My Friends Were With Me For My Money

  • Опубликовано: 11 дек 2018
    This is Britney. She’s a lucky person - she comes from a very wealthy family. But she’s not here to boast. Unfortunately, everyone has their problems, and hers are no less significant than anyone else’s. Her biggest problem is finding friends, and this is the reason why.
    Britney doesn’t think that she’s arrogant, or a snob, or whatever it is that people think about kids from rich families. Her dad is a very simple person, a self-made-man, and he wants his children to work their own way through life too. That doesn’t mean that they have strict limitations on using money - his belief is that they need to invest their time and effort in studying, and should work like everyone else who is not as lucky as they are. That’s why they have always lived a pretty simple life - not in some mansion, but in an ordinary house. Their dad also insisted that they go to an ordinary school, not some fancy private one.
    When Britney was a child, she didn’t even notice the difference between herself and other children. They all shared the same studies and hobbies. She’s a very sociable person, so she didn’t have problems finding friends. But when she became a teenager and went to high school, she noticed that things had changed. Everyone was divided into groups and ranks - it was not just one big group of children anymore. She didn’t like the idea of classifying people, but you have to adapt in order to enjoy life.
    Since she is quite easy-going, she ended up in the “celeb” group. This wasn’t her goal, of course, but she was at a new school and she just wanted to make friends. They came to her and proposed that she hang out with them - why would she say no? They seemed like really nice people. They chatted a lot about designer clothes and gadgets, and all the other things that are trendy nowadays. This was when she found out that they had somehow already learned about who she was and what family she was from - and Britney began to have doubts. She’s not a fool, and she understands that sometimes people can be guided by self-interest when choosing friends.
    She started watching her new friends attentively. Her dad had taught her that you should always check people out before trusting them, even if she had never been in a situation where she’d been right to mistrust people before. But everything seemed okay. It was quite a large group of people - there were eight of them - and they all had different backgrounds. They were regular people with different personalities - that’s ok then, she thought. They spent a lot of time together, and met outside school as well, and as time passed she didn’t notice any particular interest in her family’s wealth.
    When things started changing, she didn’t even notice at first. From time to time when they went out, one or two of her friends asked her to pay for their movie tickets or a coffee, and promised to give back the money. They never gave it back, and she thought it was a bit petty to remind them. Then...their ‘appetites’ started growing. Sometimes they asked her to pay for a round of bowling or a coffee for everyone. She didn’t think it was fair, but they were her friends and she thought it was shameful to quarrel over money. Britney became irritated by the situation, and started thinking: “What if they made friends with me only because of my money? What if they don’t even really like me?”
    At some point, thinking these kinds of thoughts over again and again leads you to paranoia. She wanted to check if they really liked just her money or her. She already had trust issues, and thought that it would be better to be alone than with friends like that. So one day she met up with them and pretended to be all sad, saying that they had financial problems at home - that her dad had lost his business and that he had cut her pocket money drastically. She saw them exchange glances but they didn’t say anything. Everything continued as normal and she had already begun to calm down, but when they decided to go to the cinema, she asked someone to pay for her. “I’m broke”, she said, “sorry guys, I’ll give it back as soon as I can”. They exchanged glances again. Then one of her supposed friends said: “Look, we’re not as rich as you are and we can’t sponsor you, sorry. Maybe it’d be better if you go another time”.
    That was it. Now she knew! How could she even think that someone could be disinterested in her family’s money! She was staring at their backs as they were walking away feeling so disappointed, and she didn’t notice that Lea was still standing by her side. She asked if Britney needed help. “Do you need to talk? I understand it can be hard”. She offered to pay for her as they went to get a coffee. She thanked Lea from the bottom of her heart, because she had restored her faith in people. They’ve been best friends ever since, and she never went back to the ‘celeb’ group.
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    • Wolfie Chan
      Wolfie Chan 7 дней назад

      Actually all my friends and me Are poured

    • Andreea Dogaru
      Andreea Dogaru 13 дней назад

      Same my friends still want me for me family just because I'm rich

    • Nice B.
      Nice B. 13 дней назад

      Me too i hate end i love it bo si me mony ❌❌❌🚫🚫🚫🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️ si my soty 😭😭😭😭 me bad si babd 😢😢😭😭na

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  • Aaron Otron
    Aaron Otron День назад

    A new kid came to the school in year 4 he was alright but then he started telling people fibs about me and spreading rumours so I punched him square in the face and of course he cried

  • mariel y'all girl
    mariel y'all girl День назад

    There was this girl that I met in 1st grade and she was really nice until I got to 5th grade she told me if I had money and I said “I only have $20” and she was like ok let’s go to the store,she never had let me get what I wanted it was always her that wanted to get everything and that had keep happening for about 3 weeks or so, then 4 days ago she asked me that questions again if I had money and I said no she started not to talk to me the next day or the other days I got so angry I told her I don’t want to be your friend😬😬 I was happy at the outside but sad at the inside she just used me for money now I have a better friend she never asks me for money or never to get her something she just be like do you ave money oh let’s go get some food but we pay for ourselves

  • Jayden Juries
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  • A Eizinga
    A Eizinga День назад

    I am just like this. I only havr golddigger friends and the only thing they care about is my $😔... i dont want that peaple see me as a rich bitch.😔😓

  • Adon Capital
    Adon Capital День назад +1

    I can’t trust Victor because he never pays me back

  • Saltylllama 2.0
    Saltylllama 2.0 День назад

    I THINK I was apart of the cool kid group

  • Samantha Galan
    Samantha Galan День назад

    I’ll be your friend. I have two actually good friends. I don’t care about money. In fact I want to work hard and make it in a professional orchestra. I need friends.

  • Thangkhuma Khuma
    Thangkhuma Khuma День назад

    I have the same problem as you...

  • Samantha Serato
    Samantha Serato 2 дня назад


  • Mally Berry
    Mally Berry 2 дня назад

    My only trust issues are with men and super kind people. I think i watch too much movies where the kind ones are always the mean ones

  • Shaina Engle
    Shaina Engle 2 дня назад

    I can’t say it better 🙂

  • HeebieJeebies
    HeebieJeebies 2 дня назад

    I dunno why, but I feel like my classmates are doing this to me as well.

    (Im talking about taking advantage, not about being rich)

  • Srinidhi Chenna
    Srinidhi Chenna 2 дня назад

    That story was so sweet❤

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    0:04 she just uhhhhh........pulled money out of herself????

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    my friends were with me for my spaghetti

    *aCtUaLlY hApPeNeD*

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    Meryn McBrayer 2 дня назад

    this is the same about what happened to me

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    Mihir Panwalkar 2 дня назад

    30 dollar bills?

  • Brennen Sexton
    Brennen Sexton 2 дня назад

    Personally, if I can’t pay for it, I just uninvited myself because I feel bad if they pay for me because I will have to pay them back with money I didn’t have in the first place

  • Jaseh D. Onfory XXXTENTACION
    Jaseh D. Onfory XXXTENTACION 2 дня назад

    Gold diggarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 56666666666666666666 friends ALL GOLD DIGGARS

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    ( • - •)
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    Nvm I ate it all

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    I do

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    I got friend who only want to me to pay for candy and stuff

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    _hey there guys_

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    what did you think is the definition of the word friend?

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    Phil-zkαel Ml 3 дня назад

    I know what you feel i have best friends but i feel there with me because i have money and they dont have

  • This is Cutie Ringo Joy
    This is Cutie Ringo Joy 3 дня назад

    How did sweet Lia ended up in a group like that? They just want her kindness?

  • This is Cutie Ringo Joy
    This is Cutie Ringo Joy 3 дня назад

    I think lia is the only good friend she never ask for money

  • This is Cutie Ringo Joy
    This is Cutie Ringo Joy 3 дня назад

    I had a friend who was like that and then when I found out I cried I trusted her for 5 years.

  • Maria Azizi
    Maria Azizi 3 дня назад

    Only when I bring money lol

  • Maria Azizi
    Maria Azizi 3 дня назад

    I do right now

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    Okay so I'm like that one kid that when you try to describe your like okay so he's a nerd but he plays sports but he plays video games and codes and he hangs out with...some people.. And has that hair... And yeah he is not popular but hangs out with the popularism kids sometimes I guess kind off sort off maybe

  • XxToastyGamerxX
    XxToastyGamerxX 3 дня назад


  • Darkness Girl 600
    Darkness Girl 600 3 дня назад

    I’ll be your friend but I don’t care about money cause imma work hard for my own to support my mother soon :3

  • Brooke Belsky
    Brooke Belsky 3 дня назад

    1:13 HARRY POTTER!

  • Cindy Hidalgo
    Cindy Hidalgo 3 дня назад

    I found out my friends are just my friends just for money😥

  • Carre Washington
    Carre Washington 3 дня назад

    It's Brittany bitch~

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    (\| >🥔
    U need a potato...

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    Eduardo Ocampo 3 дня назад

    I would love to have a friend like lea becase my friend is bossy,rude,and a diva

  • Matisdarker Tv
    Matisdarker Tv 3 дня назад

    When I was in fifth grade my mom gave me 500 dollars for the science fair and then my friends saw it and they were like let’s ditch school and buy some stuff and then I told them no but then they took my money and said your rich get more

  • TheAsianLife *
    TheAsianLife * 3 дня назад +1

    Those are greedy people like if you feel so too

  • TheAsianLife *
    TheAsianLife * 3 дня назад

    Those people re greedy

  • Legit nation
    Legit nation 3 дня назад

    I had a friend since I was a baby and now he’s my bully

    • K K
      K K День назад

      YEP THATS A FUCKING WEIRD FRIEND but i can be Friends with u Maybe u know a game we can play on together

    IM PSYCHO 3 дня назад +4

    I was rich

    Then I woke up

  • Its Avee
    Its Avee 3 дня назад

    This teaches me a lesson

  • Lrv328
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  • i eat tacos
    i eat tacos 3 дня назад

    You smell that?

    *It smells like broke in here*

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    Galaxy_Peakock990 3 дня назад

    O will try

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    Bossman_sam Cool sam 3 дня назад

    Dc the f

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    MissEbone305 3 дня назад

    Leigha is a real homie 😍😗👭

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    Nikita L 3 дня назад

    That’s was my life actually back in High school 🏫 😓😓😓

  • millipower
    millipower 3 дня назад +1

    I used to have a friend that always lended money and never returned it, so I decided enough was enough and said no. She would get really mad and guilt me by saying “I would have done the same for you” (but she never did). Last I spoke to her was because I had lended her money and wanted it back because I needed to buy new shoes as my old shoes had holes in them. She didn’t respond and after many attempts she said, “omg it’s not that big of an amount and you can just ask your father for money since he is sooo rich”. This made me angry because I had earned that money myself through my work and it made me cut ties with her. There are many other moments but yeah now I have great friends that always pay me back and lends me money if I don’t have any on me!

  • Tara Salgia Patel
    Tara Salgia Patel 3 дня назад

    My bestf name is leah

  • Ajani Simmons
    Ajani Simmons 3 дня назад

    I have trust issues with all my friends except one which is a girl and we are not dating

  • Justino Dyer
    Justino Dyer 3 дня назад

    I can see this with one of my friends but he sits there and.... just buys me and my friends food which I like hehe but not all the time don’t take this post wrong lol😂

  • Simon Ritchie
    Simon Ritchie 3 дня назад

    How sad

  • Guavajuice Raghava
    Guavajuice Raghava 3 дня назад

    I'm not broke but I sometimes I'm broke

  • Yarielthesavage 123
    Yarielthesavage 123 3 дня назад +1

    Don’t forgot the emo/goth kids

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    Fluid_TJ 4 дня назад

    Britney Bitch

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    arminehovsepyan1986 4 дня назад

    My friend also likes me for my money im super rich and my new friends aren’t like that they like from who i am

  • Xx Snowy Fluffs xX
    Xx Snowy Fluffs xX 4 дня назад

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  • Xx Snowy Fluffs xX
    Xx Snowy Fluffs xX 4 дня назад

    College will be so fun you know

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    Hey um, you mind if i um take a bit of cash and um.....

    Buy some anti depressant pills

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    I'm getting Mean Girls vibes.

  • Dank Tide Pods
    Dank Tide Pods 4 дня назад

    Britney spears made a song called lucky the story is basically the meaning of the song in a nutshell this is so parallel lmfao

  • Eh Knyaw
    Eh Knyaw 4 дня назад

    That happen to my cousin her friends always ask for her money because her dad was rich

  • Nicholas Forester
    Nicholas Forester 4 дня назад

    I mean I’m kinda rich just a few millions not much but don’t come after me don’t

  • bumblekittyTV
    bumblekittyTV 4 дня назад

    I’m not broke but I’m not the richest person so I usually don’t have cash on me but when I do I always spend it on my friends but when I don’t have any money and my friends offer me food I’d gladly take it I might not always pay back but I kinda do by buying my friends things when I have it so I’d say I’m a generous person but I’m not so selfless not to take food when I’m offered so I guess I’m pretty balanced but idk I might just be a parasite and not realize it lmao 😂

  • ashbee miranda
    ashbee miranda 4 дня назад

    0:04 is weird

  • Greydy Grey Grey
    Greydy Grey Grey 4 дня назад


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    Chloe xoxo 4 дня назад

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    Charley Egleston 4 дня назад

    One of my friends well we will call her Josie for Christmas she got me something really small and she got her other friends huge gifts and there are so many things I need to talk about can I please share my story

  • Klbut3r
    Klbut3r 4 дня назад

    My name is Leah, I have brown hair and a blonde best friend 😂

  • Sarah Long
    Sarah Long 4 дня назад +1

    Cool I’ll try the money thing on my friends caus I feel like some of them r just gold diggers 🥺

    FREDDIE MERCURY YouTuber 4 дня назад +1

    Money can't buy Freddie Mercury voice unless you by ks and golddigger
    Edit why are you not tell them om just Jorking im still rich if you don't believe i can prove it and i want to see there reaction

  • Anthony M
    Anthony M 4 дня назад

    One time i gived my 20 bucks to my friend beacuse he didn't have for launch then he came back and had candy and he didn't give me candy

  • Josefina Rodriguez
    Josefina Rodriguez 4 дня назад

    I have trust issues

  • The new chalenge Channel
    The new chalenge Channel 4 дня назад +1

    Uhh why didint you tel their parents

  • Glenn Lucio Java
    Glenn Lucio Java 4 дня назад

    I made my friends

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    Fatema Tarwalla 4 дня назад

    When I was going to see this video no net was working

  • Justin Playze777
    Justin Playze777 4 дня назад

    My freinds are always with just so they could make fun of me and laugh when I cry

  • Liam J
    Liam J 4 дня назад

    I'm happy you still have one friend

  • fresh sans
    fresh sans 4 дня назад

    Idk why my friends always say that I'm rich. I have a bicycle BAm MY FRIENDS SAID I'M RICH

  • ArtLover
    ArtLover 4 дня назад +1

    This happened to me, somewhat
    I never thought I was wealthy, but my friend did.
    I always felt she was using me 😔
    She is now my ex-best friend, of course I didn’t tell her that we weren’t bffs, because I didn’t want to hurt her
    I don’t hate her, so when I see her now, with her new friends, I feel happy for her

  • Suzaholics
    Suzaholics 5 дней назад

    I can relate i have the same oroblem

  • Aldo Yahir Gonzalez
    Aldo Yahir Gonzalez 5 дней назад

    I have trust issues too

    DEDS3C CH4NNEL 5 дней назад

    My friends want my stuff cuz the stuff I have is expensive

  • Seakingclay
    Seakingclay 5 дней назад +1

    I guess I have trust issues because some kid or my old friend stole money from me and he burned bridges with all my other friends the moved away and left me with nothing now I won’t trust anyone really much and am all was trying to ding the “right” friend and it is annoying

  • Yahil Robles
    Yahil Robles 5 дней назад

    This person does not have airpods not RICH

  • SvarkZ PlayS
    SvarkZ PlayS 5 дней назад

    My story is almost the same lol.

  • Coleman Cherry
    Coleman Cherry 5 дней назад

    Now I have trust issues cause i am in a similar situation as you

  • Maria Ruiz
    Maria Ruiz 5 дней назад

    Am like the girl who nice I don’t like to really talk a lot so mostly every teacher likes me 😂😂

  • Marie love gaby 7 Marie
    Marie love gaby 7 Marie 5 дней назад +1

    God bless lea

  • Wolfnugget Chan
    Wolfnugget Chan 5 дней назад

    I have trust issues them

  • Fay Lawson
    Fay Lawson 5 дней назад

    I have irrational trust issues 👌

  • unicorn lover-b
    unicorn lover-b 5 дней назад

    That happened to me and the one who was left is called ikran. Her insta: @ikran.zq go make a new friend!

  • Moplays
    Moplays 5 дней назад

    same girl

  • stan ofori
    stan ofori 5 дней назад +2

    Says not in a usual house

    whips out a taj mahal

  • Harshini kamtamreddy
    Harshini kamtamreddy 5 дней назад

    i also had experienced the same things with me

  • Emily Fromhart
    Emily Fromhart 5 дней назад

    I’m so sorry