Parkland 911 call: "If he shoots, play dead"

  • Published on Mar 9, 2018
  • Some of the 911 calls from the Parkland shooting were released, showing the first cries for help had to be whispered. One panicked mother could be heard telling her child to "play dead." CBS News correspondent Adriana Diaz reports.
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Comments • 1 927

  • Ethan Kwende
    Ethan Kwende Hour ago

    1:11 guy in purple shirt just waving his arms like there is not gunshots all over the place.

  • Iziah Haddon
    Iziah Haddon 5 hours ago

    If i see onenshooter and 100 students this will be FUN HEHEH

  • Cure Dream
    Cure Dream 6 hours ago

    'If he shoots play dead'.
    Shooter shoots the corpse 10 times
    *Modern problem requires modern solution*

  • Imperial Weapons Technician

    "Are you in your school?"
    How dumb can you be? And please talk in a lower tone, and it's no wonder why he hung up, that lady was WAY too loud

  • Ethaniel Garcia
    Ethaniel Garcia 11 hours ago

    Why does the girl sound like cardio b

  • Destroyer
    Destroyer 14 hours ago

    Should've fought back, there's more kids than shooters.

  • Hazmatex HD
    Hazmatex HD 15 hours ago

    Play dead? Those bullets get shot 3 times extra in u

  • Olaoluwa KOLADE
    Olaoluwa KOLADE Day ago +1

    2:10 to 2:12 did you notice the mistake?

  • Oxygen
    Oxygen Day ago

    Xxxtentacion 💔

  • Ha_ itsJadira
    Ha_ itsJadira 2 days ago

    Thats so sad poor kids :(

  • mil -o
    mil -o 2 days ago

    OFC AM AT THE SCHOOL y else would i tell u??????????????????????????

  • PastelKeito
    PastelKeito 2 days ago

    If you play dead they might shoot your body still.

  • stephanie a
    stephanie a 2 days ago

    I read how someone from the Florida Pulse shooting covered themself with dead bodies to blend in.

  • Sofia Smitz
    Sofia Smitz 2 days ago

    What a stupiD dispatcher .first one. StupiD one

  • zackery hatch
    zackery hatch 3 days ago

    Bruh if my kid died because the resource officer was too scared to go in. I swear

  • Alexia Serrano
    Alexia Serrano 3 days ago

    I was there that day at forest glen close to that school

  • LDR-Mango_Mango
    LDR-Mango_Mango 3 days ago

    Ok she keep crying every single night, by X

  • Stephanie Carriger
    Stephanie Carriger 3 days ago

    Why are dispatchers so rude?!?

  • Andy's Shop
    Andy's Shop 3 days ago

    Only in America

  • Mr Alligator
    Mr Alligator 3 days ago

    Imagine your in the classroom and the teachers forgot you and you see the door slowly open

      HEY PERSON 2 days ago

      But then its your teacher and she says"Its fine out there"
      But then you see a shiny sliver of black in her jeans pocket

  • roxas / cosmic
    roxas / cosmic 3 days ago +2

    tbh they should get 911 dispatchers/operators with better hearing

  • Ched Vidal
    Ched Vidal 3 days ago +3

    Guy: Whispers so the shooter wont hear him*
    911 Dispatch caller: Ima bout to end this mans whole career

  • RevoDaMobileKing
    RevoDaMobileKing 5 days ago

    Caller: “my school is being shot up”
    911 operator: “okay, are you in the school?”
    Caller: “ nah I’m on Pluto smoking weed with some aliens”

  • lola.
    lola. 5 days ago

    Now school shooters will double-tap.

  • Vernon Jacobs
    Vernon Jacobs 5 days ago

    The real tragedy is how many dummies fall for these staged drills every time. That's on you!

  • pubg player
    pubg player 5 days ago

    Caller:"My school is being shot up"
    911:"Are you at school?"
    Caller:"No i'm just playing PUBG at my house"
    911:"Oh ok"
    *hangs up*
    Caller: ...

  • LunarKingdom
    LunarKingdom 7 days ago

    ''Are you at the school"

  • LellaXX playz
    LellaXX playz 7 days ago

    Why is it if "HE" Thats kinda sexist in a way.

    SOLAI THE GREAT 7 days ago

    Home schooling is sounding a lot better

  • Cyn Lazaro
    Cyn Lazaro 8 days ago

    I’m annoyed by all the comments about the operator asking if he’s in the school. The job of the operator is to gather as much information possible. She has the verify the location of the caller in order to send help. If the shooter is in the school then he can possibly pinpoint where the shooter is. That is crucial information for dispatch.

  • Størm Êçlípsè
    Størm Êçlípsè 8 days ago +1

    They try to help but do stupid stuff

  • Sysky
    Sysky 8 days ago

    I’m honestly sick and tired of people making jokes in the comments. It’s sickening

  • Hailee. Alvarado
    Hailee. Alvarado 9 days ago

    I love how the cops just stand outside the school watching it happen

  • Oscar Left10
    Oscar Left10 9 days ago

    I hate som operators

  • Super Lady
    Super Lady 9 days ago +1

    All them kids running out with their backpacks, I would have dropped everything and booked it

  • Robert Brannon
    Robert Brannon 9 days ago +17

    My school is being shot up
    911:Are you in the school?
    No I'm in Germany

  • karen Ortiz
    karen Ortiz 10 days ago

    You should talk about the teddy bears on a side of a road because of a car crash I February god bless the children

  • Rose Eloge
    Rose Eloge 10 days ago +1

    What’s the point of saying “if he shots play dead” ok and if there was another thing like this that happen not only in school wouldn’t the killer know to try to shot the dead ones again Incase their not dead some of the killers might be watching this

    • Ian May
      Ian May 5 days ago

      Better to say it than to not say it.

  • tripjet999
    tripjet999 10 days ago +1


  • Na_ Taxita
    Na_ Taxita 10 days ago

    Yea make this a trend of telling people to play dead and next time the shooters will make sure to shoot everyone that is “playing dead “ ☹️ sad ...

  • Kevin John
    Kevin John 11 days ago

    Let me guess... a white person

    • Ian May
      Ian May 4 days ago

      @Kevin John Racism is human instinct. Manipulating/dominating groups you view as different in order to fuel progress is human instinct. Doesn't excuse it. Your argument crumbles more and more with each nonsensical comment you post.

    • Kevin John
      Kevin John 4 days ago

      @Ian May sure why not. Its human instinct to go off what occassionally is involved. In this case the numbers and facts arent failing us as of yet.

    • Ian May
      Ian May 4 days ago

      @Kevin John so you're excusing racism because certain other people are racist?
      I was originally going to comment exploiting the double standards between "lemme guess, more gang related violence" and "lemme guess, another white guy"... but you've proved my point for me.

    • Kevin John
      Kevin John 4 days ago

      @Ian May sure. Just like white people use ignorance and assume every black shooter is gang related

    • Ian May
      Ian May 4 days ago

      @Kevin John so you're using your own ignorance as excuse to make blatantly racist statements?

  • Olivia Ferguson
    Olivia Ferguson 11 days ago +1

    The mom was smart with the play dead thing

  • Crazy Cuty Cookieh
    Crazy Cuty Cookieh 12 days ago

    Theres a story like this in storybooth.

  • K H
    K H 12 days ago

    Are these dispatchers for real?

  • That Emo Hippie
    That Emo Hippie 12 days ago

    Hmmm, maybe America should think about gun laws

  • BtsSoWhat KPOP
    BtsSoWhat KPOP 12 days ago

    That was what my mom used to Tell me if iT shoots play dead

  • ryeven brix espique
    ryeven brix espique 13 days ago

    "If he shoots, play dead"
    *_S H O O T S A G A I N_*

  • ItsStarVoltzs
    ItsStarVoltzs 14 days ago

    Caller: "please don't be loud someone is shooting"
    911: "Hello!!!?!!!"

  • rich pedro
    rich pedro 14 days ago

    1:09 conga

  • tictoc tutorials
    tictoc tutorials 14 days ago

    0:13 everyone is crying and a man in the background is on his phone like..... 😂

  • Enhanced Monster
    Enhanced Monster 14 days ago

    Dam America has some serious issues

  • S_C_X_R
    S_C_X_R 14 days ago

    Caller: *Whispers* Someone is shooting up my school
    Dispatcher: *yells* DID YOU SAY SHOOTING

  • Ella Wadbrook
    Ella Wadbrook 15 days ago

    i can't believe the school safety officer stayed outside. he put kids lives at risk when he should've been doing his job. i understand that he was probably scared shitless(i would be). but still.

  • Messy Maxmemer
    Messy Maxmemer 15 days ago

    God bless all of them they will be miss

  • Smacktalker YouTube
    Smacktalker YouTube 15 days ago +4

    911 Operator: WHATS YOUR EMERGENCY?
    Kid: marjory stoneman douglas is being shot up
    911 Operator: WHAT?!

  • Origin Of Randomness
    Origin Of Randomness 15 days ago

    double tap. rule 23

    OOGA BOOGA 15 days ago

    “My school is being shot up”
    “Are you a at school”
    “no I’m flying around Canada”

  • Hi Hello
    Hi Hello 15 days ago


  • Oli Rose
    Oli Rose 16 days ago

    Caller: my school is being shot up
    911: Where are you
    Caller: I’m just chillen in my bedroom watching some RUclip
    911: ok dope, have a good day

  • Kappa Pride
    Kappa Pride 16 days ago

    America ladies and gentlemen, what a great country

  • Comedy Gold
    Comedy Gold 17 days ago

    The people who are dead shouldn’t be dead.

  • Fancy HD
    Fancy HD 17 days ago

    *if he shoots eat some doritos and do the dew*

  • Yorman Cabrera
    Yorman Cabrera 17 days ago +2

    May they rest in peace and hopefully the survivors can not be traumatized. Also i hate that people are making jokes and its like why and they are like dpnt be offended. We live in a society were we can make jokes about these things because it happens often and all we can do is pray to that god and the government will make laws about gun control. May these beautiful people rest in peace. I love you!💚

  • Bryleigha Phipps
    Bryleigha Phipps 18 days ago +2

    I can’t stand 911 dispatchers they the most dumbest Questions

  • i think i shit myself
    i think i shit myself 18 days ago

    I swear to god if the shooter didn't say *IVE GOT YOU IN MY SIGHTS* I will be so disappointed

  • Xx gacha wolf xX
    Xx gacha wolf xX 18 days ago +1

    I can't imagine the pain went through that mother having to tell her own child to play dead. I can't imagine that kind of pain. I pray for the families of these students.

  • Fairy_Tale Late
    Fairy_Tale Late 19 days ago

    *Caller: HELP ME! My school is being shot-up*
    911- Are you inside the school?
    911- Alright so are you in school or...
    *Caller: *Sigh* Yes and now I've just been shot in my leg. Thanks for asking.*

  • JustAddSomeFriction
    JustAddSomeFriction 19 days ago

    i mean the state of florida looks like a gun-

  • Angie Potato
    Angie Potato 19 days ago

    Caller:Are u in the school
    She is wondering if the kid is hiding outside or is inside the building.

  • PinBall Wizard
    PinBall Wizard 19 days ago

    school shooter : shoots once
    everyone: plays dead
    police: BAN THE HACKER

  • Alex Fletcher
    Alex Fletcher 19 days ago

    Oh flip I spilt ketchup on me

  • Princess Manguito
    Princess Manguito 20 days ago

    But if she play dead, the criminal or whatever it is will see theres no blood. No common sense at all

  • Sdp Gamer
    Sdp Gamer 20 days ago +1

    Bruh I say teachers should have guns, I’m just an 11 year old boy but, my dad is a ex state trooper and now, a police Sargent has responded to one of these before and he thinks the same.

  • Facts don’t care about your feelings

    To bad the sheriff did not run in and do his job

  • M Tio
    M Tio 21 day ago

    That SRO is a p.o.s. COWARD

  • Lauren K
    Lauren K 21 day ago

    Imagine if a black kid shot up a school.

  • KKCH Kub
    KKCH Kub 22 days ago


  • iiVexinqPumpkin
    iiVexinqPumpkin 22 days ago

    I'm not gonna lie, if there was a school shooting and I was there, I would be laughing while running

  • N a k a y a N a e
    N a k a y a N a e 23 days ago

    Why do police take so long to get to the places

  • Gavin Evans
    Gavin Evans 24 days ago

    At My school there was a false alarm for a code red lock down

  • Chicken Case Of Adidas

    The first operator is pretty dumb

  • Stubby_Goat
    Stubby_Goat 24 days ago

    Ppl: The school is being shot up
    MOST operators: When were you born? What’s your favorite color? Do you have a dog? Are you hungry? What’s your turtle’s name?

  • TheRealGOAT 3871
    TheRealGOAT 3871 24 days ago

    RIP XXXTENTACION I have major respect for him because he made a song paying his respect to the kids who lost their lives
    It’s called Hope

  • No.
    No. 24 days ago +1

    My school tells us to get under the tables. Cuz being under tables totally means your invincible to bullets

  • joel the moel
    joel the moel 24 days ago

    R r. Ccrc cc

  • lofi hip hop
    lofi hip hop 25 days ago

    Play dead really

  • Steviemc007
    Steviemc007 25 days ago

    She said "are you "AT" the school", she asked this because the caller could be from outside the premisis or further.

  • Why ???
    Why ??? 26 days ago

    Do they not have Windows in the classrooms?

  • Cini Foxi
    Cini Foxi 26 days ago

    Why is the operator SO GOD DARN LOUD?! Don’t they teach these things to operators?!

  • Ouncy
    Ouncy 27 days ago

    1:11 whoever that kid in the blue shirt is. He a straight savage he swinging his arms like people didn't just die

  • DreToBeast #1
    DreToBeast #1 27 days ago

    Well there has to be a dead person by you in order for the shooter to really believe your dead🤷‍♂️

  • I M E A N N O T H I N G

    :0 oH nO

  • Vetsku
    Vetsku 28 days ago

    oh hey, another school shooting.

  • Light Arno
    Light Arno 29 days ago

    1:10 blueface is that u?

  • Squishy junhui
    Squishy junhui 29 days ago

    There's a girl at my school who was a friend with a girl from her camp that got killed and at that time she was a sophomore and she set up two walkouts

  • Crazy Cat
    Crazy Cat 29 days ago

    Thank god I don’t live in America. We don’t have dress codes, unless something is REALLY inappropriate. We barley have homework and no gun violence

  • Pumpkinsfunworld
    Pumpkinsfunworld Month ago

    But what if u play dead but the killer shoots u even if ur playing dead? .-.

  • Mayhem
    Mayhem Month ago +1

    I heard the moms pain and fear. I have nightmares of being shot at school. whenever I look at the bullet holes on my schools front window the only thing that goes through my mind is “mass shooting”. whenever I hear an announcement and the announcer doesn’t speak right away I just get so scared. I know there’s a low chance I’d die while I’m at school. But it’s one of my biggest fears and I just don’t want myself or anyone to go through that.

  • NotJeshua
    NotJeshua Month ago

    Dam is someone starts shooting up your school just be like all the other white kids and pull out your gun

  • Robbie Goodwin
    Robbie Goodwin Month ago

    Radioed his radio