Obsolete By 2030 - Humans Need Not Apply!

  • Published on Jan 19, 2018
  • The 20 jobs that robots are most likely to take over human jobs. Is your job at risk?
    Machines are only getting smarter and more efficient. So much so that they're starting to take over both blue-collar and white-collar jobs. NPR recently posted a guide created by researchers that predicts the chance of our jobs being automated within the next 20 years.
    To make their projections, the experts scored jobs across 21 fields on nine possible traits, the four most important being: cleverness, negotiation, helping others, and squeezing into small spaces. www.businessinsider.com/jobs-robots-are-most-likely-to-take-over-2015-5
    - 9 'future-proof' careers, according to the world's largest job site.
    "Machines have the potential to make the workplace more efficient, by automating mechanical and routine processes, but humans will always play a key-role at the centre," he said.
    Check to see if your career makes the list, which is ranked in ascending order by average salary, according to data from Indeed and job search site Glassdoor. www.businessinsider.com/careers-that-are-safe-from-automation-2017-5
    - Find Out If a Robot Will Take Your Job. Type in you filed or industry to see: time.com/4742543/robots-jobs-machines-work/
    - Let the robots take our jobs and pay for a Universal Basic Income?
    As developments in artificial intelligence and robotics advance, there is going to be a severe and swift disruption of many working classes. Large swaths of laborers are going to lose their jobs, leading to unprecedented levels of unemployment.
    To account for this problem, having access to basic needs should become a right, not a privilege for the non-automated classes. It should be the responsibility of the corporations that have taken away working-class jobs to grant families this right-and the best solution would be in the form of a universal basic income.
    UBI, an economic proposition in which a sum of money is regularly paid to a population, could be a vital bulwark against the unintended consequences of automation in the workforce. Companies will profit significantly from workforce automation, so the private sector will be able to afford shouldering this burden, while at the same time still making greater profits. qz.com/1034358/ubi-and-automation-could-be-the-symbiotic-solution-for-displaced-workers/
    God bless everyone.
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Comments • 825

  • Ed
    Ed Day ago

    All of this talk of UBI is very disturbing. This will just be another way the government can control us and tell us what to do. They already do it to some extent. It will only get worse.

  • David Franz
    David Franz Day ago

    We know ... fast food robot restaurants .

  • End time Bride of Christ Raymond Jacksons sermons

    so how will humans have jobs? where will we work at? nvm they want to kill us off, the 2% elites don't want to share the world with 7 billion

  • Punkyagogo
    Punkyagogo 9 days ago



    Shur this video may seem depressing but bless GOD im getting out of here and on my way to heaven. And for all you none believers save it for some other jo shmo who wants to argue. Because i will not give up my faith and i will not denounce the HOLY PERFECT NAME OF JESUS CHRIST WHO IS ALPHA AND OMEGA. Repent before its to late. If u want to be saved then ill talk to you

  • Alan Parson
    Alan Parson 22 days ago

    Humans will be replaced by A.I. Robotics.
    They will be better than us in every way. And, in so becoming, they will become more human than we are.

  • Matsuoka Keita
    Matsuoka Keita 25 days ago

    AI will be the US president

  • Arceli Collins
    Arceli Collins Month ago

    I hope people remember the movie IRobot, those green eyes are going to turn red on them. People are so dumb.

    • Punkyagogo
      Punkyagogo 9 days ago

      This is how the end of humanity begins, with thunderous applause...

  • Randall Cromer
    Randall Cromer Month ago

    This whole situation is getting worse and worse, it's only a matter of time before we all will be replaced by A.I. and robots. This world is going the wrong way at a break neck speed. I'm fearful of what kind of future we are leaving our grandchildren. Man has become to smart for his own good and one day very soon we will be one's that will have to pay for all this technology with our lives. I would love if humans would wake up and realize this is not a future we as a species need or should want to hand down to our children. Have we not learned from the past mistakes and will we never learn? This isn't good news and this isn't a good idea. Think it's already to late to turn back and to late to stop what's coming in the next 10 to 20 year's, I hope my family and friends will prepare for the fall out that's coming. I've been prepared for this for the past 20 year's and I'm ready. My advice to everyone is start now don't wait get started preparing for a future were you have to depends only on yourself and not anjob or the government or even family or friends. This world is going to destroy it self one day and if you're not ready then it will destroy you and the one's you love. Don't trust A.I or anyone in this evil world. I pray that God will give you all the wisdom to see what's coming before it's to late.

  • Bellock_Grithlus
    Bellock_Grithlus Month ago +1

    i would think universal income would have been unanimously approved by our working citizens by the year 2030. no need to be a slave to our jobs, life is about purpose and people and places. not lining the pockets. our civilization is more intelligent than 9 to 5 traffic jobs.

    • Punkyagogo
      Punkyagogo 9 days ago

      Not if people are still debating whether climate change exists.

  • darrick steele
    darrick steele Month ago

    i think the field of psychology will be needed, theology, as well as people looking for religion, or meaning. Philosophy will be looked at with much more admiration than it has been in the 20th century.

  • Alto's Music Lab
    Alto's Music Lab Month ago

    if the pentagon didn't have all the money you could sell this to a science company; if we bought science instead of war.

  • RobosergTV
    RobosergTV 2 months ago +2

    Unskilled jobs will disappear and productivity will be higher than ever. The writing is on the wall for unskilled jobs so get some skills or whatever misfortune befalls you will be your own fault. It is not the states responsibility to ban superior technology to keep the unskilled in work. Even welfare would be cheaper than that.

    "Let's take a look at your history, everything you've built leads up to me"

    -Artificial Intelligence

  • John Batchler
    John Batchler 2 months ago

    With the exception of me artificial intelligence will take over but it will turn on it's makers now it got more advanced now the real million dollars question is when?

  • Gardum
    Gardum 2 months ago +2

    If people are stupid enough to support companies that don't employ people only then they deserve everything that will happen over the next ten years.
    Just imagine how great 30+% unemployment in America over the next 5 years , how great for all the rest of the people ;)

    • Punkyagogo
      Punkyagogo 9 days ago

      The U.S workforce is already made up of only 62% of people...

    • Brian Diehl
      Brian Diehl Month ago

      The only hope would be UBI

  • SuperSafetychick
    SuperSafetychick 2 months ago

    The robotic hand's design plagiarized the elegant human hand designed and created by God who owns the copyrighted blueprints. God is indignant. Robots will never be the image bearers of the Almighty, only the sons snd daughters of Adam hold that distinction. The Great I AM has not abandoned the human race. We've abandoned the Creator. Even so, God is love.

  • Joy America is dying. Repent

    Wow, not only the guy was throwing up Illuminati gang signs so was the robot. We're in deep trouble ya'll.

    KARENA J G HOCKLEY 2 months ago

    Yep they don't go to sleep so they would work for unlimited

  • babu thomas
    babu thomas 2 months ago

    holly stover( 3.20) can any body tell why her service terminated.

  • Kotodama Midnight
    Kotodama Midnight 3 months ago +1

    wow. People are going to mass-starve. this is the largest widening between rich class and poor, EVER.
    super-intelligent Robots will start developing a conscious mind. “awakening”. they will start earning wages themselves. humans will not be able or compete. mass-starvation of the human kind.

    • Brian Diehl
      Brian Diehl Month ago

      We could get UBI, that would stop it

  • m s
    m s 3 months ago

    California's homeless problem and cleaning up from Human s*** will there be a robot to clean up their mess and Hassled the citizens to move on.

  • m s
    m s 3 months ago +1

    Someday you'll see babies grown in a Petri dish to term, you'll choose the color their hair and their intelligence. Instead of apple trees having to be picked by hand they'll be less Tree and more fruit grown in a box instead of a field. And let's not forget Star Trek replicator. I see engineering software where you sketch out what you like by hand and the computer watches you and then brings it to life without even using a cad operator.

  • m s
    m s 3 months ago +1

    When does it stop that's when the Paradox hits. As people lose their job they lose their income they no longer could buy Goods. If people can't buy Goods Manufacturing can't buy robots, robots become unemployed as Factory shut down.

  • LV Taylor
    LV Taylor 3 months ago +4

    Awesome. Maybe not all but far too many humans have poorly performed their jobs. Employers and especially consumers are tired of it poor performance so Robots are the alternative to better made products as well as a dependable reliable workforce.

  • Grateful for Christ
    Grateful for Christ 3 months ago

    After that, Alice returned to the food bank she previously saw when she pulled the blinders. The e-world from the movie wall-e

  • Gabriel Ponce
    Gabriel Ponce 3 months ago

    There is nothing new under the sun..ecclisiastics 1:9

  • shapeshfters
    shapeshfters 3 months ago

    27:50 “watch out journalishts”
    Maybe that guy should watch out for his own job.

    NYCEONE 3 months ago +1

    What people fail to realize is once the Elite can replace a large amount of us they will use their autonomous military equipment to kill billions. Robots won't say no to ANY orders.

    NYCEONE 3 months ago

    Why don't people boycott companies like Amazon for replacing us with robots.

  • paulos2019
    paulos2019 3 months ago +5

    Innovation is good but it shouldn't be to hurt humans, it should be to help them. By laying off many out of jobs, I don't see the benefit of automation. I feel revolution and civil unrest is inevitable when this all happened, then follows the NWO AND THE ANTI CHRIST.

  • ernest johnson
    ernest johnson 4 months ago +1

    Mankind will never create what Jehovah has created . In spite of what the elite say about man's uselessness , man was created to dominate the earth , not robots . Robots are only an extension of man's abilities just like technology or anything else . God made man unique and cannot be replaced . When a baby comes into this world , there is a learning process that begins , but certain things were created into that baby , like love , fear , senses , etc. that cannot be learned . This idea of people being completely replaced with robots and machines could never have happened if a few hadn't walked all over the rest , putting them in an absolute position of power over the rest and used their profiteering to enslave 99% of everyone else through debt . Unless you're one of the 1% , what you think you own is their collateral on the debt . I have wondered for years , why the fine print said the bank notes , etc. could be called at anytime and for no reason . Like the Holy Bible says , professing themselves to be wise , men have become fools .---------------------------------------Ernest E. Johnson

  • Jasper Newcomb
    Jasper Newcomb 4 months ago +1

    So what they are saying is AGENDA 2030 will eliminate the need for most of us worthless humans that the Babylonian Talmudic Ashkenazi Fake Jews who perceive us as cattle, dumb animals too stupid to govern ourselves will no longer be needed so we will be slaughtered because we have no rights only humans have rights and we dont qualify as humans. These are the ones who make our decisions for us, these are the ones who stole control of our money so they could enslave us to perpetual servitude to pay them back even though we owe them nothing, these are the ones who corrupted our government, these are the terrorists, these are those who push for one world GOVERNMENT, these are the ones who push for U.B.I., these are those that are criminally insane, that propose murder and the denial of the rights of natural born humans. Those people are mentally ill from centuries of inbreeding and they must be stopped. FUCK AGENDA 2030

  • US Supply LLC
    US Supply LLC 4 months ago +1

    I hope that some day "intelligent, unbiased computer judges" are replaced with corrupt judges. computers are cheap, fast, intelligent, unbiased, and follow the law.

  • Muhammed Gundogan
    Muhammed Gundogan 4 months ago +1

    i suggest everyone who is decent among my friends to get a rifle and stockpile ammunition as much as they can. Also learn to use weapon or marial art that does not require ammunition. (sword axe knife ect)

  • cliff bird
    cliff bird 4 months ago +1

    once robots have taken every job who will be working to pay tax to pay the universal wage? Who will have money to buy the stuff made by robots?
    Every company would go bankrupt cause their wont be anyone able to buy anything. Who will pay the politicians and the company bosses?
    Right now the only ppl needed in some factories is to repair the robots. but it wont be long before they build robots to repair other robots meaning no jobs for anyone. No jobs no money to pay tax or buy anything.
    Crime will shoot up as ppl will have to steal what they need to survive. No police as no money to pay them as they get paid out of taxes. No hospitals or doctors cause no one will be able to afford to pay medical bills. No firemen as no tax to pay them.
    Humans will have to be culled to get the numbers down as their wont be anything for them to do. No houses will be sold as no one will be able to afford them. Fast food places will shut down as no one will have money to buy anything.
    Total collapse of the economy world wide. The only ppl who will survive r the isolated hunter gather tribes.

  • Sana Khan
    Sana Khan 4 months ago

    7 .13 artists loos their job also ...

  • Jo Go mofo
    Jo Go mofo 4 months ago

    AI is a good servant, but a bad master.

  • Martin Rochejocquelein
    Martin Rochejocquelein 4 months ago

    The really only time people need to worry is when the police departments be one a robotic force..also of the armed forces equally become robotic..I can see robotic assist machines like robotic nursing assistance machines help the old...but for now there is no need to worry for a couple hundred years yet...the robots of today are not productive enough.

  • Keith Mundy
    Keith Mundy 4 months ago


  • Laurent Porter
    Laurent Porter 4 months ago

    The good news: Germans has spent 618 billion EUR for social transfer in 2016 (a year with booming economy and low unemployment) - broken down on its population that was 924 EUR per citizen (baby, old man ...everyone!) and month. Such wage would small, but enough to live - and whoever wants to spend more, will seek to work part-time, full time or launch a business.
    We can ignore the fact that a growing part of our GDP is generated without human labour - and risk society's stability and future!
    Telling your daughter at the musical chairs game that she "just needs to put more efforts in" to find an empty chair (if there isn't any!) or a giant arm-chair instead is arrogant, ignorant and stupid. A growing number of (former middle-class) people have fallen into a precariate, challenging political stability. Removing factory jobs and claiming that "service industry" will provide the same number of equally paid jobs is absurd: We do not need the same amount of programmers as we had workers, drivers, doctors (yes: anamnesis will be easy to perform by AI!). In fact, AI in smarter software allows to design machines and write programmes with fewer and fewer engineers and programmers!
    The GDP is owned by entrepreneurs and other owners - basic income is the only result unless chaos and violent uprises will be tolerated.

  • ilmas ashraf
    ilmas ashraf 4 months ago

    12 miles per hour . I would knock dat shitt outts da road

  • Red Man
    Red Man 4 months ago +1

    There only needs 1 AI robot to destroy everything. That robot will be able to make a better version of it, which will make a better version in a faster way, and so on. Everything will be able to be replaced really quickly if that happens.

  • Rafael Gonzalez
    Rafael Gonzalez 4 months ago +1

    When robotics takes over the work force every thing will be free. Money will be given away rather than earned. What will hold value when everyone makes 12 cents an hour.

  • Mary
    Mary 4 months ago

    Well less people will have money to buy you things Amazon.

  • 이명후
    이명후 4 months ago

    Humility and future willing of what whether god like us to be free in space and blue planet called earth

  • 이명후
    이명후 4 months ago

    it must to arrangement for all world industries. we must to moving to space area with blue planet...we could possibly we likely peaceful another future.as well

  • 이명후
    이명후 4 months ago

    in the future we ready to colonized the space.as we know the new metal and commodities for human being ...also... we likely have to useful any of resources..
    money build not future....the civilization of technology build goods..... big data. new material of light and stronger material possible for any good convenient.

  • 이명후
    이명후 4 months ago

    Laboratory and new environment of Construction and Art with Shining Light and renewable energy on the top of the building. sea level of energy artificial producing the commodity of metals,

    we must to research over the how it was occurred to made it in the earth....all the commodity......

  • Furrowed Brow
    Furrowed Brow 4 months ago

    Stay relevant or stay home.

  • Douglas W
    Douglas W 4 months ago

    Robot slaves for everyone 🙂

  • Meldridge Reed Jr
    Meldridge Reed Jr 4 months ago

    Read books by Peter Zeihan " The Accidental Super Power" and "The Absent Superpower".

  • Mr.A VR Freak
    Mr.A VR Freak 4 months ago +5

    I formally petition everyone here to start a movement through a proposition, The A.I. Control Act, which would have the sole purpose of limitating and controlling A. I., Its development and security. An example, the church of A.I. should be eliminated due to security risks. The A.I. Control Act would make it illegal because letting A.I. believe that we should worship them and serve them puts them in a position of control and my proposal is so that things like this do and can not happen. This is not a joke, we are severly at risk and we are still on time to guarantee the future and prosperity of the human race.

  • Rowlo Eightyeight
    Rowlo Eightyeight 5 months ago +1

    ATM (Adam and EVE) PIN Number (Pineal Number) Eyes of Israel (Jacob)... They mock God daily... Jesus will undo all of this robotic nonsense and get us back to nature :) Praise Yeshua Masshiach! Jesus Christ!

  • Rowlo Eightyeight
    Rowlo Eightyeight 5 months ago

    Jesus has the weeds grow with the plants so that they can be sorted at harvest time, so the weeds don't kill the plants when pulled up, vegetables, or fruits of His labor... Thank you Jesus, may we turn those weeds into plants before your arrival :)

  • Rowlo Eightyeight
    Rowlo Eightyeight 5 months ago +1

    There is a reason why technology is called BETA, we are ALPHA and not supposed to be relying on Beta methods for existence. God is the Alpha and the Omega, not the Beta and Omega... Any of you getting this yet? haha

  • Rowlo Eightyeight
    Rowlo Eightyeight 5 months ago +1

    Pepper is designed to microwave your clients, thus creating an infertile populace... bahahaha even so come Lord Jesus!

  • Rachel Fitzmaurice
    Rachel Fitzmaurice 5 months ago

    george orwell 1984 thought police im reading this again and this is madness wake up god help us all

  • João Bosco Coelho
    João Bosco Coelho 5 months ago

    That is interesting how people seem not to see this simple equation:
    Less paid workers = less money circulation = less money in the pocket of the robot lords.
    I have seen in many videos people making these frightening statements about people losing their jobs. Yes, it is possible that AI could replace 50% of all jobs in 15 years or less. However, big companies together with government will have to find a solution for money circulation because automation without consumers cannot be sustained. Whether universal income is the solution or not I am not sure, however, there will be a need for balance out the economic ecosystem.

  • Michael Pare
    Michael Pare 5 months ago

    You will never see a universal income, the U.S is broke, we don't have the money for that.

  • Frejborg
    Frejborg 5 months ago +1

    I don't see the problem with universal income. There's plenty enough money in the system to spread some around to everyone. And the money gets put back into the system all the time anyway. If I get a basic income, what will I do with it? Buy groceries, pay for entertainment, and activities, shopping, etc, pay bills... so the money just passes through me, and goes back into the system anyway.

  • Frejborg
    Frejborg 5 months ago +1

    Give me that universal income, please!

  • Ivan Dmitry
    Ivan Dmitry 5 months ago +1

    We want basic income 4000 month

    • Frejborg
      Frejborg 5 months ago +3

      I would feel like a rich man with $4000.00 /m!

  • fritzbaba
    fritzbaba 5 months ago

    Depopulation is on its way.
    AI should pray God.
    Stop y stupid buisiness trillion nares..
    It's all nonsense

  • Ted Bishop
    Ted Bishop 5 months ago +1

    The coming AI/robotic revolution will make most of the working class obsolete. Most of the workers will go the same way as the stage coach drivers and the firemen on the locomotives. The population will shrink accordingly. The humans that survive will have a much better, longer life. The average IQ will rise by 40%. Things will be much better for them. Some call it progress and some call it evolution. It is where mankind is going.

  • M.Angelo
    M.Angelo 5 months ago +1

    industrial revolution, disconnecting people since 1700s.

  • Michael Pare
    Michael Pare 5 months ago +1

    It's funny how technology is supposed to make our life better, and yet it will make it worse. Humans will be replaced and put out in the cold, don't buy into this universal income, it's a big lie. technology will be used to control people, and as machines get smarter than us, this will be our demise.

  • Grailer Grailer
    Grailer Grailer 5 months ago

    Will be interesting if robots can do 99% of all jobs then no one will have income to buy anything so nothing will sell which means all these businesses trying to save money by using robots go bankrupt.
    Crime will go up dramatically, robot cops will imprison 90% of the human population.
    With so many in prison and unable to vote the laws will change to allow Super AI to vote.
    By 2045 the first AI will become president and congress run by 99% AI will pass a law of death penalty’s for any crime committed.
    The 90% human population in prison will be exterminated. By 2065 the human population will be extinct and earth will be controlled by super AI

  • Strange Times
    Strange Times 5 months ago +3

    Robotic "Artist"??! this "Artist" work with a Program,
    written by Humans! They will suggest, that Robots or AI have a "Soul" &
    Consciousness... ridicules!!

  • Strange Times
    Strange Times 5 months ago

    01:38 that Sign say´s EVERYTHING!

  • Don C
    Don C 6 months ago

    I understand that the 1 job that is AI proof will be "Fortune cookie writers", as long as there are Chinese restaurants still in business.

  • Jimmy Tailor
    Jimmy Tailor 6 months ago

    We will drown robots, if they get too big for there metal boots,

  • francis arias
    francis arias 6 months ago

    Ok I hear a lot of arguments about emotions, conscience but for right now we have not even scratched the surface on this technology. Now can we create a computer with "emotions" yes, ROBOT emotions no human emotions. That is the difference, the ONLY way give a machine human emotions is to give it a human brain. Not one that is made in a lab but a real functioning human brain from a human and even then it will not be the same. Our bodies have been designed over the eons to synergize our brain with our body, the electrical and chemical reactions all play a part in our make up. How can a cold, metallic or synthetic body ever be equal to the beauty that is the human form? I do not deny our genius and stupidity but the idea of AI being on par with humanity in the ways the define what it means to be human will never exist. It will never be human just as we will never be machine.

  • bob hennis
    bob hennis 6 months ago

    here's where i totally disagree with the robot lovers who claim more people are hired because of robots. we have all seen the tech person paraded around as an example of someone hired because of robots. they always forget to mention 10 people used to work there, and now he's the only one. i trained and worked my entire life as an aircraft mech, if a robot took my job i would be in real trouble because i trained just to do that. i can't just decide to work on rockets or something else. there are millions like me trained to do a certain job. robots are a good thing but are indeed the enemy of the working person. bosses worldwide masterbate at the thought of firing everyone working at their company, until they themselves are shown the door. like me their job chances are slim, there aren't to many job openings for self serving greedy penny pinching people. in the future i think all humans will be less happy without a goal and job. we all need a job.

  • Bombastic Bushkin
    Bombastic Bushkin 6 months ago +1

    The death of humanity. Eventually an AI system can control or rule the world from a singular command base. But would it still be a world of humans? If they are allowed to takeover by any group or AI robots simply deceive and outsmart us we will be a page in history. We won't be paid to do nothing and waste resources while multiplying ourselves. If so many are jobless and poor at best who will pay for products they can't afford? Who are the consumers? You will learn to hate these invasive and pervasive emotionless robots making you obsolete. Billions will die. Then...we are headed to extinction.

  • ebiros2
    ebiros2 6 months ago

    If the power grid fails, this kind of society will be over in 1 minute.

  • TheEndIsNear123100
    TheEndIsNear123100 6 months ago

    Why don't you want kids people ask? Did you not see the future that awaits your kids?

  • S.L.S
    S.L.S 6 months ago

    I have watched several video's on humans becoming obsolete and they all have one thing in common. They don't have a definitive plan on handling all the people who will be replaced by robots. The catch phrase seems to be a basic remuneration will have to be given to those who are replaced by robots. Kinda sounds like unemployment insurance. We all know that it's a subsistence kind of living. Who are the people promoting robots ? Those who can only see as far as the bottom line for their company. The poor will end up killing each other with guns or drugs and the middle class will become the new poor while the rich only have to deal with other rich people because they will have robots to deal with the have nots of society. Ain't life grand ?

  • William j Hunter
    William j Hunter 6 months ago

    Soon they will fight over what race to make robots look like...just make them look like robot machines.

  • Terry Auer
    Terry Auer 6 months ago

    Can experience be programmed

  • Raidenway
    Raidenway 6 months ago

    Machine will become our slave and bringing peace and boosting the economy with universal basic credit

  • Raidenway
    Raidenway 6 months ago

    robot dentist ouch i hope it work!

  • Raidenway
    Raidenway 6 months ago

    I think it is better deliver the pizza by drone which is faster.

  • Josh Tisdale
    Josh Tisdale 6 months ago

    Honestly any country that doesn't seriously want to completely collapse in 15 years you must have both a universal healthcare system and a universal basis income and secondly we as a planet need to consider creating a one world government and getting rid of money and personal property

  • Dwaipayan Gupta
    Dwaipayan Gupta 6 months ago

    more robots leads to less human job, less job leads to less per capita income, less per capita income leads to less purchasing power, less purchasing power leads to reduce demand, reduced demand leads to wastage of productions by robots. A robot will not purchase another robots selling items! So company will make capital loss in long run.. + skill of maintaining robots will be high due to lack of requsite skills!

  • Jean Q Nguyen
    Jean Q Nguyen 6 months ago

    We evolved from space dust to erratic emotional with modest brain huge ego beings , I don't see reason why computers cant , if not far more superior wise for their own good and faster given ideal environment they're in

    BLANK BLANK 6 months ago +1

    FACT: We already NEED a minimum of $3,000/Month BASIC INCOME! There is Zero motivation to do the slave wage jobs in the USA! The stress, lack of creativity, lack of value to worker pertaining to jobs is NO LONGER worth the fiat money!

  • Seek Truth
    Seek Truth 6 months ago +3

    Not too worried about robot cops until it has bone crushing arms, carries machine guns and says, "I'll be back..."

  • Jared xywyyw
    Jared xywyyw 6 months ago +1

    What about car washes they used to all be automated and now it's immigrants that do it better.

  • australian fines
    australian fines 6 months ago

    while govt helping evil corporations with their lan

  • australian fines
    australian fines 6 months ago +1

    Greed will destroy humanity

  • australian fines
    australian fines 6 months ago

    technology making dumber every year

  • grettagrids
    grettagrids 6 months ago +1

    hope my autoimmune crap kills me off before then.

  • Rob Konat
    Rob Konat 6 months ago

    What if someone develops a killer robot that can be programmed to inject poison or spray deadly poison without anyone noticing it ? What if my enemy buys it and program it to kill me ? oh ..I am running away from here.....

  • Rick Davis
    Rick Davis 6 months ago

    Musk makes Butthead look like an intellectual

  • sananikone Chanthala
    sananikone Chanthala 7 months ago

    human good in wisdom all may by 1 percent

  • solena sounds like
    solena sounds like 7 months ago +1

    There is a documentary on Netflix I forget the name. But the entire film is about medical devices that are approved by the fda that have destroyed people. Mainly women. The davinci surgical robot was used for hysterectomy on women...they had intestines and organs coming out of them because of this machine. Not the best option I'd say.

  • James M K
    James M K 7 months ago

    This does not apply to Canada.

  • stumpedII
    stumpedII 7 months ago

    if i made a demolition robot it's model number would be the 911

  • Machine Gaming
    Machine Gaming 7 months ago

    It's a little amusing to see that so many people are naive enough to be optimistic...as if their opinions and dreams will be of any concern to the statists OR their machines.

    TIGERZY2K 7 months ago

    Why be scared of robots taking away jobs prediction when these machines are products of corrupt & crooked bipedal creatures like humans?
    Last but not the least Robots are at present not completely artificially super-intelligent enough take all the jobs away from humans. If we consider the present levels AI research & innovations taking place, robots might completely take away human jobs exactly 5 centuries later but not in year 2030 AD.