Ex-CIA official to Trump supporter: We're done. Get out!

  • Published on Aug 18, 2018
  • Former CIA and FBI official Phil Mudd debates President Trump's revocation of John Brennan's security clearance with Paris Dennard.

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  • Julien Julien
    Julien Julien 7 minutes ago


  • Ken Mcaree
    Ken Mcaree Hour ago

    Phil has anger issues. What a sick man

  • Tinkerbell
    Tinkerbell 2 hours ago


  • Tinkerbell
    Tinkerbell 2 hours ago

    You CNN clowns. You guys are so ridiculous and jealous. I love watching you guys because it's so funny to watch you guys get sooooo excited about all the stuff you guys make up. I love mr trump and most of Americans do as well.... trump speaks for us, not you dumb mother fuckers. U hope you all die. Your all GOING TO HELL YOU NON GOD BELIEVING FOOLS. FUCK YOU . YOU ALL HAVE THE UGLIEST PARTY. OMG THIS GUY YELLING JUST SHOWS HOW INSANE DEMOCRATS ARE. ONLY GUILTY PEOPLE GET SO DEFENSIVE LIKE THIS FOOL.

    SARAI7HJ 7 hours ago

    Paris Dennard is a boot licking idiot.

  • Jo Ann Lewis
    Jo Ann Lewis 7 hours ago

    This is about one dumb ass N%×_%£

  • Camfunny Af
    Camfunny Af 9 hours ago

    He doesn’t even know what a clearance is 😂

  • Diana Mccall
    Diana Mccall 10 hours ago

    Telling it like it is this young white man

  • Stephan Muhammad
    Stephan Muhammad 11 hours ago

    And Amerikkka has never muzzled anyone??? Short term memory...

  • JJ Cardinal
    JJ Cardinal 21 hour ago

    Paris looks like he's extremely nervous knowing that Our president is compromised 😂😂☠️

  • MR. B
    MR. B 22 hours ago

    They are both right!.....Paris is spineless!!

  • what is an American

    It's fine when Paris Dennard is ripping into other black people...
    But when he starts ripping into white people all sorts of trash from under the carpet will start to come out about Paris Dennard that not even the President's Men will be able to stop the herd of elephants that will rush over his body...lolololol
    Wait for it

  • tenrag sicnarf
    tenrag sicnarf Day ago

    Paris wish you were white Paris wish you were white because she been f***** by too many donkeys your dick liquor I want you black and shows week let you know Donald Trump should invite her back to the White House and hang you for his racist party and myself a black man I would agree on that I just want you to know that that Donald Trump should invite you back to the White House bring his racist party and hang you live on TV and if there's a button to press that hang out f****** gladly press your f****** the dirty rat

  • Paul Jacobs
    Paul Jacobs Day ago

    Was Paris Dennard in Trump's kindergarten class of 2016? My ex-wife is more tolerable.

  • tony elmore
    tony elmore 2 days ago


  • Sean Briscoe
    Sean Briscoe 2 days ago

    The fact that you support Trump Paris as a black person you make me sick!

  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson 2 days ago +1

    Who is this Paris guy what do he know he's just a Trump supporter. I'm with Phil get him out. He's foolish. Sincerely! Mic'19 ADOS

  • Geoff Dein
    Geoff Dein 2 days ago

    Get off your high horse you arrogant piece of security crap. YOU serve the public not yourself. What a hot button item! You think your security is a right. FOOL
    Mate, you are too triggered for a revocation of a privalidge. Simple
    This lack of trust could be directly linked to Comey and Brennan. They are filthy corrupt and spoilt the agencies reputation. You forget. The Clinton’s (who you give a clean bill of security health) are utterly corrupt and have been so ON YOUR WATCH FELLA!!

  • Richy One
    Richy One 2 days ago

    hOOO dennard ,,,,the one that try to kiss a student neck ..After liking trump ass ....repulsive ,, LOL

  • Richy One
    Richy One 2 days ago


  • Jack Harper
    Jack Harper 3 days ago

    Lose this buckwheAt looking fool.

  • scotsrfun scotsrfun
    scotsrfun scotsrfun 3 days ago

    Someone forgot his anti psychotic medicine, didn't they.

  • Mike Poyser
    Mike Poyser 3 days ago

    The only thing missing on dennards outfit is a big white S on his forehead

  • Sahastri Hercules
    Sahastri Hercules 3 days ago +1

    The fact that a patriot and a hero who served this country for 25 years has to began to stomach words from this pencil neck weasel is a travesty. I'm appalled at the thought that this man served to potentially put his life on the line to have to sit here and endure this from an obvious idiot. The reporter points out slowly and carefully why Paris is an idiot and he still doesn't get it. High ranking ex-CIA agents may be needed for consulting purposes in the future because of their gained knowledge and wisdom accumulated over their careers. They can't consult and be helpful to the safety of the country if their clearances are pulled! That idiot with the stupid green tie doesn't understand that this is yet another way that Trump is detrimental to the country.

  • Isaac Resek
    Isaac Resek 3 days ago

    That CIA gut has a bad temper.

  • Antonio James
    Antonio James 3 days ago

    That's why he's not on CNN anymore!

  • M Dugger
    M Dugger 4 days ago

    Who is this guy. Trump supporting ignorant talking

  • MeMo1991Rocks
    MeMo1991Rocks 4 days ago +1

    Paris does not know what he's talking about. Please.

  • Randy Harris
    Randy Harris 4 days ago

    Hunter he is accused of something he did not do I would be pissed off too what about you

  • Randy Harris
    Randy Harris 4 days ago

    Trump guy is full of shit the guy is sitting living about the man I would be mad too

  • hussin said
    hussin said 4 days ago +1

    No matter how you reasons with Trump supporter, they have been bought for good, waste of time.

  • Steven Brown
    Steven Brown 4 days ago +1

    Excuse my brotha? He a Trump lover that don't know that or he thinks he's white but, I am a black man so when I catch Trump's grief he will to. All for what to think that he will pass for white. He's a dreamer!💭🗨️💬

  • Carlos Reyes
    Carlos Reyes 4 days ago +1

    When you use a tie like that there has to be something wrong with you.just because of the tie am with
    The CIA guy.

  • Valerie Watkins
    Valerie Watkins 4 days ago

    Paris is Sarah Sanders' brother😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kaseem Walker
    Kaseem Walker 4 days ago +1

    Paris is the UNCLE TOM trump kissing ass "Who's Wishing for a Position in the white house....YOU are NOT getting one...unless they need Stamp-Licker.

  • Billy Bang Bang
    Billy Bang Bang 4 days ago

    Paris is full of shit !!!

  • scott bergeron
    scott bergeron 4 days ago

    Phil Mudd looks like an idiot.

  • Clo Camacho
    Clo Camacho 5 days ago

    This foo can sit there protect Trump and simply ignore how this president is towards his race. What a disgrace........

  • Dan Thomas
    Dan Thomas 5 days ago

    Where is Paris?

  • Hellene Epperson
    Hellene Epperson 5 days ago

    What the president was doing was neutralizing skill and experience as well as knowledge to keep people from the truth!

  • TheYabMan
    TheYabMan 5 days ago

    Mudd = Lunatic personified

  • Rebecca Hernandez
    Rebecca Hernandez 6 days ago

    Hence Ex CIA. No wonder why he's pissed. I'm sure he didn't do anything to get fired. It's everyone else's fault. Go President Trump.

  • michael truthson
    michael truthson 6 days ago

    So in essence Donald Trump is getting rid of any one that can and does call him on his bullshit and this Paris Dennard is his perfect hired yassa boss nagger.

  • Charles Long
    Charles Long 6 days ago

    As a matter of fact revoking a security clearance allows more free speech. If you have a security clearance you have to shut up about what you know that is Top Secret. So you are gagged. Your free speech is restricted. Once you don’t have a security clearance you can say whatever you want, because now you don’t know all that Top Secret stuff.

  • DPatricia Latimore Johnson

    Not a Paris Dennard fan, but Mudd's raging did nothing to inform me.

  • Zaaire1977
    Zaaire1977 7 days ago

    This is an idiot!!!! This black dude is a paid idiot.

  • Ray Stowers
    Ray Stowers 7 days ago

    Paris Denard talks just like his master he has been trained well

  • Ray Stowers
    Ray Stowers 7 days ago

    dude talks like a lady

  • Ray Stowers
    Ray Stowers 7 days ago

    Paris Denard will say and do whatever his master tells him to do Paris Denard is no different than chicken George in roots

  • Daniel Schaeffer
    Daniel Schaeffer 7 days ago

    All of this begs the question: Trump had financial dealings with Russian gangsters for decades. Why doesn't he revoke his own security clearance?

  • pearlgarden29
    pearlgarden29 8 days ago

    Black Paris Hilton is stupid makes black look silly!!

  • Debbie Greisen
    Debbie Greisen 8 days ago +2

    Great job Paris Dennard! You are amazing! Just watched you on the Candace Owens show! Thank you for speaking TRUTH and exposing the reality! The show host was hideous - talking DOWN to Mr. Dennard, explaining things to him, as if he needed a more simple explanation in order to understand the situation. Just so condescending! I had to laugh out loud at Mr. Mudd. Talk about losing control!

  • Atl Native
    Atl Native 9 days ago

    Phil Mudd is being pushed out of the swamp and he is loosing his shit, lmao trump the ultimate troll

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  • Tommy Parr
    Tommy Parr 11 days ago

    Good job paris,that's one reason your black ass got fired, your are still a nigga, you and Kevin Jackson had to learn the hard way.keep listening to these crackers

  • IvoryPearl
    IvoryPearl 12 days ago

    I love the Intelligence officer's passion!

  • Pool Wizard
    Pool Wizard 14 days ago

    Oh my the deep state is angry

  • Doc Fuzz Personal Collection

    Have you seen "The Paris Dennard Oreo Cookie" lately?

  • 4thHorsemanRides
    4thHorsemanRides 15 days ago

    In all fairness to that obnoxious CIA reject, if my name was Mudd I'd probably be pissed off too.

  • Sarah Taber
    Sarah Taber 17 days ago

    I know for a fact working in the private sector, those clearances are gold!! Paris is absolutely correct!

  • DTrueView
    DTrueView 17 days ago

    Why does this agent and the anchor act as if the clearances are an American right? I too held clearances. Why does he seem to think they have a right to retain it for life, as if it is their to use however they choose? If the agent still has a platform for venting his rage; as he did, and he does not contract for the government or a civilian contractor, what beef does he have? The government gave us our clearances to serve a specific purpose. Just because we served that government in hostile and very dangerous location; and even if he was highly decorated for his service, does not guarantee retention of that clearance. Besides, agents know what they were getting into by joining the agency, as do most military folks when they join a special forces unit. They need to stop acting like they are brand new. They just comes off as over-paid and overly-privileged whiny babies.

  • Ghost of Bill Cooper
    Ghost of Bill Cooper 19 days ago

    "The directors and deputy directors for the last 25 years." SO the ones who failed US on 911 and the ones who pushed lies about WMDs? Did they also recommend over throwing Libya and Syria? Yeah I think we have had enough of their advice.

  • DON S
    DON S 19 days ago

    Just checking in to see if Phil Mudd is still an idiot.....and he is.

  • Anne-Marie
    Anne-Marie 20 days ago

    I saw the interview when it came out and I was SHOCKED by Mudd's facial reaction in the split screen. I thought he was going to blow and he did. But at first I thought what's wrong with this guy and then Paris revealed why they keep their security clearances. It makes sense it improves their CV and you know they promote & capitalize on it to make more$$$$$. Mudd can deny it all he wants. We are not stupid.

  • Paul Williamson
    Paul Williamson 23 days ago

    Me! Just watched Candice and Paris Dennard😀

  • Herbie Shevers
    Herbie Shevers 29 days ago

    After this interview Paris became radioactive, so he did not put Phil Mudd in his place, he got himself fired. It was brought to light Paris repeatedly sexually harassed women at Arizona State University.

  • Nejamul Hoque
    Nejamul Hoque 29 days ago

    Others word not rights sir
    I love America government Trump's
    Winston dc
    Name : Nejamul Hoque
    Address : 234 Pathantuli, 1st nozir vander lane, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
    Postal code 4100
    Deta off birth : 1983-12-20

  • KPayne Son Of Liberty Southland

    Lol so I sure hope all CIA officials don't throw crybaby fits like this jackass Everytime they are challenged. This guy is an embarrassment to the CIA, I bet he was forced into early retirement because he's not mentally stable

  • Hasan Yuva
    Hasan Yuva Month ago

    CNN is fake news. CIA is BS

  • Sarah Phases
    Sarah Phases Month ago

    HA! Get him Paris! What a meltdown. 💥

  • Lore Wilhelm
    Lore Wilhelm Month ago

    Phil has lost his mind.

  • Izak Kruger
    Izak Kruger Month ago

    Candace rocks!

  • Timothy Bean
    Timothy Bean Month ago

    I don't like Paris at all but he's actually right in this case.

  • Herold Sluder
    Herold Sluder Month ago

    fake news. Stop watching cnn and put this lying new nework out of business

  • BillyBumpyBear
    BillyBumpyBear Month ago

    Phil Mudd seems unstable. I'm glad he lost his clearance. He shouldn't be advising anyone. CNN is just defending him because it helps their anti-Trump agenda. Any pro-Trump guest who acted that way would be ridiculed by them.

  • Amy Tomlinson
    Amy Tomlinson Month ago

    Paris Denard is delusional. Period.

  • Jeffrey Johnson
    Jeffrey Johnson Month ago

    This article and its associated comments will give you REAL information about security clearances:
    Depending on where you have to survive, street smarts means different things. Mr.
    Dennard's ouster from heavy rotation on the airwaves shows what a
    deficit in this area can cost you. What seems to have happened, is that
    Mr. Dennard mistook the way 45 views and wants to use security
    clearances with the way that they are actually used in practice. He took
    that and ran into the unyielding wall of reality with it. Unfortunate
    for him.

    Here are the facts.
    The US government grants security clearances to all uniformed military
    service members. As well, on an as needed basis, it grants security
    clearances to various types of civilian government employees, and
    individual working for firms that have contracts with the US government.
    The process involves the person seeking the clearance filling out forms
    answering questions regarding their where-abouts, finances, ties and
    associations. One or more investigative agencies determines the veracity
    of the answers and the clearance is denied or granted based on how much
    of a potential risk to coercion the applicant is deemed to present.
    There are many types of information that the government wishes to
    protect from other governments and other entities. Security clearances
    are issued for individuals, but are actually held by government agencies
    or companies which they have vetted as trusted agents. There are
    increasing levels for the types of information and the clearance
    required to access it. Access is granted based on an individual having
    BOTH the correct level of clearance AND a clearly delineated need to
    All protected data is not the same. There are several levels of
    protected data. The types of data are held in separate enclaves or
    repositories. That’s going to be separate file cabinets if its paper,
    and separate computer networks if its data. A Secret clearance, for
    example, doesn’t automatically grant you access to any and all Secret
    information. This clearance also doesn’t grant you access to lower
    classification info for which you do not have a need to know.
    Getting a security clearance requires some type of background
    investigation. This can take three months to a year. Once a clearance is
    granted, it remains active for up to two years after separation from
    the agency that last held the clearance for you. If you change
    association from one entity to another, the clearance follows you, or
    rests in an agency/system called JPAS. You get a clearance because you
    have a skill set, training, or knowledge that benefits execution of a
    government agency’s mission. The clearance gives you access to closely
    held information that you, far more so than other people, can use most
    effectively to advance the government agency’s mission, because of your
    experience, specialized skillset and knowledge.
    If you have a security clearance, the government agency that gave you
    the clearance, did so because you were already a subject matter expert
    in your field. With or without the clearance you would still have the
    training, skill set, knowledge, and experience that makes you an asset
    to them and any of the firms in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia area)
    and around the country servicing the government agencies. If a company
    or agency needs you to do the work, they can get you a clearance or make
    other arrangements. The time it takes depends on the backlog at that
    point in time. If you know the problem area very well, you can often
    work issues without access to classified documents, data, or computer
    Another interesting fact: the government doesn't pay top dollar. Many
    people with security clearances actually earn less working for the
    government than they would in private industry. This is why many
    governmant agencies have a problem hiring and keep positions filled.

  • cerventes du sanglier Et du cochon


  • Susan Chace
    Susan Chace Month ago

    I hope this dude had his gun revoked. He's definitely lost it.

  • -Mars -
    -Mars - Month ago +1

    That ex intelligence guy is out of his mind. Thank God they brought on Paris for some sense. Sucks a broadcasting company let's their anchors lie and spin things as well. Guess that's why their ratings are so low and their side loses in politics.

  • charlesvan13
    charlesvan13 Month ago

    The put up a shot of all the political activists working for the FBI, CIA, etc.
    Their opinions are valuable to CNN, not to the country.

  • charlesvan13
    charlesvan13 Month ago

    That Phil Mudd is one angry f-ck.
    These deep state CIA spooks are so arrogant. They think they're in a position to govern people. But that's not the role of a bureaucrat.

  • BillieBoy Buddha
    BillieBoy Buddha Month ago

    So hypocrite...pot and a kettle, who is freakin muzzlin who in this society???

  • Oliver Ransford
    Oliver Ransford Month ago

    Soooo has CNN cut the video?.... I can't see the bit where they debate. I can only see lemon tart Don talk over Paris. Same for the other videos I searched.

  • jacque Daughter of The King

    as much as I dislike Paris, I must admit, he is correct here regarding on the security clearances.

  • acrotalus
    acrotalus Month ago +5

    I am prior military, and was stationed in Washington DC. I was not in intelligence, I was a medic, but it is COMMON knowledge that if you retain your security clearance you can make more money in GS or private sector contract jobs. For a lot of them, a security clearance is required. The way they dodge this subject and try and distort what Paris is saying is obvious.

  • TeddyT6
    TeddyT6 Month ago

    I meant to say now we want to revoke security clearances and use the fact that these consultants make money off of it. Again choose to go to school get your interview to D.O J., or whatever Federal Agency you choose, work your butt off, get a senior position and then you too can have a security clearance, and then let's see how you feel about revoking them.

  • TeddyT6
    TeddyT6 Month ago

    You keep a security clearance because you have valuable experience. As I was typing this the CNN host was saying just that. It means that new kids on the block may not know certain things about the terrorists, that these guys already know, and can lend valuable assistance for things that may be needed. This is not a mystery Folks. It's been this way for years. Now all of a sudden we w as not to revoke security clearances, but there are current Folks who were flagged for various reasons, yet someone wanted them overridden. Hmm.

    • TeddyT6
      TeddyT6 Month ago

      I can appreciate what you are saying. And that is the way the system is set up. I dont see a distortion. I see that Paris knows the deal having been in service all these years. Why they were arguing about a subject that is common knowledge is beyond me. The fact is that these guys work really hard and as far as I am concerned if they have the clearance, they get the job. If it was me I would do the same thing. I have a family to feed.

    • acrotalus
      acrotalus Month ago

      I am prior military, and was stationed in Washington DC. I was not in intelligence, I was a medic, but it is COMMON knowledge that if you retain your security clearance you can make more money in GS or private sector contract jobs. For a lot of them, a security clearance is required. The way they dodge this subject and try and distort what Paris is saying is obvious.
      If someone is needed to come in to advise on a domestic threat situation, the clearance can easily be reinstated so they can access confidential information.

  • Jeannette S
    Jeannette S Month ago

    Phil was hilarious

  • Z ESDS
    Z ESDS Month ago

    "... quite a misguided... publicly... you'll have to wait till you do know all the facts...very soon..."

    • Z ESDS
      Z ESDS Month ago

      "... more I watch, more I see these nonsensical of self-important, self servings ... partisanship attack the current Commander in Chief..."
      Just read the Mueller 's reports, wait and see... after all dirty air collusion settle down... first...!
      My 2 cents,

  • pinch mesh
    pinch mesh Month ago

    ChickenNoodleNews went downhill over the years. Now, it's just propaganda. Such a shame.

    ISRAELITE24/7 Month ago

    Who here had their lives, healthcare of theirs or a family member and taxes affected by a CIA agent having a security clearance ?

  • Tommy Parr
    Tommy Parr Month ago

    Paris dennard stay in your lane

  • BijinXOXO
    BijinXOXO Month ago

    His conduct in this segment alone proves why he shouldn’t have a security clearance. Embarrassing. And yes Candace Owens brought me here.


    Mudd is full of mudd.

  • James Dowdy
    James Dowdy Month ago +1

    Phil Mudd's reputation will never be the same after his juvenile response to the public reprimand he received here from Paris Dennard!

  • Karlo Ladislaus
    Karlo Ladislaus Month ago

    Phil Mud is mad for sure....that's why he doesn't get deals from Private sector

  • Karlo Ladislaus
    Karlo Ladislaus Month ago

    75 out of???

  • Max Damage
    Max Damage Month ago

    Pussy lol

  • Mark Baillie
    Mark Baillie Month ago

    Lol. They show the bunch of people set to lose their clearances. The Intelligence leaders of the last 25 YEARS. Notice anything about them? Lol every one of them are the slimy deep state rats that have been busy committing treason these last three years. Hmmmm, methinks they should all not only lose clearance, but be fucking executed. Stupid pricks.