Little Mix On Their Favourite Beauty Products, Body Hang-Ups And Life Advice For The Modern Woman

  • Published on Oct 10, 2018
  • Little Mix has ventured into the world of beauty once more, but this time with their own incredible new range, LMX. Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade have channelled everything they know about beauty into the collection, which has been meticulously crafted to the girls' exact specifications. Not only is it high quality and with stunning packaging, it's also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. GLAMOUR sat down with the girls to chat about all things beauty, including their favourite products from the collection and the makeup hacks they swear by.
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  • Karina Sosa
    Karina Sosa Month ago +2

    2:03 omg 😍 #Jerrie

  • Arangba Tzudir
    Arangba Tzudir 5 months ago +2

    3:13 when you see your crush

  • reginaX0
    reginaX0 Year ago +7

    LISTEN GIRLS!!!!!!!!!! to all the young girls out there... back in the day being very slim was the idolized body shape and jesy, being curvy, had insecurities about her figure. nowadays big butts and curvy women are trendy, so she feels sexy. GOOD FOR YOU JESY!! that being said though, beauty is a social conctruct, beauty standards are trends and they differ around the world. maybe today you feel insecure about your small bum, your small boobs or your broad shoulders - but who knows, in 15 years that could be what we all consider sexy. on the other hand... being beautiful on the inside has always been on trend and always will be. SO BE BEAUTIFUL! ♥

  • mahawyy
    mahawyy Year ago +4

    My god Perrie is so beautiful

  • Hidden Kard
    Hidden Kard Year ago +2

    ugh they're all so pretty!

  • Lou
    Lou Year ago +1

    love u girls

  • Kev Dee
    Kev Dee Year ago +3

    I feel out of place here because I care more about my sister (the interviewer) being in the video than Little Mix.

  • Farzane Hosseini
    Farzane Hosseini Year ago +5

    Jade is queen and on of the best people

  • Alyssa West
    Alyssa West Year ago +17

    Pez looks like Elsa 😍

  • Fatema Yesmin
    Fatema Yesmin Year ago +37

    Leigh has the most beautiful eyes and hair😭😭👸🏽

  • Ana Carolina
    Ana Carolina Year ago +2

    Oh gosh look so good, so beautiful 4 ❤️

  • Rachel Stocker
    Rachel Stocker Year ago +6

    God I just love these women so much! 😍

  • suyog patil
    suyog patil Year ago +8

    Jade😍 and her accent is on point

  • Akshaya Ravi
    Akshaya Ravi Year ago +16

    Perrie is rocking that hair

  • Juanita Benson
    Juanita Benson Year ago +48

    Leigh Anne the most beautiful girl in the world xxx.

  • Animal lover
    Animal lover Year ago +118

    When Jesy was saying that she was happy being a curvy girl I was like ‘YOU GO GIRL’ and then Jade said ‘good for you Jess’ it just reminded me of when they were on the X-factor and Jade was so sweet to Jesy when she was upset. Jadesy has my heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Little Mix Number 1 fan

    I have the little mix highlighter

    • Erin Banks
      Erin Banks Year ago +2

      @Little Mix Number 1 fan yh i love it the mermaid pattern is lush i fell in love withing 2 seconds of seeing it

    • Little Mix Number 1 fan
      Little Mix Number 1 fan Year ago +2

      @Erin Banks it is so good

    • Erin Banks
      Erin Banks Year ago +2

      Same i love it

  • Masanga Sailo
    Masanga Sailo Year ago +2

    Love you GIRLSSS

  • Deven Thomas
    Deven Thomas Year ago +2

    My Queens

  • BoxDot 0616
    BoxDot 0616 Year ago +64


    • I.K
      I.K Year ago +2

      BoxDot 0616 finally

  • sarieeele X
    sarieeele X Year ago +20

    Perrie is the most beautiful woman i've ever seen

  • Molly Dyke
    Molly Dyke Year ago +29

    When Pez went “you just feel like a different person” she sounded so posh lol. Love them all so much ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jesylovedrunk X
    Jesylovedrunk X Year ago +4


  • soulofmiami
    soulofmiami Year ago +31

    OMG so feeling the power! And I love how they just randomly break out into perfect harmony.

  • Shainesse Saidal
    Shainesse Saidal Year ago +14

    I didn't know they were creating their make up brand all this time !

  • JLeo Galarreta
    JLeo Galarreta Year ago +90

    *yeah are beautiful!!!*

  • Moescha Feunou Bakam


  • Woman Like Leigh
    Woman Like Leigh Year ago +31

    Qweens Of Everything Love LMX!

  • Minke Westra
    Minke Westra Year ago +3


  • n r
    n r Year ago +11