Zach's Surprise $2,500 Home Office Makeover • Try DIY

  • Published on Jul 24, 2019
  • Watch Ned & Ariel work their magic again! This time, the Try DIY fairy godparents are here to make Zach and Maggie's wish for a stunning home office come true! Bippity boppity BOOPS!✨
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  • The Try Guys
    The Try Guys  2 months ago +9125

    Hey guys! It's Zach here! I’ve collected tons of random boops n’ bops over the years, but never knew what to do with them. This video actually helped me figure out how to highlight the things I love and part with the things just taking up space. I didn’t throw away anything I loved. Some stuff got water damage in storage (like my Eternal Sunshine VHS and Lion King copy) and was actually just garbage taking up space lol. All the toys now have cute & prime placement around the house for the first time ever☺️ Maggie did such an incredible job putting the rest of our place together and making it somewhere we both felt represented and comfy. We love our place. Also the video creates a false dichotomy between our stuff - I was involved in decorating with every room. But for the office it was really important to me to step up and show that I was equally invested in making our apartment a home

    • MAX Games
      MAX Games 5 days ago

      Ah I know the video like the back of my head I have watched every try guys video EVEN THE ONES ON BUZZFEED give me entertainment

    • EagerOnlooker
      EagerOnlooker 15 days ago

      Glad to hear it. I was worried.

    • Joe Dick
      Joe Dick Month ago

      You kept the Star Trek guy for some reason.

    • Ellis Artyana
      Ellis Artyana Month ago

      I love you, Zach! I love to see you happy. 🤗

    • Nicole Seitz
      Nicole Seitz 2 months ago


  • Bog Shot
    Bog Shot 10 hours ago

    *It's not just my home, it's our home.*

  • Holly Bauer
    Holly Bauer 11 hours ago +2

    $600 for the craft table?! C’monnnnn

    • Alex Sudol
      Alex Sudol 10 hours ago

      @Holly Bauer... I'm talking about getting a custom table made lmfao, that would be at least $600.

    • Holly Bauer
      Holly Bauer 10 hours ago

      Alex Sudol I hardly call that custom furniture. It’s a frame, hinges and board.
      I’ve had a microwave & blender stand that required more timber, parts & labour made for a quarter of that price.

    • Alex Sudol
      Alex Sudol 10 hours ago

      Sounds about right to me lol, custom furniture is way expensive

  • Muskan Bansal
    Muskan Bansal 23 hours ago +2

    Ariel should become a house makeover expert .I so want her to makeover my house.I live in India but ;p

  • MicrowaveGranola
    MicrowaveGranola Day ago +2

    Ned is such an OverWatch nerd 😂

  • Violet Riley
    Violet Riley Day ago +16

    Wow Maggie is so pretty....

  • kirsty wade
    kirsty wade Day ago +5

    Im sorry but look at the fold down table at 14:57 uhhm don't think that worked out too well 👀 why would you make a table with literally no support underneath it ??

    • kirsty wade
      kirsty wade Day ago

      @Terese Durand yea but that doesn't help the table hanging towards the ground, you can't use it if you're sat on the stool

    • Terese Durand
      Terese Durand Day ago

      There was that adjustable black stool underneath it.

  • Ruby Jane
    Ruby Jane 3 days ago +6

    that looks more like a $500 dollar room makeover

    • Mr. Stick
      Mr. Stick Day ago +1

      When you contradict your last comment

  • Ruby Jane
    Ruby Jane 3 days ago +4

    such wholesome content

  • Nini
    Nini 4 days ago +16

    You know what I admire, both Maggie and Zach have their shoes off. She literally chilling barefoot 🦶🦶 and I find it so strange that some people can’t walk barefoot 🦶🦶 in their own home!
    Zach: In a way that feels...
    Ariel: Natural?
    Me: Nostalgic?
    Zach: Aesthetic.
    All of Us: 😅

    • Nini
      Nini 7 hours ago

      “drowzzzy: *listens to Lil’ Peep and other trashy mumble rappers*” Trash 👉🗑

    • Nini
      Nini 7 hours ago

      Alex Sudol
      Define ‘so much’, Alex.

    • Nini
      Nini 7 hours ago

      Did you get touch when you were younger by the creepy uncle that you have to lash out over a comment? 🤷‍♀️🤡

    • Alex Sudol
      Alex Sudol 10 hours ago

      Tf you talking about feet so much for

    • drowzzzy
      drowzzzy Day ago

      "Us: 😅" head ass🙄

  • Lana Like banana
    Lana Like banana 5 days ago +4

    RUclip's Chip and Joanne Gains


    Ned: Ariel knows what she's doing and I'M her husband.

  • SmileGamez
    SmileGamez 5 days ago +16

    Zach:This looks like a baby changing table.
    Ariel: The baby would fall out
    Zach:I fell out and im fine
    Ariel thinking:Are you sure about that

  • my nerdy life
    my nerdy life 5 days ago +5

    How would you make over a house for a person who's into anime,mangas, horror movies and other things like that?

    • H No
      H No 2 days ago

      White walls: imagination falls.

  • Rude
    Rude 5 days ago +18

    'Ariel knows what she's doing and I'm her husband' 😂

    VAKNIN VAKNIN SNIR 8 days ago +15

    The captain underpants book is in hebrew

  • Charity Murray
    Charity Murray 8 days ago +13

    BURN BOOK @7:34

  • Aishani Gooptu
    Aishani Gooptu 8 days ago +6

    God, this is just like Queer Eye!

  • The Green Lantern
    The Green Lantern 10 days ago +18

    Not gonna lie, I was a bit jealous when I discovered that Ned was married. Every time I see Ariel in action though, that horrible feeling gets replaced with an odd sense of joy.

  • Jack Crawford
    Jack Crawford 10 days ago +10

    All the magic cards!!!

  • Abbey Franco
    Abbey Franco 11 days ago +10

    14:47 Ned's face!! 😭😭😭

  • Ashlyn M
    Ashlyn M 12 days ago +9

    is maggie a virgo?

  • yeet yeety
    yeet yeety 13 days ago +39

    I feel like Ariel is trying to make it more for the girls then the try guys themselves. Which is a bit sad. Guys wanna keep stuff that’s special to them too.

    • Hamusta
      Hamusta 4 days ago +2

      @Teresa Carle couldn’t agree more with you. The fun about decorating a room is showing your own personality through them. Even with all the boops and bops. That’s what makes it unique. It’s part of him. I see too much Ariel in both so far.

    • Teresa Carle
      Teresa Carle 4 days ago +5

      @Hamusta Totally agree. Feel like Ariel is imposing her minimalist boho vibe on all pals. Would be nice to see other style influences. Nothing wrong w/corraling clutter, but some ppl like to also showcase collections. (Even if that means they are swapped seasonally to keep things fresh & orderly for "less is more" partners.) Those DIY projects turn out nice, but they're painful to watch. Prefer less kibitzing & more design process.

    • Hamusta
      Hamusta 5 days ago +4

      @yeet yeety
      thought I was the only one. I mean both girls have decorated the place to their liking and the one room the guys are in charge of, it’s “shared” but again, most of it is for the sake of the ladies.

  • Becky Johns
    Becky Johns 13 days ago +11

    Should make that pull out table abit more stable though can't put nothing on it when it's out it'll fall off 😂

  • Athira Sundaran
    Athira Sundaran 13 days ago +15

    That's squirrel is Zach's spirit animal y'all 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Farah Abdul Rahim
    Farah Abdul Rahim 14 days ago +15

    Love watching Ned & Ariel doing diy and decor videos! 🥰

  • Luz Alvarez
    Luz Alvarez 14 days ago +22


  • Colton B
    Colton B 14 days ago +38

    Just a tip guys. Never... EVER buy an office chair based on the look, no matter how "aesthetic" it looks. Especially not when the chair goes to someone like Zach, who specifically complains about back problems.

  • bella beam
    bella beam 16 days ago +22

    Tb to the vid when zach announced he has a gf no one believed look at him

  • Your Beans, Hand 'em Over
    Your Beans, Hand 'em Over 18 days ago +46

    Zach just somehow became even more precious. " Boops 'n' Bops" are the cutest things I've heard.

  • Birdie Wolf
    Birdie Wolf 18 days ago +15

    Yup, I guess I'll just stay single. This is no way a commentary on Maggie and Zach's relationship. Y'all was acting crazy in the comments. I just subscribe to the Whoopi Goldberg philosophy, I'm not trying to have somebody in my house.

    • Ernesto Rodriguez
      Ernesto Rodriguez 4 days ago +1

      Yes! Everyone loves to act like marriage counselors in the youtube comments.

  • EvvsThe ObjectivelyStrange

    Ned: “I’m just hoping I don’t get a boner”
    Ariel: “haha what?”
    Zach: “your wife is right there! be cool man”

  • Clark Mosses
    Clark Mosses 19 days ago +47

    An underrated moment - when Zach wants to throw away his Tax Information - Ariel somewhat agrees; and the fiscally responsible Ned is slowly going crazy lol

  • Becky Michealis
    Becky Michealis 20 days ago +16

    This is my favorite series other than the try wives wine time

  • daughterfungus
    daughterfungus 21 day ago +59

    this is the first video i've ever thumbs down. i hate this false pretense that guys have to sacrifice their boops and bops for their girlfriends. a GOOD partner would never make someone gt rid of any belongings that are reflections of themselves to better the way a room looks. sure, i love interior design and all that. but this looks like a hotel room. no personality at all. zach has one of the biggest personalities and there's no reflection of that. poor dude.

    • Hamusta
      Hamusta 5 days ago +8

      The one with Becky, I didn’t dislike but I felt like a lot of the stuff the guys gotta get rid of is unfair. I mean they freakin decorated the entire house to their liking and now they are asking their partner to get rid of the stuff that is valuable to them? This is the one thing I dislike of this channel. It’s sad.

    • Rainbow Potato
      Rainbow Potato 16 days ago +3

      I thought you were joking then I realized you weren’t

    • Clark Mosses
      Clark Mosses 19 days ago +11

      Yeah! In the past I have thrown away (or donated) a lot of things that others considers oddities or 'childish' because I was with girlfriends who insisted I act more mature. It did effectively downsize, but I threw away sentimental items that I still think about because they were 'childish'. I had a clean but absolutely boring and bland house! My house looked like it belonged to a workaholic virgin. My new girlfriend supports my interests and even encourages them! Hooray!

    • Lori Umbanhowar
      Lori Umbanhowar 19 days ago +3

      Totally agree.

  • FishsaysBlubb
    FishsaysBlubb 21 day ago +15

    Ariel and Ned are the cutest couple in the world.

  • Jake C.
    Jake C. 23 days ago +29

    Does Ariel get a haircut midway through every one of these?

  • BTS is life
    BTS is life 23 days ago +26

    Maggie's aura is something wrong...I mean....nevermind

  • Heartbroken Dotcom
    Heartbroken Dotcom 25 days ago +11

    i hope they didnt throw the burn book

  • AshleyDarrlyn
    AshleyDarrlyn 25 days ago +11

    Forget about the squirrels can we talk about thAT BEAUTIFUL ANGEL OF A DOG

  • Sean Sweeney
    Sean Sweeney 26 days ago +12

    8:22 bowie looks insane 😂

  • Joe Dick
    Joe Dick 26 days ago +4

    Someone please beat Ariel with a shovel.

    • Diego
      Diego 4 days ago

      Go get help

    • Sphynx Art
      Sphynx Art 9 days ago

      @Graci Huddleston agreed

    • Graci Huddleston
      Graci Huddleston 11 days ago +1

      I think Joe Dick could take that shovel and shove it up where the sun don’t shine🤷‍♀️

    • sarah
      sarah 15 days ago +2

      You need therapy

    • Lillian Augustine
      Lillian Augustine 21 day ago +20

      Joe Dick going through the comments I saw you a lot and you’ve lived up to your name in almost every single one. Just don’t watch them if you don’t like them

  • Alayna Michelle
    Alayna Michelle 27 days ago +12


  • adrijana rakipi
    adrijana rakipi 28 days ago +23

    i need ariel and ned in my life T_T

  • Arysha Arif
    Arysha Arif 28 days ago +8

    11:21 😹😹😹

  • M J
    M J 28 days ago +29

    No offense to any of the other Try Couples, but Ned and Ariel I think have the best relationship in the whole entire world. Their Teamwork and support for their friends are amazing! Lots of love to them!!🥳

  • h k
    h k 28 days ago +14

    Ariel is definitely a secret bitch

    • Ref
      Ref 16 days ago +22

      No, she is not. She is just strong opinioned and focusses on delivering quality work.
      If she was a man, nobody would have called her a bitch

  • Fra Mo
    Fra Mo 29 days ago +13

    Ned and ariel are always couple goals

  • Rosie Hutson
    Rosie Hutson Month ago +83

    Meanwhile, a couple miles away, Eugene was babysitting Wes

  • The Grad School Guru
    The Grad School Guru Month ago +46

    Zach and Maggie are a lot like myself and my boyfriend but I actually adopted my boyfriends “boops-n-bops” into my decorating style because I wanted it to feel like a shared home, and also because we’re both huge nerds so it worked.

  • pastelliot
    pastelliot Month ago +36

    Why these comments so weird there’s no top comments

  • Anand 37
    Anand 37 Month ago +6

    Squirrel ♥️

  • Joe Dick
    Joe Dick Month ago +5

    The plural of Lego is Lego.

  • Kelia Lollos
    Kelia Lollos Month ago +8

    What’s up with the squirrels?!😂😂😂

  • Dead thing walking
    Dead thing walking Month ago +20

    7:35 Zach has a Burn book

    • Lam Lam
      Lam Lam 10 days ago +1

      Dead thing walking I was looking for this comment cause I noticed too!!

  • Annalise Vezina
    Annalise Vezina Month ago +2

    I love the squirrels in the video clips!!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • Cynthia Fox
    Cynthia Fox Month ago +53

    I hate how both Zach and Keith have had their lives contained to a single room. I feel like they should be able to choose things for the rest of the house and that their significant others should work with them the same way that they're working with their significant others

    • Ernesto Rodriguez
      Ernesto Rodriguez 4 days ago

      Stop psycho-analyzing other people's relationships! Its wierd!

    • Joshua Carr
      Joshua Carr 19 days ago +2

      @Nicole Alvarez I can't begin to explain how whole heartedly I disagree with this.

    • The Grad School Guru
      The Grad School Guru Month ago

      I’ve been able to work out space for both myself and my boyfriend throughout the home, mostly with forcing organization. Luckily we both have a lot of the same interests so when I organize my stuff (magic the gathering or video games for example) I just organize them together and it makes all the difference.

    • Amber Garcia
      Amber Garcia Month ago +5

      Absolutely not lololol. Every room would end in a mess! Exactly why my husband has his own space (which is a mess)

    • Joe Dick
      Joe Dick Month ago +5

      There's very little of Zack in that room.

  • Deepankshi Yadav
    Deepankshi Yadav Month ago +6

    That face, tho... 12:11

  • Anya Bauman
    Anya Bauman Month ago +27

    Someone on the editing team reaaaallllyy likes squirrels.

    • Brazen Hussy
      Brazen Hussy 24 days ago +1

      Anya Bauman I have a feeling it was Zach lol

  • Naturally Gifted
    Naturally Gifted Month ago +4

    There place is beautiful