How To SUCCEED in the Overwatch League | The SCIENCE....of Esports | The SCIENCE . . . of Esports

  • Published on Mar 22, 2018
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    How you ever wondered what makes a "Pro Gamer"? Is it their skills? Their dedication? Or is it simply the way they are wired? Today Theorists, Austin is going to teach you about the SECRET behind the professional gaming success!!
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    Music Credit:
    Roux Bedrosian (vocals) and Evan Wallach (guitar)
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  • Stephen Toscano
    Stephen Toscano 8 hours ago

    16:29 I just noticed how much bigger Austin's eggplant is xD

  • Takato Keisuke
    Takato Keisuke 10 hours ago

    No one:
    Time is but a window: IM THAT REACTION TIME GUY

  • Exottiko OW
    Exottiko OW 5 days ago

    Reaction times mean almost nothing in eSports. The thing that causes pros to be pros is their ability to think about the overall/macro state of the game in a few seconds or less. Take it from a lucio player on an eSports team that is undefeated currently

  • James Finch Year 8
    James Finch Year 8 8 days ago


  • ThatOneGuyZach -Gaming and more

    Loved the fallout new vegas music at the end ^~^

  • lolov53d oof
    lolov53d oof 12 days ago

    6:56 Me: what's the point to life

  • LegoStarWars 100
    LegoStarWars 100 12 days ago

    The original version of Big Iron is better

  • LegoStarWars 100
    LegoStarWars 100 12 days ago +1

    12:34 Ling Ling can do it in 40, while blindfolded, with the game running on a Commodore 64.

  • Dark Bowser X-Treme
    Dark Bowser X-Treme 16 days ago

    Umm auatin you need to plug your screen INTO YOUR PC

  • Lr Miner
    Lr Miner 21 day ago

    Dear Austin
    When I see Overwatch gets a Game theory video I get really excited.
    *but* every single Overwatch video on this channel is you!
    I know it's not your fault, but you got my hopes up.

  • Lord Jerome
    Lord Jerome 28 days ago

    I would quit my day job. It is terrible and the pay is worse.

  • NutCweam
    NutCweam 28 days ago

    I think a lot is not about the response time it's about aim and understanding when to push how to push and a lot of game sense

  • NutCweam
    NutCweam 28 days ago

    169ms response time is it good?

  • Bernie Broig
    Bernie Broig Month ago

    5:41 nice neural network you've got there!

  • un- kreativ
    un- kreativ Month ago

    Professional osu! Players also have a quick response time :D

  • André Kristensen
    André Kristensen Month ago

    Allso what you eat and how you train your body has something to do with it.

  • Unknown Specimen
    Unknown Specimen Month ago +1

    Austin: “Shooting each
    other in the face”
    Me: “ok I’m listening”

  • Keith Brockway
    Keith Brockway Month ago

    i want you to know, Austin... hearing a Nerf Herder reference in a youtube video made me feel less old for a fraction of a second. Also,.. yt search Parry Gripp for a bit of a mind freak...

  • Noah Gooder
    Noah Gooder Month ago

    biggest issue i have with esports culture is my own fear that they may cause more developers to shift to mp only games (money reasons probably). And possibly leave the singleplayer story driven puzzle adentures I love love love. Also if most become mp then that can harm the modability of the game (because of no ability to play offline or alone on private servers where its possible to avoid getting banned or such)

  • DracoDeath 4000
    DracoDeath 4000 Month ago

    No you made me have a science meltdown. I didn't know that about my brain. FML

  • The AsianPersuasian
    The AsianPersuasian Month ago +1

    So does that person with a big iron on his hip have a very fast response time to kill texas red?

  • Dr Inversion
    Dr Inversion Month ago +1

    Welp. According to my steam account (Which obviously doesnt count non steam game) I have over 20,000 hours clocked in across my whole library. That is both amazing, and sobering.

  • Iloveraz 10101
    Iloveraz 10101 Month ago

    3:18 HOW DID HE KNOW

  • What Ever
    What Ever 2 months ago

    Thanks I’m going to have an existential panic attack now

    SCRAPPY 2 months ago

    Dont you have to take into account that there is ping in overwatch



  • Net Cyanide
    Net Cyanide 2 months ago

    Imagine being lower than GM 😂

  • Logan Brunton
    Logan Brunton 2 months ago

    Only Monica

  • Hudson Bower (Student)
    Hudson Bower (Student) 2 months ago


  • Hudson Bower (Student)
    Hudson Bower (Student) 2 months ago

    I hate you, you made me so confused and you made me cry

  • K. Katona
    K. Katona 3 months ago +1

    The high pitched woman song in the background was very annoying :S

  • MrBlargMaster
    MrBlargMaster 3 months ago

    16:25 He gave himself a bigger eggplant.

  • Dream of The Memes
    Dream of The Memes 3 months ago

    I thought this was released today, but it was released last year on this date

  • Ben Solomon
    Ben Solomon 3 months ago

    I'm sad because I found out mike zeteberg (robot) is turus and I'm turus

  • Czech Mate
    Czech Mate 3 months ago

    Austin. I hate you

  • Benito Mussolini
    Benito Mussolini 3 months ago +1

    Was that a big iron on his hip remix during the dueling section because that sounds like a really good remix

  • Evan Queen
    Evan Queen 3 months ago

    He said 280 characters ????

  • The EpicSlayer7 SSS
    The EpicSlayer7 SSS 3 months ago

    prediction is what makes the difference... each actions of people are like a zip file of possibilities, you just unzip and act ahead. that is how i got negative results on a reaction test. predicting the exact moment it would let me click! click before and you fail, click after and it takes time. so i predicted when it would unlock and (yes failed 10 to 1 by clicking ahead) clicked exactly on it. the process it used probably used one data address and during the math to reset to 0, the time it waited in negative was the time i got for a result!
    tho predicting some thing in a game is WAY MORE EASY AND SANE "AND" DOABLE! by knowing this you also control your opponents with your actions to make them do things that favors your win! (shoot left to make him dodge right while aiming right making him align his head on your crosshair... totally abusing their "reflexes".)

  • Isaac Lillard
    Isaac Lillard 3 months ago

    Hey!!! Suprised he mentioned adobe, learning a bunch of it to make and edit videos for the church.

  • Stainless Nightcore
    Stainless Nightcore 3 months ago

    did, did Austin just say 280 characters?

  • TheLifeOfAPenguin WithWaffles

    16:04 I'm sorry, but that hair is just not acceptable. I refuse it.

  • Benson Li
    Benson Li 4 months ago

    Man I love these rants of Austin

  • that Zombi player
    that Zombi player 4 months ago

    I saw that Austin

  • Vhan Chua
    Vhan Chua 4 months ago

    This made me miss the old times. I had fast reaction and reflexes in games until I had carpal tunnel.

  • Ratty
    Ratty 4 months ago

    So that's why I'm so good at video games

  • Amber
    Amber 4 months ago

    I called 1-800-BLAME-JASON, but all I was met with was an swearing english dude!

  • Felix Wallgren
    Felix Wallgren 4 months ago


  • Mr. Ben
    Mr. Ben 4 months ago +2

    you forgot to mention how much time we wast blinking

  • Pv Up Greninja
    Pv Up Greninja 4 months ago

    Around 16.00 63, 64 and 65 com on chose one

  • Kitsune's Den
    Kitsune's Den 4 months ago +5

    1. Practice
    2. (Too much) free time
    3. Technique
    4. "Legal" drugs
    5 to 10. Practice

  • Don't Ask Animation
    Don't Ask Animation 4 months ago

    Why does the name of the video say The SCIENCE...of Esports twice?

  • Shukran Ya Rab
    Shukran Ya Rab 4 months ago +1


  • Sucky McSuckington
    Sucky McSuckington 4 months ago

    *c a l l 1 8 0 0 - b l a m e j a s o n*

  • Gonzoreah Gaming
    Gonzoreah Gaming 5 months ago

    This was really great thank you. One question and i think i know the answer, just want to be 100%. I went to that human benchmark game you have in this video, (the one where you click when the red turns to green and it records your reaction time.) and i played it, but ive had a bit of vodka and id say my avg was about 260ms. If i was sober would my avg reaction time be a bit faster? I feel like yes right? cause alcohol slows down your reaction time, correct?

  • Zephyrian
    Zephyrian 5 months ago

    Im a speed runner with narcolepsy, where do i fall austin.

  • OlliOtter1004
    OlliOtter1004 5 months ago

    So my hypothesis that speedrunners live in frames is partly true!

  • The Witch, King of wolf's
    The Witch, King of wolf's 5 months ago +1

    Wait its called a knee jerk reaction the more you know

  • Saint Randed
    Saint Randed 5 months ago


  • Ibrahima Bah
    Ibrahima Bah 5 months ago

    Wait who is is Austin married to?

  • Family Critchfield
    Family Critchfield 5 months ago

    Now I can become the ultimate overwatch master

  • Blastjer
    Blastjer 5 months ago

    "Experts in sports, martial arts, and yes, esports have base reaction times as fast as 110 ms." - Weird, I've been doing martial arts for over 12 years and my (just tested) reaction time is about 270 ms.

  • MrRedstone
    MrRedstone 5 months ago

    So pros have better fingers and muscle memory? Aka hacks. Busted! Suck it, scrubs! Ye been busted for performance enhancement!

  • Hayden Navy
    Hayden Navy 5 months ago

    Did anyone els get the star trek Data joke?!

  • Sankar Vaidyanathan
    Sankar Vaidyanathan 5 months ago

    U took 18 and a half mins to say practice and keep playing. Huh and I thought matpat overcomplicated

  • MistycGC
    MistycGC 5 months ago

    im already-

  • Amayawolf
    Amayawolf 5 months ago

    I recognized that it was my favorite Fallout New Vegas song playing in the background (a female version of it) before Austin had finished talking and I could barely hear the singing 😅😅

  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 5 months ago

    Austin got a toddler?
    Just wait till MatPat Jr. grows a few years and you'll have a toddler that will wake you up during midnight and early morning then a MatPat Jr. pulling your beard/hair asking to play/snacks to mocking your research along with his dad.

  • A Man of Culture
    A Man of Culture 6 months ago

    So basically develop ultra instinct.

  • goldtitan 337
    goldtitan 337 6 months ago

    One time on fortza motorsport i had a reaction time of 80 milliseconds
    ..but only once

  • Quantum Sage
    Quantum Sage 6 months ago

    cant get over 320 ms :( (BUT I ROCK IN FORTNITE/PUBG/whatsoever shooting game, and also clash royale :P)

  • Arcalypse
    Arcalypse 6 months ago

    This has to be one of the best-produced videos I've seen in a very long time. Engaging dialogue, great use of imagery and animation, and most importantly... Your microphone was sent from the heavens!

  • AdryhZ
    AdryhZ 6 months ago

    Honestly you're really wrong about reaction time being the only important thing a pro needs. Cool video however, 10/10.

  • Kyle Klemm
    Kyle Klemm 6 months ago

    You can't change slow twitch type 1 muscles to fast twitch type 2 muscles that's impossible. What you're born with is what you're stuck with. You grow then bigger tho. Damn Austin science.

  • Matt Gilbert
    Matt Gilbert 6 months ago

    OMG THE BUFFY CLIP, LoL!!! Just started watching the two shows earlier this year. UwU

  • Albert Mele
    Albert Mele 6 months ago

    Anyone else that saw the thing at 6:12 in the corner? That was the cabel from the eye to the brain at 6:33. I dont think Austin was joking when he said he’s tired all the time XD.

  • TapWater
    TapWater 6 months ago


  • Echs Dee
    Echs Dee 6 months ago

    If you’re a parent you have to have a baby though right?

  • Jaroo E
    Jaroo E 7 months ago

    7:05 so look through a telescope if aliens could see us via telescope they might see cavemen

  • Your Average Commenter
    Your Average Commenter 7 months ago

    "Big Iron" went on for about 10 minutes...but there weren't any lyrics until the end. Austin's the best.

  • LBob2
    LBob2 7 months ago

    All that to shoot a bullet

  • Nate Smith
    Nate Smith 7 months ago +3


  • Vince van Gestel
    Vince van Gestel 7 months ago

    Sciencedaddy nice name :P

  • Cody Osmolinski
    Cody Osmolinski 7 months ago

    Biiiiiigggg irrrrrooooooonnnn

  • Spider Lego
    Spider Lego 7 months ago

    That character at 8:41 I vomited when i was 7 on a car ride

  • HatPeasyCat
    HatPeasyCat 7 months ago

    whats that bg music called? ;p

  • blu3 fox
    blu3 fox 7 months ago

    Austin I don't want to watch game theory when you are hosting it

  • Nathan Tomlinson
    Nathan Tomlinson 7 months ago +4

    Dear Overwatch league

  • Fuzzbuzz44
    Fuzzbuzz44 7 months ago

    OMG Big Iron at the end was Awesome!
    I Love that song

  • Arttu Kettunen
    Arttu Kettunen 7 months ago +1

    Thank you. Now I know what to exactly blame when I die in a 1v1 minecraft fight.

    In the end it's still pretty much only about ping

  • je suis fudgeman
    je suis fudgeman 7 months ago

    I was listening until big iron started playing in the background, and then I started reminiscing about fallout New vegas

  • Sleek tgrober Zac
    Sleek tgrober Zac 8 months ago

    lupo was in his gsame

  • Casey's Garage
    Casey's Garage 8 months ago

    416 days of continuous video games? That's a lot of time that I just don't have. Guess someone else will have to take my share of the millions

  • Allecio Wing13
    Allecio Wing13 8 months ago

    I`'ll do you one better. Crack cocaine

  • Evan Apostolou
    Evan Apostolou 8 months ago +2

    How to create a successful esports team; hire a full roster of Koreans. They are clearly superior to us all.

  • dark gaming
    dark gaming 8 months ago

    When I play hard stradiigy games my hands shake witch surpriseingly helps me

  • Justin Last
    Justin Last 8 months ago

    Am I the only one that imagines that Austin looks like the overexcited girlfriend meme right after he says "Hi! It's Austin"?

  • Professor Slim
    Professor Slim 8 months ago


  • AbandonHope VII
    AbandonHope VII 8 months ago

    Big iron on his hip

  • Casual Degenerate
    Casual Degenerate 8 months ago

    7:45 Yeah you don't want people to think you have a small brain.

  • jollrancher boy
    jollrancher boy 8 months ago

    Of cors you make your eggplant the biggest one