Restoration Blog: August 2019 - Jay Leno’s Garage

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • Get the latest updates on the restorations going on inside the garage including the long-awaited first start of Rabbit 1, as well as updates on the Kleiber, MG, Detroit Electric, Wills St. Clair, Pontiac Firebird, and a new acquisition!
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    A new video every Sunday! Visit Jay Leno's Garage, the Emmy-winning series where Jay Leno gives car reviews, motorcycle reviews, compares cars, and shares his passion and expertise on anything that rolls, explodes, and makes noise. Classic cars, restomods, super cars like the McLaren P1, sports cars like Porsche 918 Spyder and Camaro Z28, cafe racers, vintage cars, and much, much more.
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    Restoration Blog: August 2019 - Jay Leno’s Garage
    Jay Leno's Garage
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  • Party4Keeps
    Party4Keeps 2 days ago

    Thanks Jay I love these updates that you do on your current projects. I only have one question right now: How many of those blue shirts do you have?

  • TheChickenLine
    TheChickenLine 3 days ago

    Anyone who follows Jay, and who is planning a vacation to the UK, should try and take-in the Goodwood Revival. You will not be disappointed!

  • coldwarmotors
    coldwarmotors 4 days ago

    Always a treat! The production of these videos is excellent, and the cars are fantastic. I think my favorite part about these blogs is the different treatment various cars will get, from "get it running and enjoy" all the way to "every single molecule of this car is perfection". Great to see that even at this level, it is still important to "pick your battles". All the very best from here. (PS: Thanks for the tip about the sparks; I'll have to remember that!)

  • Desmond Bagley
    Desmond Bagley 5 days ago

    .........pot metal made from the sweepings off the factory floor is an unpredictable alloy of unpredictable reliability and with age can develop fault lines as some slow crystalisation develops over many decades.Ive seen it in tourist trinkets we purchased in Cairo in late fifties and by late nineties they were crumbling just like the ruins...Scan tools , CAD, 3D printing, ,, it's a Brave New World... the Detroit electric, the concept s got legs, . Something uncomplicated that doesn't make an attempt to compete with sports cars for their performance or looks is what the common man wants and even pedal assistance if the batteries might get low. I think today the detroit design and a bit smaller even but not important would be a winner for short distances up to 60ks. One day you might do a short peice on the Clive Sinclair electric city commuter which was a flop in late seventies .A self taught engineer who invented the calculator as we know it today....
    ....get an old Vega and convert it to electric.

  • Joe Perrone
    Joe Perrone 10 days ago

    I've loved the Firebird OHC 6 (Sprint) ever since it was first made. When I would share that with people between 1968 and maybe 1990, I always got strange looks and they'd ask what I was smoking. About 10 years ago, people starting coming around. And now, lots of people really get it. They also put that engine in a Tempest body, now that is an even more rare car . Those two and the 1961 Tempest 4 cylinder with rope drive are my favorites of that era

  • D Mquez
    D Mquez 10 days ago

    I live in Saffron Walden, 5 miles or so from Duxford. Recommend to visit.

  • Joshua Mervis
    Joshua Mervis 10 days ago

    Thanks Jay, you are awesome. Your show is a real treat.

  • highdesertutah
    highdesertutah 12 days ago

    Jay, you should put a plaque on the MG to the Spitfire pilot.

  • cleanview70
    cleanview70 13 days ago

    I appreciate Jay giving us a tour of his shop because there will never be another enthusiast like him.

  • Philip Brodermann
    Philip Brodermann 13 days ago

    Hi Jay Leno's Garage. If you're reading this I'd like to see a video with a bio / interview of all the staff at the garage. The work is very impressive and the guys are mentioned a lot but only ever in videos for short interviews or specific info on the cars. All the viewers would appreciate something like this I'm sure. Thanks, Phil.

  • cc cav
    cc cav 14 days ago

    It takes Jay 5 minutes just to walk past the engine...

  • k Sheehan
    k Sheehan 14 days ago


  • Oakley White
    Oakley White 15 days ago

    That’s insane

  • bsheehan
    bsheehan 16 days ago

    What is the difference in weight between the potmetal piece on the aluminum part?

  • jpavlvs
    jpavlvs 16 days ago +1

    "Pot metal" is mostly zinc. You can't weld or solder it.

  • Richard Tattersall
    Richard Tattersall 17 days ago

    I love Jay's blogs always interesting great story teller too

  • TheXeroid
    TheXeroid 17 days ago

    Such an honour to share time with this great man and his lovely collection of vehicles.

  • leyland yiu
    leyland yiu 18 days ago

    No ear protection 🙈

  • Don Moe
    Don Moe 19 days ago

    i watch this show. And I totally understand why there should be a 70% tax on the super rich. And I voted for trump. Jay, maybe instead of buying all these cars, which u can't possibley drive. Give away that money to people in need.

  • Alan Sullivan
    Alan Sullivan 19 days ago

    Love the blogs Jay

  • Mike Robinson
    Mike Robinson 20 days ago

    That MG TA looks awesome. I'm sending a link to this video to one of our MG Car Club members that has a TA that's been languishing in his garage on hold for 20+ years. Maybe this will light a fire under him.

  • Andreas Persson
    Andreas Persson 20 days ago

    How about the Volvo estate?

  • Jerry Jrs Garage
    Jerry Jrs Garage 21 day ago

    I love watching these my wife and I always like to see the progress. Jay I had a question on the 66 Toronado. In High School I had a white 66 at that time you just bought one too and made it awesome! I was super excited made some memories in that car too took it for a ride forgetting seat was not bolted down and lol buddy and I were starring at the ceiling real quick lol. Where is the car and where could I see that original build video? I recall the block was a custom build even too right? That was a damn interesting car to do up.

  • Maverick Ranger
    Maverick Ranger 21 day ago

    All the great stories on each car of your collection would make a great book. It all needs to be chronicled for posterity.

  • David Nelson
    David Nelson 23 days ago

    A person I know has a super charged PONTIAC 6, when said he had, new,s too me!!!

  • 74Beeper
    74Beeper 24 days ago

    Nicely done

  • Chris Mihok
    Chris Mihok 24 days ago

    Great stuff Jay. Thanks for sharing these great stories about your cars.

  • Russell Grant Appling
    Russell Grant Appling 25 days ago

    Oh that's beautiful. That engine just WOW

  • Russell Grant Appling
    Russell Grant Appling 25 days ago

    Sell the first car back to the insurance company

  • Russell Grant Appling
    Russell Grant Appling 25 days ago

    I would love to work for you. Just to play with the old cars

  • Russell Grant Appling
    Russell Grant Appling 25 days ago

    Awesome workmanship

  • Russell Grant Appling
    Russell Grant Appling 25 days ago

    But instead of New York. We are going to DC the Whitehouse. Then off to Maine. A true west to east run.

  • Russell Grant Appling
    Russell Grant Appling 25 days ago

    You'll have a blast on the cannonballs

  • Russell Grant Appling
    Russell Grant Appling 25 days ago

    Oh kool you have my 3d printers that's awesome

  • Russell Grant Appling
    Russell Grant Appling 25 days ago

    Jay I want you to be time keeper of the next ten cannonball runs. Interested? You will use your slowest vehicles. To keep the time.

  • Russell Grant Appling
    Russell Grant Appling 25 days ago


  • Peter Gplus
    Peter Gplus 26 days ago

    8:42 what is the blue Merc?

  • john sims
    john sims 26 days ago


  • Rodney Prusa
    Rodney Prusa 26 days ago

    Thanks so much Jay. Another inspirational visit to your amazing workshop. What a pleasure to see such work being done. Maybe a 1920's radio and hornspeaker for the Detroit electric? - it might look even more 'period' !! Great to see you having fun with these machines and thanks for taking us along with you. What a genuine and generous guy...

  • Robert Psotka
    Robert Psotka 26 days ago

    Jay, excellent like always

  • Peter Fitzpatrick
    Peter Fitzpatrick 26 days ago

    100,000 miles & the Firebirds engine's whacked ?? Wow.. ☹

  • Kiwizz 21
    Kiwizz 21 26 days ago

    Great video Jay , just love the way you explain the restoration progress on your cars. Especially sharing your knowledge how everything works. Just admire you're willing to show your "stuff " to the average Joe out there. Can't wait till the next tour through your garage.

  • Buck Buck
    Buck Buck 26 days ago

    Jay what are your long term plans for your collection? Many many..many years from now.

  • motorTranz
    motorTranz 26 days ago

    That engine at the end😍

  • AJ carrillo
    AJ carrillo 26 days ago

    I couldn't be the only one shouting "c'mon Baby ..START !! (15:09ish)

  • paul massee
    paul massee 27 days ago

    thanks jay for my weekly treat

  • Jay Young
    Jay Young 27 days ago

    Is there any man that means more to the car hobby? I think not. I would sweep the floors for no pay just to see the beautiful cars and Jay's passion for them. thanks for saving them Jay, many others would not or cannot, hats off to you.

  • Bobby Tucker
    Bobby Tucker 27 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your time with us, this is truly the only show I watch without checking my watch or looking at the clock. I've been a mechanic (Professionally) since I was twenty-one, I'm 30 now, lol. just kidding, I'm 70, since June of 2019. Keep up the good work (play), you're doing great.

  • l l
    l l 27 days ago

    I think he's ruining the Detroit Electric.


    I wish you can restore my 2001 Ural bike with side car. haven't been used in more then 10 years. siting in my drive way. I feel guilty to let it go to garbage. I hope to hear back from you either way. Thank you.

  • DumbledoreMcCracken
    DumbledoreMcCracken 27 days ago

    Too bad Jay didn't collect airplanes. Need Paul Allen money for that.

  • Chuck P
    Chuck P 27 days ago

    Jay, Are you keeping the Firebird, or will I have an opportunity to buy it?

  • Ad Lodewijkx
    Ad Lodewijkx 27 days ago

    Like allways, thanks Jay for sharing!

  • curlylarrymoe
    curlylarrymoe 27 days ago

    Restore as many cars as you can! Save the history of these beautiful cars!

  • omarmang
    omarmang 27 days ago

    Hi Jay, Do you have a Novi powered car in your collection?
    Id love to hear about the legendary engine ]that didn't quite work out.

  • James Key
    James Key 27 days ago

    Thanks it’s such a wonderful thing to see and hear these old cars start and run. Can’t wait to see the fire bird run as I had one when I was a kid. And thanks again.

  • Dan Collins
    Dan Collins 27 days ago

    You are the Man!

  • Gene Cash
    Gene Cash 27 days ago

    On the Kleiber, what are those funky rims? They're not normal beads. Is that what they call a "clincher" rim? I don't know the name, so I can't Google it...

  • shawn floyd
    shawn floyd 27 days ago

    Word !

  • Streeb Honeysuckle
    Streeb Honeysuckle 27 days ago +1

    Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Fallon walk into a bar. The bartender shouts "we don't serve comedians in here," so Jay left.