• Published on Apr 18, 2019
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  • A Call For An Uprising

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    • barry jackson
      barry jackson Month ago

      +A B Well, it AFFECTS a lot of peoples digestion(including mine). Go to your local drug store and look at isles of products. Flouride seems like the hardest to quantify.

    • A B
      A B Month ago

      barry jackson fluoride sensitivity and celiac are rare. The number of people I’ve encountered in everyday life claiming to suffer from this is so out of sync with all the medical literature I’ve come across that I put these claims under extra scrutiny, I’ve been proven wrong once.
      I’ve met one person whose claims about fluoride sensitivity where real. No conspiracy theories no BS he just lifted his lip showed me The blotchiness then we had a good laugh about conspiracy idiots, he can’t stand them either and doesn’t want to be associated with them or even bring up his sensitivity because we doesn’t want people thinking he’s the wrong sort.
      Celiac I know of two cases where it’s credible. All others are hysterical hypochondriacs or trendy types that want to make small talk about their shitty diet.
      Personally I’m all about fiber, I eat an entire wicker sofa every morning and I shit out perfectly uniform cubes every 12 hours. I could calibrate my clocks and scales based on the timing and weight of my bowel movements. But I have other things going on in my life so I don’t bore people with my shit or insist they eat as much fiber as I do.

    • barry jackson
      barry jackson Month ago

      +A B I was commenting to the host of the show who I respect a lot and what he does. Gluten and flouride are bad...very bad to some.
      I was responding to the discrediting of jenny Mccarthy. I believe she believes her son is a victim of vaccines. I could be wrong but I caution attacking her.

    • A B
      A B Month ago

      barry jackson I am on the spectrum as are a few of my relatives. All of us are very high functioning. Both my paternal grandparents where forensic pathologists, mother is a pianist, and she taught pedagogy at the University of Miami while I was in the womb.
      I might have a touch of autism, but you’re actually handicapped by your condition and sadly you guys have no clue how sick you are.
      I understand that some people are frustrated and backwards and lack breeding they need some nonsense to gather around so they can feel special. I just wish you people would gravitate away from something that is hurting others and towards something where you are just hurting yourselves. I suggest a strict Gluten free diet and avoiding all fluoride.
      Some of these antivaxx parents are neurotic overwhelmed and highly disturbed. They are part of a Munchausen by Proxy gang, they live through their kids suffering because there is nothing else going on in their sad lives.

    • barry jackson
      barry jackson Month ago

      Whats even worse, they make fun of her for being against it or ringing the warning bell. Shame on SNL, but they have no shame!

  • Nicolas Astro
    Nicolas Astro 6 days ago

    They are not just mocking jenny mccarthy, but everyone with the same oppinion

  • Vincent Costello
    Vincent Costello 7 days ago

    Mainstream media, is irrelevant 🙃

  • Shauna Baharie
    Shauna Baharie 8 days ago

    SNL never is and never was funny. They're like overacting on purpose. It's not funny at all. And it's always perverted and immoral.

    YAH-OVA IS-REAL 9 days ago

    I relate to you more than any channel out there.thx for being real.

  • Exposed Emm
    Exposed Emm 13 days ago

    The v behind them in the thumbnail

  • UnidadAmorPaz
    UnidadAmorPaz 13 days ago

    Thanks so much for the hard work to wake up. Study Torah (bible) of YHWH, the only true, salvation, knowledge, keep clean your soul, don't sin, follow the commandments of Elohim.

  • Charles צ'ארלס
    Charles צ'ארלס 13 days ago

    So when it comes to Abortion
    "The Government shouldn't tell us what to do with our bodies, STAY OUT"
    But when it comes to the Vaccine, the Same People say
    Yeah Let the Government Inject you, with substances we can't even pronounce because we can trust them...
    Child Please!

  • Vony Rakoto
    Vony Rakoto 16 days ago

    i gotta say vaccines are important, there's a reason why they're mandatory

  • Brandon Hardin
    Brandon Hardin 17 days ago

    "Anything they don't allow, there's got to be truth in that". Your quote has been my theme for years now. People do seem to get that at all. Love your videos my friend! Thankyou.

  • Saucin 29
    Saucin 29 17 days ago

    It was actually pretty funny

  • anuma nuva
    anuma nuva 20 days ago


  • Johngamer 1992
    Johngamer 1992 20 days ago

    tell me about. why cant be happy with dead children? vaccine can only save your life, we need death. thanos ftw

  • Otherworld_ecstasy
    Otherworld_ecstasy 20 days ago

    Jenny McCarthy's kid is autistic.

  • Otherworld_ecstasy
    Otherworld_ecstasy 20 days ago

    Jenny McCarthy's kid is autistic.

  • Kelly
    Kelly 20 days ago

    It’s funny how everyone on t.v knows what’s best for us

  • tony'sMelody TM
    tony'sMelody TM 21 day ago

    They vaccin against Hepatitus on babies. Hepatitus is only attained by sharing used heroin needles or anal sex.
    Why would you have a baby vaccinated against that!?
    So you can rape them a bit easier at the creche.
    That's the only reason why this poison is put into our kids by the "docktors"

  • Destin Smith
    Destin Smith 21 day ago

    There is a video of a low life non smart person talking about a call for an uprising is a demon look it up please talk about this people think this is ok it's not please do a video about this it needs to be talked about

  • Anna Kontogonis
    Anna Kontogonis 22 days ago

    ps my owm family did this to me aswell i got no help from people like you

  • Anna Kontogonis
    Anna Kontogonis 22 days ago

    Foster care clbc nursing homes care homes group homes are filled with nut bars and fruit cakes the staff that work there the sytem is evil they dont want wellness they want us homeless broke in and out of hospitals prisons they dont want us stable and well they want us sick isolated and alone with no one in our lives with mental emotional phycological abuse they dont want to help us get jobs nothing money education is for them not us the system is for them not us they proffit off of the mentally ill the homless inmates phych patients the disabled the elderly starving us stealing from us sexually abusing us locking us up because these people sell out to demons lucifer runs this place people the sytem is designed to fail us not them wake the fuck up pedos abusers get away with this because the sytem is meant to protect them.they dont give to shits about us people yashua for life protect people ive listed here help them stronger together guys and gals but not in the way hillary clinton wanted shit to go for us nwo fema camps and all that bull shit wake the fuck up lies lies lies this place is a lie god is black enoch was removed from the bible yes the bible is a lie to his decendents are black hell is real so is heaven schools history books lies religion lies thats why churches dont help they do this for profit for themselves they dont care as long as it dont effect your families right and lgtbq people that die because they hate who they are hypocrits take take take.even third world nations you say you help when you eat their food that they busted their asses to get and all they will have for months white washed it has been africans are princes princesses kings queens so are first nations give them back their lands i stand with them treat them like the royalty they are instead of proffiting off of misfortune and letting your families have it all jobs money sucess its idolatry the same shit lucifer is about so you all are no better and nothing for every body else right you all will rot in the same place as the illuminatti devil worshipper sell outs your torment will be worse than the athiests so love love love not hate hate hate just remember this the.guilty preech the loudest rape molestation happens in churches to it gets covered up too so be carefull those of us that are trully awake no this and run in political circles to mate

  • Anna Kontogonis
    Anna Kontogonis 22 days ago

    I got vaxed in my 20s makes the flu worse not better anti vax i havent for years its better without it the flu shortens with cough drops good old fashoned rest tea water or cough medication yup yup yup i love your content uprising

  • Ski Mask
    Ski Mask 22 days ago

    2:28 is that jim carrey

  • runnin l8
    runnin l8 22 days ago

    My husband had a seizure after receiving the MMR vaccine.
    "Safe and effective" is a relative term. It should be "Usually safe and somewhat effective". I should know. I worked for my state health department in the area of immunizations. Just read the literature provided with your injection.
    They're not all good nor all bad but regardless they should be voluntary. I happen to know 3 vaccine injured people -- 2 in my family. This isn't difficult. It's become an emotional topic-- almost religious in nature for those who believe and those who deny. It's somewhere in the middle. Just like climate change.

  • old stone
    old stone 22 days ago

    snl hasnt been funny since Chris Farley died

  • Old Dad
    Old Dad 22 days ago

    I remember when SNL was actually funny. That was many years ago, of course.

  • Mistress Haruka
    Mistress Haruka 23 days ago

    I am against vaccinations fuck you celebrities of today's shitty generation

  • Jeff Arab
    Jeff Arab 23 days ago

    Oh no these lesbo witches

  • Renuka Mene
    Renuka Mene 23 days ago

    I have seen ppl getting polio..if not vaccinated...not the once who were dunno if its entirely true..

  • Chirho Knight
    Chirho Knight 24 days ago

    Bring back mad tv, with no political correctness.

  • AmEricAN pAraDox leaVing

    It goes to show that the deep state pharma, and elites' have endless $ they just keep running all these programs that are shit! I guess if I stole or steal tax payers money I could go on endless vacations!! Don't forget chem-spraying!"

  • richard therrien
    richard therrien 24 days ago

    SNL is still on the air?

  • Gee Gee
    Gee Gee 24 days ago

    There shots are coming ! They will be vaxed for life, no boosters needed ! lol

  • J BLuNT
    J BLuNT 24 days ago

    yea this isnt even funny it feels like they giving political commentary...not even funny

  • Helen Vazquez
    Helen Vazquez 25 days ago

    McCarthy was in Vaxxed

  • Slav V.
    Slav V. 25 days ago

    This is sad. LoL

  • St Marquise
    St Marquise 25 days ago

    All i have to say is Ppl stock up on the healthy herbs, supplements, vitamins, etc before they start to tamper with ALL of it!!

  • C F
    C F 25 days ago

    I homeschool in NYC and seriously I'm so happy I do! No need for proof of Vaccines for homeschoolers!

  • Rah1381
    Rah1381 25 days ago

    SNL is not funny ☠💀☠

  • skyrose no limit
    skyrose no limit 25 days ago

    Aborted fetal tissue is used in vaccines.

  • Sherlock Jones
    Sherlock Jones 26 days ago

    Watching that skit was painful and an embarrassment I imagine to anyone that views the drivel

  • Moxie McMahon
    Moxie McMahon 26 days ago

    Upside-down world, you can't stop people from medically attacking your children. Trans-gender drugs, mandatory vaccines, calling cps when you don't go along with their agenda, ugh Lord have mercy!

  • Licker Pickers Toothpicks

    Ellen has admitted she never gets vaccinated.

  • Wendy Grace
    Wendy Grace 26 days ago

    The least comedy I saw on SNL was The Rock who is a generational transgender. Lucipharian play a child molesting robot that could molest many more children!! That was abomination and I quit watching SNL decades ago, saw it on utube and was shocked at how low that show had stooped too. Pushing child molestation with a trannie The Rock an ftm,..

  • Karoly Duzs
    Karoly Duzs 26 days ago

    Flat Earth, vaccination, fluoride, chem trails, meat and dairy , 5G etc.
    The pattern is always identical.
    Instant, unrelenting mockery for daring to even question it. The audacity !

  • Kim Good
    Kim Good 26 days ago

    They are now suggesting that adults born before 1989 get mmr booster. Wonder how long it will take for them to try and enforce this as well. There is definitely and agenda. Seriously do your research into all that they are trying to push.

  • Emilia Haimbili
    Emilia Haimbili 26 days ago

    Please support these poor people who are isolated and affected by drought for over ten years and have lost everything, even a dollar makes a difference

  • Buck Murdock
    Buck Murdock 27 days ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else get an urge to purge people with Napalm when you see shit like this?

  • yung turt
    yung turt 27 days ago

    Can anyone help me? I have 14 days to convince my brother not to vaccinate the baby that's on the way. He admits I may be right and is willing to listen.

  • Kevin Aalberts
    Kevin Aalberts 27 days ago

    Lock and load people!!!

  • Kevin Aalberts
    Kevin Aalberts 27 days ago


  • Marc W
    Marc W 27 days ago

    A long time ago I took vaccination my brain after that has a hard time talking forming conversations with people and I got sick often. That shit has antifreeze and mercury in it at the time I did not know that.

  • Marc W
    Marc W 27 days ago

    WTF Demonic agenda lucifer and his minion's suck Definitive Ass At Comedy and creativity and art. Ever wonder why BAAL-Sack wants us to sell our Soul to them? So that his abominations and archons can Wear us to be us have talent creativity they cant make there own ever. So what does the fallen angel's and demon parasites do they mess with us toy with us intimidate us ECT. Because with some of us we won't take their shit so they can't have all that they want and they have a short time.

  • Riki M
    Riki M 27 days ago

    Im so glad I live in South Africa
    Im 33 weeks pregnant. We not forced to have vaccines in South Africa. I decline at the hospital. The first vacinne is called BCG. I dont vaccinate no more.

  • Lola Osman
    Lola Osman 28 days ago

    It's just normal to have an autistic child nowadays, will it's NOT normal.

  • Lola Osman
    Lola Osman 28 days ago

    We came to America in 91' as refugees and we all had to get vaccinated and soon after the Kurdish community had all contracted chicken pox something new we had never seen before, 2019 I still suffer from I don't know just very sensitive skin. I wonder if some of these wars are caused just to cause refugees so they have to get vaccinated, where your left with no choice. Especially the fear of being separated from your family. 🤔🤔🤔

  • Amy Sz
    Amy Sz 28 days ago

    I don't own a tv and haven't for many years!

  • Mrs A
    Mrs A 29 days ago

    I think your wrong about Jenny McCarthy.She is against it.Her son has autism!

  • Matt Sandback
    Matt Sandback 29 days ago

    So i guess we havta believe that the freemason controlled government actually cares about us??
    Only 2 things we get free from them is vaccines...and abortion pills.
    So are we to believe that they feel sooooo bad from killing all those unborn babies, that they wanna make up for it by saving the ones they havnt already killed?? Huh??? Naw, there voth outlets of agenda 21- depopulation
    It not the words that are said, but the action of the men, who say said words, that tell the tale.
    Bill gates words- vaccines are good for you, and society- also quoted for saying the population is too high, AND THEY NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
    Bill gates action- DOESN'T VACCINATE HIS OWN FAMILY...

  • Ooh Yall
    Ooh Yall 29 days ago

    The view is a tranny nation, only. Look at these uglies. And, they r dumb!

  • Samantha Thompson
    Samantha Thompson 29 days ago

    This seems like an excuse to censor the internet. Someone is gonna die from measles, then they gonna block anti-vaxx stuff from the internet.

  • Marianna Shani
    Marianna Shani Month ago

    This skit was so unfunny and disrespectful. People have no sympathy for the many people who have suffered vaccine injuries because they are so brainwashed.

  • Jenny Wright
    Jenny Wright Month ago


  • Captain Chemtrail
    Captain Chemtrail Month ago

    bro u went to school u got vaccines Call to an uprising dude

  • Ruth Dunn
    Ruth Dunn Month ago

    Need a funny vax

  • Tom Tutt
    Tom Tutt Month ago

    SNL (SATINS NIGHT LIVE). In your home's.

  • Sam Vision
    Sam Vision Month ago

    It's people like you who make me lose my faith in humanity, you're killing children

  • blue6940
    blue6940 Month ago

    No one was really laughing

  • cheryl sanford
    cheryl sanford Month ago

    dam look at carry he looks like someone took his lollypop lol

  • _bleeding_rainbows_88

    Snl is a snooze? Snl is funny cuz it mocks the ridiculousness of our govt

  • barry jackson
    barry jackson Month ago

    Jenny Mccarthys son has autism. She is very real when it comes to antivaccine.

  • msarray1
    msarray1 Month ago

    Honesty, all their "attempted programming" is what made me decide against getting my toddler anymore vaccines.

  • Angela Brown
    Angela Brown Month ago

    Jenny McCarthy has spoke out about vaccines for a very long time this site just something that she’s been doing for the past year she really can’t totally believes that vaccines have a hand into autism because she has a child that has autism

  • Jamie Grabe
    Jamie Grabe Month ago

    I think these vaccines are causing the cancer they're making so much money on!! But God is going after them and I'm helping!! LoL I get called a snitch for ratting out the government oh well never had any real friends anyway so whatever fuck all you fake friends I had I saved so much money cutting you out my life!

  • Jamie Grabe
    Jamie Grabe Month ago

    If you think that's bad in NC lawyers and cops are working together to set people up!!

  • Jamie Grabe
    Jamie Grabe Month ago

    They ain't funny a damn bit!!

  • KittenMarie Skoglund

    It Is All Crap. It Is All Lies, It Always Was. Tough To Decipher This In Some People. ~ JESUS LOVES YOU ! ~

  • SK UFO
    SK UFO Month ago

    this was funny wha was ya watchn

  • veronica cuello
    veronica cuello Month ago

    I know some kids that got a kind of autism after the mandatory shots, they were normal babies. I'm glad my daughters survived this.

  • Lady C. Diamonds
    Lady C. Diamonds Month ago

    Had not watch SNL since the 1990s. The ladies on The View acted like rabies banshees. So I stop watching them a decade ago.

  • BabylonPadawan84
    BabylonPadawan84 Month ago

    SNL is all about horrible comedy. Don't know how its still on TV?

  • OulyG'z93
    OulyG'z93 Month ago


  • Isaac Torres
    Isaac Torres Month ago

    This is nothing more than PROGRAMMING of the masses!
    Mandatory vaccines is a setup!
    For people to accept the MARK OF THE BEAST.

  • Tisquantum
    Tisquantum Month ago

    I’ve been trying to find your video on Lauren Daigle where is it?

  • mam241
    mam241 Month ago +1

    roflll zombies

  • Elliott Alderson
    Elliott Alderson Month ago

    If I find myself unable to get the sleep I need (on a a Saturday Night )
    I know exactly where to “tune in” works instantly every time...

  • hamilton mackenzie
    hamilton mackenzie Month ago

    Vaccines save lives, the diseases kill children - fool.

  • Sandra  Johnson
    Sandra Johnson Month ago

    Doctor OZ can stick all of the Vaccines up his ass.

    DIRTYBOB59 Month ago +2

    SNL: Satan's Night Live... (BDS JEWLLYWOOD & THE $YNAGOGUE OF $ATAN!...)

  • boricua is life
    boricua is life Month ago

    I remember when SNL was was back when Chris Farley was on it... what's that 25 years ago???

  • Kimmers IMJ
    Kimmers IMJ Month ago

    I can't stand listening to ANY of these women on the View, Oprah, Jenny McCarthy, Rosie. Obnoxious...and SNL hasnt been funny in a LONG time.

  • Cristian Torres
    Cristian Torres Month ago

    Viruses are man made. It is no secret we use them in biological warfare along with bacteria. Classic problem, reaction, solution. Create the virus, then have the vaccine ready. One thing I have to correct all of you people on, in practice, if you are vaccinated and someone else is not, the non vaccinated individual poses a risk to the vaccinated individual because viruses can MUTATE inside the living person and thus the vaccinated person would be vulnerable to the new strain of virus that was made in the non vaccinated individual. That being said, people need to wake up to the fact of where viruses actually come from and how they're dispersed.

  • Beeintelligent
    Beeintelligent Month ago

    I'm 56 and get the Flu vaccine every year. Never one reaction. Myself, my kids, my grandkids have all been given all the vaccinations, never one reaction. My friends kids, grandkids, never heard of one reaction!!! Where in the heck do you people live, what is your lifestyle, what do you eat? Maybe you should take a good look at yourselves and quit blaming everything and everyone for EVERYTHING!!!! LOOK, unfortunately, there are reactions that some people get to some meds. In case you haven't heard, science is not a perfected art. But the masses do benefit from science! Stop blaming every thing on a conspiracy theory! Just had to say THIS because the sarcasm this guy uses to sway his personal belief system on the gullible is outrageous! True, I like most of his videos but he does NOT KNOW EVERYTHING! THINK!!! DISCERNMENT FOLKS!!!!

  • Rebecca Lopez
    Rebecca Lopez Month ago

    I depend on the Almighty. I put my hope in Him. Don't believe these demons on the tel lie vision. They are out to kill you.

  • Micah Kish
    Micah Kish Month ago

    i think trump is a lost child of israel. and goat lucy is using him for evil. and God is using him for Good.

  • sam Blackmore
    sam Blackmore Month ago

    They all need to be slapped upside the head !!!!!!! These fucking morons think it's ok to shoot your child newborns up with mercury how fucking lame do you gotta be to ok that shit fucking retards , ,,,,, maybe that's why vaxxed kids still get sick and die and it's also main reason why America is and are being dumber down!!!!!!!!!

  • sonshinecity
    sonshinecity Month ago

    Stop going to the movies and cutoff Netflix. If the millions would act like one. See you in jail. Lol

  • sbabee3333
    sbabee3333 Month ago

    Ya... I saw the same type of stupid skit about vaccinations the other day on the show “Full Frontal with Samantha B” or whatever the name of the show is.

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart Month ago

    Thankfully SNL sucks and nobody watches it.You are absolutely right what a snoozer!God Bless in the name of Jesus Christ!!

  • Lion Heart
    Lion Heart Month ago

    Did you ever see a movie called Dr.Phibes rises again it is full of all the same shit and it is an old movie I think it was made in the seventies.

  • Shelley Petty
    Shelley Petty Month ago

    What!!! SNL is still on the air! WHY!!!