Royal Wedding: How to dress a Royal groom - BBC News

  • Published on May 16, 2018
  • Kashket and Partners dressed Prince William for his wedding in 2011.
    They've been showing the BBC what it takes to get a Royal groom dressed for his big day.
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    DOM KIM 11 months ago

    Wow! Louise Vuitton.

    SHUBHAM Year ago

    There is no need of monarchs blow them away

  • Stephanie Knowles

    That is not a fine working environment. Where is the natural light for instance?

  • Alex Davies
    Alex Davies Year ago

    Who cares? This is hardly important news

  • Prashant Pillai
    Prashant Pillai Year ago

    Shop for Home Decor

  • Nikhil
    Nikhil Year ago

    the UK is being colonised by islamic immigrants and this native fools are still betting on royal babies shoes color...............grow up people.

  • Karlemids
    Karlemids Year ago

    2 words - Big Deal

  • CF Hindle
    CF Hindle Year ago


  • supersonic
    supersonic Year ago

    and 95% of the society has to be satisfied with ordinary jeans

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame Year ago +2


  • Jack Johnson
    Jack Johnson Year ago +1

    Someday you Brits will be bowing to a Queen from America when Meghan takes the reigns of your dictatorship.

  • General Chaos
    General Chaos Year ago

    Stop Censorship #InternetBillofRights

  • Peter Downey
    Peter Downey Year ago

    I wasn't invited. And I'm really sore about that. And I probably will be for life, the way things are going at the moment.

  • Jolly Monkey
    Jolly Monkey Year ago

    Please stop this cringy bullshit bbc

  • Rubber Dub
    Rubber Dub Year ago

    I wonder if will Carling will be there to see his son get married ?.

  • AWResistance
    AWResistance Year ago

    No one in England gives a shit about this wedding.

  • Frances Copping
    Frances Copping Year ago

    Could not care less.

  • Tom
    Tom Year ago

    Fuck the royal wedding

  • BigBearHuskyMusher

    Who the flying Fuck Cares?

  • Maharashka
    Maharashka Year ago

    A lot of russian women work there)

  • Charles Wróbel
    Charles Wróbel Year ago +4

    Funny how people click on news about 'the royal wedding' just to take the time to write about how little they care

    • Charles Wróbel
      Charles Wróbel Year ago

      In addition, she is bi-racial. But Americans have, as long as I can recall, had a fixation on the UK royal family

    • TheLewisLegend
      TheLewisLegend Year ago

      yes I am also confused they go overboard with it, more so this time because the bride is an American

    • Charles Wróbel
      Charles Wróbel Year ago

      I am. One thing I have always been confused about though is why Americans care so much about royal weddings

    • Charles Wróbel
      Charles Wróbel Year ago

      J/K, I see your point

    • TheLewisLegend
      TheLewisLegend Year ago

      I hope you are being sarcastic

  • Sweetmboy Kanteh
    Sweetmboy Kanteh Year ago +1

    Wonderful hearts working forever beautiful people

  • Mystikal 36
    Mystikal 36 Year ago

    Casino Royale Wedding.... 007 is going to be there on a big poker game mission for MI6

  • krazy bzs
    krazy bzs Year ago +3

    Most definitely marrying down. The start of the decline in British royalty .

    • Karlemids
      Karlemids Year ago

      marrying down? shes a broodmare ya dozy cow

  • bushar osman
    bushar osman Year ago


  • Jiminy Cricket
    Jiminy Cricket Year ago +2

    The biggest scroungers on earth the royal turds

  • leapsplashafrog
    leapsplashafrog Year ago +1

    Harry and co still feed from the hand that tortured and killed his mother. That’s the level of this lot .. low

  • leapsplashafrog
    leapsplashafrog Year ago +1

    Saxe coberg gotha scum buckets

  • The High Scry
    The High Scry Year ago

    Bla bla bla, who gives a shit

  • Return of Zeus
    Return of Zeus Year ago +1

    The House of Windsor are one of the most wicked and satanic bloodlines. They are involved with human sacrifices, mind control, satanic ritual abuse, cannibalism, drinking blood, bathing in blood, human trafficking, opium trafficking, terrorism, money laundering, and war profiteering. Prince Charles openly claims to descend from Vlad Dracul or Vlad the Impaler and he owns Vlad the Impaler's old castle in Transylvania. Vlad Dracul was known for being sadistic and tormenting his victims. Dracul means dragon and the Dracul family were members of the Order of the Dragon. Vlad Dracul was the Prince of Wallachia. Prince Charles is the Prince of Wales. Wales gets its name from Walha. Wales uses a red dragon on its flag. Some Transylvanian nobility covertly settled in Scotland and later on they likely married in with the House of Stuart which share lineage with the House of Windsor. Prince Charles is extremely sadistic and ruthless and he is backed up by his German cousin Prince Philipp Hohenlohe-Langenburg along with his wiccan wife Saskia Binder. The Estonian word Lohe in Hohen-lohe means dragon and in German means flame. The House of Hohenlohe and Prince Charles are top members of the modern Order of the Dragon. Members of the British House of Rothschild are knighted by the House of Windsor. The Rothschild and Goldsmith families are the Windsor's Jewish Court Factors and financiers and knighted by the Crown. The Rothschild family are used to distract from the Windsor family which have more power and authority. The British Rothschild family serve the House of Windsor.
    Queen Elizabeth II takes her name from the Dracul's cousins the Bathory family and Elizabeth Bathory who was a serial killer known as the "Blood Countess" and reports claim that she bathed in the blood of hundreds of young women. The House of Windsor run the Order of the Bath which really takes its name after the Bathory family. They covertly continue their ancestors blood rituals of bathing in blood and they wear blood red capes during their public ceremonies. One of their idols is an imposter calling himself "Zeus Ombrios" and lives in Margam, Neath Port Talbot, United Kingdom. He has images of himself with a blood painted cross on his face and is initiated into the Windsor's Order of the Bath and works with Prince William and his cousin Vicount Louis Spencer. He is involved in human sacrifice. This imposter is pure evil and gets paid to undermine me non stop. Jimmy Savile was close friends with Prince Charles and he was accused hundreds of times of pedophilia and sexual abuse. Jimmy Savile was a Knight of the British Empire and also a Vatican Knight of the Order of St Gregory. Canada is a Crown Colony and through out the past century there are many official reports of missing Aboriginal children that were taken from their parents and forced into Crown schools and Crown Wards or orphanages. Missing children is acknowledged in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. The Windsor family traffic and murder children and run a global satanic cult. Nearly every time I expose this sick family a lot they put out propaganda pieces in the media as their defense.
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    Prince Charles has covert authority over the Hells Angels motorcycle crime syndicate. Many members of the Hells Angels are descendants of Irish and Scottish Clans. The Hells Angels established themselves in the United Kingdom after the Beatles invited them. The Hells Angels set up charters in New Zealand and Canada which are nations ruled by the House of Windsor. Prince Charles is the head of the Cult of Hell and the Hells Angels are like his minions. They are known for blowing up their enemies. The Hells Angels have also infiltrated the trucking industry and work with other organized crime groups in trafficking weapons, drugs, and human beings. When I first exposed that the House of Windsor own the Hells Angels I had a Hells Angel park in front of my house. The Windsor family are the top authority over Freemasonry through the Grand Lodge of England with Prince Edward as the Grand Master. Prince Michael of Kent is the Grand Master of the Order of Mark Master Masons. Members of House of Windsor include Queen Elizbaeth II, Prince Edward of Kent, Prince Charles of Wales, Princess Camilla, Princess Alexandra, Prince Andrew of York, Princess Anne, Prince Edward of Wessex, Countess Sophie of Wessex, Prince William of Cambridge, Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, Prince Harry of Wales, Meghan Markle, Prince Michael of Kent, Lady Gabriella Windsor, Prince Frederick Windsor, Prince Edward of Kent, Prince George of St Andrews, Lord David Armstrong-Jones of Snowdon, Prince Richard of Gloucester, and Prince Alexander of Ulster. This family needs to die.
    Prince Charles noted that as a descendant of Vlad the Impaler, the inspiration for Dracula, "I have a bit of a stake in the country."
    "It's in my blood," he said.
    Prince Charles in the blood red cape for the Order of the Batháthory
    Countess Elizabeth Báthory
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    Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile OBE KCSG
    After his death, hundreds of allegations of sexual abuse were made against him, leading the police to believe that Savile had been a predatory sex offender[4]-possibly one of Britain's most prolific.[5][6][7][8]
    Prince Charles and Jimmy Savile
    Sometimes parents never found out what happened to their children. The students who did not return have come to be known as the Missing Children.
    'There are no bargains between lion and men. I will kill you and eat you raw.'

    • infinitecanadian
      infinitecanadian Year ago

      Return of Zeus
      I wasn't even alive when that happened.

    • The High Scry
      The High Scry Year ago +1

      Return of Zeus I'm so pleased I'm not you

    • Return of Zeus
      Return of Zeus Year ago

      I think you are one of the criminals involved in the disappearance of aboriginal Canadian children which is why you are talking trash to me in defense of them.

    • infinitecanadian
      infinitecanadian Year ago +1

      I think you need counseling...

    • The High Scry
      The High Scry Year ago +2

      Return of Zeus You actually sat there and typed this all out... wow...

  • Spyder
    Spyder Year ago +13

    I'll be watching the FA Cup final, much more important than the wedding.

    • james mcrory
      james mcrory Year ago

      I will be drinking beer and watching the FA Cup Final,MUCH more interesting and fun :)

    • AWResistance
      AWResistance Year ago +1

      I'll be reading a book, even more important than the FA Cup.

    • J.J. Swann
      J.J. Swann Year ago +3

      Man Utd vs Chelsea

  • Nigel Brown
    Nigel Brown Year ago


  • Actual Pancake
    Actual Pancake Year ago

    I want one

  • Nick Juradi
    Nick Juradi Year ago


    KEVIN HESKETH Year ago

    Will Charles get a chocolate one.May be tin foil medals.

  • J K
    J K Year ago +7

    👍 Thumbs Up if you Don't Care! 👍😒

    • nikita S
      nikita S Year ago +3


  • Never Hi
    Never Hi Year ago +4

    To be hounest who really cares about the weeding

  • T3chm1cal
    T3chm1cal Year ago

    All we care about is “do we get a day off work in the UK when they get married”

  • Dan Kortebein
    Dan Kortebein Year ago

    Who gives a Shit.

  • good Lord Love 11

    Am not fins with this video 😬😬

  • Moschino
    Moschino Year ago

    Are all the profits, made from the wedding, going to go to public spending or the police ?

  • Rubber Dub
    Rubber Dub Year ago +9

    say NO to BBC's licence fee extortion propaganda machine . POWER TO THE PEOPLE ✊

  • fantablum
    fantablum Year ago

    as long as u can get a good chunk of the 60 odd million donkeys out it will be a success.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Year ago

    The last time i checked the ....EARTH is FLAT....

  • Scotsman
    Scotsman Year ago +9

    Fukin parasite’s!!

    • infinitecanadian
      infinitecanadian Year ago

      HitMeQuick And yet you don't pay for the Royals, since they pay for themselves.

    • HMQ
      HMQ Year ago

      Scotsman Happy to pay for the royals. We get more taxation from Scottish drunks anyway

    KING MAYA BZE Year ago

    Fuckin Nazi

  • Jacky Mo
    Jacky Mo Year ago +7


  • Moo Moo
    Moo Moo Year ago +3

    Can you buy a copy off the rack? :P

    • Ernest Kwok
      Ernest Kwok Year ago

      maybe it's on amazon now?

    • YouTube News
      YouTube News Year ago

  • The Legend
    The Legend Year ago

    People are being killed but your gonna start the news with some shitty family and shitty wedding that no one cares about.

  • Fine Art Connection


  • The Blood Of Ogun #AlphaBlack #B1

    Nobody cares about the royal family. They aren't any better than anyone else. They are just lazy moochers living on tax payers Welfare.

    • Zanchief
      Zanchief Year ago

      The 85% of profits aren't enough of a contribution for you? Maybe you should donate 100% of your income to the treasury S A, lead by example.

    • S A
      S A Year ago

      Zanchief Haha or maybe you cannot interpret information correctly - I’m talking about contributing to the NHS...

    • Zanchief
      Zanchief Year ago

      S A - Numeracy isn't your strong point is it.

    • S A
      S A Year ago

      The 15% could be used to fix our NHS.

    • infinitecanadian
      infinitecanadian Year ago

      Jeremy Bentham The United States of America was acquired by 'murder, theft, and manipulation', yet you don't see any Americans leaving because of that.

  • United State of Zionism

    Their was a wedding in Yemen where Saudi bomb with USA missile and killed more than 20 with both couple.
    Best way of weeding .

    • leapsplashafrog
      leapsplashafrog Year ago

      Sumonbilla Pani Poth
      Two wrongs wouldn’t make a right

    • YouTube News
      YouTube News Year ago

  • The Blood Of Ogun #AlphaBlack #B1

    Man who gives a fuck? Fuck the Royal wedding and the rest of u Toothless Brits.

  • Shagufta Patel
    Shagufta Patel Year ago


  • Zen News
    Zen News Year ago +2

    1:35 Awkwaaard...

    • Moo Moo
      Moo Moo Year ago

      Thought that was my phone ^^

    BUSTERROX Year ago +1

    Fifth !

    • YouTube News
      YouTube News Year ago

  • pappy tits
    pappy tits Year ago +4

    Benefit fraudsters talking about benefit fraudsters..

  • Empress Níchollé
    Empress Níchollé Year ago +23

    Staff looks underpaid and miserable #minimumwagesucks

    • YouTube News
      YouTube News Year ago

    • Moo Moo
      Moo Moo Year ago +5

      A company like that doesn’t run a sweat shop. These people are adequately compensated for their skills.

  • Moonshine Buck
    Moonshine Buck Year ago +8

    Yeah lets start with this news because it's way more important than children being murdered in Gaza by Zionist snipers! Oh that's right Zionists own the mainstream media! No wonder nobody watches for real news.

    • MOOSE-limGurl SparkleFeet
      MOOSE-limGurl SparkleFeet Year ago

      Don't forget that the zionists are killing Palestinians because of Britain. After the Ottoman empire was broken into pieces according to the interests of Europe with no care for the people of the middle east itself, Britain handed Palestine over to the jews. These are the same people responsible for the killings of so many people and civilizations around the world but they express no remorse. Psychopathy must be running in their blood to deny history for that long. And then the westerners have the gall to turn around and complain as to why so many immigrants are coming over, taking their jobs, and wiping away the culture. It's because your country ruined their country so much, mowed them into poverty, and took huge efforts to suppress their culture that the only option was to go to yours when it was all over!
      If you look at what churchill did to my ancestors in Bengal, it's still suffering today. He starved them. Parents literally would throw their babies into wells so they wouldn't die so painfully. He literally said that he wished that they wouldn't breath so much because it keeps them away from the doom they deserved. What doom? For what reason do they deserve it? For being brown? For not being christian? For not being from the same ethnicity. And this monster is celebrated today as a hero. The royal family to me is to me the same rank as this monster. Being silent means approval. They approve and are fine with the atrocities of their country. Apology is a debt. If a parent passes away with a debt then it goes to his children. They can continue to live happily fi God wills but their fate after death hopefully won't guarantee that same happiness.

    • Jack Johnson
      Jack Johnson Year ago

      I am a card carrying member of the Zionists, they're a groovy bunch of dudes.

    • Jiminy Cricket
      Jiminy Cricket Year ago

      Anik Roy fuck off slave we will be leaving zionist england soon enough.

    • Moo Moo
      Moo Moo Year ago +2

      Mate, you’re cringey as fuck. Go out and get some fresh air.

  • absolute Democracy

    Thanks to British tax payers this monarch is still exist

  • absolute Democracy
    absolute Democracy Year ago +11

    Thanks to British tax payers this monarch is existing