Overwatch 2 Announce Cinematic | “Zero Hour”

  • Published on Nov 1, 2019
  • Stand together.
    When Null Sector attacks, Winston assembles a small strike team to fend off the invasion. But as hope begins to fade, the team must stand together to overcome the odds.
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  • homeslice1479
    homeslice1479 Hour ago

    Mei: "Do we have enough people for this mission?"
    Winston: "We have no healers and one tank, Mei! WHAT DO YOU THINK?!"

  • Nutter Butter
    Nutter Butter Hour ago

    I wanna know what's gonna be different in OW2 like modes, different maps, what hero balances are gonna be changed or buffed like some actual details. Blizz can make great cinematics but what can we expect in this "new" OW2.

  • Eric Bushhousen
    Eric Bushhousen 2 hours ago

    From 4:24 on, oh my god. :D

  • PS4 _Z3ck3n
    PS4 _Z3ck3n 3 hours ago

    7:06 big auntie energy

  • Hyperion
    Hyperion 4 hours ago

    I imagine how cool will Reinhardt look in ponytail.

  • Nagii Sama
    Nagii Sama 4 hours ago +1

    Literally watched it for the 15th time by now 😭 still emotional

    RELATIVITY _ 6 hours ago

    Elon musks fAvorite game 😂, AMAZING

  • Siggie
    Siggie 7 hours ago

    Whats the point of overwatch then? Why bring out a competitive game and then release another second one? Like, whats the point of a whole competitve system if people swap to a newer game???

  • Francesco aquilia
    Francesco aquilia 8 hours ago

    I want this game nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Trainer ShadOW
    Trainer ShadOW 10 hours ago

    Now remove Meis Freeze since she doesn't have it anymore thank you

  • Sincho A
    Sincho A 10 hours ago

    Omg this is mi best trailer

  • Salex
    Salex 10 hours ago

    Ngl this cinematics gave me major goosebumps. When they all returned, as cliche as it is, it’s so satisfying.

  • ECquinoxYT
    ECquinoxYT 11 hours ago

    *Tracer nearly gets hit by a giant hand*
    Genji: No

  • Randy Williams
    Randy Williams 11 hours ago

    I can’t help but think about the Blitz-Chung scandal

  • Kelden Poh
    Kelden Poh 16 hours ago

    6:17 Genji's dash got a huge buff apparently.

  • CHIP
    CHIP 16 hours ago

    Does this mean that genji has been naked this whole time

  • Ar-Rayyan Danish Don Rayner

    6:14 Genji Saves The Day
    4:31 Cheers Lah The Cavalry Is Here

  • Marina Maged
    Marina Maged 20 hours ago

    Mei you have cryofreeze

  • gus15keogh
    gus15keogh 23 hours ago +1

    tf2 flashbacks

  • Levelmake
    Levelmake Day ago

    When did overwatch characters join Mann vs Machine in TF2?

  • NinjAsaya
    NinjAsaya Day ago

    Just activision milking consumer

  • Ancompton
    Ancompton Day ago


  • Guilherme ADS
    Guilherme ADS Day ago

    Man... They just need to call baptist, bastion and do a banker GG.
    100000000% *SKILL*

  • Meatballs for life

    Tracer:”We’re on route to Paris”
    Me:”so who want to queue dodge this one”

  • Zachary Foley
    Zachary Foley Day ago

    Tracer... in those pants tho.

  • Sugarcomb Films
    Sugarcomb Films Day ago

    That poor giant omnic is probably just yelling “god damnit Mei!”
    I feel that pain

  • Refael Naibaho
    Refael Naibaho Day ago

    we need a full movie of this!!!!

  • DanielEndless
    DanielEndless Day ago

    Genji carried. Mercy only healed 1 person. Winston feeding.

  • joshua wainwright
    joshua wainwright Day ago +1

    32k people don't know how to use a mic

  • Galleon G
    Galleon G Day ago +1

    Why do I want to see junkrat and roadhog join up with them?

  • Markie
    Markie Day ago +1

    Where tf is torbjörn

  • thomas47156
    thomas47156 Day ago

    I legitimately cried while watching this for the first time in years and I have no idea why

  • Ian De
    Ian De Day ago

    I miss playing Overwatch, it was such a good game. It's a shame that its popularity throughout the gaming world was short lived.

  • Juri Han
    Juri Han Day ago

    i swear if they dont end up making an actual movie eventually it would be pure wasted pontential

  • Ayo.Lxndon_
    Ayo.Lxndon_ Day ago

    They can make a overwatch 2 yet after so long they haven’t made a movie 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee 2 days ago

    Sorry I’m kinda new to over watch, but who was the robot girl with the blue face?

    • Daffa athafitra
      Daffa athafitra Day ago

      echo , shes probably will be a new character in overwatch

  • Bob da Llama
    Bob da Llama 2 days ago +1

    All the big boys: yes yes this seems a lot like tf2
    Little kids: wat dat

  • Enrique G.A
    Enrique G.A 2 days ago

    Honeslty just make movies

  • Tyrone gaming
    Tyrone gaming 2 days ago

    *A rare sight of a team working together.*

  • Rizq Maliqe
    Rizq Maliqe 2 days ago

    Wew genji

  • KnightmareNick
    KnightmareNick 2 days ago

    When you see all your friends get online when you’ve been waiting all day for them: 4:40 - 5:26

  • Shannon Suckling
    Shannon Suckling 2 days ago

    7:37 Brigitte shoulder bumps genji what could this mean?

  • Shannon Suckling
    Shannon Suckling 2 days ago

    When mercy dives in and actually heals the team
    Me: I am represented

  • JayTizzle
    JayTizzle 2 days ago

    But thats more than 6 people something isnt right here 🤔

  • Mr.Super-Crocodile
    Mr.Super-Crocodile 2 days ago

    Son of a... They swapped out the hydraulic cutter for a plasma cannon!

  • 이솔
    이솔 2 days ago

    Blizzard... You could have made a great movie company...

    • 이솔
      이솔 2 days ago

      @SharkDa TigerFart They should make StarCraft better than starwars...

    • SharkDa TigerFart
      SharkDa TigerFart 2 days ago +1

      Remember WARCRAFT movie? It didn’t do well that’s why they can’t make one anymore.

  • Lazy Spade
    Lazy Spade 2 days ago

    Where’s Mercee Didn’t he help rescue Echo? Shouldn’t he be there?

    • SharkDa TigerFart
      SharkDa TigerFart 2 days ago

      Lazy Spade He said he had some business to attend to so he didn’t want to return YET.

  • Toxic fam
    Toxic fam 2 days ago


  • Cole Kaufman
    Cole Kaufman 2 days ago


  • Google User
    Google User 2 days ago

    Winston about to die.
    Genji: Not today satan!

  • Cringely FTW
    Cringely FTW 3 days ago

    Blizzard: can I copy your homework
    Valve: sure but make it a bit different so the teacher doesn’t see
    :Overwatch 2

  • Flaming_Arrow
    Flaming_Arrow 3 days ago +1

    Werid flex incoming:
    If you have no life or some plug in and go to the bottom of the comments on recent, I should be there. Have a good day.

  • bandaidsandshoes
    bandaidsandshoes 3 days ago +1

    I don’t play over watch but dam do I love watching the cinematics. Blizzard always knocks it out of the park.

  • Sam Reitich
    Sam Reitich 3 days ago +1

    I got goosebumps when Genji showed up

  • Harris Healy
    Harris Healy 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who wanted Winston to just say “No” to if Overwatch would be getting back together

  • CatcherCat_YT
    CatcherCat_YT 3 days ago

    Tf2 Mann Vs. Machine
    ‘Laughs in better’
    ‘Cries in dying’
    ‘Fights in community’

  • Sandhya Sankar
    Sandhya Sankar 3 days ago


  • Arttu Huttunen
    Arttu Huttunen 3 days ago

    Me and the bois coming online at 4am to help the nerds

  • Caleb Harlin
    Caleb Harlin 3 days ago

    fake news. if genji were to ACTUALLY reflect something that strong, he'd be spamming crouch and saying "mada mada"

  • NillocWolf
    NillocWolf 3 days ago

    Me every time someone says a pun