for this tutorial, all is fine excepted some points where i dont changed somethings like you, like the new ip on the r_iphs, but whenever, i lauch the Hackshield, after Ibot, he write to the connection to the HS server has been succefully connected, but there is my problem, when i try to open the loader i got an error, it's write : The Pk2Reader could not load d:\eroad\media.pk2 due to an error. Have you got any idea for resolve my problem ?

  • EstComplex
    EstComplex 5 лет назад

    tnx,can you give us link`s of your pacher/agbot?

  • azndarling686
    azndarling686 5 лет назад

    Most helpful vid.. got ibot to work.. thanks!