Snackaging: Russian Food Edition

  • Published on Feb 23, 2018
  • They say you shouldn't judge a snack by its packaging...but we do! GMM #1282.2
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Comments • 809

  • Grace Is Being More Chill

    “He’s so big. I’d hate to have an intimate encounter with him.”

    • Potato-corn
      Potato-corn Year ago +1

      Grace Potter p

    • Pandacake28
      Pandacake28 Year ago +3

      Who else thought of Phil talking about macrophilia?

    • dude fellow
      dude fellow Year ago +1

      Reht was like "wtf" lol

    • S I N N E R
      S I N N E R Year ago +1

      Grace Potter he wanna Have S*X lol !

  • Ashleigh Pay
    Ashleigh Pay 25 days ago

    I'm trying to learn Russian, and thus far I know the alphabet, so I'm having a great time trying to pronounce all these foods. Problem is, I don't know what any of it means.

  • Kalaisha K Totty
    Kalaisha K Totty Month ago

    “When they’re teething” “to shut them up” two approaches to parenting

  • Thug Rose
    Thug Rose 2 months ago

    The best Russian or generally post soviet countries’ snack is kirieshki, it’s flavored dried bread

  • MLGPRO806
    MLGPRO806 3 months ago

    Woah how did you guys find food in russia?

  • Satirical.
    Satirical. 6 months ago

    I don’t spit my sunflower seeds out, I eat it

  • Dasha Lexed
    Dasha Lexed 6 months ago

    Ukraine is better then Russia

  • Rellik Redrum
    Rellik Redrum 7 months ago

    2:14 Rhetts face made me spit out my drink Lmfao

  • Cat master Gaming
    Cat master Gaming 7 months ago

    I love tarragon soda

  • Sally Otley
    Sally Otley 8 months ago

    "He so big. I'd hate to have an intimate encounter with him."

  • Kreativkin / Kreats
    Kreativkin / Kreats 8 months ago +1

    3:33 wtf that's belarussian candy bois

  • Dana Amin
    Dana Amin 8 months ago

    Can u guys go to indonesia

  • Tmb Gaming
    Tmb Gaming 8 months ago

    I know I'm late to this vid. How about Putin's Pudding?

  • kiwimotion
    kiwimotion 8 months ago

    life of boris

  • kiwimotion
    kiwimotion 8 months ago

    life of boris

  • Blitz
    Blitz 8 months ago

    how dare you disrespect tapxyn like that

  • Saber Cyan
    Saber Cyan 9 months ago

    eating my second pack of sunflower seeds rn

    JR MCGRIFSTER 9 months ago

    I mean, link I love having intimate encounters with giants

  • ZuckleBear
    ZuckleBear 9 months ago

    2:12 sameee

  • FurryFrost Official
    FurryFrost Official 9 months ago +1

    I’m Russian and Russian candy and drinks are the best

  • Aurora Galarza
    Aurora Galarza 10 months ago

    Chekov knows that everything showcased in this video is made from russia.

  • Roof2
    Roof2 10 months ago

    all usa people idiots ? its not god its Lemuel Gulliver ! read books

  • Kawaii GirlGirl
    Kawaii GirlGirl 10 months ago

    The cod liver isn’t russian it’s Ukrainian

  • Kathryn Williams
    Kathryn Williams 10 months ago

    Lol links attempts at russian

  • Sabrina Torgerson
    Sabrina Torgerson 11 months ago

    Smoking a singular dandelion.......
    That's the strangest dandelion I've ever seen.

  • N1KK3L
    N1KK3L 11 months ago

    Second snack was Ukrainian lol 😂

  • Полина Мурзина

    So, I'm russian and I see this staff for the first time

  • Lindcifer
    Lindcifer Year ago

    "Stay in your lane, Russia"

  • Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider Year ago

    “Hate to have an intimate encounter with him” -Link 2018

  • bxrdxn
    bxrdxn Year ago

    The only snack you need in Russia semichkee

  • DogeSmash `
    DogeSmash ` Year ago

    Finland should be on this

  • Citlali Romero
    Citlali Romero Year ago

    I miss this segment :(

    WOOFDAY OOF Year ago

    I’m American and my family’s Russian

  • ben l
    ben l Year ago


  • Denis Stashenko
    Denis Stashenko Year ago

    Us Russians we see sun flower seeds different

  • Vladimír Mareček

    Oh come on, cod liver tastes great! :)

  • ehm ja
    ehm ja Year ago

    Not authenic..

  • Kenneth B
    Kenneth B Year ago

    We all are opinionated on taste, grows up being fed something, and thats the taste we take after.
    Now myself, i have never had a single Russian or Ukranian thing that didnt taste like stale ass

  • Ethan Ray
    Ethan Ray Year ago

    I died when the music paused and Rhett said intimate.

  • mikegee gangsta
    mikegee gangsta Year ago

    The first one wasn't Russian

  • IL
    IL Year ago

    These edited episodes are funnier

  • Alex Voznesenski
    Alex Voznesenski Year ago

    Bad choice of snacks. Send a message to the Kuzno Channel on RUclip they know more about Russian food than many people.

  • Eliana Hera
    Eliana Hera Year ago

    Am i the only one comrade of the slav king, lord Boris? Blin! 😂

  • Shaunce uponatime

    dandelion? or daisy?

  • Anna Grebenyuk
    Anna Grebenyuk Year ago

    I only know Ukrainian sounds and Ukrainian and Russian are very similar, so this is pretty much how you pronounce the things:
    2.pecheenka treeski
    3.(I cant see it well)
    4.(at the top)avk (at the bottom) korol(kind of a gentle l) velikan
    6.(I cant see it well)
    7.sirok(kind of a gentle s)

  • Blackout_Cat
    Blackout_Cat Year ago

    Russia's new secret they make babys into chocolate!

  • Vincent Williams
    Vincent Williams Year ago

    For your next Snackaging can you please do Irish Food Edition

  • BigHead
    BigHead Year ago

    One of these snacks was from Ukraine

  • zakoonline
    zakoonline Year ago

    i love those chocolites at 3:04

  • Sergey Sharapov
    Sergey Sharapov Year ago

    As a Russian this pleases me so much

  • Triston VanDyke
    Triston VanDyke Year ago

    Notice how it sounds like the Tetris theme

  • Aleksandra Potapova

    Im russian and the second snack, the canned one with the ship on it is not russian it is ukranian which is simaler to russian but even i can barely understand the label

  • Alexa's Life
    Alexa's Life Year ago

    I love this since I am Russian, I have always loved you guys but this topped it. Спасибо 🇷🇺

  • boop
    boop Year ago

    russian snacks are not this bad...
    you just happen to pick out the most horrible ones, except for the sweet cheese, that is freaking yummy

  • boop
    boop Year ago

    next time try eating kirieshki

  • Dawson 1
    Dawson 1 Year ago

    Do they still do the 3 episodes a day? Or have they stopped?

  • Влад Белич

    in (0:49) this no russian food,

  • CFK
    CFK Year ago

    In Mother Russia король великан eats you.

  • Amelia Cze
    Amelia Cze Year ago

    please do a polish or australian edition

  • enji arnold
    enji arnold Year ago

    kimichi can is even upside down