Shia LaBeouf & Kristen Stewart - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
  • In their Actors on Actors conversation, Shia LaBeouf and Kristen Stewart talk about what fame and being talented means to them and rave about reality TV like "Naked and Afraid."
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  • Margot Demeulemeester
    Margot Demeulemeester 14 minutes ago

    How to handle pain 11:28 - 11:35

  • Sharon Seach
    Sharon Seach Hour ago

    Shia's about watching intensely.....

  • Allen Freeman
    Allen Freeman 2 hours ago

    And like, and like, .......

  • Andres Rosa
    Andres Rosa 5 hours ago

    They absolutely had sex after this

  • Lee G
    Lee G 5 hours ago +1

    They have an unexpected and interesting chemistry. Shia needs to interview everyone; He’s the type of guy, that will bring the raw out of anyone.

  • Irene Flores
    Irene Flores 7 hours ago

    I wanted to hear more from Shia. Lol. I would fast forward some and she will still be talking all till the end lol.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 8 hours ago

    yo Shia is fookin SWOLL

  • Katie Hughes
    Katie Hughes 9 hours ago

    I am four minutes in and had to cringe pause for "no guns are heavy" I am dying this is gold

  • Cassandra Young
    Cassandra Young 9 hours ago

    Kristens anxiety is overwhelming. Damn girl! How does she survive being famous

  • Seth Jaimez
    Seth Jaimez 11 hours ago

    This combination is amazing. Thank you for letting this into my life.

  • sera kahlo
    sera kahlo 12 hours ago

    this fucked me up, like half the time i got lost in "she"

  • abigail graham
    abigail graham 12 hours ago

    I never new Kristen Stewart was so well spoken

  • Audrey Salazar
    Audrey Salazar 14 hours ago

    Shia is tense. I feel it

  • Justin Middleton
    Justin Middleton 14 hours ago

    "My instinct is better than my ideas"

    I love that line.

  • ItsBeta
    ItsBeta 15 hours ago

    Shia is so damn handsome and wholesome.

  • Todd Garver
    Todd Garver 16 hours ago

    I'm looking forward to seeing Honey Boy

  • Kylo_Ryan
    Kylo_Ryan 16 hours ago

    I feel like it would be so hard to talk to Kristen Stewart because she is so self aware. I feel like if you say one thing wrong she would resent you for the rest of your life lmao

  • Kaitlin DeLaho
    Kaitlin DeLaho 17 hours ago

    This was soooo captivating to watch

  • DaniB143
    DaniB143 17 hours ago

    Sexy pairing

  • NoideaGuy
    NoideaGuy 19 hours ago +1

    i didn't expect this to be good at all... man was i wrong

  • Kevin Biram
    Kevin Biram 19 hours ago

    Real people sayin’ real shit! So sick!!

  • Shelby CARR
    Shelby CARR 20 hours ago

    Honey boy made my skin crawl, it was too close to home. Lol he was triggering my...ptsd... I guess...idk that it would qualify . My childhood isn't the equivalent of actual war lol but it was pretty dark. Had me struggling not to run from the theater in tears. One of the things me and my Husband have in common is our rough childhoods so he was pretty quiet afterwords too.

  • Gantz akira
    Gantz akira 21 hour ago

    why does she answers fucking weird answers to his questions, doesn't make sense at all , wtf .

  • Gantz akira
    Gantz akira 21 hour ago +1

    shia is too deep for her , bad combination to have that talk. you should've put someone else against shia , someone deep thinker.

  • Remy Elysee
    Remy Elysee 22 hours ago

    Honey Boy was fucking engrossing- was not expecting to see a film quite like that at Sundance. Bravo.

  • BIG J
    BIG J 23 hours ago

    Shia labeouf is a fuking gangster lol

  • icup
    icup Day ago

    On a scale of awkward and uncomfortable....

  • Scott Reynolds
    Scott Reynolds Day ago

    the very last line by Shia was classic!

  • J Castillo
    J Castillo Day ago +1

    After the Charlie’s angels movie came out it’s a big yikes letting this hack talk to a real actor

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish Day ago +1

    Wow...two truly interesting, bare, conspicuously and shamelessly human specimens for a change. A wonderful human encounter, really.
    They've both led troubled and complex lives and careers, these two. They really have. And it shows. It shows. And they address all the 99 elephants awkwardly crouching in every corner of the room, by name. You can feel they've been waiting for a meeting like this their whole life, without knowing it, these 40 and so minutes where they can for once just let loose and say all the curse words and make all the spastic motions in their books, be themselves, as they are, in that moment of their lives, be that hyped, depressed, lost, ecstatic, swooned, embarrassed or frantic. Just two completely bare very instinctive performers yelling at the moon, the stars, the set, the cameras, at the whole bullshit of it all.
    The purity of thought, of heart, of expression in this is almost a form of art in itself. Rarely do we get to see something so candid, human(e) and "just right" being shared between two so-called "celebrities"/"overcoached humans". Well, that's «luck» for ya, I guess.

  • Nicholas Reed
    Nicholas Reed Day ago

    Shia Labeouf I really don’t think this is Shia Labeout. I think this is actually Arron tippin with a beard..”You have got to stand for something or you will fall for anything...”

  • Travikus
    Travikus Day ago +1

    I love their small ticks so much. These tiny OCD manifestations. They are so human-like, you know. 💜
    Damn, I remember the director of our Chekhov piece pissed me off that much that I kicked a table on the set and stormed out. Then, she was like, this is how you should feel. I'm not really sure still whether it made me really feel it, but it helped me simulate it. Which is fucked up. I don't like acting when it's about simulating things.

  • Jenny P
    Jenny P Day ago +2

    Honestly, this match up is straight brilliance. As soon as it was on my recommended list, I knew it'd be great. To me, I've always felt like Shia & Kristen both rarely get a chance to speak their minds in interviews because their headspace is not one that easily molds to a short interview format and often I think interviewers just plain don't get them. They have more ideas than what they have time to express. Watching them go back and forth gives you a chance to really start to see the scope of their thoughts. I wish I could've heard more of Shia's opinions, but overall I could've easily watched them continue to shoot the breeze about their work and methodology for another hour at least.

  • Andrew McAbee
    Andrew McAbee Day ago

    Feel like I lost brain cells watching this. We call these people actors....

  • Notyouitsme
    Notyouitsme Day ago +1

    Kristen finish ur sentences 🥴

  • Mai_ Rebecca
    Mai_ Rebecca Day ago +1

    Shia carried this conversation even when he was just being attentive. You can tell he took this as a learning experience and thought of questions and was ready to go. Theres something so vapid and bland about Kristen she goes on and on just to not really say anything. I get she has anxiety but if thats the case then prepare some questions beforehand to not be so awkward.

  • Michael Black
    Michael Black Day ago

    At about 740, they mention Mackie. Anyone know who this?

  • Mark Ly
    Mark Ly Day ago +1

    Shia is that odd yet mysterious person . Who might snap at any moment... But you want him to be your friend.. he might be the only person in world who might understand your darkness .

    mUTED MATRIX Day ago

    I could smell the bo from the thumbnail so like Tucan Sam I just followed my nose.

  • sheriffderek
    sheriffderek Day ago

    "The long ones about stuff that doesn't exist...." - Lord of the Rings? or Twilight? I want to hear more about 'plot.'

  • Shayna Bennett
    Shayna Bennett Day ago

    I always was The kid that waited the day before the project was due to start it 😁

  • DonJuanRei
    DonJuanRei Day ago +1

    I do not care about these people, they are just actors. They know nothing.

  • Scott Lee Clayton

    Adderall is one hell of a drug aye?....

  • Cosmic Goddess
    Cosmic Goddess Day ago +11

    I feel like this interview just started in the middle... I don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. But I’m interested to see Kristen’s movie 😂

    • Cheri
      Cheri 3 hours ago

      Cosmic Goddess omg yasssss! Same

  • schmitty 87
    schmitty 87 Day ago +1

    After they said the thing about the hands. I couldn't stop watching their hands the whole time!!!

  • Asteroid 95
    Asteroid 95 2 days ago

    Loved up☝️

  • dinga dick
    dinga dick 2 days ago +15

    Shia could easily be a therapist, dude seems calming afff

  • Sghisha
    Sghisha 2 days ago +1

    Wow. This interview ❤️, they both made such great questions and were able to understand the other so much that they could help the other put into words what they couldn't explain themselves. Thank you for opening up and sharing all this with us.

  • d w
    d w 2 days ago

    its Skeletal tolerances Russia's after

  • d w
    d w 2 days ago

    Ok but OG when it comes to rushing its a RAVEN a GUILE is AFTER

  • d w
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  • d w
    d w 2 days ago

    LEGS and FINGERS and the ROCK HE CAN BITE!!!!

  • d w
    d w 2 days ago

    you still have to be fast

  • d w
    d w 2 days ago

    then its THE ROCK BIG DAWG!!!!

  • d w
    d w 2 days ago


  • d w
    d w 2 days ago

    Up toooooooooooo 300

  • d w
    d w 2 days ago

    THeeeeeeeeeeeen add WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

  • d w
    d w 2 days ago


  • Tom Gilligan
    Tom Gilligan 2 days ago

    Shia, were all very glad your back man. We need you here bro.

  • Melvin Lee
    Melvin Lee 2 days ago

    These 2 should do a remake of Kramer Vs Kramer